Magical Tournament Chapter Nine: Fussabdruck (Footsteps) – What destiniy awaits [First Half]

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Chapter Nine: Fussabdruck (Footsteps) – What destiniy awaits [First Half]

Teil Ein.

After their reunion, Haven, Cale and Engel plus company had a long time to chat about what happened to both sides. Haven paid the tea she had on the [Café] and then they went to the inn where she and Cale were hosting. It was as well a place managed by Mr. Elain’s sister. She was the family Jess and Kess were supposed to be heading to.

The Inn’s name was [Seventh Art Inn]. It was a fairly big place.

Engel and his party registered in the inn too. They chose the adjacent rooms. Haven was in the 303, so the 302 and 304 were booked by them.

Unusually, the one in the reception was Mr. Elain’s sister. She was presented to Engel by Haven. Her name is Leslie Elain. She looked like Jess and Kess, but with some years more and with a mature aura around her. She had half triangle glasses, green eyes and a really long hair. Also she was slim, and if one were to look for similarities, you could say her figure was that look alike of Haven’s.

Then, after that, they went to Haven’s room. And there they talked about what they passed through.

After 3 or so hours, both ended talking. Who began was Haven, and then was Engel who told his story. So, at the end, the room turned into a gloomy atmosphere.

“Okay! Well, I’ll be leaving for a while. I need to look for party members after all. Also it’s already dark outside so be careful if you go for a night stroll.”

Said Engel as he stood up from one of the two beds that were inside the room and left.

He knew that the one with most presence in that gloominess was him, so he left. With him out the mood would at least lessen a little.

“He left… huh…” Said Yozora, understanding his intention. She wanted to go with him, but in that moment she could not. She was the only one tying the two groups in the room, now that Engel was out.

“Tell me, Haven, what are you going to do?” She asked.

“What I’m going to do? I… I still don’t know, I have Cale with me and also I may be chased by [Holy Eraser]. I really do not know what awaits me.” Replied Haven.

“Well… If it’s like that, why don’t you join out party?” Said Yozora nonchantaly

“”What?!”” Let out Cale and Haven.

“Wha-!? Yozora?! Are you sure about that?” Asked Lilya. She knew that was too much of a whim to do it like that.

“It’s okay. And also I think is what Engel would want.”  Added Yozora.

“*Sigh* You cannot just do these things right away. For the moment, we will wait for Master Engel to come back.” Said Lilya.

“Well, if with that are you satisfied… But it’s better to have them than not. Right, Alize?” Said Yozora inviting Alize, known as [Röskva] to the conversation.

“Mmm… I think it is unnecessary to Engel, but as to, in the part where he’d welcome them, it’s okay.” She said.

“As always you’re so neutral.” Added Yozora.

“Even so, Yozora and Alize too. We have not heard of Ms. Haven and Ms. Cale opinion yet.” Said Lilya.

Then, the two who had stayed silent, raised their voices.

“Well… I- do not mind joining…”

“….. No problem….”

Said both.

“We-Well… If it’s like that, the one who has the last word is Master Engel.” Said Lily while giving up.

“It’s decided then! Welcome to the party you two! The formalities will be when Engel come back!” Shouts Yozora in high spirits.

Teil Zwei.

“Are you leaving, Mr. Engel?” Said Leslie Elain as she saw Engel going out of the in. She was not in the reception, but was coming from the street with some paper bags.”

“Eh? Yeah. I just wanted to take stroll for a while.” He said while scratching his head a little.

“Well then, be careful Mr. Engel. When it turns dark, it’s a little dangerous. It was not like that before, but these days a lot of ruffians have come from Zeus and Ares.” Said Leslie while fixing her glasses.

“Really? I’ll be careful then. Oh! Are those crafting tools?” He asked as he barely noticed what was in Leslie’s bag.

“Eh? Oh yes, they are. I may not look like it, but I’m a high level alchemist! I used to go in adventures with my foolish little brother and her wife, my best friend, when we still were young!” She said rising her voice a little and puffing out her chest.

“Really? That’s nice. So why are you not adventuring now? Maybe it’s because family?” He said.

“EHHehehhheehhehe…. Idon’thaveahusbandnorchildrenidon’thaveahusbandnorchildrenIamoldI ‘mgoingtodaiealoneafterallI’mold I’moldI’muglyIdon’thaveahubaaaaaaaaand……” She cried an incomprehensible mantra.

“Wha-?! Ms. Leslie! Are you okay?!!” Said In surprise Engel while holding her shoulders.

“Ehh? Ah! Oh… Sorry! I’m so sorry you had to see me like that!” She replied

“No… I’m the one who has to apologize. I’m the one who touched such delicate topic for you after all…” He said.

“Don’t worry. I’m the one at fault, to be acting like that at my age. Even if I am not attractive and don’t have any love experience; to fret over it like this… That’s why I don’t have a husband…” She muttered while looking downside.

“What are you saying Leslie? I don’t get why are you saying those things. You are really pretty after all!” Said Engel.

“Eh?!” She let out.

“You are really beautiful and honestly, honestly, I think these islanders are blind to not to make a line to date such a beautiful lady like you. Young, intelligent and pretty!” He said.

(I’m trying to cheer her up, but I hope I haven’t overdone it after all…) He thought.

He had already pretty much fucked it up, but that does not matter now.

“You… You think I’m pretty?!” She said in surprise.

“Of course! If I were from this world, I had already proposed and marry you, Leslie.” He added.

“You…..Marry… ME?! Eh?! Ehehe…Eehehehe…” She then put one of her hands in her cheek while smiling a little strange.

“Eh? Leslie?” Said Engel to bring her back to the ground.

“Ehehe… Oh! Ah! I’m sorry Engel; I think I drifted for a while. Sorry…” She said.

“It’s okay. I just hope you have cheered up. Anyways, I’ll be leaving for a while. See you later!” He said as he started to walk away.

“By-e…..” She then while a little over the sky, saw him departing.

But in that very precise moment, all what he had said started to turn weird engines in her head.

“He… He said it….. He… He said IT…” Was all she said while smirking mischievously.

Engel, had already fucked it up beyond limits.

Minutes later, while walking near the commercial part of the island, he started to meditate what he had done.

“Did I overdo it? I feel like it, but I just used some words from an anime, that…… SHIT WHAT I’VE DONE!!??!!”

He said as he fell on his knees in the middle of the sidewalk.

“Why didn’t I read the context? THE CONTEXT? Crap! I was thinking what to do when I returned to the room later, that I did not noticed the whole context in the conversation I had with Leslie!!…Those words were from a romcom anime! Shit… I just hope Leslie do not misunderstand things…. But somehow I can see it coming… That kind of flag!!………Well, it’s not like it hurts that a beautiful elf girl gets to like you. I can just talk about it later.”

He then just brushed away his worries and decided to stand up and resume his stroll.

Don’t misunderstand him, he was pretty unpopular back in his school. He dealing with it like that comes from it.

(…But…. She said she was an adventurer… With her best friends… Now that I think about it, how is Alke doing? I haven’t seen her since 6 or so years ago… Also I and Sis’ left so unexpectedly… I wonder how Valeriya is doing…)

Then, while he was thinking about his long left friend and his step sister, he passed next to a very dark alley…


“Hey! What’s with you!?” Exclaimed a guy’s voice.

“Eh? Oh, sorry for bumping into you. I did not notice you.” Said Engel

The one who he bumped into was a tall guy with long black hair for a guy; he had deep blue eyes and had a handsome face. But had traces of what you’d call a rebel kid. Also you could find traces of Asian race in his face. Probably a half.

“Eh? Oh, if you apologize then there’s no problem… Wait; haven’t I seen you before?” Said the tall guy.

“Well, I don’t kno….. Aren’t you Akio? Akio Aoi?” Asked Engel out of nowhere.

“Eh?! How do you know my name?” And as the guy, Akio, said that-

“AAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! HEEEEELLPPPP!!!!!” Shouted someone from the dark alley.

“??! A woman?!” Shouted Akio.

“A girl….” Muttered Engel.

It was a young girl that was being attacked by some ruffians. The voices of the ruffians could not be listened neither their faces could be seen. Only their shadows.

They were 3 and the girl was just putting a little fight.

And then out of nowhere Akio rushed to the alley to stop the ruffians-

Is what was supposed to happen, but then Engel pulled him from his shirt’s neck while he tried to rush.


Akio let out a strange sound out of his mouth.


“What do you think are doing?!” He shouted to Engel while brushing off his Engel’s hand.

“Ignore it. Let’s go.” He said nonchantaly, with a sudden serious aura and expression he had not a while ago.

“What?! Are you saying we should let her be raped or something?!! Are you saying is not our business?!” Shouted Akio.

“Yeah. Let’s ignore them. Why don’t w-” And just as Engel was talking, he was brushed off again by Akio.

“Shut up. If you want then go away now. I will deal with this myself.” He said as he rushed the alley.

“Well, it’s your choice…” Said Engel as he decided to remain as a spectator.

“HEY YOU! TAKE OFF YOUR FILTHY HANDS OF THAT GIRL!!” He shouted as he got near the ruffians. Akio had a katana and a nodachi in his waist and he took the two.

They both shone in a blue color.

([Blue Meteorite]? Devil’s trait…. Those are swords from a [Kerker] reward… He sure as flashy as always…) Thought Engel while looking to Akio’s swords.

“GET AWAY IF YOU DON’T WANT TO BE SLICED IN TWO BY MY [NISEIRYUU]!!” He shouted as he pointed his sword towards them.


Out of the shadow 5 more men came out with iron and wooden sticks and attacked him.

He then noticed the ambush and with smooth movements he slashed the five behind him with the back of his katana and then attacked the other three in front of him that suddenly jumped out.

In an instant he dealt with 8 people and then walked towards the girl in the floor.

She was sobbing and sweeping.

“Are you okay, little girl?” He said as he sheathed his [Niseiryuu] and gave his hand to the girl. She then took his han-


When she took his hand, she suddenly jumped to him and with a hidden knife she stabbed him in his guts. Then from the shadows again other 2 guys came out with steel swords and swung them towards Akio.

But that didn’t happened.

“I heard its bad manners to gang up over a guy, but I guess you are just filthy thieves and don’t even know how to read.”

Said Engel who was now at the end of the alley, in front of everyone, as he threw to the floor two steel swords he had in his hands. The ruffians’ steel swords. Then they fell unconscious.

In the blink of an eye, he had crossed the entire alley and took the thieves’ swords and knocked them.

He then approached the little girl that had taken out the knife out of Akio and now pointed towards Engel while trembling.. It seemed the knife had poison because Akio was now paralyzed in the floor.

“This is not something a little girl should be doing.” He said as he skillfully took the girl from the wrists and pressed them so she’d throw the knife.

She did, and then she knocked her out with a punch in the gut.

“Now… What do I do with them?… Well, I guess I’ll make an excuse.” He said as he looked around him, then he approached Akio.

“And you… Are a little too stupid. But I guess it’s just natural.” He said as he crouched and put his hand in the laying Akio.

“[Detox] [Heal]” He said as he used his magic to help him.

A little light shone through Akio’s body, and when it faded, he slowly reacted and sat in the ground.

“…. Thanks.” He said in a very low voice.

“Don’t worry about it.” Said Engel as he playfully waved his hand. The tranquil and relaxed aura he always has could be felt from him.

Then Akio stood up.

“Well… About this… Did you know it was a trap all along?” Asked Akio.

“You can say it. I felt their presences in there when I bumped into you. Then when we were talking they all just moved as in a play. It felt too false. But I guess you didn’t notice.” Replied Engel.

“Are you a [Magician]?” Said Akio.

“Who knows. Just that, I want you to go and look for the authorities here. I’ll watch over them. Also only call them, I’ll explain what happened.” Declared Engel as he leaned in a nearby pile of boxes.

“Okay. I will….. Thanks, again.”

Then Akio left.

“And… This girl is too little too. 10 years maybe… No, it’s 9. Well, I’ll ask Leslie about it.” Muttered Engel as he moved along the alley.

Moments later, Akio returned with some knights of [Kazu]. Then Engel explained them that he wanted to pass a bag of money to Akio and then it suddenly tore and all the coins fell. Then, while they were picking them up, those thieves in the alley attacked them and in retribution, Engel and Akio knocked them down.

Akio tried to refute it but got silenced by Engel.

Then the knights took them to the jail and left. Only Engel and Akio remained.

“What about the little girl?” Asked Akio.

“Too little to be in jail. Too big to have alive parents. Also let her go is no good. I don’t know what to do about her, but by now, I’ll take her to my inn, tie her and then ask for advice.” He explained.

(It’s what I say, but, there’s something that picked my attention while looking at her with the demonic eye…) He said to himself.

“So, where are you staying? I want to repay your help in some way.” Said Akio.

“Sorry Akio,  but I don’t swing that side…. I love big hills you know…” Replied Engel while separating a little from Akio.

“I DON’T MEAN IT THAT WAAY!!” He shouted to Engel.

“Hahahaha, I know I know. I was just kidding. I’m staying in the [Seventh Art Inn].” Added Engel.

“That’s convenient. I’m staying there too. Also, I had no time to ask, but, how do you know my name? Do we really have met each other?” Asked Akio as he tilted a little his head.

“I’ll tell you when we get to the Inn. Now, I’ll take out the little girl from where I hid her.”

Said Engel as he went back to the alley and then lifted one of the wooden boxes where he leaned before. Inside it there was the little girl.

The little girl had a strange rose color hair and Engel noticed that she had bright hazel eyes. Also even if dirty, her skin still looked white and the only thing she was wearing were smelly and tattered rags and a leather belt where she put the knife. Also she was barefoot.

“Needless to say, this little girl also looked too suspicious if you ask. I wouldn’t have approached her with my weapons sheathed.” Added Engel as he lifted her up.

“Shut up…” Replied Akio as they went back to the Inn.

Teil Drei.

“So that is what happened, Master Engel?” Said Lilya as Engel was sitting on his knees with his head down.

He and all of what could be considered now his party, except Cale, were inside Haven’s room inside the Inn.

“This is what people call, abduction. Really, really… Were you conscious of what you were doing while bringing a little kid with you. All your reasons are mere speculations, Master Engel. We were just lucky that Ms. Elain was so gentle to take the little girl with her and even, let you get in here with no suspicions or whatsoever about you, Master!” Shouted Lilya.

She was scolding her master as for what he had suddenly done.

“I know, I know Lilya. Also, since when are you so expressive? Well, not that it matter right now… But, basically, I saw something pretty interesting with the [Demonic Eye].” He replied to Lilya as he stood up.

“What did you saw, Engel?” Said Yozora who was leaned in the room’s wall.

“Her race. It was not [Personen], not [Raubtier] nor [Dämon], neither other race I have heard of.” He said.

“What,… Do you mean?” Asked Alize.

“Her race is [Veränderten]. As I already said, I haven’t heard about it.  Any idea? Do you know anything?” He asked to his party.

For a while, all of them stayed silent, then one of them raised her hand.

“I know about it….” Said timidly Haven.

“Mind telling us?” Said Yozora.

“I… Don’t think you’ll like what I am going to say, but… That child may be a modified human. One created by [Holy Eraser].”


Al of them got dumbfounded by Haven’s words.

“Certainly, that was still a rumor when I was an [Empress]” Said Yozora.

“I never heard of it tough…” Said Lilya.

“Neither do I… But I have an idea of who is the one who created such project.” Declared Alize.

“[Utgarda-Loki], isn’t it?” Added Engel.

“But why? That IS the question.” Added Yozora.

“I don’t know, but it may be prudent to tell this to [Loki]. Alize, can you contact him?” He asked.

“I… Don’t know. But I’ll try!” She said with high spirits.

“Alright, that leaves the matter of her origins cleared. Undoubtedly she’s an orphan, right?” Said Engel towards Haven.

“…Yes, she is.” She answered a little dejected.

“Cheer up. This has nothing to do with you.” He added.

“Well… The thing is that she seems to have escaped and joined that group of bandits, or they submitted her. We don’t know, so we’ll wait till she wakes up.” Stated Engel.

“Even so, you said that she stabbed a [Chick], right? Even for another participant, that should be hard, right?” Said Alize.

“Yes, but as a [Veränderten], she’s programmed to have a high level since this age.” Explained Haven.

“I confirmed her level being 100.  The other thieves were 28 in average tough.” Said Engel.


“That-is a really high level.”

Expressed Alize and Lilya.

“Is it so impressive?” Asked Engel.

“Well… You may not know about it, but at least, a kid from her age should have Cale’s Level.” Said Haven

“Oh… By the way, where’s she?” He asked.

“I think… Master Engel says “Picking the Flower”….” Replied Lilya.

“Oh!…..” He just stayed silent.

“Well then, it would be okay if we dismissed here. Alize, go find out if you can contact [Loki], Yozora, Lilya and Haven, go look for the girl. I’ll go to visit Akio, the guy who was stabbed.” He directed.

Then, all them went to do their respective assignments.

“Well then… They said their room was the 409…” Muttered Engel as he walked thorough the corridor in the fourth floor of the Inn.

“But… Why the room? It could have been the tavern near the inn or the dinner hall downstairs… That’s why people misunderstand things….” He added.

Then, while getting near the end of the corridor, the door of the room 408 opened.

“Mmm?” Said the person who was going out as the door almost slammed Engel. He then looked to the one who was going out and-

“Patricia?” Said Engel.


Replied the person who opened, Patricia Strike.

Teil Vier.

[Yozora’s POV]

The little girl woke up. She was in a little, single room Engel had paid for her. While she was unconscious, Leslie wiped her body and brought some clean clothes for he to wear. She said they were old clothes from Jess that Mr. Elain had left there.

Anyways, we just left there here sleeping and closed the room with key. Leslie said she was kind of busy now, so she could not watch over her.

We did not separate for much time, so she was still sleeping when we came back. It was a relief to see she hadn’t escaped.

Well, the little girl slowly woke up and looked around her, and then she saw me next to her.

When she realized that, she suddenly jumped out of the bed to the opposite side of mine and started to look for her dagger, which I was entrusted with.

“Calm down, I-We, will do nothing. We won’t harm you.” I said.

Somehow… I feel she is just like I was. Scared… Scared and dangerous. Probably Engel knew it and that’s why he sent me with them.

She did not answer me, she just stared at us. I know, I know very well that look in those eyes. They have hatred, distrust and fear.

I tried to extend my hand to her, but I was brushed off and then attacked.

She was trying to stab me with her nails in my throat but I easily evaded her.

(Was that a mistake?…) I thought while she then tried to run away from the door.

But there was Lilya, blocking it. She started to release an immense pressure, as to naturally say “You are not superior to me”, and let her quiet.

She did it. The little girls stood quiet in the middle of the room, but still, she was waiting for an opening so she could escape.

“I already told you, we are not going to harm you.” I repeated.

“LIES” She said.

“? I am not lying.” I said

“LIES LIES! Adults just tell LIES! You act like that but you’ll take me back to that place!!!” She shouted

(That place… The atelier perhaps…) I thought.

“No. I am not lying. I won’t take you to that place.” I calmly said.

“But you are trapping me here!!” She said.

Well.. I guess she’s right.

“Lilya.” I said and Lilya stopped exerting pressure and moved out of the door.

The little girl then suddenly tried to get out but then crashed head on with the door.


“She moved out of the way, but I never said the door was open.” I said.

She then glared at me with full hatred.

“Lilya. I have an idea. Do not question it, please.” I said.

“Alright. I will do as you ask.” Replied Lilya; then she unlocked the door.

“You, little girl, we’ll be going out.” I said to her with a warm smile similar to how Engel would do it.

Minutes later-

“What do you plan?” She said to me.

I was walking next to her and Lilya was slightly behind us. Haven, who was outside the door, stayed in the inn. Cale was left alone after all.

“Nothing. I just thought of taking you to a stroll at night in the commercial area.” I replied to her.

“Lies. You’ve set a barrier. I know it. It does not matter if I try to run away, It won’t be too far when I crash with an invisible wall.” She told me.

“Oh… So you know about these things.” I said, to create conversation.

“Of course. “That place” was under one after all. I can feel it. I know it’s futile to run” She said.

“Yes. I’ve set a barrier, but not because of what you think. I won’t take you to “that place” you’re talking about. I just want you to keep me company, so I set the barrier.” I explained.

“LIES!! TELL ME! WHAT’S YOUR PURP-!!” As she was screaming, I leaned to match her height and told her while putting my finger in her mouth-

“I already told you. I want to take a stroll with you in the commercial area. It’s just that.” I told her again.

She then, closed her mouth and pouted while crossing her arms.

“Well then, Let’s GO! I shouted as we walked in the street.

The commercial area was pretty alive even in the night in this island. I never have thought about this happening 500 years ago. Things like this could only be seen in the capital of countries like [Poseidon], [Gaia] and the like.

We went to stalls, and offered something to eat. At the beginning, she seemed reluctant but little by little, she started to eat.

Meat skewers, bowls of rice, bread, and even an ultra-delicious kind of food called [Crêpes] that are from Engel’s world. By the way, that stall seems to be really antique and expensive.

Then, I released the barrier.

I was trying to deepen my relationship with the little girl. She had not loosened her guard, but at least was not trying to run away.

We kept walking and looking to stalls. We also saw stalls with accessories and the like. I secretly bought a ribbon for her. At least that should help, a present. But that’s for later.

But then-

When we were near the park in front of the commercial area, and really near of the inn, there was the street where all of the bars of the island are.

Of course, because it was evening, it was full of drunken workers and adventurers.

We did not even passed near it, but-

“EH?! YU STOPH DERE!!!” Shouted a drunk man near us.

“Us?” I said, as Lilya and I slightly raised our guards.

“YES YU!! ALZO DE LITLE GURL DAT IS WIT YU!! I NOU HER!!” He shouted, as his companions came behind him. With the man shouting at us, they were 8 and at least half of the others were drunk.

“Did you say you know her?” I asked.

“YEZU!!! DAT LITLE GURL DERE IS DE ONE DAT STOLE ALL MY MONEEY!! I RECOGNIZE THAT PINK HAIR!!” He shouted full of rage. The ones behind him were giving him the reason.

Then I turned to the little girl, she was giving some steps behind, with full intention of running. I did not set the barrier again tough.

I can bet she suddenly thought “Is she going to sell me now? Was this her plan all along?” and the like.

“I know there are not too much little girls with “rose” hair, but how can you be so sure about it?” I said as to challenge him.

“SHUT UP BITCH!!! I KNOW IT CUS I KNOW IT!! JSUT SHUT UP AND GIVE ME THE GURL!!” He said as he unsheathed the bastardsword in his back. By his looks and the looks of his companions, he must be an adventurer.

I made eye contact with Lilya and she then hold up the little girl. I just thought of something. I may not be as good as Engel in handling these things, but I can as much do something like this.

While Lilya held up the girl, I declared-

“This girl, be or not the one who you lot are looking for, I won’t hand her over. Never. I swear right now, that I’ll protect this little girl with all my strength!”

And then, as if the drunk adventurer could not stand it, he jumped in anger, and his companions followed suit.

Teil Fünf.

“Why?” Was the only thing she said.

She asked that after I effortlessly handled the drunk adventurers. I did not even need to take out my weapon. Really, these guys were such small fry.

“Well… Why?? Not even I know about it. I just thought about how you were like me in the past, and I wanted to save you, and protect you. That’s all.” I said as I gave her a warm smile. Just as Engel would have done it.

“Wha…What’s with that answer? You… You are lying…. You… You’ll just deceive me… And take me there again… Lies.. LIES… THEY ARE-THEY’RE LIES!!” She shouted as she shed tears.

“I already said it. I won’t take you to that place. And I am not telling lies for sure. I swear it. So, come now, stop crying, little girl.” I said as I welcomed her with a hug.

She then… Understanding what I had said, and processing it… She, slowly, returned back the hug and cried.

After she let out all her feelings, we then returned to the inn. This time Lilya was walking besides her.

We entered in Haven’s room, and there she was with Cale, drinking tea. Alize, who was in the next room, came to see how was out state.

Then we spent some minutes chatting and trying to get the little girl in the mood when-


Shouted Engel who suddenly entered, shouted he had big news.

“More important, Engel, I’ve just realized, but this little girl has no name. She just has a TSN0017 in her name slot.” I said, suddenly cutting his impulse while all the others in the place nodded.

“Ehh?! I know that! The thing is why haven’t you given her a name?” He said while slightly puffing out his cheeks.

How Cute!!

“Well… the thing is that…”

“What happens, is that she does not like the names we give her. She says they are crappy. And also Master Engel, if you hadn’t noticed, she has been punching you all since you entered here.” Said Lilya while cutting my words.

“Yeah I knew that. Well, if there’s no other way…. I’ll suggest one… Mmm… Let me see…” He said as he tilted his head to think.


He then stared at her for a while as she punched him.

“What about… Ileana?” He suggested.

We then, listening to his suggestion, we stood there, expectant to her answer.

She then stopped, and looked up to him.

“….. The other… People, has two names, don’t they?” She said.

(So she liked it…) I thought, as well the others in the room.

“*Sigh*, Okay, okay. I will make it simple tough… It will be Roza. Ileana Roza. You satisfied?” He said.

Then, as all we thought he made it too simple, she then punched him in his important parts.

“Simple. Too simple! But I’ll keep it though! Hmph.” She said as she came to my lap and sat.

“This little….” He muttered while in his knees.

He then slowly stood up.

“Anyways… I said I brought great news.” He said.

“Which ones?” I asked as I stroked Ileana’s hair.

“I… Got myself a party. There was a little struggle, but I convinced them to join my party. I did it!!” He said as he regained his initial mood.

“Who are they? Are they strong?” Asked Alize.

“Well, I knew some of them since the [Tournament Start]… But about the strong… That can be fixed.” He said while slightly looking to the side.

Suspicious… Cute, but suspicious.

“Well, guys, you can come in!” He shouted to the hall.

“So you brought them with you, Master Engel?” Asked Lilya.

“Yeah, I did. And I bet you will be surprised, Lilya.” He said.

As she tilted slightly her head, I wondered what he meant by that, as well as everybody in the room.

Then, the guys entered in the room one by one., and then, when the six entered, they presented themselves.

And on a side note, the room was pretty cramped now.

“Go-Good night. I’m the former leader of the party, Patricia Strike.”

“I am Akio Aoi, nice to meet you.”

“I’m Kyoka Aoi, nice to meet you.”

“My name is Albrikt, Albrikt Blau-Himmel. Glad to meet you.”

“I am Blair Alkaline. Greetings.”

“And I am Izane Foxyn, Patricia’s [Pixie]. Glad to meet you all.”

They all presented themselves quite respectfully…

And as the last one said her name, Lilya indeed got surprised.

[End of Yozora’s POV]


11 thoughts on “Magical Tournament Chapter Nine: Fussabdruck (Footsteps) – What destiniy awaits [First Half]

  1. kmx72 says:

    Yay, and so we got a real Loner that is older and may be a possible yandere ,and the loll plus the girls from Patricia’s party and Patricia herself will be added to the harem next, maybe on next chapter? xD and thx for an amusing chapter

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