Magical Tournament Chapter Ten: Schnee (Snow) – What destiny awaits [Second Half]

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Chapter Ten: Schnee (Snow) – What destiny awaits [Second Half]

Teil Ein.

We will be going back two or so hours back, where Engel saw Patricia going out of her room.

“Who?” She said with a really carefree tone.

Patricia Strike, an average height girl with long blonde hair in a ponytail, blue eyes and thick frame glasses, a really athletic figure and over the average beautifulness.

Even so, her girl aura was more prominent than her athletic aura. An opposite of Brunnhildr, who was too and over the average, but lacked femininity.

“Oh, sorry… I guess you would not recognize me.” Said Engel while scratching his head.

“Have we met before?” Asked Patricia looking Engel from head to toe.

“Well… Yeah. I’m… I’m Engel. Engel Falsch. Do you remember?” He said.

“……………………………” Patricia just stared in silence.

“I-I was the one who Alan self proclaimed his rival. You remember…. Right?” He said as he started get a little fidgety.

“Ehh? Ah! Eh… Sorry. Yeah I know-I know. I remember…. But… I just… Woah… It’s just that… You-sure have changed a lot.”

She said while blushing a little.

“Yeah… I know. There’s a lot to talk about. Moreover, where’s Alan? I want to meet him too!” Replied Engel.

“Well… He’s not with the party anymore. We’re only five now. And talking about that, Where’s Brunn? I want to see her too, you know.” She added.

“Well… I’m all alone now. I left her party.” He answered; then the atmosphere got a little awkward.

“Anyways, I was just going to Akio’s room here. Where were you going to?” Asked Engel.

“What a coincidence… I was going there for the usual party meeting, but forgot my ribbon in the room. I really feel uncomfortable with the loose hair you know.”

“So that means the others members of your party are there?” He said.

“Yeah. Besides Akio and Kyoka, the ones you knew, there’s also two more members. We met them farther away when we separated.” Said Patricia.

“Well, isn’t it better if we move now?” Added Engel while pointing forward.

“Ye-Yeah. I think so.” She said as they moved along the hall.

(Was she always this… less outgoing?…) Thought Engel while they walked.

Then after some more steps they got to Akio’s room and Patricia knocked the door.

“Open! I’m here!” She said loudly.

Then the door slightly opened and there was Akio.

“Leader! You are la-!! You too are here?” Said Akio

“Hallo.” Said Engel with a half smile.

“Move.” Said Patricia as she opened more the door and got inside the room. Engel followed suit and then Akio closed the door.

“Well then, there is a guest in here, but now we can start the meeting.” Declared Patricia as she stood in the middle of the room.

“And who is this guy here?” Asked a girl in a white lab coat, and with silver hair and a high pigtail. Her name, Blair Asterisk.

“Don’t worry. This guy here saved me in a pinch not too long ago.” Said Akio as he took a chair of a nearby table and sat. Patricia did the same and let Engel stood in front of the door.

“Thanks about that time man…. But hey! I don’t know your name yet.” Added Akio.

“What are you saying Akio? He’s Engel. Engel Falsch. Alan’s supposed rival.” Replied Patricia.

“*Pffft!!!!* What did you said?” Blurted a slim girl with short hair, deep blue eyes and a pretty face. She is Akio’s twin, Kyoka. She was drinking from a canteen and

“I know how Engel Falsch looks like and he is not Engel Falsch!” She shouted while pointing him.

“Really? You serious? You do not look like him at all.” Said Akio while looking at Engel.

“How do you even think this guy is Engel?” Said Kyoka.

“He knew my name, and also my intuition says it!” Declared Patricia. Engel just limited himself to half-smile wryly.

And as Kyoka did a facepalm-

“I’ve just seen it. This guy’s name is indeed Engel Falsch…-” Said Blair while looking at him.

“Are you serious?” Said Kyoka.

“-Yeah. I used [Appraisal] on him…. But… There’s something strange about him. Besides his name, race, gender and alignment, everything is in question marks. That means, I’m not allowed to see his [Status Window].” Explained Blair.

“That means…. His level is pretty high.” Added Kyoka, as all in the room looked at him, then she looked to one of the only two who had not talked yet.

“Albrikt! What do you see?” She asked.

Albrikt Blau-Himmel was a white hared, red eyed gu… girl?

She was a very “handsome” girl. Even her name was male.

But, her eyes that supposed to be both red, one was shining silver.

“….. I see nothing. This guy…. He’s interfering with my [Demonic Eyes]. Since he entered here I’ve tried to see his [Status Window] with no success.

I bet one of those he has there is a [Demonic Eye] too, and moreover, it’s the same I type I have. Am I wrong, Engel Falsch?” She said as she looked him. He was still there, standing up in front of the door.

“Heh… I never thought you’d have with you a [Demonic Eyes] user. Very well. You there, I’ll let you see what my stats are, but only if you stay silent for a while. It’s a deal?” Said Engel with a little playful tone.

“Deal. Patricia, you okay with it?” Asked Albrikt.

“Go ahead.” Allowed Patricia.

Then, in that very moment, Engel stopped the interference he had sent when he felt Albrikt’s [Demonic Eye] trying to analyze him.

Albrikt then made full use of her eye and-

“WHAT THE FU-???!!!” Shouted Albrikt as he intensely stared at Engel while he stood up of surprise.

“Albrikt??!” Shouted Kyoka

“You okay?” Said Akio

“Wha?! What did you saw?!” Shouted Blair

“He-hehe….. You damn motherf-….” Said in a lower voice Albrikt while clenching her fist, ignoring everybody around her.

“Guys, don’t fret over it. No matter what she saw, she cannot say it for the moment.” Said Patricia to everyone in the room.

“Just one thing, Engel Falsch. Who the hell are you?” Said Albrikt while pointing him.

“I’m just another participant. A [Chick], like you.”  Replied Engel as he shrugged his arms.

“……. I’ll let you out of the hook. Just this time.” She said as she sat again. She didn’t noticed either, but she was cold sweating.

“Anyways, can we just get over it now? The main issue was if he really was Engel Falsch, and he is. Now, shall we start.”

Said Patricia, but-

“Is what I want to say, but…. Albr… No. Blair, wake her up.” She added as she notices Albrikt in a strange state.

Blair, stood from one of the beds and went to the corner of the room. There was an orange-blonde girl with maid clothes. But what called the attention was her fox straight ears and fluffy tail.

She was Lilya’s former partner, Izane Foxyn.

“Izane WAKE UP!” Shouted Blair as she gave her a karate chop.

“Oh yeah! Right! 12×3 is 50!!” She shouted as she opened in surprise and looked all around the room with her bright blue eyes.

“Wrong! It’s 36! And pay attention to the meeting!” Said Blair.

Izane Foxyn, was what people called a dumbass. Except for few occasions, she was in a dumb state 24/7.

“Sowy…” She said with teary eyes. Blair only gave her a side glance and went back to her seat.

“I’ll put att-??!!!” As she was talking she suddenly took stance and out of her apron she took out a white dagger, then she immediately stared to Engel.

“Calm down Izane. It’s okay. He’s a guest.” Said Patricia as she slowly glanced between them.”

“You don’t seem surprised, Engel.” She added.

“Yeah. I have one too. I know it’s kinda odd to see a [Raubtier] with maid clothes, but you get accustomed, don’t you.” He said.

“I know. Well, let’s skip all the troublesome things and move to the most important. The search of a new member.” Announced Patricia.

“Now that you say that… I want to propose myself as a candidate.” Interrupted Engel.


“Are you kidding?” Said Blair and Kyoka.

“Look! What a coincidence!” Said Patricia.

“There’s no way that’s a coincidence!” Shouted Kyoka.

“But it is. I swear.” Said Engel with a look full of strength and resolution. Kyoka could feel the truth in his words so she just kept silent.

“Akio, Kyoka and Patricia knew about my previous party, or at least half of it. I left that party. And formed a new one with [No Participants]. All of it. Then the notice of the [Second Stage] came and I found myself in a pinch. Now this happened.” Explained Engel.

(That…. That was pretty stupid…) Thought everyone, except Izane, in the room.

“Anyways, I postulate myself.” He said, regaining his playful aura and lightening the mood a little.

“He said it guys. What do you think?” Added Patricia.

“…. It’s okay?” Said Akio.

“…. Probably…” Said Kyoka

“Let him in. Right, Izane?” Replied Albrikt.

“I think…. It’s better to have him as an ally than to have him as an enemy.” She said.

Then, they kept silent for a moment, someone suddenly objected.

“No! No way! No in way in Norway I’ll accept this! This stranger! I know we were strangers at the beginning, but he’s to mysterious. Too sly!” Shouted Blair.

“But Akio, Kyoka and I know him, and also Albrikt and Izane agree. Why are you so against it?” Asked Patricia.

“No reason! I just don’t like this guy! There’s no why or because!” Said Blair.

“Even so, just because you don’t like it, I will reject him.” Replied Patricia.

“Well… I have something to comment…” Interrupted Engel again.

“What?!” Exclaimed Blair

“You need something?” Said Patricia.

“Well… It’s not like I want to join your party. Accurately speaking, I want you to enter in mine.” Said Engel while changing his attitude to one more serious.

“Eh?” Let out Patricia.

“What?! There’s no way we’d agree to that you know!!” Shouted Blair.

“I don’t mind.” Said Akio suddenly.

“It’s not like there will be any change.” He added.

“There will! If we join him, he’ll be our leader! Our boss!” Said Blair.

“I knew you wouldn’t agree like that, that’s why I have an idea. Why don’t you all fight against me? Then, the loser will become the member of the winner’s party. What do you say?”

Proposed Engel as he slightly smiled in a mischievous way.

“What? I did not even accepted you in any way, and you propose that. You man are insane!” Said Blair.

“But you are not the one who makes the decisions here, Blair-” Exclaimed Patricia,, and then…

“If we accept, that would mean all of us 6 against him alone… Albrikt, you’ve seen his stats. What do you think?” Asked Patricia.

“…. I… Do not recommend it. I for sure want to fight him, but… It’s too reckless if I say so.” Explained Albrikt.

“Okay… Engel, I’ll give it a shot. Also, if you are proposing it, it’s because it’s worth it, right?” Said Patricia.

“Who knows… But anyways, why don’t we do it right now? There’s strange natural canyon in the island.” Said Engel.

“Okay. I accept. Guy, prepare your equipment. We’re going.” Ordered Patricia.

Everyone moves along the gears, but the only one reluctant was Blair.

(This guy… He planned this from the beginning…) Thought Albrikt as she looked for her equipment.

It took them at least a complete hour in overall from the inn to the canyon. The moved west to a roughly 2km canyon.

They moved along the road in it, and when they walked 1km, the descended to it.

Then, without any sound, moved to their positions. Patricia stayed in front of Engel.

“Well then. Let me say something. I don’t know how strong you are, but we won’t have mercy. And I don’t want you to have it either. Okay?” She said.

“I got it.” He said.

“You ready?” She asked.

“Of course.” He declared and-

“NOW!!!” Shouted Patricia as she moved out of the way. She was wearing a pseudo-light armor and has an enormous battle axe in her hands.

As she moved out of the way, Albrikt and Izane shot [Oxygen Blast] and [Crimson Hellfire], high level spells of its attribute at the same time to Engel. They were both [Magicians] and had light armor on them.

The combination of both should create a big explosion enough to make him cinders.

The explosion was superb. No human would be able to survive it. But it did not have any effect on him.

He just stood there, as if nothing  had happened. He had no burns.

The party, named [Zaphire Sky], then moves constantly to avoid being targeted. They all had excellent foot work and coordination. It was thanks to two things.

First, to an artifact they found in a store called [Wake Up Call]. With it, it was possible for them to communicate their thoughts in a red while in a radius of 500m.

The second was Albrikt’s [Demonic Eye], who helped her to analyze the whole situation and communicate it to the whole party.

(That mothe… Guys! He used [Barrier Magic]. My eye says he used a high level one called [Holy Lock]. It has at least 7 layers of barrier!) Explained Albrikt as they all moved in sync.

(What?! That crap! What about melee attacks?) Asked Blair.

(They are possible. [Holy Lock] only works to defend spell. He probably knew we would not attack him head on…) Replied Izane.

(And we have another problem…)  Said Albrikt.

(What is it? If magic does not work, melee will do! He did not chant so he must be a [Magician]! Kyoka! Akio! Do it! NOW!)

Engel was not moving, and that interchange only lasted some seconds, so while he did nothing, they used that opportunity.

From opposite sides, the [Martial Artist] Kyoka and the [Blademaster] Akio attacked him from opposite sides. They reduced the distance between him with perfect sync, with a skill called [Blunt Approach]. They both had little equipment because of this purpose, and for better mobility.

It worked for one-kill attacks.

And as Akio used one of his [Niseiryuu] to aim for his waist and Kyoka used blue gauntlets called [Maouken] to hit his torso, they both aimed for the kill.

“NO!!” Shouted Albrikt when-

“Mmm… You made me use [Hekatonkheires]… But that was careless of me too. I didn’t move an inch after all.” He nonchantally said as she stopped [Niseiryuu] with [Hekatonkheires] and stopped with his bare hand, Kyoka’s punch. Needless to say, her punch was aided with a skill named [Diamond Crusher]. Ther first high level skill she had attained days ago.

And she was stopped with bare hands.

Engel, was not wearing any equipment besides fitting clothes to a battle.

“Wha?!” Exclaimed Kyoka. Akio just grinded his teeth because of the strength he was applying to his sword.


He suddenly repelled [Niseiryuu], crumbling Akio’s balance, and shook off Kyoka and kicked her in the gut with all his strength. She was sent flying several meters as she was deprived of the air in her lungs.

“GAAHH!” She shouted as she flew away.

Then Akio tried to attack him in that very moment when he immediately regained his posture.

Engel turned his attention to him, and parried his vertical cut, then he punched Akio in the gut too. Akio did not moved, but fell unconscious in that very place.

Even still in movement, they all got dumbfounded. Even Blair.

(What… Has just happened?) She Patricia to no one in particular

(Fuck! I tried to warn you Patricia!!! He has two [Ex-Classes]! He’s not just a [Magician] but an [Assassin] too!) Communicated Albrikt.

(And that means, that his specialty is not only magic?!) Said Izane surprised.

(What the hell!!!) Exclaimed Blair in the communication red.

(Well, there’s nothing we can do! Blair! Help me to take him down! Albrikt and Izane, cover us!) Ordered Patricia in the red.

While they were doing that, Engle just stared at them, analyzing their moves and overall attitude.

(They have flaws, but that’s just natural. Also they are good. Very good indeed…) He thought while looking at them.

Then Patricia and Blair got into action.

Patricia attacked with her battle axe in a diagonal cut and Blair intended to crush him with a monstrous white sledgehammer with a “jump and hit”. It was made of [White Mythril]. And she was wearing the same type of armor as Patricia.

Also, Patricia’s axe was but an over the average black steel axe.

Engel read their movements he slightly parried Patricia’s axe and kicked her in the sides. Then, wary of the sledgehammer, he used [Blunt Approach], the same skill as Akio and Kyoka and hit Blair’s gut with [Hekatonkheires] hilt.

And in that very moment, magic was shot.

As Patricia and Blair fell some meters away from Engel’s position, Albrikt shot her magic.

It was a [Divine Element] spell named [Saint Pursuit]. It condensed magic power of the [Divine Element] in a 3cm diameter sphere and shot it to a certain target. This magic would chase the target until it was obstructed or it landed the attack.

Needless to say, that kind of attack could not be stopped by normal means. Because of its density, speed, force and power.

This was high level spell and required the utmost concentration and whole of the caster’s focus. And with Albrikt’s eyes that was mostly guaranteed.

But even so, it used too much mana per bullet, and Albrikt, thinking it was a certain-hit attack and also being wary of his [Demonic Eye], she shot at least 90 or 100 of them.

Her mana was totally depleted.

She thought he would not be able to stop any, nor avoid them all. Even [Holy Lock] would be trespassed as if were glass pierced by bullets.

And then Izane would take care of the rest.

And as in sync, without saying a word, Izane was already preparing her magic.

But she had overlooked one thing. The gap in ability.

Engel, after repelling Blair and Patricia’s attack, felt coming the [Saint Pursuit] and with his [Demonic Eye] he counted all of the incoming high-density bullets. And then he was cornered to take appropriate countermeasures.

He of course was not playing with them, but seeing that spell, made him get just a little more serious.

He, with no chants, controlled his magic and-

*Cling Clang Clung Clang Cling Clung^

In an instant, he deviated all the incoming bullets with [Hekatonkheires]. He was obligated to summon a second [Hekatonkheires] to do that. The two lightswords were clad in a thin black mist, and then he clashed the two swords and with a high-pitched sound he let out a dark wave from them, thus, vanishing the [Saint Pursuit] bullets.

Not caring about that outcome, Izane casted her strongest spell [Imperial Crimson Strike]. A combination of [Divine], [Fire] and [Lightning Element].

She knew he was going to revive anyways, so she did not cared. She, in that moment did not even cared by the collateral damage she’d maker for her party… But-

Engel sensing Izane’s spell, decided to activate his [Angelic Eye]. He let go the two [Hekatonkheires] and with a spatial disturbance, they both vanished. Then created above him 4 squared light-made shields of high density above him.

Just in case, he casted [Holy Lock] around him. Then a bright crimson pillar of light fell over him. But the outcome was that….

That the spell was stopped after the first light made shield.

And then, in the very instant the spell vanished, he in a blink appeared in front of Izane and with a light-made shortsword he pierced her stomach and kicked her in the gut and sent her flying several meters, as he did with Kyoka.

He had another light-made shortsword and threw it to Albrikt behind him. He turned around to complete that action.

Then he created a light-made longsword and  walked towards Patricia, who was the only one conscious, or  able to fight near him.

She was in her knees, barely enduring the pain made by Engel’s kick, and dumbfounded of what had just happened. He had witnessed what in just instants was performed by him and-

“W-We….. We lose…..He-hehe-” She declared while rising her hands and laughing of nervousness.

Teil Zwei.

“After that, he waited until we regained our senses and then healed us. Then, when things calmed down, we officially sealed the deal and we are now part of [Black Bixbite].

At the end, also Blair, who was so stubborn, eagerly decided to enter the party. Because she’s not always honest, I don’t know her objective.

Akio and Kyoka approached him with cautiousness, but his playful mood caught them in a second. Lady Patricia was eager since the beginning, but now was really interested in Engel, and in his strength. About Albrikt… Is it what they call “Love at second sight?”… I really don’t know, but it seems she got glued to him in some way.”

Explained Izane, who was alone with Lilya in Lilya’s room. All the party was downstairs eating as Engel decided it was the perfect moment and place for everybody to know and get along with each other.

They, right now, were doing that precisely, and what a feast it is.

But Izane and Lilya said they did wanted to have a chat nice chat after some time, and then stayed in the room. She then talked about this and that, and then Lilya asked about how things escalated to this point.

Of course, she only told her point of view of the events.

“Well… That’s too much information… As supposed of Master Engel, is the only one thing I can say.” Added Lilya to the conversation with a wry smile.

“Lilya, now that I think about it, don’t you seem more relaxed and with expressions? You used to wear an automaton face all the time.” Said Izane.

“Really? I think also Master Engel said that. I don’t knew since when, but I think I’ve become more aware of what is to live.” She replied.

Lilya became like this when she started to travel with Engel, Yozora and Alize. She saw their attitude, and also she had a certain important conversation with Yozora. But that’s another day’s story.

“Well, Izane, shall we go downstairs now?” Said Lilya.

“Okay, but don’t steal my food!” Added Izane.

“Of course I won’t.” Replied Lilya as they got out of the room.

When they got down, participated in the feast and got along with the “new” members of the party. They all started to get the way of friendship between them.

And then three weeks passed.

In the very next day, the [Second Stage] of [The Tournament] officially started, and Engel decided to train them at the same time.

Is not that they were weak, but he was too strong.

He trained their teamwork, and raised the party’s level. He used the [White Swans] and high level monsters to do so. Also, there were supposed to be in the islands, and in all [Bereich], places called [Hunting Grounds]. But in the islands case, they were only present in [Nanatsu] and [Muttsu], [Hitotsu], [Futatsu] and [Mittsu].

But going back on track…

He taught the way to increase the performance of Kyoka and Akio’s tag team. He also taught them how to improve their movements, as the three were [Tactical] Ex-Class. They passed from both level 105 to level 160.

To Patricia, he taught her more ways to use her magic in battle. She did not used it that often, because of her origin as a [Power] type. Also because all her basics and way to fight were good enough already. She passed from level 98 to level 150.

The [White Swans] and beasts they fought with, were enough to level up at said pace, because they were level 100 and above. The [White Swans], indeed were white swans, but were two meter tall, were hard to approach and hard to fight too.

Also, Albrikt was good in overall performance, but lacked melee experience. As she learned, she got more and more glued to Engel.

She raised from level 110 to level 170.

And, then, the one who raised to level 170 too, from level 115,  was Blair. But, she had to train  from the basics. She was powerful indeed, but she lacked technique, even if she was a [Power] type.

Of course, Yozora and Lilya helped too. He was not a jack of all trades either. The both helped him.

Then, surprisingly, Albrikt, Engel and Blair became a set. They two did not let him go, except when he was with Yozora.

She, had threatened them. It was scary indeed.

Also, Izane was not included in the official members anymore; and when told that, she sobbed all night. And one who trained with Engel the whole time was Cale. Her level raised until 100 in just that period of time. It was even more frightening than the others.

Thus, the one who did not let go of Yozora, was Ileana. She became a set too with Yozora. Also she started to use a white ribbon Yozora gave her. She tied her hair in a ponytail, the same as Patricia.

And of course, all the party bought her nice clothes and shoes.

And on a side note, she hadn’t stop to bully Engel this entire time. Maybe because he was the one who mercilessly knocked her out.

But going to the present day, they had attained 450 tickets by training and fighting almost without rest these 3 weeks. They had to gather 100 each one.

Patricia, Akio and Blair were the ones who hadn’t attained their full quota.

And right now, they were in a well-deserved rest in the [Café] where Haven met with Engel, and they started to frequent.

“Say, where’s Yozora and Alize?” Asked Albrikt.

“Who knows.” Replied Blair.

“She’s doing something I asked her. She will probably come back in any moment.” Said Engel, who was serving three cups of tea and then sat.

They were sit in one of the outside tables. And by the way, Ileana was pulling out Engel’s hair. Not that he cared that much though.

Then, from the sky, the heard some wings flapping. When they moved their attention, they saw a pair of shining white wings, and a pair of deep-night wings.

They were Alize and Yozora who had just returned.

Then they both hid their wings with a special race trait they had.

“I….. Never knew Yozora had wings….” Said Engel.

“”You are the least appropriate person to say that!!”” Retorted Albrikt and Blair at the same time.

“Engel, we got it.” Said Yozora.

“Really?” He asked.

“Yes. He said he had dealt with it. She’s the last one. He destroyed the place and took under his custody the other 19 that were there.” Said Alize.

What Engel asked them to do, was to investigate the case of where Ileana came from, and also to report it to [Loki]. They kept it a secret form everyone except Lilya and Patricia, for the sake of Ileana.

Then, when [Loki] had time, they exchanges information. And in a determined moment, [Loki] decided himself to investigate it.

The location was the [Muttsu Island]. There was where the research lab was established. He destroyed that place completely, a great  hindrance to [Utgarda-Loki]’s plans. It was supposed that they were meant to be soldiers and attend his needs in the future.

In the end, the research was limited to 20 research subjects, and in a slip of security, Ileana escaped.

Then, it takes us to today.

“He also said that he want us to meet someone there in [Muttsu]. A princess of the [Kazu Islands] or something. He left there a present, or so he said.” Added Alize.

By the way, the way they contacted [Loki] was with Alize’s [Halo]. It could send the thoughts of a person to another [Arche] or any other human she specified. This time, [Loki]. It had unlimited range and time of use. But, could only be used 10 times a week.

“You serious? Well, it’s not like there’s a problem. There are also [Hunting Grounds] in [Muttsu] too.” Replied Engel.

“Yeah, but, then he also said something worrisome….” Said Yozora.

“What?” Asked Engel.

“Well, he said- “Another [Skyfall] will be there to meet you. Be prepared.” Answered Alize.

“WHAT?!” He shouted.

Teil Zwei.

[Engel’s POV]

Okay! This is Tea Time! Tea Time!!!! Ouch! Ouch Ouch Ouch!!!

So…. What happened?

Yup, Ileana was pulling my hair again while I was trying to have a tea with a queen.

And by the way, I’m tied up.

Well, well… If I have to say it, I’ll say the history.

After the message was given to me by Alize and Yozora, All the party members wanted an explanation. And I gave it to them. I haven’t told them about my mission, but at least, from the part where I was abducted by [Holy Eraser] until I conquered  Loki’s [Kerker].

Then, the very next day, we went to [Muttsu]. And I have to say, that is a really big island. It’s at least three times bigger than [Nanatsu], but is still inferior to [Hitotsu].

I saw it in the map.

Then, there were some knights that took us in a really luxurious carriage, and took us to the very center of the island, in an enormous mansion.

And it looked as if it was the whitest house…. Why?

Anyways, we all got in, and then this glamorous and beautiful lady welcomed us. Long black hair, blue eyes. And a mature aura. Really “mature”. R18. Really beautiful, but over 20. So-

It was not a Princess, but instead a [Queen].

She was clad in a beautiful white and blue kimono. Those with many layers that royalty used to wear time ago. It also emphasized her ominous chest.

And people call these women, MILF…… I think.

Loki… That crap. He tricked us!

Because he did quite the reckless thing in the lab, it took too much to hide it from the public view. Even in this world, things want to be concealed. And then he contacted the [Queen], single by the way, so she’d cover it.

Then she asked him to have a nice chat with her… And he refused, but having seen through her, he told her that he knew “someone”, namely me, that could have a chat with her.

And with a chat… I mean a “Chat”. Where the bees and the flowers thing happen.

And then he told us to come.

She told me all this after she took all the party to give a sight to the mansion. And then she locked me in the upper garden of it, really beautiful if I have to say, and then she tied me in the chair.

We are having tea… But this is momentarily. She is obviously not hiding her desires to “chat”.

I can escape anytime, but like this, things won’t get solved. Also Ileana slipped through all the farce and came with me, even if she’s pulling out my hair.

But… How sharp this kid really is? I bet she’s pulling my hair because she’s frustrated that I can’t get out.

The crap is… Why is the [Queen] in [Muttsu]? Isn’t supposed [Hitotsu] to be the capital? Well, I just have to ask though.

“Do you feel comfortable?” She asked.

“With a rope around me?” I replied.

“Fufufufu… Nice humor sense.” She said.

“People tell me a lot about it. But, if we are moving along the ropes, we won’t get where we want today. So, I must ask, what is doing, you majesty [Hakuhyou-Joou], here in [Muttsu]? Aren’t you supposed to be in [Hitotsu]?” I asked.

And, in that moment, Ileana stopped her hair pulling.

“Well, well. Don’t you know about the [Transfer Gate], Mr. Falsch?” She replied.

“No. But I can easily imagine what it is about.” I added.

“Really. Well, so with that you understood. I was just yesterday in [Hitotsu], but Mr. Loki offered me such a deal. I could not really say no to it. So I immediately came here.” She replied.

“Mmm… Well… This is just as a side note, but I cannot have children. Not in this state at least.” I said to her, as I referred to my state as [Avatar].

“I know. And it’s true that what I wish for is children, a new queen to who I can give all this… But, now is not that moment-” She then stood up and got near me, while covering Ileana’s ears.

Even if it’s for pleasure, for sure I’ll have a feast with you today.” She said near my ear.

Grandpa…. Today I’ll become a man.

I repent what I said Loki.

I was just angry…

Really, thanks. I’ll give you right now imaginary thumbs up!!


But even so, why was I angry to be in this certain mature situation in the first place? Maybe because I was tricked… But no I can enjoy it to its fu-


“SO HERE YOU AREEEEEE!!!” Shouted someone.

And that someone had just blasted the door with an [Antimagic] Barrier.

From there, a demon came…

Oh no, It’s worst. It’s Yozora

Goodbye mature content!!!

“What are you doing?!” She shouted.

….. Who was that supposed to be directed to?

“Tell me, Hyouka!” She added.

Yep, it was the [Queen]. Wait… Do they know each other? If it’s so, they kept it in secret. But now Yozora is pissed off.

“You knew each other?” I asked.

“Yeah, kind of…” She said as she untied me. Just how years this [Queen] has?

“Well, I was just tasting him a little. You don’t need to enrage about it.” Said her majesty.

“I hate when you do these things. Thought, I never experienced firsthand until today.” Replied Yozora.

“Oh my. Fufufufu. Those fresh expressions, I like them.-” She said, then-

“But changing the topic, and finishing my fun time. I will lead you to why you really came here. Mr. Loki did not deceived you. I asked him to change his words, just a little. Fufufufu.” She laughed mischievously.

Well, I-It’s not like I wanted to continue or anything….

And as we were walking-

“Don’t you think you’ll get off the hook so easily, Engel…” Yozora groped my butt and said so with a smiling face.

Scary! I’ve got goosebumps!

But I’ll return to the issue at hand.

After we got out of the top garden by another doo that was not the broken one, we reunited with the rest of the party. Also, Ileana clung to Yozora.

Yozora kept in secret what happened in the meantime.

And then, the [Queen] lead us to a great salon that had lots of Japanese armors and paintings. I wonder why there were so much… Hey isn’t that Nobunaga-Sama?!!! I saw it! A painting! I swear!

*Cough, Cough*

Anyways, In the center of the room, there were three big machines. They were cylindrical and were made of glass. The very lower and the top upper parts were made of metal and had lots of wires. Also they were hollow inside, but had a weird liquid inside. Also, there was a stone in each. One was black, other one was white, and the last one was a blue one. They had at least 1cm in diameter.

“What… Is this?” I asked.

“Is what I was just going to say. This is the present Mr. Loki talked to all of you. The only thing remaining of the [Laboratory]. But, not even I do not know what it is.” Said her majesty.

Then, I tried to analyze it with my [Demonic Eye]. Albrikt may have used hers too.

It says…. [Incubation Flask]…. Also the white stone inside says [Life Stone Zero]. I check the other one… [Life Stone Zero-Ichi]…. The last one said [Life Stone Zero-Ni]…Why pseudo-Japanese?

I don’t get this world most of the time.

Maybe because it’s cool? Eight grader scientists? Well, going back on track-

“I don’t know what it is, but Mr. Loki said to me how you could use it. He said that Mr. Falsch and Ms. Sakurai should put their hands in this plate.”

Said the [Queen] and pointed a rectangular metal plate with hand marks in the front of the [Incubation Flask].

“That… Is really suspicious.” Said Yozora.

“I know, but it’s safe. I appraised it.” I said to her.

“Oh! And Mr. Loki also said that for the artifact with the black stone, Mr. Falsch and Ms. Lykanis would be the only ones appropriated to put their hands; but with the third stone, you will have to wait for someone else.” Added the [Queen].

“That… is certainly suspicious…” I said… But I have no reason to reject doing it.


Because it’s interesting, and I’m so curious now!

Then, I made eye contact with Yozora and we both walked to the [Flask], then we nodded and put our palms in the metal plate.

Then, the [Incubation Flask] started to suck out mana and some of our life force. Also it gauged a little of the [Skyfall] force that grows in me and also other kind of energy I don’t know about.

Then it started to glow intensely and the-

*Clash! Splash!*


A little kid came out.

[End of Engel’s POV]

[Lilya’s POV]

A pretty kid came out of the machine just when Master shouted. It was sleeping. Also it looked younger than Ileana.

It had white pure hair. The same as Master.

And, it had also pure white horns pointing forwards. The same as Yozora. And had these pair of tiny little black wings coming from her back. She was floating in the middle of the machine, but slowly descended to Yozora’s place. And she took it in her arms.

It was the power of the machine I presume.

The dumbfounded Master and Yozora could just stare at it. The others around me could also stare in surprise… I wonder why I was so tranquil.

Maybe… Because I’m next?

It’s no use to think about it now.

So, because they had no time to react, the [Queen] did. She took out one of the layers of her vestments and covered the little kid. And of what I could notice, it was a girl.

Yozora came to her senses and covered her and kept her in her hands.

She looked as if she was going to cry.

Master… was still there, just standing. Maybe it was his means of escaping reality.

Then, I was the first to talk.

“Ma-Master…” I said.

“Eh! Ah! I did nothing wrong grandpa!” He said. He really is escaping reality.

“No! Eh? Oh it’s Lilya… Sorry. Did you said something?” He asked.

“No… But… It’s our turn,..” I said.

My heart… Is beating fast. I feel weird.


I feel hot too…

But that is trivial now. We need to confirm what is inside the other machine, so I lead Master to it.

Then, I heard him swallowing his saliva, and we both put our palms in the metal plate.

The machine started to operate and it sucked a lot of my mana and some of my life force. also I think it took a little of my soul’s energy. Then it glowed as the other did and exploded too.

And what it came was…. A child…. and other child……


Two Children!!???

They both looked as if a mirror were there, but the difference was in their hair. They were together, and the left one had a white pure hair. Similar to the previous girl, but the other at the right, had night-black hair.

But what was more alluring, was that they both had wolf ears and tail… The same as mines.

Then, they both came floating to me.

I caught them. They are girls too.

Also, her majesty also brought two pieces of cloth. But these ones were not from her vestments, but from other place. I wonder why.

The one she gave Yozora was white and blue. These ones are black and blue.

But… I’ve just noticed…. My heart has got more quiet.

I feel I want to cry… Why?

And then, I heard a *Thud* sound.

It was Master. He at the very end, blacked out.

[End of Lilya’s POV]

Teil Drei.

[Engel’s POV]

After what happened in the salon, I woke up till the next day.

I got it. I was not an illusion. Now, we have 3 more children. It was enough with the Ileana midget. Now we have other midgets.

The league of midgets… Haha. That was fun, but my near future it’s not.

That’s what this equally gender puncher would say. But… Somehow I feel it is not like that.

Anyways, I came to the upper garden, where I was tied yesterday. It seems there are more places to sit, and the door has been repaired.

So fast!

Well, Everyone was here. Her majesty was talking with Albrikt and Blair. Alize, Haven, Kyoka and Akio were playing with Ileana. Yozora and Lilya were watching the playing new kids with Izane. Patricia and Cale were with Leslie…. Leslie?! Where the heck did she came from?!

What’s going on here?!

And as I approached Yozora and Lilya-

The midgets moved their attention to me.

“Look! It’s Papa!” Shouted Midget #1

“”Papa!!”” Shouted Midget #2 and #3 at the same time.

…………………………………………………………………………… Papa?

I then faced Yozora and Lilya. Then they tilted their heads and stuck out their tongues while slightly hitting their heads … Teehee?

Damn Kyoka! She taught them that!

The kids then embraced my legs, and the midget #1 wanted me to lift her…..

I lifted her.

I lost to their cuteness. They are not midgets…. They are cute little girls… I wonder if this I’m becoming a lolicon…

No, this is other kind of feeling. But I’ll let that slide for the moment.

“You still shocked?” Asked Yozora.

“Kind of…” I replied.

“Also…. Why “Papa”?” I added.

“It was just natural. They are ours, don’t they?” Answered Yozora while smiling.

“……. Right….” I said,

I could not refute that.

“Master Engel. There’s something I have to say.” Said Lilya.

“What is it?” I asked.

“These children… They don’t have a name yet!” She declared.

…. WHY?!

Why is it that the naming it’s always my responsibility…

But… *Sigh*… I’ll do it.

“…….. Right…. I’ll think about them….” I replied.

Then, I looked to the little girl in my arms.

She then smiled. Also… Her eyes… One is green and the other is rose. And her hair is white….


“Papa… what… doing?” She asked.

Now that I notice, It’s impressive how they can talk and understand us just the day after they were born. Even if it’s a little.

“Your name. You don’t have one right?” I said.

“Name,,, What is?” She said. Obviously she doesn’t know.

“… Name… Is what tells that you are you. It’s given by Papa and Mama when you born. And now, I’m thinking about yours.” I replied.

“Name… NAME! Papa, I want one!” She said.


“Okay, I will. That’s what I’m doing anyways.” I said, then, after thinking really about it.

“Schnee. That’s you name.” I declared.

And, also it seems the other little girls listened to my talk with Schnee and started to say “Name! Name!” While pulling out my pants.

I gave Schnee to the pleased Yozora and lifted the other two cute midgets.


“Na-me!” They said.

“Okay okay. I’m thinking it… I think these names are not normal, but there’s no other option. I like them either.” I said.

I have already thought of ones. But they are really simple… Too simple.

“You, the white one… Will be Weiss.” I said to the one in my left.

“And you, the black one, will be Schwartz.” I added.

Did they understood it?

Oh! they both smiled! I bet they liked it.

Then, they wanted to go with Lilya and I let them go.

Then, Albrikt who ended its talk with the [Queen], came to my side.

“Unbelievable, right?” She said.

“Yeah, I know…” I replied.

“And there’s one [Flask] left…” I added.

“Also… Did you used your [Eye] on them?” She asked.

“…. No…”

After saying that, I used it on them.

………………. Eh?………………

“Level 150 each….. What is that?” I said.

“Yeah. They’re quite the cheat. The same as you.” Replied Albrikt.

“I know…. Also… What’s with those surnames?!” I exclaimed as I examined again to their status..

“??… Oh! Haha. Interesting…” Said Albrikt.

“Schnee Falsch. Weiss Falsch-Lykanis and Schwartz Falsch-Lykanis… Yup… It seems they legally are your children now.” She added.

I… Was just speechless.

But somehow, I think I can adapt to this. Because-

It’s not like I hate it or anything.

[End of Engel’s POV]

After this, the [Queen] invited them all to stay some time in her mansion, to what they agreed.

There, The kids could stay in a safe place for a while, before they resumed their travel. It seems in the late afternoon, Alize went flying to [Nanatsu] and saves all their possessions, so they would look for an inn there in [Muttsu], and Leslie clung to her declaring she wanted to see Engel.

So it didn’t changed too much their original objective.

They stayed there for two weeks and a half.

In that time, they played a lot with the kids and also taught them manners and the like. They surprisingly learned fast. Also it seem Schnee and Weiss clung to Engel.

They, with Albrikt and Blair became a complete set of white.

Also, they discovered their innate talent in magic. So, they needed some chokers as limiters, so they would not go rampant.

In the case of Leslie, she was the one who took care of the kids when no one else could do it.

Then in that period of time, Akio, Blair and Patricia went to the [Hunting Grounds] in [Nanatsu], because in [Muttsu] was too crowded. Also there were no news about [Loki] nor any more instructions about who was the next one to put their energy in the [Flask].

And coming back to the [Hunting Grounds], they got 50 tickets each, and then decided to go to the exchange point that appeared in their maps. It was in [Muttsu]. The whole party decided to take a stroll and go to exchange their tickets.

On a side note, the tickets looked like those old train tickets. It only said 1 Schwan Ticket in both sides.

Then, they went to the [Plaza], where the [Participants] revive, besides the entrance of a [Kerker], a [Flag] or the entrance of the [Training Grounds].

The plaza was a circular park with a big central structure that looked where an orchestra plays, but with walls. Inside it had 15 lined king size beds in a circle. There was where the “dead” participants appeared.

And now, next that structure, was a….

Juice dispenser?

“The hell is this?” Said Engel.

He had told everyone he was going to take care of the Tickets’ issue, but now he was a little lost.

“A Dispenser…? And also it says “Purchase Here Your Camellia Sphere”…. Wasn’t this supposed to be a secret or something?” He added.

So, when he decided to inspect how it worked, he found himself clashing with someone else.

That person seemed to be trying to do the same that him.

It was a tall, very, very well proportioned girl. Her height was almost Engel’s. With inked light-blue, straight hair to shoulder length and very bright hazel eyes. Almost if they were golden. Her skin is white milk and her face is as beautiful as if she were a goddess.

Engel… Blushed.

He believed the girl in front of him was so beautiful that for a moment, he thought he fell for her in that very moment.

“So-Sorry.” He said as he awkwardly moved away.

The girl… Was the same.

When she saw Engel, she immediately blushed and moved away too.

She also thought she had fell for him in that very place. No. She actually fell for him, but she did not got the complete feeling of it. It was one of those rare sight events, where you fell for someone just after one sight. And this was one.

“I-It’s okay. It was my mistake.” She said bashfully.

“No, it’s mine…. Well, let’s say it was both fault then.” Said Engel while half smiling warmly.

“You were going to see how this thing worked?” Asked Engel.

“Ye-Yeah. You too?” She replied.

“Yup. Why don’t we both see how it works?” Suggested Engel.

“Ri-Right. That will do. Hahaha” She said while smiling wryly.

They both inspected the dispenser and-

“This… This thing is a normal dispenser. You put the tickets here, and then the [Camellia Sphere] comes from here… Or so it seems.” Explained Engel.

“It was somewhat obvious, right?” Said the girl, who had calmed down a little.

“Why don’t we try now?” She added.

“Alright! You go first!” He said.

“Okay.” She answered.

She then took out the ordered bunch of tickets and started to put them in a slot.

After some minutes, she ended. Then she pushed a red button above the slot.

Then, the machine made some sounds and a translucent pink crystal sphere came from below. It had a camellia design in it. As if a crystal pebble were.

Then, Engel did it to, and both got their [Camellia Sphere].

“Thanks for waiting me.” Said Engel as he saved his [Camellia Sphere] in his [Item Box].

“No problem….” She said as she looked that wanted to muster courage….

“Shall I do it? Shall I not?” Was going in and out in her head.

“Eh… If there’s not much problem for you…. Can… Can I invite you to a drink?” She said bashfully.

“O-Okay. If-If it’s okay with you, I will.” He replied.

Engel had completely forgotten about his companions.

And as they were moving along the street, getting near to a [Café]-

“Say… I haven’t heard your name yet.” Said Engel.

For casual occasions, he preferred to not use his [Demonic Eye]. So he didn’t knew her name yet.

“Eh?! My name?…. It-It’s Krestin. Krestin Spiegel.” She replied.

“Krestin… Isn’t it supposed to be “Kristen”?” Asked Engel.

“Well… There was a mistake in pronunciation when my parents named me, so it ended as Krestin.” She said.

“And what about yours? I bet it’s a name like Paul or Liam.” Added Krestin in a playful tone.

“Hahaha. No, no. Actually, mine is quite eccentric too.” He said.

“What’s it?” Asked Krestin.

“It’s Engel. Engel Falsch.”

Krestin, when listened to his name, stood there for some moments, processing the events and-

Her heart started to beat even faster of what it was beating at the moment.

Her face got all red and she felt she was going to melt.

She did not knew what it was, but she only understood one thing.

Even after knowing his name…. Knowing who he was, she liked him.

That’s because when [Loki] informed her and Izaak about him, she got some prejudiced about who Engel was. She knew nothing besides his name, so she thought about him as someone completely different to the person she had in front now. Also she boasted to have a fight with him. She was not interested in Engel Falsch besides [The Tournament] and their mission…

But now was different.

She had fallen for him at first sight, and hard. She understood that. She didn’t see him as just a [Participant] anymore. She looked at him as a guy.

And she knew… That her feelings wouldn’t change.

Teil Vier.

They quietly had their drink, and even had some pastry.

Also they noticed that what they were having was too much of the earth’s flavor. But they didn’t dislike it either.

In overall, they had a very good time. A great time. They got along very well and get to know each other very well too.


“Yo-You know Engel… I.. I have something to tell you.” She said, trying to confess one of the things she hadn’t told him.

“What is it?” He said.

“Well… I… I am…. I am… I am other ingestor of [Skyfall]. I’m working with [Loki].” Declared Krestin.

“… What?” He said dumbfounded.

“Yeah… I’m collaborating with [Loki]. Ah! But it’s not that I approached you because it was you. It was all an accident I swear. I-I-I didn’t know who you were until you said your name and….. Sorry if you think I’m despicable or something….” She said while lowering her view and with her face very red.

Engel just thought about what she said for some minutes and-

He patted her head while blushing and averting his sight slightly to the sides.

“Well… The fact that you also collaborate with [Loki] is a big surprise…. But after thinking about it… I don’t think there’s a little piece of lies in what you said. So, I believe you. I believe all this was coincidence and of course, I didn’t thought for a second that you were despicable or anything the like.” Replied Engel with a broad and warm smile.

Krestin was utterly glad because of this.

She even smiled happily and blushed about it.

“*Cough* Well, going back to track… You did heard about me from [Loki] I suppose. I did heard that another ingestor of [Skyfall] was coming to the mansion in this island soon, but nothing else about it.” Said Engel as he took off his hand from Krestin’s head.

“Well… I-I only knew your name. That was all.” She replied while still blushing.

And while they were talking-



They both felt a presence. I was not hidden, and it was coming directly to the place they were. They knew that place was its utmost goal.

“You felt that?!” Asked Krestin.

“Yeah… I did. It’s not strong, but the accuracy… It’s probably looking for me.” Declared Engel as he stood up. Krestin also stood up.

Then, form the corner, some meters behind Engel-

“ENGEL!!” Shouted someone with great strength.

Engel turned around and-

“…….. Sis’?” He said as he looked to the one who called to him.

Teil Fünf.

Going back some moments-

Some time after Engel and Krestin left the [Plaza]. A couple of hours later, a group of people came out of the structure.

It was [Crimson Lava]… Except one person. Maria was not with them.

Because they had one member more, they needed to decide who was going to leave the party. Then, after a great discussion, Maria offered herself to leave.

Nobody said anything.

It was known that some days later she found a party that lacked one member and she joined it.

But, going back to the track, the only ones now in [Crimson Lava] were Daniel, Karen, Brunnhildr, Eita, Alan and Sandra.

In that moment, they were hanging out in the docks, when suddenly a marine beast of pretty high level swallowed them.

And they ended here.

The thing is that, the only one who put up fight, was Brunnhildr. Because she was angry that her fun time was disturbed, let out large quantities of lava and killed the beast, before reviving.

And the issue, is that she leveled up before dying. She reached level 100.

They had a hard time trying to deal with the [White Swans], that she and her party didn’t get enough [Tickets], and neither leveled up.

So she just reached level 100.

And then, she got a new skill. It was a [Yotse Skill]. The name is [Resonance].

It created a map of the area in a distance of 1.5 km and it could mark in it the enemies, allies and neutral people.

Allies didn’t count only as the party, but people you knew and acknowledged as an “Ally”.

Red were enemy. Blue were neutral and Green were allies.

Then, while testing it at just getting out of the structure, she noticed that she found names of her companions next to their points in the map.

Also she noticed that Maria was nearby too. She did not knew her new companions, so the only green dot was her. Also the only ones she relates with since they got to [Muttsu] was just his party.

So she would be able to count 7 green dots.

But there were 8.

Just barely inside the effective range, there was another green point. And she read the name out of curiosity.

And when she read the name, she stopped all thought and just started to run.

She ran with all her strength. Ran as if there was no tomorrow.

She clearly read that name. She knew that name… And somehow, she knew the skill was not wrong. Neither her…

She knew that the person she thought of when reading that name, was there.

She knew, his little brother was just some steps ahead of her.

“Engel! Engel! ENGEL!” She thought while running at full speed.

Her party, worried about her, followed suit. They barely listened to what she said, and decided to take a look.

Then, after 15 or so minutes, she got to where he was supposed to be.

“ENGEL!!” She shouted, as she saw the person steps ahead of her.

It was a white-haired guy with heterochromatic eyes, handsome and with a really well defined body.

She almost thought that she was wrong, but-

“…….. Sis’?” Said the guy when she arrived and he looked at her.

Then she thoroughly inspected his face. His facial expressions and everything.

He had different hair color.

His eyes were totally different color.

His body was completely different from before.

Also his face was just slightly different…. But she then knew.

She knew in the bottom of her heart, that the one there was his little brother. After staring at him for almost a minute, she knew it.

“Engel… You are, right!” She said.

She did not knew if it was just for clearing the residues of the doubt she had, or to convince herself she was in the right.

“…………… Yeah. It’s me.” He replied.

Then, she walked some steps, and as soon as she was to jump and embrace him, a hand touched her shoulder.

It was Daniel. And with him, all her party.

“Brunn…. Is what you said true? You found Engel?” Said Karen.

“And who is this guy?” Asked Daniel as he glared to the person in front of him.

Then, Eita suddenly realized after staring to him for some moments.

“He… Brunn. He is Engel, right?” Said Eita.

“”What?!”” Exclaimed Daniel and Karen. Sandra just stared at Engel to confirm it. Alan… was just dumbfounded.

“Yes, he is. I can feel his aura…” Declared suddenly Sandra.

“But… Also, it’s somewhat different. It feels… Stronger.” Added Sandra.

The whole party just stared to Engel and-

“Engel… Who are this people?” Asked Krestin from the sides.

Then, all their attention changed from him to her, and got even more dumbfounded. Because a supreme beauty was accompanying Engel.

Alan even paled from the surprise.

And then-

“Well, it doesn’t matter anything right now. It seems you are okay and even if you look different, I can bear it. Now, let’s go. Engel, I’ll take you to our inn, listen to your story, take care of you as always and then put you again in the party. And don’t worry, I’ll take out whoever is necessary of the party so you can come back. So now, Engel. Come here.”

Said Brunnhildr with a strange smile and extended her hand. But Engel did not move.








The other party members only stared at her in surprise, and Engel just sent her a cold glance with a serious aura. Even Krestin stopped her playfulness and got in the serious mood.

“Sis… I… Won’t go back. I am not going to. I won’t. I don’t want… to go back.”

Declared Engel.

After those blunt words, Brunnhildr fell in her knees and just stared to the void, while crying in silence. Then, all in the area noticed that the light was fading and there were some clouds in the sky.

It was starting to snow.

Engel, noticing this, got overly tense.

Also Krestin noticed the snow and got tense too.

Then, suddenly a shining white circle with some embroideries appeared in Engel’s right ear..

It was the signal of a communication being sent. It was Alize.

He answered the call.

“Engel here.” He said.

“Engel, come back now. Master Loki is here and wants to review the plan. We are just waiting for you and for the other ingestor of the [Skyfall]. He contacted me hours ago and we did not even have time to look for you. Sorry about that too. Also, he also informed that we have at least, one day and some hours before they arrive. When the snow falls, that’s how much time left we’ve got. Then, hurry!” Said Alize as she cut the transmission.

“She must be really hurried if she didn’t even waited me to answer….” Muttered Engel.

“A transmission?” Asked Krestin.

“Yeah, they are waiting for us. We should go now.” Said Engel.

Then he faced the people of his former party.

“Guys, if you want to pay a visit, I’ll be in the big mansion in the center of the island. You can do it only tonight or tomorrow. I have business to take care after that.” He said as he turned to the opposite direction.

“See you later.” He said as he left, then he took Krestin’s hand, and-


He said as he created a disturbance in the space and left the place in an instant.

The snow… Just kept falling as Brunnhildr, Alan, Daniel, Eita, Sandra and Karen dealt with the sudden rush of feelings in them.



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    So he had kids, hahaha, just as you said everything was possible right, and the bro-con already reunited and is yandere-like? Also with who will be the fourth child maybe with Krestin? Will it be the only boy?or a cute girl like the others? And now I get why 3 days for this giant chapter and at the same time a hilarious one. Anyways thx for new chapter

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  2. kmx72 says:

    Also this site is growing up . Now there are more people liking and commenting (other than me, which may sound arrogant but I don’t have any intention of it) and the story is progressing really fast, and Engel’s naming with her daughter being the color of their hair in German xD

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  3. wtf!!! a kid pops out so he thinks you know what I’ll do it again lol. now seriously how many girls is he going to meet? feels like its too many too quick. and I’m pretty much at the beginning haha

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