Magical Tournament First Intermission: Fleueve (Stream) – After the fall

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P.S: Main Heroine has not appeared yet. It will take at least 2 more chapters to show up, if not four.

First Intermission: Fleueve (Stream) – After the fall


[Eita’s POV]

(What… the fuck has just happened?…)

In that very moment, my thoughts stopped. I was rejoicing that I got out of such a hard situation, and then listened a weird sound.

It was the sound of Brunn’s [Stone Bullet]. She had hit the traitor, namely Leonidas, in the sides and made him puke. He then started to murmur really dark things and suddenly… Tackled Engel out of the cliff.

Along the way, I could hear Leonidas’ screams but I could not get what he said.  But, when we all ran to see what happened, we saw Leonidas disappearing while falling and Engel getting to the bottom.

“ENGEL!!!” Shouted Brun as she watched him. Then, we stared for a moment there and…

“He… Is NOT dying…” Said Karen.

What she meant was that he was not going back to the Plaza. We decided that we did not need the [Flag] this time around, so we did not bring one.

With that, him dying means going back to [Canasta Village]; but he did not die.

“Sou-So it will be bettre… Better if we go for him right now?” Asked Maria.

As we all listened to her suggestion, we wan down all the mountain.

And about the wyvern’s rider, Daniel tied him up and let him roll down the road.

We spent 40 or so minutes to get where Engel was, but-

“He… Is not here…” Said Brun somehow dejected.

“Look at this…” Said Daniel as he picked the knife Engel had when he fell, and pointed  to the ground next to where he was supposed to be.

“Those are… Carriage trails?” I said I took the knife from Daniel’s hands a saved it for the moment.

(What’s going on?) I thought.

After that, we decided that Brun , Maria, Karen, Sandra would go back to [Canasta Village] to see if Engel was already there and to take to the respective authorities the wyvern rider while Daniel and Me were going to track the trails the carriage left to see if by any causality, Engel ended up being abducted.

We then separated and as Daniel and I followed the traces, he started to idle talk… Or something along those lines.

“Hey Eita… You know that Brun always cuts off Engel’s means of grow up?” He said.

“Yeah. I know. She is always doing everything for him, and he sits there to receive everything.” I replied… But somehow I knew that what I had just said was wrong.

“But… You saw it right. The way he reacted, the way he moved, the way he used magic… Even how he managed to guide us… That… Engel… He is not normal, right?”

“Yeah, I saw. He handled the situation pretty well and over all, he helped us with leadership. He even stood against your brother that is 40 levels up…” I replied.

Now I see…  That was the sensation. It seemed he received everything, but even like that, he tries to move on.

“He, is just that awesome. You know, that time he got run over by an [Evening Boar] when that mysterious explosion happened… He drained 90% of the HP all alone. At first it seemed he was just randomly running when I left went up a tree and left the boar chase him, but then… The atmosphere around him changed and he stopped to run.

He then faced the boar and with some smooth movements he avoided and pierced it with his sword by using [Lightning], then the boar fell.”

(So that’s why he knew I could handle the two wyverns when he saw I used [Lightning])

“But he died at the end, right?” I replied.

“… That’s because he stepped in a trap I made with [Earth Element] magic…” He added while smiling wryly.

(So that’s why he was so pissed…) I thought.

“At the end… What’s the point of this talk?” I said as I stopped running.

“The point?… Is that we always thought of him as a dimwit because he was weak and with a big mouth. But, he was weak because Brunn’s intervention, not because he wanted to. Well… He also let himself be spoiled by her but what I mean is; what would be of Engel if not limited by his older sister?”

… I… Get his point. Engel is smart, has strong mind, is intelligent, has technique, has guts, has leadership… But over all, he has strong character and calmness during the precise moments with high adaptability.

Even with just one fight, I got to see all that from him; and that means…

“He… would be the strongest. A real genius just fit for [The Tournament].”

As I said that, we both stayed silent and resumed the search,

After a pair of hours, we got nothing out of the traces and because it was getting dark, we returned to [Canasta Village]. There, we found out that Engel had not returned by dying. Nobody had seen him getting out of the [Plaza] and he was not in the inn either. And that meant he was abducted.

As that night passed by, Brun did not slept waiting for him, and  when the next day came, she desperately went to the place of the traces to see where it would take us. But… We found nothing.

After one or so nums, the traces disappeared in the nothingness. The traces were erased with magic.

Seeing this, Brun started to run forward like mad shouting Engel’s name. She did that like for two hours until she ran out of stamina.

Back at the Inn, Brun one-sidedly decided to keep looking for him, but Karen stopped her. She said we could not lose any more time due to us not being able to challenge a [Kerker]. That we were in just barely in the average and if we waited more time, we would run out of opportunities.

After that, it took some time to beat some sense inside Brun, but we were able to do it. After that, we just waited to see if fate would let us reunite ourselves with Engel soon.

[End of Eita’s POV]

At the same time Engel was dealing with the ritual…

“We need a party of six with at least level 50 to get into that damn [Kerker]… But after all the options… We were just able to have “Him”?”

Said Karen as she regretted Brunnhildr’s decision.

“We could not help it. He was the only one available, and we had no time to level up Maria to that extent.” Explained Brunnhildr.

“But… HIM!” Said Karen again, as she pointed at the one guy behind everyone else inside the carriage Sandra and Maria were driving; he was now being gagged near Daniel. Tied and unconscious because his overly-annoying attitude.

An average-looking guy with blonde hair and green eyes. Not to handsome but not too plain either.

His name, Alan Strike. Self-proclaimed Engel’s rival…

And madly in love with Brunnhildr, and the reason he was tied up.

Engel and Alan met in [Cast Village], the nearest village to the [Cornucopia], just after the [Tournament Start]. They found interests in common, as many other things. Then, when they separated, they told each other to become strong so they would see each other again in the next stage. And now, he was replacing Engel.

“And because of him our pace was delayed by at least a week and a half.” Added Eita.

With a level of 49 and thrown out by his previous party, Alan was found by [Crimson Lava] and joined them.

But they regretted it. Totally.

“I know he is annoying… But, do you remember when he asked by Engel after we let him join?” Asked Brunnhildr.

“Yeah. He got mad when we told him we let him being abducted and then he got depressed by over 5 days.” Replied Karen.

“But even that is not excuse to his attitude towards you!” She added.

“I know, I know.” Said Brunnhildr.

“And what about his sister?” Asked Daniel from behind. He asked because Alan indeed had a sister in [The Tournament]. She was barely one year older than him. Her name was Patricia Strike. A beauty by the way,

“Didn’t I already told you? She was the one who took the decision to throw him awa-!!?”

As Brunnhildr was explaining, the carriage suddenly stopped.

“What happened Sandra?” She said instead.

“There… Isn’t that… A [Barrier]?”

She said while pointing at her left in the road. There, in the middle of the dark forest, a faint blue light could be seen.

“Is it made by a magician?” Asked Eita

“I don’t know… But I sense a constant flow of magic, so it is not made by a magician.” She explained; Sandra, as a magician was sensitive towards magic, and much more because of her [Caster] and [Prayer] Sub-Classes. Because of that, even Brunnhildr as a [Magical] EX-Class, wasn’t that perceptive towards mana.

“So… It’s the [Kerker]?”

Said the party leader, Brunnhildr, as got ready for the challenge.

“Yes…” Replied Sandra; and them all started to get ready for their duties. They woke up Alan and hided the carriage before getting into the [Kerker].


Desert. An environment full of sand.

There, white flash could be seen. A sound of a little explosion. And after some minutes…

“Now… What do I do?” Said a figure amidst the strong daylight in the desert.

“I don’t know. IT’S YOU MOTHERFUCKING  FAULT THAT WE ENDED UP HERE!!!” Shouted someone else next to the previous figure while advancing thorough the sand.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Abraham.” Said the first person.

That person, is Lene Nachahmung. An absolutely beautiful girl with silver blue eyes, glossy black hair cut to a shoulder length in a kind of bob style. She has pearl white skin and a slim figure with no trace of overweight. Of course, she still had the charms of a woman with her. An absolutely lovely, charming and beautiful Greek goddess.

And the one she was referring to, is Abraham Alfas. A well built, tall guy with light brown hair and green eyes.

“Shut up, Lene. We all clearly saw you eating that frozen thing.” Added someone else. That person was Jessica Shirley, a little, blonde, pale blue eyed girl that looked no more than 12 and with a sleepy face; but in fact she was 16 years old.

“And then, you spilled it when we were going to use the [Transfer Gate], right Elena?” Replied a guy in a low voice. He is Corbin Olivier, a supposedly rich guy with overly thin constitution. Dark brown hair and light brown eyes with transparent frame.

“Yup. It’s as you said. She spilled the drink and it changed the coordinates of the jump in the magic formation of the [Transfer Gate].” Said Elena.

Elena Cuéllar is a over the average intelligent girl with dark brown wavy hair, brunette and with brownish green eyes.

“Okay, Okay! I get it! It was my fault!!” Accepted Lene.

“So where we are now?” She asked

“Well… In the worst place possible. In [Hades], continent of [Tría].” Replied a voice behind Lene.

It was Lene’s best friend, Sarah Linna. A maroon-red haired girl with voluptuous silhouette, white skin full of freckles and light blue eyes. Not to mention her really long hair in a single braid.

These six people, are the members of [Icy Lake] party.

“We were supposed to go to teleport near the mountains of [Prometheus] from where we were, in [Gaia] center.” Added Sarah.

“Shit…” Leaked Jessica.

“We could say our gear will only work here at night, and by the position of [Tría], if we were to move south… But, we actually are too far north.” Said Elena.

“So what do we do, Leader?” Said Abraham as he moved his sight from Elena to Lene, the party leader.

“Well… Wouldn’t it be the look for civilization the obvious?” She said.

“Yes. That is true.” Seconded Corbin.

“The nearest village is… Oh! Lucky! at least, two days by foot. We do not have a carriage so it is convenient.” Said Sarah.

“Yeah, and thanks that Lene earned the [Item Box] artifact, we won’t have to worry about food, water or our luggage.” Added Abraham in now a good mood.

“It’s decided then!! So Let’s GOOO!!!” Exclaimed Lene. Then-

“Ah!” She leaked a voice and became pale as she gave the first step.

“That… I don’t like how it sounds….” Said Abraham as he started to listen to a very strange noise of sand moving.

“Mmm… Ah! Well then guys, prepare yourselves for the impact!” Exclaimed Sarah as she assumed a surfing posture.

“Impact?… OH, now I see.” Said Elena as she got what Sarah meant.

“What the fuck is going on?!! Lene you ASSHOLE!!!” Exclaimed Jessica.

“The same as always Jessica; the same as always.” Said Sarah as in that moment-

All of them disappeared from the desert’s surface.

“AAAAHHHHHHH IDONTWANNADIEEEE!!!!” Screamed Lene with her eyes closed.


“SHUT UP LENE! It was an eternity since we get to the bottom. Fuck.” Said Jessica as she smacked Lene’s head.

Then, she opened her eyes and looked around her.

She saw herself inside a dome made of sand with some sand slides leaking light from the surface of the desert and also sandfalls throwing countless sand inside the dome. Most likely, they fell by a sand slide.

But the most impressive there was the golden pyramid in the middle of the dome. It shone as if made entirely by gold with its smooth walls, and also, it had an enormous red stone in the middle of the front surface.

“And that faint blue… So it’s a [Kerker]?” Asked Lene as she stood up.

Everybody was not looking to the pyramid itself, but the faint blue light that came from the entrance. So then, she asked.

“By the mana flow… Most likely it is a dungeon.” Replied Corbin

Then, the silently moved towards the entrance. And just before getting in, Lene saw something in next to the entrance.



(Ugh… What dreadful words…) Thought Lene.

(But… [Skyfall Sea Of Tears}? It’s name is similar to what I found that time near [Lau Village]. That’s the name it gave when I checked at the [Menu] when I putted it in the [Item Box].

I Picked it at dusk when it fell from the sky while my daily morning walk… And needless to say… These hieroglyphics look too much old. That means this used to be a residence or something but now it is a dung-)

As she was thinking that-

“Lene? What are you doing there?” Sarah

“Wha? No-Nothing.” Replied Lene as she moved forward with her party to challenge the [Kerker].

As she got in for some meters, she then saw a window opening in front of her, as well as the others form the party.




(This… Isn’t this somehow different from what the [General Directions] said?) Thought Lene just before going deeper into the pyramid.


“Engel… Engel…” Called a sweet voice to the unconscious Engel.

“Yeah… I’m on my way….” He said as he woke up. But when he completely did.

“WHATDAHEEELL?!! WHO ARE YOU?” He Exclaimed as he saw the one who called to him.

It was a completely beautiful and bewitching girl of, at most, 19 years old, with a white one piece dress and long black hair with bright red locks in it. She has silky white skin and bright rose eyes. Her figure is that of an well proportioned model…. Maybe too much well proportioned.

But what intrigued him more, were the chalk white horns growing from the sides of her head. They were pointing forward and had kind sharp end.

(Horns… And they point forward… So this girl here is a [Dämon] Race?) He thought. And as for the girl-

“What are you saying, Engel? It’s me” Katastrophe!!” She exclaimed.

Indeed, that girl there was the one and only [Babel’s Ruin] and lord of [Sky Rune Castle], Katastrophe Schatten.

“Ka… Katastrophe? But.. You weren’t a little girl?” He asked.

“What? Is that what you expected? Are you a ped-” Just as Katastrophe was going to ask-


“Anyways… What I meant was that when I unsealed “You”, who I saw was a little girl of no more than 10 years.” He explained.

“Ah! It was that… Well, In my weak state, I looked like a little girl because of that. I was weak. But then you saved me and I regained my abilities… At least most of them.” She said with a smile.

“I see…” He said, while thinking in how not to lose control in front of those enormous hills he had now with him.

“Hey, hey. Engel. Can you hear me?” Said Katastrophe as she leaned near Engel who was still seated in the floor.

“Wha-What is it?” He replied.

“Well… I faintly remember… How before David… Or that… Haven girl left, you called her by that name as a symbol of camaraderie..” She explained.

“And… Well… Now that… Well… How do I say this?…” Blushing as she tried to talk, he mustered courage and said.


“Wha-?!” Reacted Engel. He obviously was really surprised by that proposition.

“What are you saying? First of all, you have your own name given by your parents. You can’t bush it aside just as it is. And second… I do not feel the right to do it…” He said.

“Well… If it’s about that, it’s okay. I do not mind. Moreover, that name is the symbol of an old me. Now I’ve changed after being saved by you…” She said bashfully.

“Eh-….. *Sigh* Well… If you insist that much…” Replied Engel as he sighed with a half-smile and Katastrophe opened her eyes in happiness and let out a broad smile all over her beautiful face.

(Let’s see… Mmm…. Those eyes… And hair…. Well…. Alright! I got an Idea! Also her face has traces of Japanese, like Eita… So…) After thinking it thoroughly, Engel said-

“Yozora; Sakurai Yozora… Or backwards… Anyway! It’s not that I’m well versed in Japanese but just like that it will be enough… I think… Ehehehe.” He replied as he scratched his head and laughed wryly.

“You… don’t like it?…” He added.

“I-I Like it…” She said in low voice…

(Yozora…) Thought her as she blushed and smiled broadly.

But then-

“What?!?” Exclaimed Yozora as she suddenly stood up.

“What happened, Katastr-.. I mean, Yozora…” Said Engel as he felt the sudden change in atmosphere from Yozora.

“Trouble. Very big trouble…. Engel, give me your hand; the one holding the sword.” She said

“What you mean by trouble?” Asked Engel as he stretched his hand. Then, he felt an static shock running thorough the sword and his hand.

“Wha?!” He exclaimed in surprise as he felt numb his whole arm.

“Don’t worry. It’s something necessary. The numbness will fade in a minute. What I did is register you as the new lord of the [Hekatonkheires]. Now you control this and the other 99 [Hekatonkheires] in side this castle. You do not even to touch them either to tell where they are and control them. It will be hard, but you’ll learn to.”

Said Yozora, as she separated herself of Engel.

“Why are you doing this? What is exactly going on?” Asked Engel.

“There’s no time to explain. I’m sorry, Engel…. [Ethereal Stealth]…”

As Yozora chanted activated a skill of the [Phantom Series] and disappeared in front of Engel, he felt an enormous impact in the whole place.


“Oh damn… I got too excited in trying to break the barrier and destroyed the castle too. Well; I hope [Loki] forgives me.” Said a strange guy standing in the middle of the immense mountain of rubble that couldn’t be called anymore a castle.

He had a full body western armor shining in silver of at least 2 nú, or meters, and a bright crimson sword in his hand.

“Eh… What is this? I feel many presences in here… No; They’re not people.” Said the man in the armor as he started to chant a spell in a very low voice. As he did that, all of the 99 lightswords floated and reunited in front of him.

“99 identical swords… These may be what [Loki] was talking. The Mass-Produced Demon Sword [Hekatonkheires]… But they’re supposed to be 100-OH! There I picked the other one!”

Exclaimed the guy in the armor as he saw in front of him and with his free hand cleaned the rubble. Then he saw a kid in rags with a sword in his hand.

“So this is the last o- ??” The guy in armor let a weird sound out. Why, that’s because-

“This kid… He does not let go the sword?! And I CAN’T PULL IT?!” He asked himself.

Of course, someone of that level of strength, who could destroy a top level barrier, even if centuries had passed and it was rather weak. But, even so he destroyed it.

“Well… I’ll ask [Brokkr] if he knows about it. Not that I want to kill an innocent kid now of all times just for a sword.” Said the guy while he turned back for where he came from. He then murmured a chant and gave a monstrous jump to the east while it could be easily mistaken that he was flying.”


[Haven’s POV]

After some minutes since the explosion, we all decided to go look for Engel back at the castle. There, where we found nothing but rubble, we started to look amidst it and in the surroundings. We then found my ex companions, but no trace of Engel.

Surprisingly, my former comrades were alive after that explosion. It could be because of the robe. So, then I thought we should be able to find Engel somewhere. That he was somewhere nearby. I… Just not wanted to believe what I saw. That thing flying…

Then, one of the robbed man, John, woke up.

As I told that to everyone, they gathered around him with the query of Engel in their heads.

When he regained consciousness, Kess rushed the topic.


At the sudden shout from Kess, John got slightly nervous, but then I intervened.

“Hey, John! You okay?” I asked.

“Eh? David? Where’s your robe?” He said.

“This is no moment for this. What has just happened here?” I asked again.

“Eh, ah? Well.. Ehm.. The [Avatar] kid came an knocked us… Then… I… gained consciousness I saw him standing there dumbfounded looking at something. He was talking or something, and when I was trying to stand up, then that big explosion happened.

I was lucky not too much rubble fell over me, so I did not lost consciousness there… But the kid got like half dead…. I think. Then… An enormous guy in a shiny armor took him and jumped and from the shockwave… I got unconscious again.”



“…… What?”

As I became pale because my suspicions became true and part of my world crumbled, all the others remained silent until the next day.

[End of Haven’s POV]


“So you came back, [Surtr].” Said an ominous voice inside a cold cave to the guy in shining silver armor, [Surtr]. Inside that cold cave was a throne and in it was a robed guy. That robe has light green embodiments and they faintly shine and sometimes change to light blue.

“Yes sir.” Said Surtr as he then kneeled and gave his report of what happened in the [Sky Rune Castle].

“That’s all sir,” Added Surtr.

“Well.. is as you say, it is better to gave him to [Brokkr]. Also, do not let [The Scientist] to get near him. It could become something problematic at the end.” Said the man in the throne.

“Well then. I leave this place to go back to [Valhalla Imperial City]. I’ll give you the rights to handle this… [Kerker]? It does not matter right now; and be sure to imbue those 100 lightsword with the [Dragon Slayer] Attribute.  Goodbye Surtr.” He added as he walked to the center of the cave and then activated a [Transfer Gate] to leave.

“It will be a pleasure to follow your orders, Master [Loki].”

Said [Surtr], still kneeling to his departing master.

Status Window
Name: Alan Strike Alignment: Crimson Lava
Level: 51/200 EX-Class: Tactical
Race: Personen Gender: Male
Golden Strike – Self-proclaimed Anything
Health: 950/950
Mana: 500/500
Attack: 450 Agility: 600
Intelligence: 30 Defense: 470
Hit Probability: 500 Luck: 5
Class: Martial Artist Sub-Class: Rouge Artist/Hunter
Elemental Affinity
Status Window
Name: Yozora Sakurai Alignment: No Alignment
Level: 170/200 EX-Class: Magical
Race: Dämon Gender: Female
Black Night Sky – Maiden in Obsessed Love – Black Cold Flame – Babel’s Ruin
Health: 97,230/97,230
Mana: 99,500/99,500
Attack: 15,900 Agility: 15,300
Intelligence: 60 Defense: 12,300
Hit Probability: 1,100 Luck: 8
Class: Magician Sub-Class: Prayer/Wizard
Elemental Affinity
Status Window
Name: Lene Nachahmung Alignment: Icy Lake
Level: 83/200 EX-Class: Magical
Race: Personen Gender: Female
Silent Claw – Continental Beauty – Food Dumbass
Health: 2,390/2,390
Mana: 2,500/2,500
Attack: 1,600 Agility: 1,900
Intelligence: 80 Defense: 1,400
Hit Probability: 1,100 Luck: 7
Class: Assassin Sub-Class: Caster/Wizard
Elemental Affinity
Status Window
Name: Elizabetha Haven Aufgehenstainen Von Davidennsforthkratter Alignment: No Alignment
Level: 95/200 EX-Class: Power
Race: Personen Gender: Female
Follower of the Rightfulness – Checker – Acceptable Cooker
Health: 3,520/3,520
Mana: 2,500/2,500
Attack: 3,900 Agility: 2,300
Intelligence: 40 Defense: 3,300
Hit Probability: 2,100 Luck: 3
Class: Knight Sub-Class: Phalanx/Rouge Artist
Elemental Affinity

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    • About Yozora… It will be sort of a gag yandere (Fairy Tail’s Juvia but like 500% less obsesion) but someone who takes love seriouly too. And she will obviously will be a side heroine! I mean… Voluptuous and beautiful girl in loveee with the MC… This Fiction has no room for denseness from the MC, so things may or not may happen later.

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