Magical Tournament Chapter Five: Übertreffen (Exceed) – To surpass oneself [First Part]

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Magical Tournament Chapter Five: Übertreffen (Exceed) – To surpass oneself [First Part]

Teil Ein.

[Engel’s POV]






“Shit…. I let [The Scientist] out of focus while I supervised the [Hekatonkheires] progress and this happened…. It really did become something problematic at the end.”

[End of Engel’s POV]

Teil Zwei.

[Yozora’s POV]

It’s been at least a three weeks since Surtr brought him here and 5 days since he let that guy…. [The Scientist] to look at him.

When they left Engel inside this dungeon, the shiny guy called another named [Brokkr], a tall, bald and bearded guy with tons of muscles to snatch the main [Hekatonkheires] from his hand. Brokkr took his time, but guessed how to take the sword.

He woke up the unconscious Engel and then used [Sound Magic] to suggest him to let go his the sword. Then, the pale blue lightsword was taken.

After that, one day passed another guy appeared. It was a skinny blond guy with thick frame glasses and red eyes. He had his hair well stylized and looked decent. He had a strange white robe on him.

He started to look at Engel and took some notes, then he out of nothing woke him up and gagged him. Afterwards he took out an [Black Orihalcum Dagger] and suddenly started to cut Engel’s fingers and toes.


Even if Engel struggled everything he could, this scientist guy escalated from his fingers to his elbows and knees… And…. Then after some days he started to sever complete limbs.

Also, that man had a flag with him and place it next to Engel, so whenever he died, it would not change locations and the chains that bind him were imbued with [Antimagic].

The soundless screams of Engel… were painful indeed, but I could not avoid looking at it; even If I could do nothing, I had the duty to look. He already accepted me, so I do too.

I will accept his suffering as he did. I do not know how painful it is as he did not know either how much I suffered.

Even if some of his words were empty, it was what I needed. So, when the time comes, I will give him what he needs.

I love him after all.

[End of Yozora’s POV]

Teil Drei.

“Awesome! This is simply incredible!!” Shouted [The Scientist] in the deepest cave in the [Kerker] occupied by Loki’s underlings.

In this very moment, he is testing Engel’s [Avatar] by cutting, burning, severing and crushing it. And doing that is the same as making damage to Engel himself.

“It does not matter what I do, if he dies, everything comes back as if anything never happened!!” He affirmed.

“And also even if I poison him or choke him, his body burns and renews itself… As if he were a [Phoenix]!!! He exclaimed.

“Hey… Scientist… Don’t you think it’s enough?” Opined Surtr who witnessed some of the “experiments” he was doing.

“What are you saying Surtr?! I can’t stop! I must not stop! I still need to check whether if illusory drugs work on him and if these keep its effect after he has resuscitated…. This… This [Avatar] is simply AWESOMEE!!” Expressed the scientist.

“I… I must thank master Loki for bringing him here. I had heard of this immortal adventurers and at all costs wanted to research their bodies to the utmost extent… But I could never catch one of them… Until this time…” He murmured while Surtr could not handle it anymore and left.

“I don’t know why master Loki brought him to our side. At the end he could not dispel the mind control he himself created…” Murmured Surtr in an even lower voice.

Surtr felt guilty by the kid he brought just to be tortured in that way… But he could do nothing against [The Scientist]. Loki himself told him, when Surtr reported what was happening in the [Kerker], that he had already started his “research” and he must not interfere in it. Making an enemy of a brain washer was not a very good idea.

“Well, first I’ll check how much time the drug effects lasts. With this drug taken from the [Durugo Farumako] plant with purity of 20% and diluted to 5% should at least, last 4 hours straight without the effects fading. And it would be needed 20 hours to the effects to totally disappear…”

He then looked at his watch and then, calculating another 2 or 3 hours left for the effects to start fading, he left to take lunch and keep piling notes in his room.

And as he left-

(finally that motherfucker left!)

Thought Yozora as she deactivated her [Ethereal Stealth].

(And now…)

She then approached the dozed off Engel and put her lips in his neck. Namely, in his jugular and sucked the drug directly of his blood as a special countermeasure while applying [Detox]. She did not healed him completely with [Cure] because the scientist could come back any moment and would suspect anything.

(With this… At least the effects will lessen and may hindrance that fucker’s research. It hurts my heart as if I’m dying, but I cannot take him from here. That Surtr guy has the same level as me… And it’s hard to accept, but that Scientist too has a very high level. Also the issue of all the people here over level 100… As I am now it’s impossible.) She thought as she contained her tears with all her will.

(If only I had at least a little piece of [Skyfall Sea of Tears]…) She said as she regretted 500 years ago when she decided not to save it in her [Item Box] before being pierced by [Zeus’s Lightning].

Yozora thought that if she had at least a little piece of it, she could use it to boost her stats and escape from there.

But now was not the time to fret over the past.

(Right now… I only can wait until I find an opening or the like to get out of here) She said to herself.

As the time passed, the effects started to fade and the scientist came back. He checked Engel’s state and left again. Yozora again sucked the drug from Engel’s blood and then the effects faded completely.

Then… He slowly started to regain consciousness. Yozora this time sucked more drug and started to feel funny, but she did not took it to heart. She did this so she could talk to Engel and some way or another make him mentally resist until she found a safe way out of the dungeon.

As he woke up she took off the  overly tight gag.

“Engel… Engel! Are you okay?!”

“Ehh…. Ka-Katastrophe?” He said with a fading voice.

“It’s Yozora; but this time I’ll forgive ya’….??… I mean, forgive you.” She said. For a moment there her tongue slipped.

“Yo-Yozora… Are you okay? Why are you here?” He weakly said…

“What are you saying? You’re the one seriously hurt!! Why are you asking me if I’m okay?!” She exclaimed as a feeling of guilt faintly invaded her.

“Me? I’m okay…. This… Is nothi-nothing. Things like severing and burning… In my sis’ par-ty I experimented it more times that you think…Moreover, I think… The gag was freakin’ tight. Sometimes I almost got chocked with my own secret compartment.” He said.

“Secret compartment? What do you mean?” Asked Yozora.

“Oh yeah…Sorry it slipped… But with that… I eman-mean; Once… I fought a really strong guy last year… and he punched me so hard I lost one of… my molars.  And… there I had an empty space… But some time ago… A-A little jewel fell from the sky and I occulted it in there….” He explained.

“A jewel… fell from the sky?” She asked again.

“Ye-ah… I think it’s na-me is…. [Skyfall Tear]?” Said Engel

“What??!!” Exclaimed Yozora.

*Moments Later*

(Where…. Am I?) Thought Engel as he suddenly found himself in a white space.

(If I’m not wrong… I was in the [Kerker]… And…)

(And I made you swallow that jewel. I had an Idea and made you “eat” it.) Said a known voice behind him.

(Ka-Yozora!?) He exclaimed.

(Where exactly is this?) He asked.

(This… Is your mind. I came here with you using [Phantom Invasion].) Replied Yozora.

(Ahaa… So, how is that my consciousness has changed from the real world to inside my mind?) Said  Engel.

(Well… You were too out of your mind to fight what is coming.) She answered.

(Fight? What? Who?) Asked Engel


She said as all the surroundings changed from white to a mess of scenes.

Teil Vier.

[Engel’s POV]

I was chained in a dungeon and now I’m inside my mind? What am I? A ghoul?

Anyways… Yozora said I was going to fight myself and then left… But is this that kind of battle where I see myself and then start to morally discuss what’s wrong with my life?

(I better as well get high and stare at the night sky.) I said as I stared at the nothingness of the white space.

(Nope it’s not like that) said someone behind me.


(Wha-?! Sis?!)

(Nope. I’m you.) She said as she punched me again while I was on the floor.

(Crap! That hurts!!) I shouted.

(Why you do this?) I asked.

(I’m your mind, idiot. Well… You guessed most likely what was going to happen and I decided to give a chill to this.) She said.

(Shitter.) I said.

(That’s said to yourself.) She replied.

(Well it does not matter. You finished?) I asked.


*Kick, Kick, Kick*

She kicked me while I was in the floor. And when I fell, she kicked me twice in the guts.

(Argh!! Crap!) I shouted.

(Come ‘on! What are you doing? Fight back. This is a fight.) She said.

(Come come come! Or is it that you’re so weak you already fainted?)

And as she said that, I somehow snapped. I did not know why, but I did.


Then I stood up and punched her. But of course I failed…. Of… course? Why?

(Crap! Crap! CRAAAAP!!!)

NO matter what I tried, she avoided every punch and kick I threw. But I had to stood every of her punches This is obviously  useless….. Obviously?…. But-

(Shit… Why can’t I punch you??!!) I finally asked.

(Because you are weak. That’s why.) She said.


(Fucker you said you are me but how is it that I’m the only one in the receiving end!!) I shouted.

(Oh that… Of course you are me. I’m you…. So you would notice immediately. Well… It’s no use anymore to hit you. It’s talk time…) She said.

Then she suddenly transformed in me.

(In resume… I’m not strong, and you are not weak, but it’s not like we are in the middle either.) He added.

(What do you mean?) I asked.

(Well… We are always one, but for your own sake I manifested like this. I’m the part of you that wants to become strong, and right now, you are the part that feels comfortable being under the care of your sister.) He said.

(Wha?! How the fuck I feel comfortable being under the care of my sis?!) I shouted.

(In reality you do not. Not that much at least. Because we are one. But right now in this moment… You are. That’s why you could not beat me. In the corner of your mind you thought that you could not beat me. That it would be better that you stopped. Didn’t you?) He replied.

(And at the end you really did stopped because of that and questioned yourself.) He added.

(I… I didn’t…. I di-d?) I said, then he laid down beside me as I seated down too.

(Get it already. I say you, but at the end is me too. WE are comfortable with being weak and left all to Brunnhildr.) He said.

(Fucking childhood traumas…) I said half in joke, but with true in those words.

(Yeap… She always stood in our way of “becoming strong” with some weird sense of protection or something.) He said.

(But is not her fault either. It OUR fault. MY fault.) I added.

(But, why is it?) He asked.

(Well… You know too right. We were too obsessed with not being weak and becoming strong, and then sis came and offered me protection-)

(Because of our subtle Oedipus trauma of that need of protection…. And Brunnhildr came and things escalated to this-)

(Didn’t they?)

(So what I need-)

(Is to let the past go away-)

(And to face forward.)

(A lot of times and almost always I tried to give the next step in life.)

(But she stood in the way.-)

(And I accepted her-)

(But now I’m totally aware of what happens and what I need to do. Now she’s not here to offer me anything-)

(And if she were, I would not take that offer-)


I said as I laid in the floor and stared at the starry night sky that suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

[End of Engel’s POV]

Teil Fünf.

(How it was?) Asked Yozora as she arrived next to Engel. The starry night suddenly started to fade and welcomed the dusk.

(So – So) Said Engel.

(Really? At the end you did not needed my help at all.) She said.

(At the end… What was the purpose of all this? I know it freed me from my traumas but… Why?) He asked.

(Well… It’s because of the [Skyfall Tear]. It’s a little piece of the former [Skyfall Sea Of Tears] that I stole. The real deal cleaned all the issues in the mind and body of the one who possessed it and gave them unlimited strength. It was an orb and it contracted itself so you could swallow it.

But you only ate a little piece of it. That meant you could not depend in the strength of the jewel but in your strength to clean your mind. And about your body… You’ll get stronger but not as if you can destroy the world with a hand.) She explained.

(I barely thought of it… But it really was a piece of the relic you stole. And why an all the time the [Divinities] had it, they did not used it?) Said Engel.

(Arrogance. They most likely saw themselves as the most powerful beings in the world, thus they thought they didn’t need it.) She added.

(Well… And now, what will become of me?) He asked.

(Right now… Not even a minute has passed in the real world. So I thought that here inside your mind… I could train you to my heart’s content.) She said.


(Yes. That’s other of the benefits of the jewel. If you strength yourself here, it will bring results into reality… And most also to your real body, wherever it could be.) Explained Yozora.

(Really? It not only sounds fishy but also dangerous…) Said Engel.

(So you won’t do it?) Asked Yozora.

(Who said I wouldn’t?) Replied Engel as he stood up in the morning sky reflected in his mind.

(But keep in mind that I will not be soft with you. You’ll experience in his wholesome the [Sacred Imperial Arts] and the [Cursed Royal Arts] I trained all my life!) She shouted as she took stance.

(I never could practice any of the mixed martial arts Brunnhildr learned that I witnessed… But even so don’t make light of me!!) He exclaimed as he took stance too.

And like that, they both started the hellish training.


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