Magical Tournament Prologue: Erinnerungen (Memories) – Walk towards your future

Authot Here! Today I’ll post the prologue and the first chapter! And if I remain with good mood even after my college classes I’ll post the second chapter.

Thanks for reading (:

P.S: The “Ein, Zwei” thing is my preference. They’re just numbers in German. Do not mind them to much; the just separate parts of the chapter. (Part 1, Part 2, etc)

PPS: The “Ein, Zwei” has been changed to “Teil Ein, Teil Zwei”. (16/Aug/15)

Prologue: Erinnerungen (Memories) – Walk towards your future

Teil Ein.

“Stop! Leave him aloneee!!”

A loud scream could be heard in the little park inside the suburbs of Cinque City. Surrounded by the harmony between nature and progress, this one city was just another one in the peaceful world we live now. Peaceful is not synonym of any trouble, so that’s what we are inquiring now.

“Stop I SAID!!!”

An angry shout could be heard all over the park, but there was no one to listen to it besides the target of the anger inside those words.

The source, a little girl near the swings. The target, 4 boys in the middle of the park, between the slide and the sand box.

Said little girl looked like at least had 11 years old, ponytailed short night-black hair and eyes as black as her hair. Wearing black shorts, black sneakers and a red jersey. A Tomboy is what you’d call her. Her usual character is the “Positive and Energetic Girl”, but now she was so angry that her silky white skin was red as the known “Mexican Chile”.

The boys, opening their eyes in surprise, started to run for their lives.

“Oh no! There comes the [Red Beast]! Run for your lives!”
“The [Red Beast]?! Why is she here?!”
“It doesn’t matter!”
“Run, dude, Run!!!”

They said as the terror invaded their minds.

Exactly, the boys mostly known as “Bullies”, left the park because their fear for the little girl. Even though they were 2 years older.

But… weren’t they bullying the little girl? No way.

The one being bullied was a very little boy who was in the middle of them. A 9 year old appearance, night-black hair and eyes, and pale white skin full of freckles. Skinny and fragile, the perfect kid to bully. He was supposed to be dressed with formal clothes but now only his underwear and a very dirty button shit remained with him.

“Those kids… they ran away… But most important. Engel, Are you okay?!”

Asked the girl very worried giving all the attention to the little boy in front of her.

“It’s nothing Brunnhildr, is nothing…” Replied the kid with cuts and bruises all over his body.

“What are you saying Engel?! Look at you! You’re full of bruises! And that is… pop and pee?!”

“No way! It’s just mud… but pee… I’m not sure…”

The girl clenched her molars with all her jaw strength, gave a hand to the boy and sat with him in a nearby bench.

“But what’s wrong with you?! Ever since Alke left two months ago, you suddenly started to get into fights with older boys! Why you do this?!”

Asked Brunnhildr very worried about Engel while she wiped his face with a hanky.

“It’s not my fault! It’s because those guys are always saying mean things about you! So that’s why I wanna punch them until they repent!”


Surprised by those words in a somewhat pleasant way, Brunnhildr blushed a little.

“I-I know what you are trying to say, but let those things be dealt by me! I’m the older sister so that’s why you have nothing to do about this.”

Yes, Brunnhildr, as Engel’s older sister was grateful by his little brother’s feelings, but she felt the duty do dealt with those things by herself because…

“Look. You’re small and fragile, and even if we are just 11 months apart, I’m the older, so I gotta deal with these things. Also you know I don’t care about what those older boys say.”

… She felt the need to protect her brother against everything that could be harmful for him.

“Somehow… Since Alke moved out, you changed. You look full of some kind of resolution and even started to attend the mixed martial arts training that I also attend too. But… that’s not necessary. Let your older sister take care of it… -”

But between that sense of duty… Something wicked born…

“-Your older sister will take care of everything for you. Since the day mom left and dad started to never come back home because of his job… I swore to protect you from everything, Engel.-”

She said while embracing him…

“You do not need to worry about anything, because as your older sister… I’ll protect you. I’m much more stronger than you so I’ll do everything for you…-”

Brunnhildr… Woke up a strange sense of love for her little brother… That something would only be a hindrance to his maturity… But she did not knew that.

“-You just have to be there.”

She said…

Engel, with all his might wanted to protest about all those words… but after all that time being bullied and his own immaturity… He just accepted his older sister’s words with the warmth of her embrace.

He nodded, and doomed himself. The feelings and warmth given by his sister took away his drive to walk forward. He just comfortably sat under Brunnhildr’s protection.

“You have to do nothing… I, your older sister, will do everything.”

Like this, before the warm light of the orange sunset… She reaffirmed the words that would curse Engel’s future.

Teil Zwei.

“Hey! You! Whatcha thinkin’ so deeply bruh?”


Dark, wet, humid, and even though spacious it felt cramped… A dungeon full of barriers, magical beasts’ bones, insects, mustiness, and over all… a lot of torture devices and buckets full of blood, bones, severed limbs and even whole lower halves of humans…. But only from just one person.

In that pseudo-hellish place, a high-pitched mocking voice resounded.

Mocking… Who?

“Nothing. I was just thinking about how wicked my family was even since I was a kid… And please do not use that kind of voice and speech; it doesn’t suit you and I hate it.”

Said another voice amidst all that darkness.

Steps… Footsteps now resounded through the whole cave. The one moving as dancing was the source of the first voice.

“Oh my; But that’s precisely the reason why I do it, you know.”

“I know. I know it well and that’s the reason I beg you to stop.”

Chains… Chains’ noise could be listened together with the footsteps. The one begging to the playful voice was a prisoner, a guinea pig chained to the dungeon’s wall. One of the two only sources of noise inside the cave besides animals and water drops.

“Oh my; how boring. Also… That’s not a nice way to talk about your family, Engel. How much do you resent Brunnhildr?”

Yes… The chained one was Engel; Engel Falsch. A 16 year old [Personen] Race.

“Resent? Not in the slightest. I do not care about those matters anymore, Katastophe. It’s just that those memories, sometimes make me appreciate the way I am now.”

The source of the dancing feet, was Katastrophe; Katastrophe Schatten. A [Dämon] Race woman bestowed with the tittles of [Demon Empress] and [Babel’s Ruin].

“You may do like the way you’re now, but that does not change the fact that you’re restrained by those annoying chains.”

Criticized Katastrophe at the same time she stopped dancing.

“I know… But that’s why you’re here, right?”

Confirmed Engel.

“Yes. I know… I know it too well… Also, haven’t I asked you to not to call me by that name anymore?”

Repressed Katastophe while pouting… But Engel could not see it.

“Don’t try to change the topic… Yozora…”

He said a little bashful.

“Even if this is not the moment… I just wanted to hear it…. Ehehehe…. The name you gave me, that is… Ehehehe…”

Inquired the [Demon Empress], while “showing” a somewhat disgusting happy expression.

“Anyways… After all this time… would you help me getting out of here?”

Asked Engel… To what Yozora said-

“Get out yourself. As you are now… You’ll easily do it… Even if those annoying chains are bestowed with [Antimagic].”

“Alright… If you say so… I’ll try.”

Thus… A high-pitched sound crossed the whole dungeon and for the first time in months, Engel could feel the emotion of freedom.

“Outstanding… As expected of the one I personally trained.”

Said Yozora in a fairly low voice due to her surprise.

“Thanks Yozora. For everything… Thanks, Sakurai Yozora.”

“No need to thank me. It was natural for me to do it after you saved me that time…-”

Said Yozora bashfully.

“Soooo…. Let’s getta out of here, bruh!”

She added.

“Stop it… Oh well, whatever. Let’s go and crush the wretch that left me in here… Let’s defeat the [Kerker Leiter].”

Proclaimed Engel, while walking next to Yozora to the depths of the [Kerker].


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  1. b4rd1oc says:

    Thanks a lot for this chapter but you need to know that the german one and two is actually written “Eins und Zwei”. Ein is more like a in english.

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  2. Alexej Geiger says:

    The German words (<~ my native language is german) made me cringe so fucking hard xD it feels like people in anime(jap dub) try to speak English , kind of that feeling x)

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  3. I am enjoying the story so far, I just wanted to point out that you said that the little brother was 9 years old and the sister was 11 years old, then you said that they were only 11 months apart in age. How does that work out?

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    • Hello and sorry I wasn’t able to reply to yer comment sooner. The thing is simple- He “looks” like a 9 years old, but he’s 10. She’s older because he was born in November and she 11 months before.


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