Magical Tournament Chapter Three: Suche (Quest) – Karma is neither your friend nor your foe

Aleksander here! Now I made today the third chapter and somehow I feel proud of it! *puffes out chest* Well then, then then… I Hope you like it!

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Chapter Three: Suche (Quest) – Karma is neither your friend nor your foe

Teil Ein.

“Sis’, can I go to take care of my personal issues?”

Asked Engel for the third time in the day.

“You may go. But don’t take too much time doing it” Said Brunnhildr while making an unpleasant expression.

(Why do I have to do this?) Asked himself Engel while going downstairs in the Inn to the toilet in the first floor.

Right now, [Crimson Lava] was staying in an inn called [Left Inn] inside [Canasta Village], where all the passerby adventurers and participants stayed.

[Canasta Village] was the nearest populated place near [Ares] border. It’s said that there another village nearby but in [Zeus] called [Delay Village], but that’s another matter.

Right now, the only ones right now in the room were Engel and Brunnhildr. Eita was with Daniel for a check in the party weapons, Maria and Sandra were replenishing potions and such while Karen was eating outside because was lunch time. In Leonidas’ case, he said he was going to look for a quick [Quest] in the [Adventurers Guild] where they could gain money before they went to challenge the [Kerker].

“*Sigh* It seems she is still angry from that time of the explosion. I already told her I was just taking a piss. Moreover, she can be upset but for that, but for the “Secret Meetings” she has with the other members while I sleep, I cannot object…” Said Engel while getting ready for the business.

(Surprisingly, these things are modern toilets… Why?)

Thought Engel when he got out, then he saw Eita and Maria were going upstairs.

“Eita and Maria? Hi there!”



“Did you already finish your errands? What about Daniel and Sandra?”

“Yeahp we finished all-” Said Eita while slightly moving her backpack.

“-And about Daniel, he stayed a little longer talking with the blacksmith dude. About Sandra, I don’t know ’cause I’ve just met Maria in the corner.” She explained.

“S-Sandra got hungry of all sudden… Sudden and went to eat somewhere… Even though we had just eaten lunch…”

(*Sigh*… Those two are as usual… a weapon-freak and a shotacon. Maria says that but I bet she found a little pretty boy wandering around and followed him. Not that I care about their hobbies cause I got mines too…)

*Cough, Cough*

“Ya’ dude okay?” Said Eita while Engel was faking cough sounds.

“Yeah, yeah. I’m okay. Moreover, let’s go to the room. Sis’ is there so I definitely do not want get in alone. The mood is really awkward”

“I-Is she still angry about that time?” Asked Maria.

“Yep. She still wants me to ask her permission even for going to the bathroom. I hope it ends soon though cause I need my personal space too…” Said Engel while thinking about inspecting more about what he found in the crater a week and a half ago and how he did not had time to look at it thoroughly.

“Ahhh. I know. You want time for that right…” Assumed Eita while moving her forearm up and down.

“NOT THAT!” Exclaimed Engel while Maria looked totally oblivious of what they meant.

After they got to the room and somehow made lively the mood, Daniel, Sandra and Karen arrived. Suspiciously, Sandra had a very unpleasant smile in her face.

Then they stated to check their supplies and the weapons that were appraised and checked; they just made this today, because the food supplies were gonna be handled the day of departure.

“Well then we got two [Elemental Full Recovery] potions for mana overconsumption. Three [Overheal] potions for near death status… seven [Full Heal] pills and fourteen [Heal] potions. About detoxification and any unexpected situation… We can count on you, Sandra?”

Asked Brunnhildr.

“Yes, of course you can.” Replied Sandra who had already several minutes without her disgu…-unpleasant face.

Sandra is a [Magician] and also is compatible with the [Divine Element], who made her able to use [Healing] and [Barrier] magic. Also being a [Magical] EX-Class helped a lot.

The [EX-Class] was a pre-settled status that influenced most of what you were in terms of battle. For example, a [Power] EX-Class could choose between an [Martial Artist] Class and a [Assassin] but while being a [Power] type, if he or she were to choose [Assassin], his growth would be hindranced by his or her own. The contrary would happen if that person being a [Power] EX-Class were to choose the [Martial Artist] Class. His or her potential would skyrocket.

As to clarify, there are only 3 types of [EX-Class], 6 types of [Class] and 12 types of [Sub-Classes]. These ones being:

[Tactical], [Power] and [Magical] for the [EX-Class];
[Knight], [Assassin], [Martial Artist], [Blademaster], [Magician] and [Aid] for the [Class];
And [Hunter], [Blacksmith], [Alchemist], [Phalanx], [Samurai], [Blade Dancer], [Caster], [Prayer], [Wizard], [Lancer], [Rouge Artist] and [Monk] for the [Sub-Class].

But going back to the party talk…

“Well, thanks Sandra… And taking back the count… 1, 2, 3, 4, 5… We got five [Elemental Recovery] pills and 5 [Mana Recovery] potions…. Ehh, it seems that for the thought time we have 7 [Stamina Overburst] potions and seven [Stamina Filler] pills. Well, if we really take precautions in getting to the dungeon… you think with this can we overcome it?” Asked Brunnhildr with a serious expression.

They all thought about it and nodded in response.

“Thanks to you all…-” She said “-Well then! Now let’s see the weaponry.”

As soon they started to check the weaponry, the door opened roughly and.

“Guys I have really awesome news!!!” Said Leonidas who had just noisily arrived.

“What happened dude? What are these news?” Asked Eita

“I was in the [Adventurers Guild] and did not found anything good… Then I went to lunch to the next door place and when I came back and checked the board… Surprise! One of the staff people from the guild was posting a new [Quest]! It seemed that it was just submitted!” Explained Leonidas.

“So? What is it about?” Said Daniel.

“It’s quick, easy and the one who submitted it is paying a lot! I already took it! Look at this!”

He said in full spirits. He then took out a piece of paper of his breast pocket and gave it to Brunnhildr.

“You ALWAYS doing things at your pace dontcha?” Added Daniel a little irritated.

“Mmm… Let’s see what it says” Replied Brunnhildr while she took the paper.



“WHATSDIS?” Shouted Brunnhildr

*Cough* Coughed Engel.

“Sorry, it seems I got too excited… But… Well yeah. With this amount.” Said Brunnhildr

“Well, it’s obvious, right? 500 [Crystal Feathers] is like 5,000 [Golden Feather Coin] that at the same time is 50,000 [Mars Gold Coins].” Explained Daniel.

“That was too much of a shock it seems.” Added Engel.

[Feather] was the currency used by adventures and the participants of [The Tournament]. These coins had a feather carving on them.

In order from the cheapest currency, it was: [Bronze Feather Coins] which color was blue and with a worth of 1. [Platinum Feather Coins] were 10 more expensive and its color was white. Then there was the [Golden Coin Feather], with a gold color, was worth 100 of [Bronze] and worth 10 of [Platinum]. So, the [Crystal Feathers] were worth 10 [Golden]. And these [Crystal] were unmistakably, paper money with a phoenix covered in flames drawing.

But that was the participants and adventurers currency.

For normal people, even if the name changed, the worth was the same in all [Bereich]. So, because they now were in [Ares], the currency was [Mars Coins] and they were separated as [Copper], [Silver] and [Gold]. And that means a [Gold] in [Mars] currency was worth a tenth of [Bronze] in [Feather].

“Anyways, this is really fishy. They pay that much for Level 35 Wyverns that usually are 90 [Crystal] each, and also they’ll let us have the materials. If that was not enough… That’s supposed to be at least a B Rank [Quest]. We may not be registered in the guild but we know that depending on our levels we are allowed to take quests… Well, even I think that for us, three 35 level wyverns may be okay… but they could raid an entire village. We really don’t know if those [Monsters] have a [Curse] or something.”

Opined Eita. She is usually short with word but it seems lately she has been talking a lot, and now she blurts this.

“I agree. I think that what my foolish brother brought is fishy.” Added Daniel. Then, nobody noticed that Leonidas started to grind his molars.

“Yeah but… He already purchased the [Quest]. If we back down now, we would have to pay the fee for canceling it. And it may be a really expensive one.” Said Engel

“Yeah, and after all we bought and did today, we’ve got no more than 3 [Crystal], 10 [Golden] and 15 [Platinum]. About [Bronze]. I do not know how many you all have.” Added Sandra.

After they heard about the money problems, they decided to take the [Quest].

… But to this… Leonidas let out an evil grin while no one noticed.

Teil Zwei.

They suddenly decided to immediately depart to the [Quest]. The mountain was just a three hours to the east.

They equipped themselves and went for it. And unfortunately, the eager to go Engel was tied in a chair and also they covered his mouth with a fabric gag. The party left him there.

Then, they used a rented carriage to go until the foot of the mountain only to see how big and powerful were those three wyverns at the top. The mountain was roughly 1 [Num] in height. [Num] was the same as 1.2 km or 1 mile.

Strangely, the mountain had no trees. It was made all of stone, sand and crushed stone. It had what it looked like two peaks and one of them was completely flat but with a cliff with half of the mountain height.

The party decided to go there and see if they could get the attention of the wyverns and have a better footing.

“Well guys. Go get ready; I’ll start with a [Fire Bullet]. But, I really find weird that they had not noticed us to this point…” Declared Brunnhildr. Then, all of then suddenly heard a weird noise behind them.

“MOOVE YAR AAAAAASSSEEEEESSSS!!!” Shouted someone while all of the party moved out of the place they were.


A explosion would be heard while everyone regained their stances and took out their weapons.

“Fuck! You bunch dodged it…” Said someone. When the party looked to where the voice came, they saw a short and brown haired, tanned muscled man with a face and body full of scars, riding a green wyvern. Then they understood that the explosion earlier was a [Wyvern’s Breath].

Then, they remembered the voice that told them to dodge it.

When they searched for it, near the edge of the cliff was Engel. He was full of dirt and bruises; moreover, he had a very rough breath.

“Engel?” Said Brunnhildr while looking at him.

“What the FUCK are you doing here??!!” She shouted

“I came with you, of course. I clung to the bottom of the carriage. No way I was going to lose the opportunity of a [Quest] before challenging the [Kerker]. Even I got dirty and all bruised because of it.” He replied.

“And how the hell did you untied yourself?! I asked Leonidas to tie you up as if you were a sexual toy!” She screamed

“What the crap is wrong with you? What that is supposed to mean? But it does not matter now. It seems Leonidas did not obey your orders and let a little loose the ropes.”

“RIGHT NOW IS NOT THE MOMENT OF THAT YOU CUNTS MOVE IDIOTS OF THE WAY!!!” Shouted Eita with all her force while the siblings were fighting over useless things.

Having heard those word, they jumped to the sides and there a [Wyvern’s Breath] exploded.

“And what’s the meaning of this who the hell are you?” Asked Daniel to the man riding the wyvern.

“Oh! The disgrace of others really has never concerned you right, Daniel Kyle from [Crimson Lava]…-” Said the man

(What is he talking about? And how does he know us?) Thought Daniel.

“-Don’t you bunch remember that one handsome blonde man who lived peacefully in his village… AND THEN YOU RUINED HIS LIFE?!!” Shouted the man while clenching his fists.

“Handsome blonde man… AHH!” Expressed Brunnhildr and the others.

“”””””The incident of [Calc Village]?!!””””””

They said in unison.

Teil Drei.

This happened the day they stayed in [Calc Village] some time ago. That day, they went to buy more suitable weapons and resupply their food an potions.

Then, Engel suddenly disappeared from Brunnhildr’s and Sandra’s side, thus, she called all the party to search in the whole town for Engel.

The problem was that, Sandra was absolutely distracted by a little beautiful boy and Brunnhildr was in her own world thinking about food when Engel just separated from them and went to a nearby weaponry shop.

When searching for him and finding his shoes and his robe, the team of Brunnhildr and Daniel found a tax collector in the village that was blackmailing some families and shops. Then, insisted by Daniel, they decided to follow him to see what was really going on. Then, they found that there was some kind of man selling system and he was blackmailing the families and shops so he could have the money to keep the business going.

Then the asked for the approval of [Quarta], the Artificial Intelligence that was inside their [Menu], so to see if they could stop the evildoers.

When [Quarta] gave the approval, they two attacked the low level runts that were there and also the tax collector with their old equipment.

Then the other members listened the ruckus and went to help, thus punishing the tax collector and his band. They threw him to the piggery and waited for the authorized people to take him to jail. This made him absolutely mad and humiliated because to the public eye he was a honest an respectable tax collector, very popular indeed, but now he was human scum.

What they did not knew, was that when Engel separated from the group, got the gasp of what the tax collector was doing and thus letting his shoes and robe conveniently located near the place the traders were because he knew that with his level he could not even try to get near.

He was seen by the blacksmith lady’s daughter and spent some time together. Then, she insisted to take him to her mom’s place so she could give something to him, because she hold him in a very great esteem… thus, learning [Appraisal] and also getting himself a good shortsword.

Then, when he got loudly scolded for getting lost, they overheard some only-girls party conversation.

After they got some information and a good dinner, all them decided to go to sleep. The next day they left.

Teil Vier

“So the hair thing is because of the piggery?” Said Daniel. Then the wyvern started to collect mana in his mouth.

“YES IT’S BECUASE OF THAT!!” Shouted the man while the wyvern shot out his breath.

Everyone dodged it. And then the man kept talking.

“You have totally changed my life! My hair got destroyed; my face got lots of scars from crows attacking me in jail in the outskirts of the village and got thrown to the nearby forest full of [Magical Beasts] because the leader of the operations took me out of jail just to thoroughly beat me up!!” He said while shooting various [Fireball] of his hand.

(Chantless? So he’s a [Magical] type. I didn’t knew this from that time. He just limited himself to shriek and run) Thought Brunnhildr while starting to get in the mood of the battle and analyzing her opponent. The same as everyone was trying to do,

As an aclaration… every other that is not a [Magical] type, need to chant to be able to use magic.

As they were getting in the mood, the man kept making himself the victim

“Then, luckily I got accepted in the bandit’s guild and they started to train me as his lackey. Then in this short span of time I climbed to be a very renown bandit you know!!” Explained the man.

[Crimson Lava] started to attack too. With Maria and Sandra as the rear, Daniel, Brunnhildr and Karen stood in the vanguard trying to slash at the wyvern. Also Engel and Eita in the center of the formation were looking for openings through the attack pattern of his enemy. But then he started to fly higher and to shoot [Fire Bullet].

As the party tried to deal with his [Fire Bullet] and the [Wyvern’s Breath], they realized something…

(How…. How did he found us?)

At the time they thought that, a whistle could be hear among them and the wyverns in the other peak of the little mountain started to fly towards them.

(This has just got shittier!!) Thought Brunnhildr while repelling [Fire Bullet] and shooting some [Stone Cannon] towards the green wyvern.

(Damn! These black wyverns look at least they are level 55!!!) Thought Eita while looking at them.

(What was that sound right now? Who did it? A companion?) Thought Engel while trying to analyze all the situation in the place. then-


He could feel a presence behind him so he tried to move forward, then he could feel a  sword cutting through his leather armor and lost 60% of his HP. Then, he fell to the ground.

As the others yet had to lose more than 15%, they could keep up with the sudden change of pace with three new wyverns. But then they felt a slash in their backs and suddenly lost 25% of their HP in average.

Then they lost their stances and the [Wyvern’s Breath] impacted near them making them lose more HP.

“What the fuck has happened?” Shouted Eita while trying to stand up as well as the others.

“HA-HA-HA!!! Because you ruined all my life, I’m gonna ruin yours that is!” the man shouted in delight.

“Oh and I forgot to tell… Umm hum… That to find you was really easy as I threatened all the informants in the area! And then I found you in [Crau Village]!!! There I decided to made you suffer one by one, but then I found something really interesting…-” He said while mocking and looking down on them.

Then, they could hear some steps. Heavy steps of someone walking among them while dragging something.

“-I found someone who hates you as much as I do!! And he was your own companion!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” Laughed the man.

Yes, as he said, the one who hated them as much as he and betrayed them was Leonidas. He was dragging along Engel while showing a nasty grin.

He looked like had any injury in his body; because the man in the wyvern precisely calculated that neither his magic nor the [Wyvern’s Breath] touched him.


“Le-onidas?” Said weakly Daniel while looking at his older brother.

“Yeah. I’m the one who he found first, but then we talked a little and found out we had similar interests… Like TO FUCKING HUMILLIATE ALL OF YOU!!” Shouted Leonidas while he stopped near the cliff and let Engel fall in the ground.

“But… Why?” Asked Sandra while supporting herself in Eita.

“Why? WHY?! You shitters… It’s because I could not stand be any other minute near to you!!! For example, Sandra… I could not stand seeing her disgusting smile whenever a little boy passed nearby! Such hypocrisy! Cause whenever we were with whole the party she would act calm and gentle… I TOTALLY HATE YOUUU!

Now Eita… FUCK what’s the point in being covered in weird rags?!? You’re really stupid that makes me puke… Bleegh!!

Karen the “Righteous”… you were one of the most annoying ones! Always so rightful but would take the [Bronze] and [Platinum] coins from your pockets whenever you did not see!! So ANNOYING BITCH!!

Then ooh the weak Maria… I could only try to kill myself whenever you said something! YOUR ANNOYING VOICE AND WHENEVER YOU SAID SOMETHING WRONG…. AARRGGHH!!! I really wanted to punch your face even once or twice a day!!!”

Shouted Leonidas in rage.

“But… BUT that’s not near of YOU THREE, These stupid siblings and my fucking stupid brother… ARRGGHHH!!!! You two brother and Brunnhildr just want to make me puke of how much you thought were the bests in the party… HOW BLERRGHH!!! I just wanted to kick the shit out of you!!! Brunnhildr also because she wouldn’t stop meddling with this guy here… Engel this Engel that my little brother another shiiiiiit!!!! I could not stand it more!!!

And finally with this little guy here…. I’m not that annoyed by you but anyways I really hate you too because your lack of guts. You always wanted to move forward, to become strong but whenever your sister stopped you a little… You’ll always just lose all motivation… THAT’S WHY I HATE YOU LITTLE BITCH!!”

Said Leonidas while kicking Engel’s stomach, once, twice, trice, four, five times in a row….

“Oh shit I feel better.” He sighed

“You okay man?” Asked the guy in the wyvern.

“Yeah, I feel like I could kill them now without remorse.” Replied Leonidas while lifting his sword.


“[Static Shock]!!!”

Engel threw a surprise attack, in the process tackling Leonidas and took his sword away and paralyzing him at the same time with his magic, then he threw the sword to the neighboring green wyvern and piercing his eye. The wyvern had his rage raised and the man riding it lost the control of the reins. When the party and the other wyverns stood there without moving, Engel shouted:

“You fools! He’s gonna kill us!! Now sis! Take him out of the party! Maria and Sandra! Shoot your magic towards the green wyvern! Eita, Daniel, Karen, try to parry the other three!!! I’ve used [Appraisal] and they are level 67! At least you can stop them a while!!”

Then, when everybody regained their senses by Engel’s words, they started to move. While Engel went where he first collapsed to take his shortsword, Brunnhildr erased the name of [Leonidas Kyle] from his party.

This meant he now had no alignment and also the money and profit materials benefit did not apply to him. And obviously this also took him out of the equation to challenge a [Kerker].

“YOU ENGEL BITCH!!!” Leonidas’ [Paralyze] time ended and he ran towards Engel full of rage while taking out a shortsword he had in his back.

Because of the carelessness of before, Leonidas and the man riding the wyvern didn’t noticed him taking a [Full Heal] and a [Stamina Filler] he had in his breast pocket. Thus, making him able to attack him.

Just before Leonidas caught up to him, Engel took his sword and threw it to Eita.

“Eita!!! Take my shortsword!! It’ll help you to kill the wyverns!! USE THE SPELL [LIGHTNING]!!… Sis! If you’re finished, support Maria and Sandra!!” He instructed his sister  while taking a dagger out of his lower back; Brunnhildr was still worried about Engel, but she could not let herself die nor her companions because a moment of carelessness.

They knew, that even if they died, they would just reappear in the [Plaza] of [Canasta Village], but somehow, after all that was said… They didn’t want to lose there.

Then Brunnhildr, not even glancing to Leonidas, went straight forward to help Maria and Sandra.

While that happened, Eita took the shortsword wondering if it really would help because except its lightness over the average quality, it didn’t seem different form the one she was using; then she used [Lightning].

“Oh Cold Fire That Claims Superiority Come To My Aid! [Lightning]!!!”

And surprisingly an electrical current five times it should conduct manifested.

(So this is what he meant with help…) Thought Eita.

While she was the higher in level, surely while using such a word and her skill as an [Assassin], she could kill the wyverns faster and more easily.

Then Daniel who could not resist anymore and saw the exchange between Eita and Engel drove his wyvern into Eita’s direction, and then she activated her skills.

“[Pinpoint Enemy]!! [Lightning]!! [Neck Slicer]!!”

She used the magic [Lightning] from the [Lightning Element] system and the shortsword augmented even more its current and using the [Assassin Series] skill [Pinpoint Enemy], her accuracy, even through external interference, would not shallow, then she used her original skill [Neck Slicer] that she used to gauge more than 30% of the enemy in one attack.

With doing this, she cut the two heads of the wyverns due to the plus of [Lightning] and [Neck Slicer]. The other wyvern was cut but not as deep because of the distance, but then-

“[Blade Damage]! [First Slicer]!!”

Daniel, who was a [Hunter] Sub-Class, usually used his crossbow, but when fighting in close quarters he used his bastard sword and used the full strength of his [Knight] Class.

And like this, two wyverns were beheaded.

Karen, as a [Martial Artist] used gauntlets to fight, but that was the worst compatibility with a [Wyvern] of the [Dragon Root] of [Monsters] that were resistant to shock attacks, thus, driving her to a corner.

While making all she could with her skills, and about to be eaten when being lying in the ground, she could hear the voices of her companions.-

“[Neck Slicer]!!”

“[First Slicer]!!”

And thus, beheaded the third black wyvern.

“You okay?” Asked Daniel while helping Karen to stand up; when doing that-

They suddenly heard an explosion and turned their attention to their left, where Maria, Sandra and Brunnhildr were.

There, laid the corpse of the green wyvern, and next to it the panicking man who rode it, surrounded by a hot crimson liquid… Yes, it was Brunnhildr’s [Special Magic], [Lava Element].

Teil Fünf.

Going back moments ago, while Leonidas was knocked in the ground by Engel’s [Static Shock], he started to curse he, himself for everything.

(WhAtT tHE fUUUUUcK!!?? Did dID hE jUsT… JUST KNOCKEDD MEEE???!!! I’M LeVEL 53??!!! Why???? He’S JUST LEvEL 15???!!!! WHYY?!!)

He started to curse his past as well…


He started to rage inside his mind….


Then the effect of the [Paralysis] faded and he started to feel movement again.

(That Fucker I’ll Certainly will KILL HIM A HUNDER TIMES!!!)

“YOU ENGEL BITCH!!!” He shouted while standing up and taking the shortsword in his back.

Teil Sechs.

*Cling, Clang, Clung, CLANG*

*Slash, Slash, Slash*

While Eita and Daniel were beheading the wyverns with Karen and Brunnhildr supported Maria and Sandra with her [Lava Element], Engel was absolutely being pressed by Leonidas and his shortsword.

The clashed weapons once, twice, and trice let out high pitched sounds while fighting; but because the really low level of Engel, he was in the brink of death.

But, why hasn’t he died already?


Shouted Leonidas with pressuring rage.

“Like HELL I’LL TELL YOU!!!” Screamed Engel while running forward with all he got.

He simply didn’t die because the ultimate quality of the dagger he was fighting with. He had found it the day of the [Cornucopia’s Beast Banquet], below the [Cornucopia].

He didn’t knew how awesome it was until he learnt [Appraisal] in [Calc Village], because he didn’t want to show it to anyone. Then. when he appraised it, he knew how of a nice item he had. It was a [White Mythril Dagger]; even if inferior to [Orihalcum], it was an outstanding item.

Then Eita and Daniel beheaded the last wyvern and Brunnhildr raided with her magic the wyvern rider and the green wyvern.

“Oh Fire That Suppresses Everything Come To Me! [Flame]!!”

Then Leonidas cladded his shortsword with fire and pointed it to Engel.

“This will be your end ya BITCH!”

And when he was going to attack him-

“[Stone Bullet]”


As when Brunnhildr shouted, the [Stone Bullet] Had hit on Leonidas sides and threw him off balance and fell to the ground.

“Don’t mess with my great littler brother! I’ll surely protect him!!” She shouted.

Then everyone’s attention moved to her, Engel and Leonidas.

Leonidas while puking, started to curse everyone in his mind, his rage went over the limits and then… He saw his way out….

He suddenly stood up with all the strength he had and tackled Engel to the void of the cliff.

Teil Sieben.


Shouted Leonidas while embracing Engel and giving him to drink an [Overheal] potion and a [Stamina Overburst] potion to avoid Engel dying with the fall.

And in that same instant, Leonidas could see a window appearing in front of him.



As Leonidas felt the real despair, he vanished in thin air while Engel touched rock bottom.


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