Juat testing here! I know no one is there.


2 thoughts on “Start?

  1. I always wanted to do this so here I go….


    To be honest, I did not even no this blog existed until I saw it being advertised in a “certain” translator’s site. I was curious so I decided to take a look.

    (I thought it was going to be another translator site TT_TT)

    To my surprise, it led to your site that contained a fan-fiction (*teary* no translation).
    After starting on your very first post (which is the one I am current commenting), I started getting hooked before I even reached your fan-fiction 😛

    Don’t get me wrong. I am enjoying your fan-fiction and will start keeping up with your updates!

    Good luck with your story and I hope you surpass 50 chapters! <– (VERY SERIOUS)

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    • Weeelll. THANKS for your reading and I appreciate you like my fiction!! I’ll keep up with the chapters, and surpass the 50 chapters!!

      Again, I’m really glad you liked it.


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