Magical Tournament Special Transmission: Character’s Index [Uno]

Aleksander Here!!! Now I’m going to post the first [Character’s Index]!

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Special Transmission: Character’s Index [Uno].

(Those with [Status Window] already published, will be the ones with one until further notice.)

(Except Leonidas…. He is a traitor.)

Main Characters:

Engel Falsch (16 years old, Male): Brunnhildr’s little brother and a participant of [The Tournament].Held by his sister, he was in a weak state until he freed himself from her shackles after getting abducted by [Holy Eraser].

Status Window
Name: Engel Flasch Alignment: No Alignment
Level: 75/200 EX-Class: Tactical/Magical
Race: Personen Gender: Male
Master of Hekatonkheires – Name Giver – Liberator – The One Who Makes Girls Fall Hard
Health: 2,280/2,280
Mana: 2,390/2,390
Attack: 1,550 Agility: 2,700
Intelligence: 70 Defense: 1,500
Hit Probability: 1,700 Luck: 5
Class: Aid/- Sub-Class: -/Prayer
Elemental Affinity

Brunnhildr Falsh (17 years old, Female): Engel’s older sister. Overprotective and an intuitive genius type. Leader of the [Crimson Lava] Party. Gets separated from Engel after he was abducted by [Holy Eraser].

Status Window
Name: Brunnhildr Flasch Alignment: Crimson Lava
Level: 67/200 EX-Class: Magical/Power
Race: Personen Gender: Female
Discoverer – Lava Lady – Overprotective Sister
Health: 1,700/1,700
Mana: 1,610/1,610
Attack: 990 Agility: 500
Intelligence: 50 Defense: 650
Hit Probability: 570 Luck: 6
Class: Knight/Magician Sub-Class: Phalanx/Caster
Elemental Affinity
 Yozora Sakurai (718 years old, Female): Formerly known as Katastrophe Schatte, the [Demon Empress], she destroyed at least 11 vities and even more villages. She stole a relique from the [Olympus Deities] and got sealed in the process. After a large quantity of years, she was freed by Engel and given a new name.
Status Window
Name: Yozora Sakurai Alignment: No Alignment
Level: 170/200 EX-Class: Magical
Race: Dämon Gender: Female
Black Night Sky – Maiden in Obsessed Love – Black Cold Flame – Babel’s Ruin
Health: 97,230/97,230
Mana: 99,500/99,500
Attack: 15,900 Agility: 15,300
Intelligence: 60 Defense: 12,300
Hit Probability: 11,100 Luck: 8
Class: Magician Sub-Class: Prayer/Wizard
Elemental Affinity
Lene Nachahmung (16 years old, Female): Leader of [Icy Lake] Party. Anything about her till now is unknown. Right now she is in [Hades] with her party due to an error in a [Transfer Gate]. She has a jewel similar to the one Engel posesses; the [Skyfall Tear].
Status Window
Name: Lene Nachahmung Alignment: Icy Lake
Level: 83/200 EX-Class: Magical
Race: Personen Gender: Female
Silent Claw – Continental Beauty – Food Dumbass
Health: 2,390/2,390
Mana: 2,500/2,500
Attack: 1,600 Agility: 1,900
Intelligence: 80 Defense: 1,400
Hit Probability: 1,100 Luck: 7
Class: Assasin Sub-Class: Caster/Wizard
Elemental Affinity

Side Characters:

Daniel Kyle (15 years old, Male): Member of [Crimson Lava] Party. Younger brother of Leonidas Kyle, the traitor. He was the center of his brother’s hatred.
Status Window
Name: Daniel Kyle Alignment: Crimson Lava
Level: 62/200 EX-Class: Tactical
Race: Personen Gender: Male
Evening Hunter
Health: 1,115/1,115
Mana: 910/910
Attack: 800 Agility: 600
Intelligence: 50 Defense: 500
Hit Probability: 580 Luck: 4
Class: Knight Sub-Class: Hunter/Samurai
Elemental Affinity
Eita Ryuugamine (16 years old, Female): Member of Brunnhildr’s party. She is  a self proclaimed ninja and a overly girly girl when not wearing her ninja gear.
Status Window
Name: Eita Ryuugamine Alignment: Crimson Lava
Level: 72/200 EX-Class: Tactical
Race: Personen Gender: Female
Midnight Ninja
Health: 2,150/2,150
Mana: 1,550/1,550
Attack: 1,000 Agility: 900
Intelligence: 50 Defense: 590
Hit Probability: 895 Luck: 7
Class: Asassin Sub-Class: Prayer/Hunter
Elemental Affinity
 Karen Leonas (16 years old, Female): Member of [Crimson Lava] A close quarter’s fighter and a righteaous girl.
Status Window
Name: Karen Leonas Alignment: Crimson Lava
Level: 65/200 EX-Class: Power
Race: Personen Gender: Female
RIghtful Lady
Health: 1,100/1,100
Mana: 600/600/td3]
Attack: 880 Agility: 350
Intelligence: 40 Defense: 600
Hit Probability: 400 Luck: 5
Class: Martial Artist Sub-Class: Phalanx/Lancer
Elemental Affinity
Sandra Émuete (15 years old, Female): The magican of [Crimson Lava]. A calm and gentle girl but an incurable shotacon (a little boys lover).
Status Window
Name: Sandra Émuete Alignment: Crimson Lava
Level: 61/200 EX-Class: Magical
Race: Personen Gender: Female
Health: 1,110/1,110
Mana: 1,410/1,410
Attack: 700 Agility: 500
Intelligence: 55 Defense: 350
Hit Probability: 500 Luck: 4
Class: Magician Sub-Class: Caster/Prayer
Elemental Affinity
 Maria Cole-Rightroad (14 years old, Female): The Aid of Brunnhildrs Party. A shy girl who always bites her tounge when talking.
Status Window
Name: Maria Cole-Rightroad Alignment: Crimson Lava
Level: 38/200 EX-Class: Magical
Race: Personnen Gender: Female
Health: 600/600
Mana: 700/700
Attack: 350 Agility: 400
Intelligence: 30 Defense: 350
Hit Probability: 230 Luck: 5
Class: Magician Sub-Class: Wizard/Caster
Elemental Affinity
Haven Davis (17 years old, Female) Her real name is Elizabetha Haven Aufgehenstainen Von Davidennsforthkratter. Former member of [Holy Eraser]. At first she was mistaken by a man because her equipment was a long robe that covered all her body and had a strange voice changer. She was the one who helped Engel to scape his confinement.
Status Window
Name: Elizabetha Haven Aufgehenstainen Von Davidennsforthkratter Alignment: No Alignment
Level: 95/200 EX-Class: Power
Race: Personen Gender: Female
Follower of the Rightfulness – Checker – Acceptable Cooker
Health: 3,520/3,520
Mana: 2,500/2,500
Attack: 3,900 Agility: 2,300
Intelligence: 40 Defense: 3,300
Hit Probability: 2,100 Luck: 3
Class: Knight Sub-Class: Phalanx/Rouge Artist
Elemental Affinity
Alan Strike (16 years old, Male): Self proclaimed rival of Engel. He is his replacement in [Crimson Lava] after the abduction.
Status Window
Name: Alan Strike Alignment: Crimson Lava
Level: 51/200 EX-Class: Tactical
Race: Personen Gender: Male
Golden Strike – Selfproclaimed Anything
Health: 950/950
Mana: 500/500
Attack: 450 Agility: 600
Intelligence: 30 Defense: 470
Hit Probability: 500 Luck: 5
Class: Martial Artist Sub-Class: Rouge Artist/Hunter
Elemental Affinity

Patricia Strike: (17 years old, Female): Alan’s older sister. (without appereances yet)

Jess Elain (16 years old, Female): One of the twin elves that was imprisioned by [Holy Eraser].

Kess Elain (16 yeras old, Female): Jess’ twin. Different from the quiet and shy Jess, Kess is cheerful and outgoing.

Lyad Copp (16 years old, Male): A Racoon-eared guy imprisioned with Engel.

Cale Dafe (14 years old, Female):A dog eared girl imprisioned with Engel.

Brita Hest (10 years old, Female): The only one hobbit imprisoned with Engel.

Seth Lyze (10 years old, Male): Beth’s younger brother, imprisoned with Engel.

Beth Lyze (11 years old, Female): Seth’s older sister.

Only Girl Party: A High level party with only girls in it and with unknown name by [Crimson Lava]. Presumably all with 16 years old and from Germany (because when they met them, they were drunk).

Icy Lake: Lene’s Party; its members are: Sarah Linna, Corbin Olivier, Abraham Kalfas, Jessica Shirley, and Elena Cuéllar.

Alexandra Cole (30 or so years old, Female): The manager and [Game Master] of [The Tournament]. She gives directions to the participants.

[Quarta]: The Artifficial Intelligence monitoring [The Tournament].


Loki (Unknown years old, Male): Misterious man who has secret plans under the nose of the [Divinities]. Surtr: (Unknown years old, Male): 2 nú of tall, and clad in a shining silver armor and wielder of a crimson sword.

Leonidas Kyle: Daniel’s older bother. The traitor from [Crimson Lava]. He hated his younger brother and all the party. After being witnessed breaking the rules of [The Tournament], he was desqualified.

Wyvern Rider: A former Tax Collector and human trader with unknown name, who led to a trap together with Leonidas. He shares his hatred to [Crimson Lava] because they ruined his life. Now he is in jail, again

Holy Eraser: Consists of John, the robbed man #3, and the robbed men #1, #4 and #5.


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    And so isn’t he tied for second strongest character with Lene, I mean Engel, being first Yozora


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