Magical Tournament Chapter Eight: Schloss (Castle) – Truth and journey

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Chapter Eight: Schloss (Castle) – Truth and journey

Teil Ein.

“Wait a minute… What you said is true? Is [Utgarda-Loki] trying to do that? Which number?” Asked Yozora.

“Yes. The 20th [Utgarda-Loki] has become greedy and wants to govern all over the world.” Said Loki.

“20th? Then… This is no laughing matter. I do not trust [Divinities], not at all. And I do not trust you either. But if what you say is true… This-seems dangerous…” Added Yozora.

“You mind explaining a little of the situation?” Asked Engel who barely understood anything.

“Oh, yeah. Sorry Engel. Is just that his presence altered me a bit.” Replied Yozora.
“To begin with, I haven’t told you about what [Divinities] are; so I’ll tell you. They’re are [Half Spirits]. Not belonging to a any race, they rule over the world and every one of them has their piece of it. There are a lot of them. They have three ways of born. To be a son of two [Divinities]; Be a son of a [Divinity] and another race, and to die and by natural laws of the world, become a [Divinity].

This guy here comes from the [Valhalla Branch], and most likely he is a son of two [Divinities].” She explained.

“Oh… Now I see.” Said Engel.

“Indeed. As Ms. Schatten said, I’m a son of two [Divinities] and the 22nd [Loki].” He added.

“By the way, you say the 22nd [Loki]. That means that’s not your real name and a bestowed title. Am I wrong?” Asked Engel.

“Is as you say, Mr. Falsch. The names [Loki] and the like are titles given by the previous rulers with those names. As any other living being, we do have a life span too. So when the time to rule of a [Divinity] ends, his [Title] is given to another befitting person.” Said Loki.

“Mmm… I see. So this [20th] Utgarda-Loki is a dangerous guy?” Said Engel.

“… Yes. He is. It’s the worst person I’ve ever met. He’s the lord of deception and trickery, and the one who told the [Olympus Branch] I planned to steal the [Skyfall].” Replied Yozora.

“But that’s not the only reason one have to be wary of him. It’s because his mastery in [Sound Element], [Lightning Element] and [Devil Element] magic.” Added Loki.

“With that magic he can control people’s minds….” Said Yozora with a painful expression… Like that, Engel decided to not to touch that part of the conversation by the moment.

“Moreover, whether all you said it’s true or not, you’re being quite honest despite being a [Loki]. The [21st] I met was quite the bastard, you know.” Said Yozora while pointing him.

“Indeed. I fully know that, but I was chosen as the [22nd] not because my ability to deceive, but to my ability to gain trust. As the previous [Loki] were named [Jokers], I’m now called an [Ace]…” Loki stopped talking for a moment-

“The [21st] said that the previous way to be a [Loki] was not the correct way to defeat [Utgarda-Loki], as both were tricksters. This was not a contest of “Fight Fire with Fire”, but “Stop Fire with Water”. He said that what the world needed now was not what he was but what I am… That’s why, now, I am asking for your help. As I am immune to his magic and I’m out his reach, I’m doing all I can to stop him. Will you help me?” He told to Engel’s party while his face changed from calmness to that of sadness and then one of full resolution.

“I see… Well, I have trust issues with [Divinities] for various reasons, so I can not give you an answer…” Said Yozora while glancing Engel.

“So it’s my choice at the end… Well. This seems to be a pretty big problem, and we still have to deal with [The Tournament], even if now we are still waiting for instructions…” Said Engel to himself…

“Still, I have not listened to the whole explanation to this. I cannot decide to help you if I do not know what’s happening, and also I-We need to know what will be of us if we accept. So go ahead and explain. If you still refuse, I’m afraid that we will have to decline.” Replied Engel.

“Indeed… Well. I’ll explain everything you want to know, but… Wouldn’t be better if we move to the [Throne Hall]? Here seems a little… Gloomy.”

Said Loki as he moved behind a throne in the cave where the only thing in it were stones and insects besides that throne.

Then, they got into a completely white room covered in pure white tiles. It was not big, nor small and had a pair of red sofá with golden frame.

There was a small table in the middle of the sofas and another tall table near them. On in there were a tea set and lots of sweets and pastry.

But what called their attention was what looked like a shelf just after the entrance, and it had over it a silver shining bracelet.

“Is this… our reward?” Asked Engel to himself.

“Yes, Master Engel. This is the reward, but it is more than the eye can see. You just have to wear it, Master.” Suddenly said Lilya

“OHGODLILYA!… You were still here… You really scared me…” Said Engel as he took the bracelet and wore it.

“Eh?!” He let out.




“Is anything wrong Master Engel?” Asked Lilya.

“No, no… Anything. I was just looking to the notice window. I think you know what I’m talking about, right?” He said.

“Yes, I know it.” Replied Lilya.

“Could you wait a minute, [Loki]?” Said Engel while navigating through his [Menu].

“Of course. Is your very right to take what is inside that [Item Box], and I’ll wait until you’ve finished your business.” Said Loki while taking a seat.

Yozora and Lilya stayed next to Engel while he then entered the new option in his [Menu], the [Item Box] section.

















PAGE 1-1




2,000 GOLDEN



10,000 GOLD

5,000 SILVER

1,000 COPPER

(Well… you could say this is befitting in a way…) Said Engel to himself while he sighed and then proceeded sit in one of the sofa.

“Would you like some tea and pastry?” Said Loki whit the intention of standing up while Yozora and Engel sat in one.

“…. Yes. I’d like to. I hope they are not poisoned tough.” He said

“I want too…” Added Yozora in a low voice.

“Then, it’s my duty to serve you.” Suddenly said Lilya as she went to the table with the tea set.

“Do not worry. You are all my guests. Even the lady maid over there. I will serve.” Said Loki as he stood up and tried to serve.

“Thank you very much about that offer, but I’m afraid that you may use some kind of drug and poison on the pastry and/or the tea. I am not trying to be disrespectful towards you, but to steady win your trust, please let me serve the three of you.” Replied Lilya to Loki’s offer.

He then nodded in understanding and sat down again.

As Lilya served the tea, they started their conversation.

Teil Zwei.

“So, what do you exactly want me to explain?” Asked Loki.

“A not too long, too short story. Tell me a resume of what happened. Since the beginning… And the current situation. Plus, I want to know what is the thing you want us to do.” Replied Engel with a totally serious expression.

“Indeed… Well; The beginning was 550 years ago with the 19th [Utgarda-Loki] giving the title to a previous [Personen] named Slain Gradd. Full of tricks and ambition; The perfect successor. Then, he just decided to do on a whim was to become the ruler of the [Divinities] and started to gather forces and strength.

But he failed. He did not knew how to do it. How to gain trust, nor how to manage human resources. He was lost…

Until, this lady here, took mayor actions.

[Demon Empress] Katastrophe Schatten. She with no mercy destroyed [Royal City Babel] from the inside. She then destroyed countless villages too…”

“But THAT’S NOT THE POINT HERE, RIGHT?” Replied Engel to Loki’s words.

Lilya had already served the tea and checked the pastry to see if anything was wrong. When she confirmed everything was alright, she then stood beside Engel.

“Indeed it’s not the point. What happened, is that when that flower of destruction bloomed, the [20th] used that opportunity to create loyal servants to him. How? would you ask…

He did it with hatred and vengeance. He then went down to [Bereich] and one by one, promised that if they were to follow him, they would taste the flavor of revenge. That he would make “justice” befall over Ms. Schatten.

Like that, those people did not only got strong, but loyal.

After 50 years, he managed to contact a guy named [The Scientist], which you already killed.

[The Scientist was well versed in [Sound Magic], [Divine Magic] and had a [Yotse Skill] named [Regeneration]. A very common skill if you tell me, but well suited to a coward like him.

Then, he started to move the gears of his complot. He went to [Rune Sky Castle] and met Ms. Schatten to offer her the [Skyfall Sea Of Tears].  Then, when he told her she could obtain it in [Olympus Heavenly City] and then, while she was there, he contacted the [Deities] of said branch and they killed her.

Like this, he had finished his part of the deal.

Now, to the satisfied servants he possessed, he asked them to enroll in the [Five Great Houses]: [Olympus Branch], [Valhalla Branch], [Celestial Branch], [Toori Branch] and [Royal Branch].

Like this, he installed artifacts he created with [The Scientist] for future use in every corner of each city.

Then, he started to research a way to reduce the resistance against his attacks from the other [Divinities].

And a year ago, he finished. He found a way, a drug, to weaken even [Odin] and then he plans to start his plan soon.” Explained Loki.

“This… This is serious. This, as Yozora said, this is no laughing matter…. But, how do you know this? If I had to bet, you only have 100 or so years being the [22nd]. Am I wrong?” Said Engel.

“Yes… Indeed… Well… I have actually 25 years with the [Title]. and all this information was recorded by the [21st]. He was murdered by [Utgarda-Loki] himself. But not before he bestowed me with the [Title] and means of escape with the information.” He added.

“Now I see….” Muttered Engel.

“And the actual situation?” He asked.

“Well; he weakened the branches with the drug he made and was provided by his loyal servants, and the heads of [Royal Branch] and [Toori Branch] fell easily. The [Celestial Branch] was too much for him to handle and not even one of them were manipulated. [Olympus Branch] was partially affected but no serious damage was dealt… But [Athena], [Apollon] and [Arthemis] were fully controlled and went to his side.

The situation in [Valhalla] is 50/50. He controlled [Odin], [Thor], [Freyja], [Ullr] and others. Fortunately, he did not controlled [Heimdall] or it would be a state of 80/20.

Other [Divinities] like [Ale] and [Forseti] were not in the incident, but with knowledge of the events, have decided to aid me. And to stop any more tries of brain-washing, I abducted [The Scientist] and promised I would let him do anything he desired as long as he helped to undo the brainwashing. But he could do nothing. He only had part of the knowledge of how [Utgarda-Loki] had controlled the [Divinities].

Of course, he was not loyal to [Utgarda-Loki] who only promised him money, so he happily came to me. Well, at the end he died…” Said Loki while sighing.

“Woah… Well… The situation looks messed up.” Engel then took a sip of the served tea. Strangely, while the conversation was held, all the pastry had disappeared.

“So, at the end, how do you plan to overthrow [Valhalla]? Or most likely… How do you plan to reverse this situation?” He asked.

“Two branched are already under the control of [Utgarda-Loki] and he has enough manpower to keep going with his “World Domination”. Also, I bet he had spare plans in case he failed in controlling the [Divinities], right?” Said Engel.

“*Sigh*…. You’re right. He has spare plans, and that’s where you get in.” Replied Loki while sipping his tea.

Teil Drei.

[Röskva’s POV]

(What is this… What is this feeling?

The feeling of defeat? No way… I’m too excited for that…

But I did not win either… So… why?

It’s true… I know out there are people more powerful than me… Also Master Thor and Master Loki are more powerful than me… They have already beaten the pulp out of me…

But I don’t know why… When I lost to him, it feels like this…)

While thinking that, I slowly tried to stand up from the floor. Oh stupid me! I’m still wearing the armor…

I used my magic and opened the armors, then saved them in my [Item Box]. I should ask Brokkr later if he can fix them. I bet he’ll get mad.

Anyways… The most important thing right now is this feeling dwelling in me!

His posture, his ability, his coolness, his aura, his strength, his speed, his magic, his skills… his COOLNESS!!!

Every time I remember that fight…. The fight with that guy my heart races as if it were to explode!!!

Why? Why? Why?

I’ve never felt this in my life…

Just trying to remember…

His pure white hair and his shining eyes… Oh I just can’t stop thinking about him!

Wait a minute…. I don’t know his name!!

I never asked his name! I only know the name of his party is [Black Bixbite] but nothing else!!

I want to see him… I want to know his name… I want to see him so badly! Gut why am I only thinking about him!!!??

(I have to see him! Maybe If I run, I can see his fight against either older brother or Mr. Surtr!)

As soon as I recovered a little stamina, I ran with all my strength towards the other room… But there, I only found my brother lying in the floor with his lower half naked….

“Ohh… Abuse me more… miss damon….”

(What… happened here??) I thought and then walked again.

He started to say strange things but I just ignored him.

“He may be fighting with Mr. Surtr!” I said as arrived to the next door… But again, there was the peacefully dreaming Mr. Surtr.

“Eh? Mr. Surtr was defeated? How? I surely thought that my brother would not be match for them… But to even beat such a experimented warrior as Mr. Surtr?……………………………………………

MORE AND MORE I WANT TO MEET HIM!!!” I shouted, then I realized what I had just done glad that nobody saw me, I coughed and left walking to the next place.

“Maybe he’s still in the next room… I hope.” I said.

“I want to fight him again and feel this excitement once more” I thought while I felt a strange excitement in my skin and a broad smile crossed my face.

[End of Röskva’s POV]

Teil Vier.

“So… You… Want us to do that?” Asked Engel after listening what Loki wanted them to do.

“I knew it… I KNEW IT! We can definitely NOT TRUST a [Divinity]!! This guy is SIMPLY CRAZY!! I stayed silent to let the conversation go on… But what you ask is just madness!! Are you really serious?!!” Shouted Yozora while suddenly standing up.

“Besides I really do not believe what you’ve told us. And if I were to believe it, I would never, listen, NEVER, do what you asked!… Just, consider you little war over if what you said is true. [Utgarda-Loki] already won!” She exclaimed.

“Is it really that bad?” Said Engel while looking at her.

“If is it bad? Who do you think killed the most powerful beings, the [Yotse] centuries ago? They were! So if you were to do what he wants, consider yourself dead even with the [Avatar]! That’s how bad is it!” Shouted Yozora again.

“I… I absolutely do not want to lose you. I want you to live and then go back to your peaceful world!” Added Yozora, and then sat again.

“That’s why I asked. And that’s why we now know what is coming….” He said to Yozora.

“Well… What’s your answer, Mr. Falsch?” Said Loki.

“OBVIOUSLY NO!” -Was going to exclaim Yozora, but Engel stopped her.

“My answer? Well, I know it’s impolite to answer a question with another question, but… Do you think I am suited to do it?” He asked.

“Indeed I do believe you are the perfect person to do this. You are the only one.” He said.

“Your strength, your will, your personality and even the room to improvement you have are what I seek. You are the only one I can count for this, Mr. Engel Falsch.” Added Loki without a trace of doubt.

“Heh… You know it, right, That I had consumed a piece of [Skyfall].” Replied Engel.

“What?” Said Yozora.

“Yes. I knew it too when I saw him. He has ingested not one, but two pieces of [Skyfall Tear].” Declared Engel.

“As I suspected you too noticed it. Indeed, I have consumed two of the only 7 pieces left of the [Skyfall Sea Of Tears]. Some time ago I asked [Heimdall] to confirm whether the wholesome of [Skyfall] had been destroyed by [Zeus’ Lightning], because I had my doubts about it. And he found 7 pieces floating between [Olympus Heavenly City] and [Bereich], but then he noticed that they were going to fall to [Bereich] soon, so just before they fell, I went to collect them, but I was only able to get two. I suppose one of those fallen pieces was in your possession.” Said Loki.

“This motherf…” Murmured Yozora.

“Yeah, it was… And also, it seems that’s the barely necessary to defeat [Utgarda-Loki], right?” Added Engel.

“Indeed…” Murmured Loki.

Then, Engle stopped to think for some seconds and then-

“I’ll do it. I’ll do what you ask.” Replied Engel.

“Wha…… WHAT?!” Exclaimed Yozora.

“Forgive my rudeness, Master Engel, but are you really sure you want to do it? I do support Yozora’s opinion.” Said politely Lilya.

“Yes, I’ll do it. And of course I will not work under you. I will act as I please, but even so I’ll do what is needed and what you need me to do when it’s the time to.” He said.

“Heh… A man without worries nor restrains… Interesting.” Replied Loki.

“Why Engel? Why?!” Asked Yozora desperately.

“Why? Even if you ask… Because it seems fun! That’s why.” Answered Engel.

Yozora just stood there in blank for a moment, and then laughed for a moment.

“Hahahahaha Ahahahaha… *Sigh*…. I… Am an Idiot…” She said to herself.

Lilya did not laughed, but also stood in silence, surprised with Engel’s answer.

“I thought I knew you, but even so you are still you even after all this time.” Said Yozora, and then-

“Alright. I will not stop you, nor to contradict you. This is what you wished and I will follow you in this path. But remember, if you were to fail, despair or to be in the verge of death, I will be the one to absolutely bring you back to this realm.” Declared Yozora putting her small and soft hand in her plentiful chest, with a warm light in her eyes and a beautiful smile.

“Decided then; We, [Black Bixbite], and I, Engel Falsch, will comply your petition.”

“Thank you very much, Ms. Schatten, Mr. Engel, and Ms. Maid.”

As this was said, their conversation concluded.

Teil Fünf.

It was the afternoon, and just some hours prior to the sunset, Engel, Yozora and Lilya were departing, They were at the entrance of the [Kerker] they had just conquered.

“Suddenly, everything went crazy, right?” Said Engel to create conversation.

“It was crazy since the beginning if you ask me…” Replied Yozora.

“But still, I do think Master Engel is awesome to accept such petition.” Added Lilya.

And as they were walking-

“Heeey! Waiit!” They could hear a deep voice behind them.

“??… Isn’t that, [Surtr Muspell]?” Said Yozora

“Greetings again, [Black Bixbite].” Said Surtr.

“Good afternoon. Do you need something?” Asked Engel while looking up.

“Yes, I need something… And I do not.” He answered.

“???” Expressed Engel.

“Well… Master Loki talked with me moments ago and told me to convey you something. He told me that if you were to go in such a journey, he’d give you something useful.” Explained Surtr as he extended his hand and showed Engel what he had in them

“Rubber bands… A pair of bracelets and hairpins?” Said Engel.

“They are not common accessories. They are [Ultimate Artifacts]. As the classification goes from [High], [Rare], [Legend] and [Unique], this goes over them. Except the rubber bands, they’re just [Legend] level.” Explained Surtr.

“Wha-?!! Are you serious?” Exclaimed Yozora, because Engel was completely silent because he could not entirely gasp the importance of what was just handed. Lilya just stared dumbfounded.

“Yes; They are the [Heavenly Fighting Dragon Bracelets] and the [Heavenly Holy Dragon Hairpin]. He said there are more of the [Heavenly Dragon Series] in equipment and as soon he has them, he’ll send them to you. Also the rubbers are named [Loki’s Mask] and it can hide your appearance with one pre-settled for at least five days each.” Added Surtr.

(Where and how the hell did that [Divinity] got his hands in this??! I spent all my life in the search of powerful artifacts and the highest I could got my hands in, besides [Skyfall] was the [Unique] – [Night God’s Claws]!!…) Thought Yozora while shouting in envy inside her mind.

“Oh! I almost forgot!… Röskva! Come here!” Shouted Surtr while calling someone else.

Then, from the depths of the entrance, a beautiful blonde, blue-eyed girl came out.

“Well, Master Loki said that she would be useful and to take her in your journey.” Said the two nú guy.

“Really? Is not that we needed soon another person in our party, but certainly this is convenient…. Nice to meet you, Röskva. I’m sure I did not mentioned my name during the battle. I’m Engel, Engel Falsch. It will be a pleasure to work with you from now on.” Replied Engel whit a amicable half-smile.

“Ta-Take care of me well…” Said Röskva, bashfully.

(Isn’t… She different from before??…) Thought the just recovered Engel. And then-

(??!) He opened in surprise his eyes and just kept silence.

He was being groped…. His ass was being groped.

He then looked to his right, to see Yozora with a fearful smile, groping his butt as if to mark territory.

“Nice to meet you formally, Röskva. I’m Yozora Sakurai.” Said Yozora keeping the fearful smile and extending her hand for a handshake.

“Ni-Nice to meet you, Yozora.” Then Röskva shook hands with Yozora. Then she was approached to her ear and then-

“If you try to make a move on him… I’ll kill you…” Yozora muttered with the fearful smiling face as she felt really uncomfortable and smiled wryly.

Yozora then let go of Engel’s butt.

“Also, Master Loki told me to take off this.” Said Surtr as he put his fingers in Röskva’s ponytail and then snapped it.

Then, Röskva started to glow faintly.

“Eh? What happened?” Asked Engel. Then he noticed something.

Röskva’s eyes were purple now, and also two extraordinary things appeared out of nothing.

There was a shining white halo and a pair white wings behind her.

“…. [Arche]?” Were the only words Engel could say due to his dumbfondness.


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