Magical Tournament Special Transmission: Character Index [Dos]

Aleksander here!!!

As I said yesterday, Today I’m postinn the Charac Index.

Enjoy It!!

Special Transmission: Character Index [Dos]

Character Index [Dos]:

Important Notice:
Also, I know I said that Yozora was not the Main Heroine, but after a certain, long, pitiful, crazy and hot blooded discussion with a friend of mine, it has been concluded that Yozora IS the Main Heroine. Any other girl tih relevance in the series is a Side Heroine.

Thanks for your understanding.

(This time, only main characters, and certain side characters will have a Status Window with them)

(People with Status Window in the previous [Uno] are not assured to have one , here in [Dos])

Main Charachters:

Engel Falsch: (16 years old, Male): Brunnhildr’s little brother. Used to be weak due to influence of his sister. After being abducted by [Loki Faction] and being experimented with, by [The Scientist], he ingested [Skyfall Tear] and got over his past and chains that binded his power. Currently in [Nanatsu Island].

Status Window
Name: Engel Falsch Alignment: Black Bixbite
Level: 199/200 EX-Class: Tactical/Magical
Race: Personen Gender: Male
Balance Breaker – Master of Hekathonkeires – Possesor of the Dragon – The One Who Make Girls Fall Hard – Plot Chaser
Health: 200,700/200,700
Mana: 199,390/199,390
Attack: 8,980 Agility: 9, 550
Intelligence: 70 Defense: 7,000
Hit Probability: 900 Luck: 5
Class: Assasin/Martial Artist Sub-Class: Phalanx/Caster/Prayer
Elemental Affinity

Yozora Sakurai (719 years old, Female): Engel’s companion, teacher and self proclaimed wife (In her mind). Fell for Engel when she was saver by him while the events of the [Holy Eraser] ritual. And then she helped Engel escape from his imprisionment by [The Scientist]. She teached him martial arts while trapped in the [Dimensional Mind Space] when he consumed the [Skyfall Tear]. Together with Engel in [Nanatsu Island].

Status Window
Name: Yozora Sakurai Alignment: Black Bixbite
Level: 190/200 EX-Class: Magical
Race: Dämon Gender: Female
Black Night Sky – Black Cold Flame – Self-Proclaiming Wife – Perfect Wife –
Health: 199,000/199,000
Mana: 199,999/199,999
Attack: 15,900 Agility: 15,300
Intelligence: 60 Defense: 12,300
Hit Probability: 11,100 Luck: 8
Class: Magician Sub-Class: Prayer/Wizard
Elemental Affinity

Brunnhildd Falsch (17 years old, Female): Engel’s older sister. Overprotective and halted Engel’s growth. Intuitive genius type. Gets separated and overly depresses when Engel gets abducted by [Holy Eraser]. Now in the second part, she’s headed to [Muttsu Island]

Status Window
Name: Brunnhildr Flasch Alignment: Crimson Lava
Level: 90/200 EX-Class: Magical/Power
Race: Personen Gender: Female
Lava Lady – Overprotective Sister – Depressed Sister
Health: 3,220/3,220
Mana: 2,990/2,990
Attack: 1,980 Agility: 900
Intelligence: 50 Defense: 1,100
Hit Probability: 600 Luck: 6
Class: Knight/Magician Sub-Class: Phalanx/Caster
Elemental Affinity

Lene Nachahmung (16 years old, Female): Is one of the five ingestors of [Skyfall Tear]. Was asked by [Loki] to help in the [Civil War]. Right now, struck in [Hades] with her party.

Status Window
Name: Lene Nachahmung Alignment: Icy Lake
Level: 190/200 EX-Class: Magical/Power
Race: Personen Gender: Female
Balance Breaker – Silent Claw – Possesor of the Phoenix – Continental Beauty – Food Dumbass – The Girl Barely in the Plot Side
Health: 100,920/100,920
Mana: 99,999/99,999
Attack: 8,080 Agility: 9,080
Intelligence: 80 Defense: 7,900
Hit Probability: 880 Luck: 7
Class: Magician/Assasin Sub-Class: Caster/Wizard/Prayer
Elemental Affinity

Krestin Spiegel (16 years old, Female): Her past in [The Tournament] is mostly unknown. She joined the [Olympus Knights] and during that period she consumed the [Skyfall Tear]. Acquitanced with Izaak, she erroneously visited the dormant [Heavenly Twilight Dragon] in the utmost part of [Olympus Heaveny City]. Now helps [Loki’s Faction] on the [Civil War].

Status Window
Name: Krestin Spiegel Alignment: Golden Forest
Level: 199/200 EX-Class: Power/Tactical
Race: Personen Gender: Female
Balance Breaker – Lancemaster – Olympus Maiden – The One Who Posseses The Divine Intervention – Plot Master – The One Who Was in The Flat Side
Health: 199,000/199,900
Mana: 199,999/199,999
Attack: 9,999 Agility: 8,400
Intelligence: 70 Defense: 9,999
Hit Probability: 800 Luck: 5
Class: Knight/Blademaster Sub-Class: Samurai/Phalanx/Prayer
Elemental Affinity

Izaak Ausgewogen (16 years, Male): Other ingestor of [Skyfall Tear]. Once withnessed the power of a Heavenly Dragon. Acquitanced with Krestin and both living in the [Olympus Heavenly City].

Status Window
Name: Izaak Ausgewogen Alignment: Steel Fist
Level: 190/200 EX-Class: Power/Magical
Race: Personen Gender: Male
Balance Breaker – Brawl Smasher – The One Who Posessed The Divine Intervention – Justice Idiot – The Guy Who Fears Reptiles
Health: 112,00/112,100
Mana: 89,310/89,310
Attack: 9,900 Agility: 7,600
Intelligence: 50 Defense: 9,900
Hit Probability: 800 Luck: 7
Class: Knight/Magician Sub-Class: Blacksmith/Caster/Prayer
Elemental Affinity

Isold Ähnlich (16 years old, Female): Presumably the first ingestor of [Skyfall Tear]. Not really smart but very powerful. She’s part of the previously mentioned only-girl party.

Status Window
Name: Isold Ähnlich Alignment: Mountain Destroyer
Level: 190/200 EX-Class: Power/Magical
Race: Personen Gender: Female
Balance Breaker – The One Who Posseses The Aesir Blessing – Full Metal Fist – Power Idiot – Hardhead Idiot Level Over 9000
Health: 100,090/100,090
Mana: 91,910/91,910
Attack: 9,999 Agility: 5,000
Intelligence: 50 Defense: 9,999
Hit Probability: 500 Luck: 9
Class: Knight/Martial Artist Sub-Class: Phalanx/Lancer/Rougue Artist
Elemental Affinity

Lilya Lykanis (420 years old, Female): A former [Raubtier], was involved in a Coup D’Éat several years ago. After being sealed and freed by the organizers of [The Tournament], ahs accepted the conditions of being sealed again so she’d be freed again by a person chosen by the sealing stone.

Status Window
Name: Lilya Lykanis Alignment: Black Bixbite
Level: 150/200 EX-Class: Magical
Race: Pixie Gender: Female
Obsidian Pixie – Engel’s Slave – The Last Schwarzenwolfën – Expresionless Maid – Rebel Raubtier
Health: 58,550/58,550
Mana: 55,000/55,000
Attack: 5,000 Agility: 4,000
Intelligence: 60 Defense: 5,000
Hit Probability: 900 Luck: 5
Class: Knight/Blademaster Sub-Class: Phalanx/Prayer
Elemental Affinity

Loki Jotun (125 years old, Male): Leader of the [Loki Faction] in the [Civil War] Against [Utgarda-Loki]. He discovered that there were only seven pieces remaining of the [Skyfall Sea Of Tears]. He only was able to ingest two of them. He wished for the peace of all the [Divinities] and bring bcck the shine to [Valhalla Imperial City].

Status Window
Name: Dimitri Kraulmoff Alignment: Valhalla Imperial City
Level: 300/250 EX-Class: Magical/Power/Tactical
Race: Divinity Gender: Male
Balance Breaker x 2 – Loki Jotun – Overpowered Divinity – Master of Trickstery – The 22nd – The One Who is Most Dense Than a Cliché Protagoinst
Health: 999,900/999,900
Mana: 950,999/950,999
Attack: 99,999 Agility: 99,900
Intelligence: 80 Defense: 99,000
Hit Probability: 10,000 Luck: 7
Class: Knight/Magician/Blademaster Sub-Class: Samurai/Caster/Prayer/Wizard
Elemental Affinity

Side Characters:

Haven Davis: A former member of [Holy Eraser] and the one who helped Engel and the other prisioners to escape. After Engel’s second abduction by [Loki Faction], she took the mission to take back all the prisioners to their homes. She reunited with Engel in [Nanatsu Island].

Status Window
Name: Elizabetha Haven Aufgehenstainen Von Davidennsforthkratter Alignment: Black Bixbite
Level: 100/200 EX-Class: Power
Race: Personen Gender: Female
The Forgived -Follower of Rightfulness – Acceptable Cooker – Maiden in Tsundere Love
Health: 5,730/5,730
Mana: 3,300/3,300
Attack: 4,000 Agility: 3.000
Intelligence: 40 Defense: 4,300
Hit Probability: 2,100 Luck: 3
Class: Knight Sub-Class: Phalanx/Rouge Artist
Elemental Affinity

Cale Dafe (15 years old, Female): One of the prisioners with Engel inside [Rune Sky Castle]. She’s now accompanying Haven and she has just reunited with Engel.

Status Window
Name: Cale Dafe Alignment: Black Bixbite
Level: 10/200 EX-Class: Tactical
Race: Raubtier Gender: Female
Tracker – Former Kuudere
Health: 130/130
Mana: 100/100
Attack: 75 Agility: 150
Intelligence: 40 Defense: 100
Hit Probability: 50 Luck: 4
Class: Sub-Class: -/-
Elemental Affinity

Alize Krystalmoff (17 years old, Female): Mostly known as [Röskva Sturm], she was a servant of the [Divinity Thor] before he was brainwashed, the [21st]. She joined Engel and his party due to petition of her to the [Divinity Loki]. She was disguised as a [Personen] due to personal motives, but her real race is [Arche].

Status Window
Name: Alize Krystalmoff Alignment: Black Bixbite
Level: 143/200 EX-Class: Power
Race: Arche Gender: Female
Röskva Sturm – Impenetrabe Armor – Armored Girl of Dandere Love
Health: 55,300/55,300
Mana: 60,300/60,300
Attack: 7,000 Agility: 5,000
Intelligence: 50 Defense: 7,900
Hit Probability: 500 Luck: 7
Class: Knight Sub-Class: Phalanx/Prayer
Elemental Affinity

Maxwell Stand (26 years old, Male): Known as [Surtr Muspell], is one of the [22nd Loki] and fights alongside him in the [Civil War] agianst [Utgarda-Loki]. He’s the wielder of the [Antimagic Sword Laevateinn].

Icy Lake: Lene’s Party. Conformed by Sarah Linna, Corbin Olivier, Abraham Kalfas, Jessica Shirley, and Elena Cuéllar.

Crimson Lava: Brunnhildr’s Party. It’s members are Eita Ryuugamine, Sandra Émuete, Alan Strike, Maria Cole-Rightroad, Daniel Kyle and Karen Leonas.

Elven Sword: The party made of Mr and Ms Elain. In it is included Lyad Copp, Jess and Kess Elain.

Beth and Seth Lyze: From the dog-eared tribe. They are being taken home by Elven Sword.

Brita Hest: A hobbit involved in the [Holy Eraser] ritual. Currently going back to hometown with Elven Sword.

Mountain Destroyer: Isold’s Party. It’s members are unknown. It’s only known that they are a only-girl party and Isold’s childhood friends.

Steel Fist: Izaak’s Party. Members are unknown.

Golden Forest: Krestin’s Party. There are no known members.

Patricia Strike: Alan Strike’s older sister. Has no appereances yet.

Alexandra Cole (17 and unlimited months years old, Female): [Game Master] of [The Tournament]. Long time ago was known as the nemesis of the [Demon Empress], The [Asteroid Magician] and the once wielder of [Zeus’s Lightning].

[Quarta]: Artificial Intelligence monitoring [The Tournament].


Slain Gradd: Also knonw as the 20th [Utgarda-Loki]. Has brainwashed almost all of the [Divinities] branches and plans to rule the whole world.

[The Scientist]: With an unknown name, he was the one to experiment with Engel until Yozora mercilessly killed him. He was in the [Utgarda-Loki Faction] but was abducted and hired by the [Loki Faction]; even so he was killed. It’s suposed he had lived hundreds of years.



5 thoughts on “Magical Tournament Special Transmission: Character Index [Dos]

  1. kmx72 says:

    Lol , and yay okay Yozora main, then one question if Yozora who turned to MH then who did you intend at first to turn to MH? Since now Loki (Jotun) is the strongest and Yozora second, but even though some of his stats lose to another’s ones he is still op right , an XD with the title Plot Chaser, and now we have tsundere, dandere, yandere (which is the main heroine) , a kuudere slave and more, wow what a variety! 😂 And Engel is the one who can use the most type of magic, One question all Balance Breaker guys who have Skyfall Tears, have the Arcana element , except Loki, which gives them a special power, also which is stronger the Arcana element or the Divinity element? Then the Sephiroth of Engel is made of Arcana or Divinity? And is the Arcana ability for every Balance Breaker different? Also to clear ideas the Sephiroth of Engel is a light (don’t know) which takes any form that he imagines? Then is Engel going to have something like limiter which he can release like his Sephiroth?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha… Well, To begin with, I intended to make a girl named [Blair Alkaline], from the new party, to be the Main, but things got too long, and also this friend of mine discussed it with me. I don’t remember saying it or something, but an overly OP MC is too boring. But even so I like OP MC. That’s why I made other OP charac. Also [Loki] took two [Skyfall]. That made him even more op.

      And to make it balanced, I made so [Loki] did not obtain a [Arcana] magic, and the others did. And [Arcana] is more powerful.

      [Sephiroth] Is from [Divine Element], but when he trained it with Yozora, it was incomplete. It got completed with Yozora’s gift, the [Angelic Eye]; With it, he can create any kind of weapon based on light. And yes, every Arcana is diferent for every participant.

      Actually [Sephiroth] is a Magic Skill that needs to be activated so it does not need a limiter.

      It goes from 10 to 1. The 10 is a boost in divine magic, the 9 is a bost in his body with divine magic. The 8 is a way to infuse the divine magic in his weapons. It was until that level he could do it because he lacked the angelic eye. When he got it, he then advanced to level 7, create weapons of pure light, which is what he showed against Röskva and Surtr. For the level 6 an others you have to wait for the exrterminium of dragons to know about it 😉

      Also, magic in that world is limitless, but also depends of your natural talent.

      Let’s say, a water element user can create a flood, rain, storms and the like. There’s no limit.

      And let’s say this guy also has affinity with the wind element. He then, voila! creates Ice. But it depends of the person. Two people with the same two affinities may differ.

      One of them can take to the utmost the water and the wind for separate, but the other then melds both and then takes the ice to the top.

      That’s what happens with Engel. [Sephiroth] right now is a unique magic skill.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Anon says:

    There is nothing wrong with an OP mc. Just throw at him some problems that power alone can’t solve for example make the discrimination between some races disappear, re-educate a rotten soon-to-be ruler, resolve the misunderstanding of a new dangerous existence (himself), etc.


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