Magical Tournament Chapter Six: Verbündete (Ally) – To surpass oneself [Second Part]

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Magical Tournament Chapter Six: Verbündete (Ally) – To surpass oneself [Second Part]

Teil Ein.

“Really, what an awesome program is [Avatar]. From what I’ve got the gasp of, it involves [Dimensional Magic]. The one that only exist in high level artifacts and [Arcana Element]. It’s magic from the times where the [Yotse] governed this lands. Truly magnificent. Only a genius could have made this.” Talked to himself the man known as [The Scientist].

He was just getting of his room in a strange caste inside the [Kerker] when an underling called out to him.

“Mr. Scientist! Mr. Scientist!” The underling shouted.

“No need to shout Frick. What do you want?” He said.

“Well, it’s not an urgent matter, but, Mr. Scientist. It’s really interesting something I’ve got my hands on!!” Exclaimed the underling, Frick.

“Really? And what is it?” Asked the scientist.

“Well, it seems is a top level artifact! It looks like a black crystal white box and has something inside. I took it to the blacksmiths and when they appraised it, they said its name is [Obsidian Pixie Seal]!! I got it from some soldiers that scouted a recently destroyed village at the south. It seems it’s an object for use of those adventurers, the [Immortal Legion]!!!” Said Frick.

“Mmm… Interesting indeed. So you brought it to me so I could see if I could open it?” Asked the scientist while trembling.

“Yes!” Shouted Frick.

And at this statement, The Scientist took the little black box and ran away with all his forces because he was barely containing his emotion to see what was inside.

(The effects in the drug should have at least five more hours to go, but this seems as interesting, so I’ll postpone the illusory drug for later. I’ll [Cure] him and ask him about this!!!)

Teil Zwei.

*Cough, Cough, Cough*

“Do ya wanna some water?” Asked Yozora to Engel who had his throat overly dry.

“Thanks… But… Could you stop that speech? I don’t like it because from time to time you’d say that in there.” He said to Yozora after he drank the water she had founded nearby.

“I doit cuz ya hate it, bruh!” Replied Yozora.

“Stop acting. I know it’s a secondary effect of you sucking out the drug of my blood.” Said Engel.

“… Sorry.” She said feeling a little guilty.

“It’s okay… But, anyways, how many time passed out here while us in my mind?” Asked Engel.

“Most likely… An hour or so.” She replied.

“That was quick if I say so… But we hit the time limit of that aisled space.” He added.

“If it were the real [Skyfall], you could have all the time you wanted and control how much time you could be there and how many times you could go there. With a single tear… It seems its only once with a time span of a year or so.” She said.

“I slept plenty there, and it was convenient because I could just imagine whatever I needed for the occasion like food, beds and the like.” Replied Engel.

“Yes. It was like that.” Added Yozora.

“And I must say that [Ratatoskr Drive] was the most terrific and hard to deal with.” Said Engel.

“Re-Really? And… Do…. Do you hate me because of that?” Asked Yozora.

“What? There’s no way I’d hate you because of that. Moreover, I was praising you because of your strength.” He said with a half-smile.

Yozora started to blush and to fidget a little.

“Bu-But! No matter what you say, you really brushed it so easily with [Sephiroth]!! Even if that was my ace, you are just so cheat!” She shouted a pouted a little.

“Well… I was just prepared to anything that could come.” Replied Engel a little concerned.

(I can’t tell her. I absolutely can’t tell her I did not use a complete [Sephiroth]!!) He thought while looking to the sides.

“But Engel… Now that I actually notice in the real world, you surely changed a lot if we talk about outward appearance.” Said Yozora while staring to Engel.

Because as she said, Engel, changed his weakling appearance with a slim but well built and defined body. Also he looked slightly taller, but that was because of his posture was fixed. He used to walk like bowed, but now he looked like a straight arrow.

Also his freckles disappeared and the unnecessary fat in his face; his skin took a more healthy color; a color like Yozora’s skin.

“Now… You really look really handsome…” Said Yozora bashfully.

“….Thanks….” He said while blushing too.

(I really did not notice because of the constant training… but I really changed like this. Also my real body may have changed too… It’s weird…) He thought when he suddenly noticed something

“Wha-?!… The crap happened to my hair??!!” He shouted, as Yozora noticed that too.

His hair was completely white.

“Now I really hope some tentacles don’t sprout from my back!!!” He shouted.

“What are you talking about?” Asked Yozora.

“Sorry, you’d not understand it….” He said as he felt a little cautious of his back.

“I do not get what you wanted to say… but I really think that your….. Your white hair really su-suits you…” She said in a shy way.

“Thanks… *Sigh*” He replied.

(Also I think how weird is that I could notice it in this darkness… Oh well…) He thought.

And while in the depths of his heart he felt he looked really cool…

“Engel. You know, I’ve got something to give you….” Said Yozora in a sudden serious tone and a slightly sad face.

“Something… To give me?” He asked as he read the mood.

“Yes… It’s… A memento from the only one friend I ever had. She was an [Arche].” She said.

(Was?) He thought.

“Well… I did not know if to give it you, or even how to give it to you, but as I saw what that scientist did to you, I got an Idea of how to do it as I decided to hand out it…” She added.

“And… What is it?” Asked Engel.

“A very special thing. I will help you to get even more strong-” Said Yozora as she took out a pair of black claws from her [Item Box].

“And also…. I’ll give you a proof of my feelings to you…” She said as-

With a warm smile she pierced Engel’s heart.


As Engel opened wide his eyes in surprise, Yozora started to pierce all of Engel’s body with her claws at a very high speed.

Then Engel started to convulse and as his feet started to give signals of becoming ash, she said-

“Yotse Skill – [Phantom Claw]”

When a slight distortion in space would be felt around Engel’s body, Yozora pierced both of his eyes as she silently let out painful tears together with Engel’s screams.

Teil Drei.

“GOOD MORNING MY BELOVED!!” Shouted [The Scientist] as he entered the cave where he had Engel trapped.



“Ach!! What was that?!” He said as he snapped his fingers and the torches all over the cave ignited. Of course they were low level artifacts.

And as he inspected himself, he saw his left arm gone.

“I really do not know how an intruder got inside the [Kerker], and even across all this layers of barrier in the cave… But you really have gut to attack this Scientist!!” He shouted as his arm regenerated.

“Eh?!” Shouted the one who attacked, Yozora, in surprise.

“What? Surprised? I bet you are! Not much people are able to do this!!” He shouted as he started to search for his hidden enemy.

“Yes… Surprised-” She said while showing herself. She was wearing a black lightweight armor over some light, red and maroon clothing.  She has her claws on her hands and her hair was tied in a bun with a crimson ribbon.

And as the scientist let out a little prideful smile when he saw her, he shot a [Light Bullet] But-

“-Surprised that I now can, theoretically, kill you a hundred times and more!!!” Yozora deflected The Scientist attacks and disappeared from his sight again.

“[Black Implosion]!!” Shouted Yozora.

In that moment, the full guarded scientist’s lower body exploited as if nothing as he let out painful screams. But then his regeneration abilities worked and he stood up again.

“I cann-AHHHRRGH!!” As he was going to talk again, he felt sharp claws pierce his lungs and then taking the whole organ out of his body.

He then regenerated and-

“[White Wave]!!” As soon as he could talk again, he threw an area of effect spell, but…

“[Black Firewall]” Chanted quietly Yozora to guard herself of the scientist attack. She had a calm, but cold voice empty of emotions.

She then took a black sword out of her [Item Box] and chants [Black Lightning] to it. Then from the distance she slashed thorough her own spell and the area of effect spell form the scientist.

He was still in the floor and there Yozora’s attack cut his legs in a straight line.

Then, she ran with all her might and kicked his gut.

“You know, when I saw your level I thought you were strong. But you… are a fake. You are weak. So weak it makes me laugh! Ahahahahahhaa!!” She laughed as she approached him and then crushed his throat.


The Scientist let an incomprehensible sound and she then she lifted and chained him to a wall with [Antimagic] chains.

“Most likely… You used a mid level artifact to hide your true level. Long time ago those were really popular. Now they do not exist but surprisingly you had one. It does not matter anyways.”

She said as his throat started to regenerate but then she crushed it again and then thrust her claw in his gut.

“And I bet your regeneration is a [Yotse Skill] you got when you reached level 100. And by the looks, you must be level 120. Pathetic.” She said as his legs started regenerate too and then she removed her claw and thrust in his sides.

“Now… You made me angry… And you’ll suffer the consequences!!!” She shouted as she then used her black sword in her left to constantly pierce his upper half.

Cut. pierce, thrust, torn, rip, slash, burn, poison.


Cut, pierce, thrust, torn, rip, slash, burn, poison.




Cut, pierce, thrust, torn, rip, slash, burn, poison.

For hours, Yozora thoroughly tortured the scientist with a nasty smile and an evil laugh while her eyes shone with grace and pleasure while he could not even scream due to his crushed throat.

And then, she killed him. All the torches faded their fire and turned off when his head rolled in the ground.

She then let out a great sight of relief and tiredness as she untied her bun. She then cleaned her sword and her claws before putting them again in her [Item Box] and going back some meters deep the cave, where Engel was; at the end of it.

The cave was small. Like 12×20. But even so, the fight did not affect him.

As she slowly walked towards him, he stared at her.

Admits all the darkness, you could see a pair of eyes brightly shining. But, they were different in color. The right one was neon green color and the left one was neon yellow color.

The beautifully, as jewels stared at her.

But even so… that stare was full of warmth.

“Did you already finish?” He asked. She then sadly answered-

“Ye-Yes…” She was not only sad, but afraid, afraid of what Engel could think of her. So-

“You know… I… I did all those things to the scientist. And… Well… I… Tortured him. I could simply kill him.. But I did all that and… And well… I somehow enjoyed it. I felt like the old days and…. I enjoyed it.

Do… Do you dislike me because of that?” She asked frankly

“Well… I have not thought of life and death thoroughly yet. But even so I dislike useless killing and murder. Also I do not think is nice to make suffer a person-”

As he said that, Yozora shut her eyes and her heart started to beat faster… She stated to feel desperate by Engel’s words.

“But that’s me. And you are you. Whether you did or not torture him or liked or nor that fact, it is up to you. Maybe I’d hate you because I somehow have a little of antiquated sense of what people call “Justice”…. But, I know. I really know that you did that thinking of me. Thinking of how that guy did all those things to me and how you suffered witnessing it. You thought of how he disserved that…. And even if is kind of wicked… It made me happy; your feelings, that is.

Then, I definitely did not like what you did, but I’ll overlook it this time.

I know the world is not that pretty that more of this things does not happen, but even so I’ll ask you to not to do it again.

So… I definitely do not hate you and will never hate you, you got it?” He replied.

At his answer, Yozora’s heart calmed down and she let some tears flow.

Then she sat next to the chained Engel for some minutes to rest.

“How are you feeling? Are you okay? Is there any incommodity?” She asked after a while.

“What? The eyes? Not at all. Since the beginning there was no difference but when I tried to use them, it would become troublesome. But, now I got the gasp of them.” He answered.

What Yozora gave Engel was not a simple memento. They were an [Engelsauge] and a [Dämonsauge], mostly known as [Angelic Eye] and a [Demonic Eye]. The angelic one was the green while the yellow was the demonic one.

“Ohh… That’s nice. But what’s surprising it’s that they are different in color.” She said.

“They are?” He asked.

“Yes. And that’s very rare. An angelic or demonic eye will always shine as the color of the magic aura of its possessor. The angelic former color was purple, and as you see, my demonic eyes are color rose. But now that I handed them to you, they shine in green and yellow. It’s beautiful.” She said… And then when she noticed what she had told him, she blushed.

And he also blushed.

“Thanks… But are you okay too? After your eye regenerated you instantly went to fight because he suddenly came.” He said a little worried.

“Yes. I’m okay… Oh no…”

“What happened, Ka-Yozora?”

“I think the drug has gone to my head. I think I’ll get funny for a minute….” Can you stand it while I cast [Cure] in myself?”

She said.

“Okay. Of course.” He replied.

Then some minutes passed in silence and….


Teil Vier.

When they got near the entrance of the cave-

“Are you okay now, Yozora?” He asked.

“Yeah… I acted quite strange, didn’t I?” She said.

“Yes, you did. But it’s okay. I saw nothing.” Added Engel.

“Thanks… And now that I think about it, we should do something about those clothes.”  She said while looking all over Engel.

He was still wearing the [Medievalish Slave Clothes].

“But… I don’t have anything else…” He said.

“I do may have something that can fit you!” Said Yozora in a proud voice.

Then, she searched in her [Item Box] and found something. She gave it to Engel and he went back some steps to change himself.

He then went again next to Yozora fully changed.

It was a black attire. It had no sleeves and instead it had some kind of really long fingerless gloves till his upper arms. The pants were comfortable but a little tight and had a big bag in the lower back part and a sheath. The shoes were black and light too. It had light pieces of black metal in the knees, the shoes, and a breastplate. Also in the lower back too. Not to mention in the hands, gauntlet like armor….. But the attire was not completely black. It had embodiments in light green and gray.

“OOOOHHHITSUITSYOUSOOOO….” Yozora, seeing Engel, got a little exited and let out strange words of compliment.

*Cough, Cough*

“Sorry…” She said slightly embarrassed….

“Don’t worry. It’s okay.” He said.

As they started to walk, they passed near the scientist and-

“???… What is this?” Asked Engel while picking up a little black box from the floor.

“I… Don’t know. Maybe it was from [The Scientist].” Said Yozora.

As Engel inspected it, letters formed at the top of it.

“?? What is this?… Mmm… [Put Your Thumb Here]?” He read what it said and then out of curiosity put the thumb over it.

Then, the cube shone with a bright white.

“”Wha-??!!”” The two exclaimed. And after the light-

“Good Morning, My Master. My name is Lilya Lykanis and from now onwards, I’m your Maid and Personal Fairy, as the [Obsidian Pixie].”

A beautiful girl with black hair in a messy-stylish bun and diagonal bangs; European, elegant maid clothes, medium thick frame glasses, a poker face and pearl white skin. But the most striking of her were her golden eyes… And the pointed wolf ears she had with the respective fluffy tail in her lower, lower back.


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