Magical Tournament Chapter Two: Mannschaft (Team) – The one who could not blend in

Author Here! Second chapter… This one took me three days cause last night I had dinner with friends and could not work in it at all… But here it is! Hope you people enjoy it.

P.S: Sorry, the chapter said “Three”; Now it’s fixed. (:

Chapter Two: Mannschaft (Team) – The one who could not blend in

Teil Ein.

[ Engel’s POV]


Why am I the only one in this kind of situation?

Currently, I’m running away from an [Evening Boar], a [Magical Beast] that is native of this world, because they got drunk in magic power. Normal animals gather magic power, or [Mana] naturally, but there are places where the [Mana] quality is too high and thus normal animals mutate and become these [Magical Beasts].

“Come on Dimwit! Why don’t you fight it?”

Said a mocking voice from the top of a tree.

“Shut Up Daniel!!! You know too well I’m just Level 10 and this damn crap has Level 35!!!” I shouted.

Quite a level gap don’t you think? Anyways, I’m being chased by this [Evening Boar] cause it’s supposed to be our dinner. The dinner of the entire [Party]

*Ten Minutes Later*

[End of Engel’s POV]

R.I.P Engel Falsch.

Daniel Kyle, the [Knight] and [Hunter] of the party, prayed with his hands together, in front of the place where Engel left this world, next to the [Evening Boar] that was dead, pierced by an arrow in its head.

“I wish I knew you better… *Sob, Sob*”


A shout of complain could be heard at the distance.

“As always… Even if he’s a dimwit, his attitude is pretty big…” Said in retort Daniel while taking back the [Evening Boar] back to the camp where the [Flag] was settled.

Teil Zwei.

It has been six months since the [Tournament Start] and the so called [Cornucopia’s Beast Banquet]. Of course, the [Egg] were the food.

But the 2,000 [Egg] were not there. Those 2,000 participants were scattered through all [Bereich] in groups of 100. There are 5 continents in the globe . The biggest with the size of Eurasia and the smallest with the size of Canada. Inside the 5 of them, there are 9 countries that govern in a world alliance, and also govern over other satellite countries.

These 9 principal countries are: [Hermes], [Aphrodite], [Ío] that are inside [Énas]. [Ares], [Zeus] inside [Dyo], [Hades] that cover the whole [Tría], [Poseidon] too covers the whole [Téssera], [Prometheus] and [Gaia] into [Pénte]. And in these live countless people:

The [Personen] or humans race.
The [Raubtier] or beastmen race.
The [Hälfte] or demi-human race.
The [Dämon] or demon race,
The [Arche] or angels, and the [Mythe] or myth  races live in [Bereich].

But going back in track, the [Egg] got spread trough all these countries and are to follow directions from the [Game Master], Ms. Alexandra Cole.

Focusing in a part of the [Dyo] continent next to the border of the [Ares] country, is where Engel and Brunnhildr’s party is now.

They are in the search of a [Kerker] to challenge and conquer. a [Kerker] is the widely known [Dungeon] and their objective, the objective given to all the [Egg] by the [Game Master] through the [General Directions] section on the [Menu], is to conquer one [Kerker] to pass to the [Second Stage].

Those [Kerker] are not shown in the [World Map] available to any participant in their [Menu]. So, the sibling’s party mission is to find one and conquer it.

Teil Drei.

[Brunnhildr’s POV]

I was with the other 6 party members around the fire when finally Daniel came back with the [Evening Boar]. I was dying of hunger!! But… That asshole didn’t listened to my orders and let die my cute little brother, again. He appeared here some minutes ago, where we left the [Flag], in the middle of the little camp we made. And as [Flag], I mean the [Artifact] that we set so we don’t resurrect in a far away [Plaza] if we die in a [Quest] or [Raid], or even if we die while traveling. Really, what a troublesome world.

Anyways, I have always told all the [Party] to absolutely protect my brother, but they just keep ignoring me and letting him die! I have to throughly talk this with them when Engel goes to sleep tonight.

“That son of a… !!! Why do you always throw me to the highest level [Magical Beast] while he climbs the tree?  You’re Level 60 for god’s sake!!!”

Shouted Engel to Daniel while pointing at him.

“Calm down Dimwit. It was just a joke. From time to time it’s okay to make then, don’t you think?” Said Daniel.

“Don’t take people’s lives so lightly, you idiot!” Retorted Engel

“Well, well. Lets reassure ourselves and cook the food. Also it’s not good to anger the cook, Daniel.”

“I know, I know it, Sandra”

Just now, the one with gentle voice and calming aura is Sandra Émuete. She’s a French 15 year old girl. wavy  almond hair with shoulder length and blue eyes. She has some moles in her face and really pretty eyelashes. Her height is the same as Engel’s.

By the way, I’m the Party Leader. The party’s name is [Crimson Lava]. They say it’s because of my magic, but I still feel a little embarrassed.

“Sis’ Whatya’ blushing for? Has the hunger already made you crazy?”

“Whatcha’ saying Dimwit?! Wanna dinner my fist?!”

“No way. It’s enough for me to die once a day.”

What does he think he’s doing? That dumb brother of mine… Does he likes that much to look at me?

Well, anyways, I’ll have to seriously talk to everyone later.

*2 hours later*

“Do we really have to do this, Brun?”

“It’s the leader’s desicion. We can’t say no when she wants to hold a meeting.”

For the complaining Daniel, the one who gave the rightful reply was Karen Leonas. A Spanish girl with boyish, short, black hair with some long bangs, green eyes and a really pretty face.

“Gu-guys please calm donw…”

“Oh poor Maria; she bite her tongue again! Ha-ha! Didn’t you mean “Down”?

And these two were Maria Cole-Rightroad, little and shy girl from England with big eyes and a very curly hair and Leonidas Kyle. A really noisy and bulky guy who doesn’t look alike in the slightest with his younger brother, Daniel. They only have in common their straight blonde hair and brown eyes… Wait a minute; isn’t it the same as me and Engel?

Well, not that it matters right now.

“Everybody here? Where’s Eita” I asked

“Yeah, calling?”

“OH SHIT Eita where did ya come from?”

“No need to tell. I’m a ninja after all.”

Yeap, the only one left is this weir self proclaimed ninja. Her name is Ryuugamine Eita. Right now she’s totally covered in a lot of ninja stuff but when I met her, it was the most girlish thing I’ve ever seen in my life… Being Japanese sure seem though.

“Well, now that we are all here, I want to talk about the usual. Why did you let my brother die again?” I asked Daniel.

“It was just a joke this time. It’s not like it’s always my fault that he goes dying anywhere. Actually… Isn’t your brother really weak? Even Maria who’s just and [Aid] as he, is Level 35.” Said Daniel.

“Are you not overprotecting him too much, Brun? I know he looks as fragile as a paper stick, but he should start to level up.” Added Karen from the sides.

What are they talking about?

“I-I Agree. You aslo… Also never let him go in any [Quest] not [Raid].”

Even Maria is saying that?

“What are you saying guys? I am absolutely not overprotecting him! It’s just natural to do what I do. I’m his older sister after all!” I exclaimed.

“But even you called us here while he’s sleeping.” Added Eita.

“Really true. You are the one in fault. You always overreact when it’s about him. Today for the [Evening Boar] hunting, he practically begged to me to take him.” explained Daniel.

“But It’s the obvious that I must protect him at all costs. He’s just so fragile and weak…” I said. Do they not get what I mean?

“Yes, Brunn. You can protect him… But that does not mean that you will hindrance his development. Something that is necessary in [The Tournament].” Blurt Sandra.

“I do agree. Until now you’ve just gotten in his way, don’t you think?




[End of Brunnhildr’s POV]

After that, everybody tried to calm down the raging Brunnhildr that in any moment could start to spread [Lava] everywhere.

But, why were they reprimanding after six months? The answer was: They did reprimand her every single time but she would not yield. They were not only concerned about Brunnhildr but for Engel as well. It’s not that they were the best of friend with him, but he still was a party member (in name only). They knew that Brunnhildr was leading him towards a road full of easiness in life… But at the end, they would just give up because neither of them would do anything to change, even if sometimes Engel and his strange big attitude tried to give a “step forward”.


Afterwards, Eita and Daniel proposed a change of topic after the mess and they started to talk about their location, travel expenses, progress in the mission and various other things.

Teil Vier.

“Well then; how are your stats and levels?” Asked Karen to start the anew the meeting.

“What about the levels now?” Said Daniel.

“Well, we need to keep them in check, just as our stats or we won’t be able to challenge, nor win the  [Kerker].” She answered.

“Yeah. At least to challenge it we need to be Level 50. All of us. That’s what the [General Directions] said” Added Eita.

The [Generals Direction] section in the menu was where the [Game Master] would give the directions to how pass to the next stage. “Reach Level 50” “Challenge a [Kerker”. If it was written in that section, the [Egg] had to do it.

“There’s also the fact of the barrier in the entrance. Remember? Three months ago in [Calc Village]?  That party of only girls that tried to challenge a dungeon elsewhere when the just were level 45 and they could not get in it.” Remembered Karen.

Three months ago, just after [Crimson Lava] left the central part of [Ares], they spent the night in [Calc Village]. There, in the Inn they were staying, they heard by chance the drunk talk of an only-girls party.

“So why didn’t looked for that dungeon?” Asked Leonidas.

“Because we did not heard where it was, and our levels that time were too low to even try to raise them before those girls tried again to challenge it.” Replied Karen

“In the end… It leads the conversation here, right?” Said Brunnhildr.

“So let’s start. then…-Oh! By the way I’ll tell you my little brother’s stats” She added.

Status Window
Name: Brunnhildr Falsch Alignment: Crimson Lava
Level: 65/200 EX-Class: Magical/Power
Race: Personnen Gender: Female
Discoverer – Lava Lady – Overprotective Sister
Health: 1,220/1220
Mana: 1,310/1,310
Attack: 880 Agility: 400
Intelligence: 50 Defense: 600
Hit Probability: 500 Luck: 6
Class: Knight/Magician Sub-Class: Phalanx/Caster
Elemental Affinity
Status Window
Name: Daniel Kyle Alignment: Crimson Lava
Level: 60/200 EX-Class: Tactical
Race: Personnen Gender: Male
Evening Hunter
Health: 1,005/1,005
Mana: 900/900
Attack: 780 Agility: 550
Intelligence: 50 Defense: 400
Hit Probability: 500 Luck: 4
Class: Knight Sub-Class: Hunter/Samurai
Elemental Affinity
Status Window
Name: Karen Leonas Alignment: Crimson Lava
Level: 65/200 EX-Class: Power
Race: Personnen Gender: Female
Rightful Lady
Health: 1,100/1,100
Mana: 600/600/td3]
Attack: 880 Agility: 350
Intelligence: 40 Defense: 600
Hit Probability: 400 Luck: 5
Class: Martial Artist Sub-Class: Phalanx/Lancer
Elemental Affinity
Status Window
Name: Eita Ryuugamine Alignment: Crimson Lava
Level: 70/200 EX-Class: Tactical
Race: Personnen Gender: Female
Midnight Ninja
Health: 1,950/1,950
Mana: 1,500/1,500
Attack: 980 Agility: 700
Intelligence: 50 Defense: 570
Hit Probability: 800 Luck: 7
Class: Asassin Sub-Class: Prayer/Hunter
Elemental Affinity
Status Window
Name: Sandra Émuete Alignment: Crimson Lava
Level: 60/200 EX-Class: Magical
Race: Personnen Gender: Female
Health: 1,100/1,100
Mana: 1,300/1,300
Attack: 680 Agility: 480
Intelligence: 55 Defense: 300
Hit Probability: 450 Luck: 4
Class: Magician Sub-Class: Caster/Prayer
Elemental Affinity
Status Window
Name: Leonidas Kyle Alignment: Crimson Lava
Level: 53/200 EX-Class: Power
Race: Personnen Gender: Male
Health: 800/800
Mana: 510/510
Attack: 580 Agility: 300
Intelligence: 30 Defense: 500
Hit Probability: 200 Luck: 3
Class: Knight Sub-Class: Phalanx/Lancer
Elemental Affinity
Status Window
Name: Maria Cole-Rightroad Alignment: Crimson Lava
Level: 35/200 EX-Class: Magical
Race: Personnen Gender: Female
Health: 510/510
Mana: 500/500
Attack: 200 Agility: 250
Intelligence: 30 Defense: 200
Hit Probability: 200 Luck: 5
Class: Magician Sub-Class: Wizard/Caster
Elemental Affinity
Status Window
Name: Engel Falsch Alignment: Crimson Lava
Level: 15/200 EX-Class: Tactical/Magical
Race: Personnen Gender: Male
Health: 180/180
Mana: 170/170
Attack: 120 Agility: 200
Intelligence: 70 Defense: 100
Hit Probability: 100 Luck: 5
Class: Aid/- Sub-Class: -/Prayer
Elemental Affinity

Everyone after saying their stats, started to discuss about their future.

“Well, basing our course in the information the [Händler] in [Crau Village] two weeks ago, we are a month of distance where the [Kerker] is supposed to be. As you may know, these information dealers are paid by the government and Schwan Enterprises to give, us [Egg], information about the [Kerker] location and they’re not in every single village.” Explained Brunnhildr.

“So that means they just work in the villages near dungeons?” Asked Daniel

“I have already said that, but yeah. That’s the patter they are working with.” Replied Brunnhildr

“So the dungeon is at the north?” Said Karen.

“Yes. Unfortunately the only village nearby is [Canasta Village] in the border with [Zeus] and moreover, it’s at EAST. It is at a week or a little more by carriage, says the [World Map]. What do you say?”

What Brunnhildr was implying is that they could go on a whole month of [Magical Beast] fighting. eating hard [Evening Boar] meat, sleeping into the wildness  and uncomfortableness or they could take their time in a nice village and then, after resupplying, they could go to the dungeon.


Said everyone in unison.

“Okay then. We will go and resupply in [Canasta Village] and after that, we’ll go to challenge that dungeon.”






“I’m counting on you ever-??!!!”

Just after their decision, the heard a really big explosion in the nearby forest. It was so sudden that they did not even had time to react. “What has just happened?” Everybody thought. “A Magician?” “A [Monster]?”. Everybody harbored such thoughts… Except Maria.

That’s because…

“Ehhm… Guys… Engel is not in his tent.” She announced.

While Brunnhildr’s face went pale, everybody’s thoughts changed to: “Oh… This has just become troublesome”, as they remembered the last time Engel went missing and their leader got crazy and  made them look for him even under the grass.

Teil Fünf.

[Engel’s POV]

“I just went to take a piss and then this happened.”

I said while looking at the explosion a sudden asteroid left in the middle of the forest.

“What… Is this?”

After I ran like for 5 or more minutes, I arrived to the crater and saw something unbelievable.

“A… Jewel?”

Yes… A Jewel I could see it just because the shine it gave, because it’s size is just like a pill. The colors it shone were purple, gray, white, blue and sky-blue. I went down the surprisingly cold crater and tried to touch it.

“It’s… Cold?”

Yeah, it was so cold as an ice cube… It could rap any moment.

“Fortunately, the lady blacksmith in [Crau Village] taught me [Appraisal] because her daughter seemed to think I was an overly kind person or something like that. Not that I rejoice about it though… Well, well. what do we have here?”

I started the appraisal and…

“What is this?…”

Really… what is this?

“[Skyfall Tear]?”


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