Magical Tournament Chapter Seven: Schlusstein (Keystone) – To surpass oneself [Final Part]

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Chapter Seven: Schlusstein (Keystone) – To surpass oneself [Final Part]

Teil Ein.

*Going back some minutes*




“What does this means Quarta???!!!” Shouted Ms. Cole while noticing the warning.

[I don’t know! The security of the [Avatar] should be impeccable!] replied [Quarta].

“And what’s the analysis?” Asked Ms. Cole
[The corruption of the [Avatar] happened 4 hours ago. But due to the origin of the problem, the notification did not appeared until now.] She explained.

“So it wasn’t [Antimagic]?” Said Ms. Cole

[No. It was an intentional modification of the space around the [Avatar]. It was open for some minute but then it suddenly closed and no more problems arose. Also the body of the user is in perfect condition.] Said [Quarta]

“Really? This is problematic… And the user? Where is he?” Asked Ms. Cole.

[Inside a [Kerker].] She replied.

“I’ve got a lot of work to do, so we’ll let this go under the carpet. We can look for it later. It’s supposed to be a serious matter, but if the user is okay, we won’t press further soon.” Said the [Game Master] while going back to her work.

(Really. How troublesome. There is not supposed to be any kind of [Arcana Magic] in that world. And only few people who reach level 100 are able to obtain a [Yotse Skill]. So even in admits those skills, the [Dimensional Magic] skills relater are ultra rare… like, one in a million….. Wait a minute!!)

“Quarta!!! Who was the participant!!??” She Asked.

[The participant of the [Avatar] incident is…. Oh! That one we could not find months ago. The one who I gave a lot of experience points!] Said [Quarta].

(Damn! I’ve got a bad feeling about this…) She thought as she just went back to his work letting [Quarta] intrigued.

Teil Zwei.
“Well…” Engel just kept silent to the unexpected event.

“Is there a problem, Master?” Asked Lilya.

“Well-Ehm… No; Not at all, hehehe….” He laughed nervously.

“You, the aid there. You said you are a [Pixie], right?” Asked Yozora.

“Yes, I am indeed a [Pixie].” She replied.

“A [Pixie]? Aren’t pixies those 15 ni (cm)  with shining wings?” Asked Engel.

“What are you saying, Engel? Those kind of pixies are extinct even hundreds of years before even I was born.” Said Yozora.

“Really?” He said.

“Yes. Is as the Young Lady said. Those pixies Master has described had long since extinct. I am a [Pixie] in name. I’m a [Raubtier] sealed in this stone by the [Twelve Beastal Clans] 500 years ago. Then, people of other world came, we were freed and told to become [Spirits] instead of spending an eternity inside the [Seal Stone]. Then, they modified our bodies and souls so we would become [Pixie].” Explained Lilya.

“That… Seems unbelievable.” He said.

“But, moreover… You said “WE” and no “I”. That means others were sealed too?” Added Engel.

“Oh! I know about that! So you are one of the [Twelve Traitors] who wanted to destroy the so called tyranny of the [Twelve Beastal Clans]. I remember a girl of the [Fox Clan] coming for aid to me. I rejected her tough.” Said Yozora.

(She means Izane asked her for help? Horns… Is she…. Babel’s…)

“Young Lady, did you knew Izane Foxyn?” Asked Lilya while in her mind crosses a faint idea of who Yozora was.

“I just talked with her that time… But I bet you do not want to talk about that, right? Sorry to pry too much in that matter.” Replied Yozora

“Thanks, Young Lady.” Said Lilya

“Sorry, Lilya.” Added Engel.

“It’s okay Master.” She replied.

“So continue your story. After you got transformed, why did they re-sealed  you and made you a pixie?” Asked Yozora

“They said we were meant to serve of aid to the [Participants] of [The Tournament]. They explained who they were and all what they were involved in. Then, after giving us more training and usage of our new abilities, they re-sealed us so they could hide us in places called [Stone Lottery Stand], so the one with the same wavelength of magic aura with the box would be able to open it.” Explained Lilya.

“Oh! Now I remember! In [Crau Village] there was a stand with that name that would give you prizes in a small lottery act, and I remember that in the wall there was a red stone!” Said Engel.

“The purpose is, that the one with the same wavelength of magic aura will go to the [Stone Lottery Stand] and when he asked to participate, the [Seal Stone] in the wall would shine and give a notification to the clerk so they would pass the stone to the [Participant].” Added Lilya.

“So that was it. That’s why it opened to you…” Said Yozora.

“And what do we do now?” She asked.

“What else? Let her come with us. She can probably aid us… And about what she said, it was some sort of destiny. Sooner or later she would be my companion.” Said Engel.

“…. Destiny….” Muttered Yozora in a really low voice. So low she even doubted she said it.

“Also is not like we can let her trapped here.” He added

“I got it, I got it! She’ll come with us!” Shouted Yozora.

“Thanks Master, for accepting my presence in your [Party]. Now I’ll create the contract in which we are formally a Master and Servant.” She said as she navigated in her [Menu].

Then she sent the petition to Engel-



[Yes] – [No]

And he accepted.



(SLAVE??! WATSDIS??) He thought. He did not dared to say it out loud.

Then, a bright light surrounded them, and a then contracted and created a black choker for them both.

“With this, we are now Servant and Master.” Declared Lilya.

“Yeah… We are…” He said while thinking.

He then navigated thorough his [Menu].

“Now, Engel, let’s get the [Prime Hekatonkheires] and get out of here.” Said Yozora as she started to get out of the cave.

“Wait a minute!” He shouted.

“Is something wrong?” She asked.

“Not really. Is that I’ve got a really nice idea.” He said while using his [Menu]

“Nice idea?” She asked.

“Yes. You know, when I got inside the [Kerker] and was barely conscious, I got a notification saying that I could not challenge it because I lacked a [Party] and that I needed at least three members with me.” He said.

He had passes too much time without party activities with [Crimson Lava], so he was expelled of the party by the [Menu System].

“You lack a party, Master?” Asked Lilya.

“Yes… But not anymore.” He said as he sent something to Yozora and Lilya.

“To challenge a [Kerker] I need two members more. And now I have them.” He said.

“But I thought we were going to just escape!” Said Yozora.

“What? Ah! You do not remember well because of the drug, but a moment ago I said I was going to crush the [Kerker Leiter] of this place.” He said

“If you say so…” Muttered Yozora.

Then she and Lilya checked their what he had sent.

“Petition… to join [Black Bixbite]?”

Teil Drei




This notification was sent to [Surtr], the [Kerker Leiter] of one of the [Kerker] inside Zeus.

“Mmm?? Oh yeah. It was time that this happened. Master Loki said that this would happen soon the last time he contacted me. He said this was some kind of duty bestowed to him. Not that I understand complicated things too.” Said Surtr as he read the notice and started to move.

The [Kerker] is a dungeon with 11 levels to challenge, but it also has other places so the people with the duty to protect it can live there.

There were blacksmithing areas, scientific areas, residential area, correctional area, training areas and entertainment areas and they were underground separated from the challenge areas.

By the way, Engel was in the correctional area.

And to his party, a strange circle appeared below them and transported them to the entrance of the [Kerker].

And as all the ones designed to the floors, when they got notified, they prepared their equipment and were transported too in the lapse of fifteen minutes.

But, in those fifteen minutes, Yozora did a little favor to Engel. She used [Ethereal Stealth] and went to the blacksmithing area to recover the [Prime Hekatonkheires], the one he had taken from him. She took it and then when saw lined all the other lightswords, so when nobody noticed, she put them all in her [Item Box].

Then, when they reunited in the entrance, they advanced to inside the [Kerker].

Teil Vier.

The [Kerker] has a system where monsters are artificially created. These monsters attack the participants and they must beat them along the way to the [Boss Room]. These monsters gradually go up in level as you descent in the [Kerker].

As the time of ten minutes, the party had already covered the 80 percent of the first floor. While advancing they slew big [Cave Spiders], [Cave Ants], [Cave Worms] and [Cave Snakes]. As if nothing they pierced and slashed them.

But it was ten minutes because they were walking steady to test their abilities and create teamwork and now that they were near the boss, there were no monsters.

But the only problem was… The uncomfortable atmosphere.

“Lilya, what’s your level?” Asked Engel

“It’s 140, Master.” She replied.

“What’s your EX-Class?” He asked.

“It’s Magical, Master.” Replied Lilya.

“And your class?” He said.

“It’s Blademaster.” She answered.

“That’s strange… Does it not limit you?” Said Engel.

“Not at all, Master. As one of the traits of being a [Pixie] is that those limitations are lifted.” Replied Lilya.

Then…. The silence came again.

“Yozora… I can’t go on like this, You say something. Also her poker face is unbeatable!…” Murmured Engel to Yozora.

“Hmph! I don’t wanna.” She replied while pouting.

“Wha?!” Reacted Engel.

“She has been calling you “Master, Master” all this time and you have said nothing about it!” She reclaimed

“Ehh? It was that?…. Well, certainly she’s been saying it, but, I… Somehow like how she says it…” He said with a slight smile. His anime tendencies were a little out in the surface.

“Eh? Yozora? Why did you stAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!”

In that moment, Engel learned by the bad way to never make a girl too much jealous. He paid his insolence… With his balls.

“Master; Are you okay?” Asked Lilya while Engel was crouching in the floor.

“I-I’m Okay…I-I think…” He said in a deep voice.

“Hey you, Lilya. Can you please stop calling Engel “Master”?” Said Yozora.

“I… Can’t. It’s my duty as his maid to cal him that way…” She replied.

(Does she have a fetish or something?) Thought Yozora

“Well, at least call his name or something.” Added Yozora.

“Okay. I will comply, Ms Yozora.” Said Lilya.

“Do you need help to stand up, Master Engel?” She said to Engel while offering her hand.

“Thanks, Lilya.” He said.

(And so she stopped to call me “Young Lady” but now the way she calls Engel is more seductive!!!) Though Yozora, but she could not complain because she made it that way.

Engel recovered from the dangerous kick he received and arrived to the [Boss Room]. Then, they decided to enter.

In the relatively wide cave, it was a door carved in stone and with the number 1 on it.

They opened it and it only was a bigger version of the cave Engel was chained in.

And in the middle was a man in a full body blue armor with a big two handed sword in his back.


While the man in armor, Blau, was in the middle of his speech, Lilya had already pierced him with her saber at least five times and defeated him.


As Yozora and Engel stayed dumbfounded of what happened, Lilya said-

“Do not worry. He is not dead, and even if he were, while he keeps himself in this room in within the next five minutes, he will revive or his wounds will heal. This servant does not know how that technology works, but that’s what has been said and proven to her.”

To her explanation, they both just stayed silent and walked to the next floor.

And like this, slaying all the monsters, creating teamwork and killing the overly similar floor bosses.

About the floor bosses, after Blau, appeared Gelb, Gru, Volett, Indig, Oran, and Rett. for each floor. All them defeated by Lilya.

Then, they got almost in front of the eight floor boss.

“Engel…” Said Yozora in a slightly low voice and with reddened cheeks.

“Yes?” He said.

“I’ve noticed, but aren’t your bangs an hindrance to your vision?” She said while fidgeting.

“You noticed? Hehe… Yeah, since a while it’s being a little troubling. I don’t have anything to keep it on its place, but I don’t want to cut it either.” He said whit a wry smile.

“So… I-I was thin-thinking that… Well… Mmm… That if you could use this!” Said Yozora while stretching her hands to him. She had something in them.

(Why do always I get nervous in this situations??!!! WHYYYY!!!!!????” She shouted in her mind while shutting her eyes and with a very blushed face.

“This is…?” He saw Yozora’s hands and took what she had in them.

It was a rose piece of fabric. Not entirely a ribbon, but something similar. It seemed old and worn out by the time. And as seeing how she was acting, it looked like it belonged to her a long ago. He just half-smiled and said-

“Oh thanks! This is just what I needed! But… Unfortunately I don’t know how to put it well. I always end up losing things like this all the time…. Yozora… Can you tie my hair for me so I can’t lose it?” He said to Yozora.

Yozora reacted to the strong voice he let at the beginning, and then felt that her heart started to beat faster when he suddenly lowered the tone of his voice.

“O-Okay…” She said as she took again the little piece of fabric and Engel lowered his head. Yozora started to get overly nervous and blushed. She then started to comb Engel’s hair with her hands and then after seeing which style suited him better, she tied his hair with the piece of fabric..

“There it is…” She said really blushed.

He had all of the hair in his left side tied and some was left loose in the right side.

“Thanks, Yozora” He said with a warm half-smile.

She then, strongly nodded whit her red face and then they kept walking in silence.

After some nu, they got in front of the boss room entrance.

“??!!” Exclaimed Engel.

“What happened Engel?”

“Is something wrong, Master Engel?”

Said both Yozora and Lilya.

“Don’t you feel that?” He asked.

“What?” Said Yozora

“The Magic Aura coming from there… Is… Different. Is as if the other bosses were toys. This is definitely the pressure  of a [Boss].” He said.

“Yeah… Now that I put more attention to it, I feel the change of aura. But how did you knew so exactly?” Asked Yozora.

“As to answer that. The moment when Master Engel made the contract, he gained more sensibility towards magic aura. A normal person would feel a pressure when they meet someone of their caliber of stronger, but that is just in a certain radius of distance. Right now you and I are barely outside that range, but Master Engel can feel the aura because of that boost.” Explained Lilya.

“Oh! Now I see!” Said Yozora somewhat surprised.

“Can you know how strong he is?” Asked Yozora.

“Maybe at the level of Lilya.” He said.

“Ohh… Quite strong then,” Replied Yozora.

“What do we do now, Master?” Asked Lilya.

“The obvious. We’re going to get in!” He replied.

Then, he pushed the door to enter the boss room.

Teil Fünf.

When they got in, they saw was an enormous cave. The place looked like a coliseum. It had the spectator seats and also some kind of enormous doors. Next to the doors there were big medieval armors. They looked very alike to the first 7 bosses the fought… Well, Lilya fought.

Then, in the whole grounds, stood a woman.

She looked like 17 or 18 years old, blonde with a ponytail and blue eyes. Her expression was that of seriousness and fierce eyes. She was wearing tight pants, knee boots and a white long sleeveless blouse. Also she wore leather gloves and had a one handed sword in her back.

This time Lilya did not jumped in to attack.

“Good morning, [Challengers]. My name is Röskva Sturm and I am the [Boss] of this very 8th floor. From here I do not plan  let you pass!!”

She said in a strong voice.

And as matter of courtesy, Engel give a step forward and said-

“We are [Black Bixbite] and we challenge you to a fight!”

And with those words, the fight started.

Teil Sechs.

After those words, Engel lifted his right arm to the side and said-

“Let me fight this one alone. I want to test my ability with someone else after all.” He said with a half-smile.

Yozora looked him in the eyes and just smiled slightly and started to move backwards.

“Come here Maid.” She said as she saw the maid was not moving.

“Ms. Yozora; Are you really going to let Master Engel fight alone?” She asked.

“Yes. I am going to.” Replied Yozora.

“Are you not worried?” Asked again Lilya

“Not at all. I know better than anyone Engel’s strength. That woman over there is no opponent to him.” She said as they both moved in one jump moved to the seats area.

“Ms. Yozora. I want to ask; How high is Master Engel’s level?” Said Lilya.

“Don’t too formal now. I got a little upset before but we are companions now. You can call me Yozora. And for Engel’s level… His level is 195.”


As to answer Yozora’s words, Lilya let out a surprised voice.

And in Engel’s side…

“Thanks for not attacking while they retreated.” Said Engel in a serious tone while moving towards the boss.

“It’s just the obvious thing to do. I felt your intentions to fight alone against me and did not attacked out of courtesy.” Answered Röskva.

“But now that we are alone in the arena, I will not have mercy against you.” Added Röskva while letting out a great pressure with her words.

“That’s good for me.” Replied Engel with a broad smile as they both took stance. Engel put his hand in [Hekatonkheires] hilt and Röskva took out her sword.

While evaluating the others moves, the first to attack was Röskva.


While shouting, she leapt forward and swung her sword.

*Swoosh!* *Slash!*

But she only could cut the air.

Then, she could feel a slight pain in her back. It was broad cut. With the momentum of her sprint, she turned around and face the direction she came from.

She then leapt backwards and put her full guard against the one who cut her; Engel.

That very man was now standing in front of her and had a pale green sword in his hands. The renewed Mass Produced Demon-Dragon Slayer Sword [Hekatonkheires].

(Damn! I underestimated him! And moreover, where the hell did he got a [Hekatonkheires]? Weren’t them with Brokkr?)

She thought, but then Engel appeared in front of her and tried to cut her arm.

She then tried to move out of his way to avoid the slash.

She successfully did it and leapt backwards again.

(What’s with that monstrous speed?! I could not even feel he was coming for me. I must not let my guard down!!)

She thought.

“Woah! I thought you wouldn’t avoid that!” Said Engel in a carefree way while playing a little with his sword.

“Neither did I.” She said

And at the next moment-

Engel threw his lightsword towards Röskva. She then defended herself with her sword… But that was a mistake.

“Wha?! Heavy!!”

As she said, the sword he threw was heavy. Not the lightsword itself but the force it was thrown with, thus creating a heavy blow.

She just barely defended herself and threw the sword to her side. Then when she faced in front of her, she could not see her opponent.

As she noticed that the sword was just a diversion, she then moved her attention to the opposite side of where she threw the lightsword-

But no one was there.

And then again, another slash crossed her back.

“Argh!” She shouted as she fell to the ground and rolled.

She then slowly stood up and faced her opponent.

“What… Did you do?” She asked, even knowing the answer.

“You already know. I just used another sword to attack you.” He said while playing with his sword.

(He’s too fast and too strong. And I did not even noticed he had a second [Hekatonkheires]. If things keep like this, they will advance to the next room.  The problem is that my compatibility as a [Power] type is the worst with his, a [Tactical]… I’m afraid I’ll use that.) She thought, then she stood straight and said-

“Well done. Now that things came to this, I’ll have to use my trump card so you and you companions do not cross that door!”

While pointing her sword towards Engel, she then pointed it upwards.

“Oh great god of the lightning! Give me the protection I seek!!!

[Full Metal Armor]!!” She chanted.

Then, Engel stopped his playing as he examined what her trump car would be.

(Judging from the chant and the name… [Magnetic Element]?) Thought Engel.

Then, the armors that were next to the doors  started to tremble and then flew towards Röskva.

The armors were from different sized to all of them would cover her body. In total they were 5 armors and when its assembly ended, it looked like she just wore the biggest armor.

It was 2.5 nú in high and with a white color.

(She has too much precision in magic to be a [Power] type. Most likely this was trained thoroughly for whole days and months… Oh! That’s why her strength and speed are too lacking. The fact that she didn’t even noticed me was proof of that. I know I’m fast but not that fast…) Thought Engel while looking at the big armor.

Then, as if different to before, she then started to move faster and wielded a two meter one hand sword and a overly heavy squared shield.

“Now come, [Challenger]!!!”

She shouted with utmost confidence. She knew that no one would be able to trespass her [Full Metal Armor]. She even disguised a wooden armor in the third layer to avoid the [Lightning Element], and the other armors had high resistance to heat and cold. That meant it was not easy to beat her.

With her speed and strength augmented, she charger towards Engel.

When she moved, Engel moved too and moved to the sides so he could attack from a blind spot of the armor. But this time Röskva was barely able to react and moved to the direction he moved.

Then he-

*Cling, Clang, Clung, Clong, Clang*

With five consecutive slashes, he first hit the shield to see how sturdy it was. Then the other four were to check the denseness and strength of the armor.

He seriously tried to cut thorough them, but he was barely able to do scratches.

(Damn! As I thought! The Shield and the Outer Layer of the armor are made of White Mythril! And with that quantity, not even the upgraded [Hekatonkheires] Could do more than scratches.) Thought Engel.

[Hekatonkheires] was a demon sword made of [Black Orihalcum] and [Blue Meteorite] and like that, it could easily cut trough steel, and now upgraded [Yellow Meteorite], it should feel like a hot knife cutting butter. But even like that, it was impossible to slash trough a White Mythril heavy armor.

(It would be hard even if I imbue it… There’s no option then. I’ll have to test them here. ) He said to himself while he put [Hekatonkheires] back to its sheath.

“What, [Challenger]!? Are you already giving up now!?” Shouted Röskva.

Then, Engel let out a broad smile.

“Not at all. I’m just preparing contrameasures against your armor!” He shouted.

There was no need to say that, but he just wanted to do it. Somehow, it felt fun.

And then he-

“Activate, [Sephiroth]. Unlock Level 7 – [Eternity]”

Disappeared from Röskva’s vision.

“????!!!! ARGHH!! BLERGH!!!”

And in that instant, when she suddenly spat out blood and intense pain ran through her. She did not even noticed when 5 large spears completely made of white bright light had pierced through her legs and torso.

In that very moment she fell in her knees, and without even allowed to know what happened, she fainted and fell to the floor.

“Thanks for the fight.” Said Engel in respect for her while one of the enormous doors in the arena opened, allowing them to go to the 9th floor.

Teil Seiben.

Even if she had a poker face all the time, you could see the surprise in Lilya’s face. She did not even got the gasp of what her “Master” had just done.

In a moment she saw him being unable to scratch the boss’ heavy armor, and at the next moment he had already pierced her five times.

“How… Did that happened?” She let out unconsciously.

“Heh… I know. Surprising, right? That’s one of his greatest abilities; [Sephiroth]. He could have used anything else but I see he wanted to test how effective it was.” Replied Yozora.

“[Sephiroth]?” Asked Lilya.

“Yeah. [Sephiroth] is a magic from the [Divine Element]. It has [Ten Levels] from 10 to 1 and the one he had just used is [Eternity]. The levels accumulate in his body, so if he uses Level 7, he is using levels 10, 9 and 8 simultaneously.” Explained Yozora.

“Incredible…” Said Lilya in full surprise.

Then they went to where Engel was and they proceeded to the next floor. But there was a difference. There just was a hall and then there was the door with the 9 on it.

“No more monsters?” Said Engel to no one while advancing.

Then they reached the door and opened it.

“This time it’s my turn, Engel.” Said Yozora while going in. He just nodded at her words.

Then when they got out, what they saw was a enormous cave full of soil and grass.

Admits of all that, there was a thin man with blond hair and blue eyes. He was wearing a light armor over his clothes. He had a shortsword in his waist and a dagger in his right leg.

“Welcome [Challengers]!! My name is Thjálfi Sturm and I’m this floor boss! Very pleased to meet you all!!” He said as if mocking them.

“And when Engel was about to talk, Yozora gave an step forward and said:

“I’m very pleased to meet you too. I’m the one who will challenge you. And a matter of fact, I’m want to finish this as soon as possible.”

With coldness in her words, she looked down on the 9th floor boss.

“And me too! I want to finish this right away!” He said, and thus, the fight started.

He assumed a sprinting posture and took off with a dangerous spe-

“[Black Implosion]”

Suddenly the lower part of his body exploded out of nothing and he fell totally unconscious.


Lilya and Engel just stared in surprise at that scene, Then, the door opened.

“I really, REALLY, want to get out of here….” She said and started to walk towards the door. They just followed suit and went to the next floor.

This time the path had some stairs, but there were no more monsters, and strangely, no pressure from the boss room.

When arrived and opened the door, they saw a big cave with anything on it, as if it were the first seven floor ones, but bigger.

Then, in the middle of it, there was an enormous guy with a shining white armor and a gigantic two hand red crimson sword in his back.

“Hello, [Challengers]. Right now I’m lacking the presence of a 10th floor boss, so I’ll go directly to the point.


As he said that. Surt took out his two hand sword and stood in position, letting out a big magic pressure to his surroundings.

They knew; they instinctively knew that the one suppressing his aura and the one showing it with that intense pressure was the sword. And so-

“WE, THE [CHALLENGERS] OF THE [KERKER], ACCEPT YOU PROPOSAL!!” Shouted Engel as they three leapt back and took their stances.

Then, in that very moment, Engel made eye contact with Yozora and Lilya. He communicated with that, that the enemy in front of them was level 200.

How did he knew that?

Because of his [Demonic Eye] called [Analyze Eye]. It had several abilities stored; like a upgraded version of [Appraisal], [Clairvoyance], [Night Vision] and [Heath Vision]. It also calculated distance, volume, atmospheric pressure, accuracy, speed, force, trajectories and altitude. Also it augmented the kinetic vision of his possessor.

He started using it when the party formed the teamwork in the other floors and also made signals so they could understand themselves in these occasions.

He had already calculated all the information of Surtr, and also Yozora, so he did not needed to tell her his level. He told her with his sight that she had to stay in the rear guard. To Lilya, he also told her that she needed to have precaution because of his level.

(He is in average, dangerous… But what I  don’t like at all is that sword… made completely of [Red Meteorite], [Laevateinn]. An [Antimagic] sword.) He said to himself

As in that moment, he activated [Sephiroth] Level 7 – [Eternity] and created two light-made one hand swords. Then he sprinted with all his strength and Surtr received his blow with the red crimson sword.

Then, Engel’s swords suddenly broke in pieces after putting little resistance and then, taking the momentum, he created two shortswords and pierced his torso. Then in the blink of an eye, he was thrown away by Surtr’s punch.

While Engel was sent flying, Yozora, who could not activate [Black Implosion] because of the emanations of [Antimagic] from the sword. Those emanations prevented her of creating magic near his body.

The then used [Black Lightning Strike] from, her sword and attacked Surtr.

He defends himself from the magic with [Laevateinn]. Then without a word, Yozora casted multiple [Devil Element] magic, [Dark Cannon]. Then Surtr was made to defend himself more; and in that precise moment, Lilya came to close quarters and with her saber pierced Surtr in the very same place where Engel let the holes in his armor.

Then she activated the [Devil Element] magic [Black Edge] where she surrounded her saber with black and dangerous devil magic and the activated the [Blademaster] Skill, [Initial Pierce] where she augmented the sharpness of her saber with magic power.

Like this she took from her enemy the 15% of his HP.

Then Lilya used that moment Surtr fell the pain of her sword to retreat and not be shaken by him. Then in that, moment Engel threw from afar multiple light-made javelins.

Surtr saw them coming and like glass he broke them while defending with [Laevateinn]. While doing this he chanted-

“Oh supreme fire that rules over the elements, give me strength to domain my battle! [Hellfire Wave]!!”

And then from all around him, red bright fire ignited and as an [Area Of Effect] spell, it burst in all the directions of the cave.

“[Black Firewall]!!”


Then both Yozora and Lilya casted defensive spells to guard themselves. As for Engel, he created a big and sturdy light-made shield.

Then, admits all that fire, Surtr sprinted towards Engel to break the party’s teamwork and then crush them. Protected by his sword, he swung it horizontally and as if nothing was there, he destroyed the light-made shield with his [Laevateinn].

But Engel was not there.

He suddenly appeared above Surtr and in the that very moment that the effect of [Hellfire Wave] disappeared and he reacted, Engel out of thin air he made appear 10 [Hekatonkheires] that shone with a faint light green color and threw them with great force.

Because of the momentum, 7 pierced Surtr while the other three were repelled by the red crimson sword.

In that instant, Yozora quickly casted several [Dark Cannon] and raided the defenseless Surtr. Suddenly, just barely out of the effect of the [Dark Cannons], Engel appeared and created a light-made spear and with it, he pierced Surtr’s heart.

Teil Acht.





Even after receiving the notification that they had beaten the [Kerker Leiter], they did not let their guards down.

Then they slowly walked to the [Leiter Room] to check their reward and then get out of the [Kerker]… But just before getting there-

Engel fell to his butt.

“THAT WAS AWESOMEEEEE!!!” He shouted as he completely fell to the floor.

Yozora slightly smiled and Lilya just stared to the reaction of her Master.

Then from the shadows a voice called to them.

“Congratulations, [Challengers], and good afternoon. My name is [Loki Jotun] and I came here with attitude of peace. I do not want to have a fight with you in this very moment. You do not need to put up your guards.” Said the voice with a cold, but calm voice.

They did not knew why but they do not raised their guards. It was a stranger after all. And-

“A [Divinity]…” Spat out Yozora with a cold tone.

He had a black robe on him with light green embroideries that changed to blue, and when he heard Yozora’s words, he took it off. Then they all saw his face. He was a beautiful man with silver eyes and long, rose hair and needless to say, an annoying business smile. But surprisingly, he had a gentle aura.

“Yes. Indeed as Ms. Schatten said, I’m a [Divinity]. And now, after witnessing you battles, I have decided to call out to you, because I need you.” Said Loki

“You need us??” Asked Yozora.

“Indeed. I need you to overthrow the [Valhalla Imperial City].” He replied.

“OVERTHROW VALHALLA??!” Shouted Yozora in surprise.

“Yes. I need you to help me to overthrow the Imperial City.” He said again.

“Why would we help you to do such a thing?!” Said Yozora.

“Because it has now lost its shine and is being manipulated by [Utgarda-Loki], and with him behind the scenes even controlling [Odin] as a puppet, he plans to govern the world as he wants…. I want to overthrow the Imperial City for its own benefit.”

Said Loki as he pretended to recruit Engel and his party.

-End of [Lady Hekatonkheires Arc]-


5 thoughts on “Magical Tournament Chapter Seven: Schlusstein (Keystone) – To surpass oneself [Final Part]

  1. Anon says:

    If the boss is this strong how could other participants succeed?
    I remember the game master saying none of the participants had obtained a yotse before so that means they were all below level 100.


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