Magical Tournament Epilogue: Zeichen (Signal) – It’s Showtime!!!

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Epilogue: Zeichen (Signal) – It’s Showtime!!!

Teil Ein.

Engel and Krestin suddenly appeared in the middle of the salon where the machines were and where only one remains. The one with the [Life Stone Zero-Ni]

What happened, is what Engel used his [Arcana Element] magic. [Dimensional Magic]. He is able to teleport, distort the space, cut the space, and create pocket dimensions, and also teleport other things besides himself.
A clear example of his abilities is [Hekatonkheires]. He created a pocket dimension with [Dimensional Box] spell and there he saves the 100 lightswords. He can summon them wherever and whenever he wants. It’s the same principle as the [Item Box], but safer.

Well, resuming the main issue-

“Wha-What was that?” Asked Krestin.

“It was my [Arcana]. You have one too, right.” Said Engel.

“Eh? Oh yeah… ?!” Then, she suddenly realized she was holding hands with him, and instantly blushed.

“Ehh…. Engel… You hand…” She said in low voice.

“Eh? Oh yeah. Sorry…” He said as he let go of her hand and blushed a little. Then the door of the salon opened and [Loki] entered.

“I knew it was you, Mr. Falsch, Ms Spiegel. How did you got in here?” Asked he suddenly after going in.

“It’s a trick. Anyways, I believe you were waiting for us.” Said Engel.

“Indeed.. Also, it seems you already met, right? Well, we need to go to the main point of the conversation…. I want you to put both your hands in this machine.” He said while touching the [Incubation Flask].

“What?!” Said Krestin. Engel kept silence.

“Yes. I do need to give this as present to Ms. Krestin. The other two were for Mr. Engel. But at the end the two of you win.” Explained Loki.

“And what these tubes do?” She asked.

“Do not worry. I guarantee it’s safe.” Replied Engel.

Then, they both put their hands again in the metal plate and it happened the same as the last time.

It sucked their energy, it shone and exploded.

Then, a little kid came out and floated towards Krestin.

This one had light blue hair, and was a girl too.

Engel did not blacked out this time.

(Schnee had a rose and a green eye. Schwartz had yellow eyes, and Weiss had green eyes. I wonder what color are hers…)

Said Engel to himself…

Then suddenly the kid opened her eyes…

The right one was black. As the ones he formerly had. And the left one was bright hazel. The same as Krestin.

But it was just an instant… Then she went to sleep again.

Krestin was just too dumbfounded to believe what had just happened.

Teil Zwei.

Engel named her Mikaela. Her official name was Mikaela Falsch.

After that, Loki gave his robe so they would cover her, and took her to one of the vacant rooms in the mansion.

Then, when Krestin was more aware of the events, they both went to another room where everybody was, talking about the plans.

They spent a couple of hours there. And mostly it was about Engel’s mission.

He was supposed to exterminate the hordes of thousands of [Evil Dragons] and the [7 Cursed Dragons] that leaded them.

But, in overall the missions were like this.

1. Stop the incoming [Thousands Underworld Army]. It was Krestin’s mission. The place was [Poseidon]. Her party, [Golden Forest], as going to stop the remnants that passes through her in [Hitotsu]. The plan of the undead as to cross the sea and arrive to [Gaia] and use a [Transfer Gate] to go towards Celestial branch’s capital, [Saint Cross City].

2. In the outskirts of [Hermes] there lived the [Mad Titans]. And they’d want to secure and use the [Transfer Gate] there to go to [Olympus Heavenly City]. His advances were going to be stopped by Izaak. Izaak’s party, [Steel Fist] was going to evacuate the nearby cities.

3. The [Undead Prisoners’ Army] were going to attack [Hades] capital, [Tartaros]. Lene was in charge of that mission. Icy Lake was going to stop the ones who slipped through her.

4. Isold Ähnlich was going to stop any intent of invading [Imperial City Valhalla]. The [Dark Einherjar Army] leaded by [Utgarda-Loki] and several brainwashed [Divinities]. Her party was in charge of support.

5. And at the end, Engel was in charge of exterminating the [Evil Dragons] and [7 Cursed Dragons], the highest threat. They lived in a disturbed space no one was able to get in. They traveled in the form of snow clouds all over [Bereich], and now they were just above [Kazu Islands], and below [Valhalla]. It was a mission he only could do.

Also, they all were going to receive support from the [Asteroid Magician]. At least the places where it was more necessary. And other capitals and transfer gates were defended against [Dark Einherjar Army], by other [Divinities].

As to Engel’s mission, [Loki] was planning to use a [Transfer Gate] so he could go inside. But it seemed that there were various barriers around the snow cloud. He could not know where Engel would be arriving to. And  just when he was going to discard that plan and use another one pretty dangerous, he showed him his [Arcana] and that he was confident that he could get inside the disturbed space…

But he could only secure himself.

As the other ones, it was a one-man mission.

The fought over that for a long time, but then he skillfully convinced his party to let him go. Also, they needed to stay in the mansion to protect the kids and her majesty [Hakuhyou-Joou], Byakuya Hyouka. An important piece in the worldwide relationships.

It was 100% sure that some soldiers from [Utgarda-Loki], whether [Divinities] or [Evil Dragons] would attack.

Thus, after the long discussions, everything was settled.

Teil Drei.

After that, In the late night, while preparing his mind for the incoming battle, Engel received visits in the mansion.

It was [Crimson Lava].

Everyone, even Maria and Alan were there.

Also Brunnhildr, but with a stoic face and with zero reaction to anything.

“You said we could come anytime soon, right?” Said Sandra, while all of them entered the mansion guest’s tea room.

“Yeah. I did said that.” Replied Engel.

He had his serious aura and expression.

“It seems everybody it’s really tense. Is something big happening?” Asked Karen.

“Yeah. You’ll know about it soon enough,” Said Engel.

“Well… We don’t need to walk by the branches of the tree. Tell me, what do you want to know?” He added.

They all sat in some expensive-looking sofás, the party facing Engel.

“What we want to know…. We want to know what happened to you after you disappeared.” Said Karen.

“What happened to me… Yeah. You… You deserve to know after all.” He said, and then started his story.

He told them since his abduction from [Holy Eraser], until that very moment.

Excluding some parts of Yozora’s encounter, the [Skyfall] and his mission. Also about Schnee, Weiss, Schwartz and Mikaela.

Of course, he did not hid that he was helping [Loki], but he only gave vague explanations.


After the story, they said nothing. Sandra swallowed her tears. Alan, Daniel and Karen just clenched their fists and molars. Maria and Eita cried a lot.

Brunnhildr… She only listened, and cried in silence.

“You won’t say anything?” Asked Engel.

“There… There’s nothing to say, is it?” Replied Karen.

“You are right….” He said in a low voice.

“Well, now, I’m sure you want to know right, the reason I answered in such way to sis.” Added Engel.

He did not let all the feelings go, and pushed more pressure in their hearts so things could get clear at the end.

“……… Yeah. We-we want to know that. She must know why. Even if we have a grudge with her because of what she said, but still, if ever considered ourselves as companions, we need to overcome this.” Said Sandra.

What she was referring to, is what she said when she found Engel. That show would throw away any of them so Engel could go back.

In that very moment, she treated them not as companions but as disposable tools. As a “Place Holder”.

Even if they knew it was the spur of the moment, it still struck them hard. And they also knew that it must be talked and fixed.

Her attitude that is.

“Yeah… I heard that really clear. Well, to answer your question… I did it because something you know very well. It was her attitude. It used to be also my attitude too, but I changed, and she needs to change. Her complex needs to vanish.

She’s utterly obsessed with protecting me. Even if I need it or not, she has that struck in her head.” Explained Engel.

“You know… When we were little, our mother left the house from a day to another. No explanation, no reason. Just… Left. Because we don’t know anything, we did not blame her, neither our dad, but, to maintain the house and us, he needed to work hard. Our dad needed to overwork himself for us. He really loved us.. But he was not there when needed…

Negligence, it was.

We did not even see him in weekends, nor Christmas and the like. We knew it was for us, but even so it hurt.

In that time, when I had 8 or so, I started to search for fights almost everyday, and sis would come to aid me everytime. That continued until I got 12.

And in that period of time, we developed inside us, that complex. “I need her.”, “He needs me.” , “We need each other.”……. “We will be always together.”.

That kind of complex.” He said. Then-

“And you, when got abducted, fixed that attitude.” Added Eita.

“Yeah. Something like that.” Replied Engel.

“Well, I need to get going. You can spend  the night here in the mansion. You’ll be well attended; I’ll talk with the maids, so wait here until they came to pick you up. Are you okay with it?” He said.

“Yeah… We’ll gladly take you offer.” Said Sandra.

“Also, Alan, your sister and the rest of the party may be wandering here and there. You can ask a maid about that. Then, see you tomorrow.” He said and get out of the tea room.


Some minutes passed in silence, no one talked, then Maria broke the ice.

“So-Somehow…. He… Has changed a lot.” She said.

“Yeah… I know.” Said Eita.

“I’m sure we are no more than small fry compared to what he is now….” Said Daniel, with an inferiority complex.

“But, what do we now with Brunn? She seems that she did not listen to anything else after the story of his abduction though.” Said Sandra as she passed her hand in front of her face calling out to her.

“Well, I do hope she recovers by tomorrow. We need to discuss about our future.” Said Karen, then a maid entered the room and called to them.

Teil Vier.

Engel, who got out of the tea room, decided to take a stroll. He went directly to the upper garden. He had taken a cup of tea in a thick mug that a maid offered him

Under the cold air of the night together with the coldness of the snow clouds, he walked along the border of it. There, he could see the town. Getting happy over the out of season snow, preparing their business, getting drunk and etc.

He could feel all those feelings coming from the town.

Then, he suddenly found [Loki] drinking tea too, staring to the broad sky.

“Good night, Lo-” Then, he noticed something, and changed his attitude.

“Hi there… Dimitri.” Said Engel.

“You noticed, Engel Falsch.” Said the one who everybody knew as [Loki] the 22nd… Dimitri Kraulmoff.

“Yeah.. You don’t look in the mood tonight. Worried? about tomorrow maybe.” Asked Engel.

“Something like that indeed.” Said Dimitri.

“I… I want to ask you. Why do you help us… No. Why are you helping me? Fighting this battle is not yours.” Asked Dimitri.

Then, Engel tilted his head for some seconds, then-

“I have nothing else to do…. Or so I’d say but, looking at your mood, that’s not a satisfactory answer.” Replied Engel, and continued taking. He stood beside Dimitri and stared at the sky too.

“Well. It’s true that I want to fight because it’s interesting, but, don’t you think it’s incorrect to give help to that who needs it? Doing what you can, helping each other and having adventures… Isn’t that how is supposed to be the world? I just follow its rules.

That’s one of the main reasons.” He explained.

“And… Wouldn’t be a pity that such a beautiful world were to be destroyed? At the step things are doing, in essence, this world will perish. People will die in flesh and bones, then people will die in mind and soul.

I have a pitiful sense of responsability and justice, so I want to keep the way the world works as it is.” Replied Engel, as if telling that to himself too.

“A pitiful sense of responsability and justice…. Ha… Ha… Ha-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!… Of course… That it… Indeed… That’s all I needed to listen. Thank you, Engel Falsch… No. Engel.” Said Dimitri, throwing away the business smile he always has and wearing a sincere one for once in a while.

Then, they just stared at the city, then Engel thought of something-

“Say, Loki, why did you gave us as “presents” to those girls? I still could not get to a befitting answer.” Asked Engel.

“Ah! That… Indeed I did not explained anything. Actually, I… I want you to take them with you so they can be safe. They are homunculi indeed but, after all they are just kids. If the little Ileana hadn’t escaped, and you hadn’t appeared in that alley, those experiments would have not stopped, and those girls would have “born” in a place full of conflicts and nothing else. Only at the service of [Utgarda-Loki], they would have not known what a childhood is.

You know, Engel, that I have this belief… That a kid must play, run, laugh, eat, and sleep without worries and be loved by their parents. Kids must be kids.

That’s why, I want you to take them to a place where they can be kids.” Said Loki.

“……………………… Ohh… So that’s it.” Said Engel.

“Yeah, you’re such a good guy Loki.” He added while sipping his tea.

After that and a little more of chat, they both got separated, and when Engel was going back to his bedroom, he found Krestin in front of hers.

“Krestin….” He said to catch her attention.

She was just there, watching the wall.

“Oh… Engel. Taking a stroll?” She asked.

“Yeah, something like that.” He replied.

“Can’t sleep?” Asked Engel.

“Yeah… I’m a little worried about tomorrow. I decided to help [Loki] because it’s interesting you know. A one-man mission only I can do. It’s awesome, I feel excited about it. I think my heart will explode of emotion. I want to go and do everything I can.

But… Then, I think that I’m being too egoistical. That I must be a monster or something for enjoying this feeling of excitement…” She said.

“Oh… Well, I think it’s pretty normal. If it does not where for egoistical objectives, people didn’t help people that often. Also, if you enjoy it, there’s no way than accept that feeling. At the end, that’s who you are.” Replied Engel with a warm half smile.

Krestin, surprised by Engel’s words, started to laugh.


“Wha?! Why do everybody laughs?” He retorted.

“Haha… Ha. Sorry… It was not intentional.. But I feel better.” She said.

“If it’s like that, it’s okay then.” He replied. Then, he slightly patted Krestin’s head and left to his room in the mansion.

Only to find Yozora in front of it.

“Yozora?” He said.

“Hi Engel.” She replied

“I wanted to talk something with you…” Added Yozora while she sat in the floor and leant her back in the wall.

Engel did the same.



“You won’t way anything?” Asked Yozora.

“It seemed you didn’t want to talk.” He replied.

“But I do want to.” She said.

“So let’s talk.” He added.

“Hmph…. Well…. You know… I’m afraid. I’m afraid of you dying.” She said.

“I won’t die you know.” Said Engel.

“But we already listened to [Loki]’s explanation. Some of the strongest [Evil Dragons] and the [7 Cursed Dragons] can use [Antimagic]!” She shouted.

“I know… Even so, I won’t die. I wouldn’t let you alone after all.” He said.

“But at the end, even if you don’t die, after all this, after [The Tournament], you’ll leave. Alize, Haven, Cale and Leslie know that, but don’t say a word. It seems you can take Lilya with you… But what about me… What about us?” She said.

“I… I don’t know. Sorry, but I really don’t know.” Replied Engel.

“Also you’ll be leaven the children behind…. You are heartless…” She said while shedding some tears…

Engel just embraced her.

She returned that embrace.

“I’m sorry…” He said. There’s no other thing he could say. There was no other thing that needed to be said.

And when she stopped crying….

“You know… I …. I really like you…”

Said Yozora while holding him tight….

“That’s why…. Even if the time is short… I want to do some good memories…” She added.

Then she hold him even tighter and then-


She suddenly let him go and then kissed him.

Then she kissed him again, and again and again.


“Also… I wanted to say that… In this world… Girls are educated so they can marry one man. But boys are educated, so they can marry two or three girls…” Said Yozora

Then she held his arms and the door of the room opened.

“That’s why I don’t mind sharing you a little.” She added.

The ones who opened the door were her majesty and Leslie.

“Fufufufu…. I told you, Mr. Falsch. I was going to taste you sooner or later.” Said the [Queen].

“You… You promised, Engel. You did promised… E-Ehehehe…. Ehehheehehehehe” Laughed strangely Leslie.

Then, Yozora threw the dumbfounded Engel to his bedroom.

That night was totally censored.

And it really did happened.

Teil Fünf.

The next day.

Everybody slept until it was very late. Then woke up relaxed and had a nice chat while having lunch in the diner hall.

Engel, Yozora, Leslie and her majesty looker even more lively that day.

The ones who did not ate with them were [Crimson Lava]. They asked their food to be taken to their room.

Then [Loki] left with Krestin. He took her to the [Transfer Gate] in [Gaia], so she then could move by boat to [Poseidon].

And by this time of the day, Engel and Krestin had already recovered all the mana they had spent in Mikaela. She was the same as the other kids in their first day. And right now was quietly sleeping.

But going back to track-

When everybody was ready.

A notice window appeared in every participant around all [Bereich].











Then it disappeared.

It, was the signal everyone was expecting to start their missions.

Teil Fünf.

“[Dämonsauge] Activate! – [Transfer]!”

Shouted Engel, marking his leaving. He was in the upper garden, but suddenly he disappeared. Everybody saw him leaving.

He then found himself in a kind of clouds’ platform. Above him was the blue sky with some hours left to the dawn. Also there seemed to be cloud-made walls.  Then, he felt innumerable presences behind him. He turned around and found himself in front of thousands of dragons from different colors, appearances and sizes. And in the middle of all them, he could see seven dragons; each one with one of the color of the rainbow.

“It’s Showtime!!!” He shouted as he charged to the hordes of dragons with an enormous grin in his face.

Krestin, was several kilometers ahead the shore and the dusk has just passed; there, she was an enormous tree that had just born there. It was used to pierce the ground so the [Thousands Underworld Army]. They looked like obsidian-made medieval armors in different shapes, with different weapons and in thousands, they were 500 or less near her.

“[Boost per 200%]! Let’s GOOOOO!!”

She shouted to mark her beginning while activating her [Arcana].

Izaak had just arrived from the [Transfer Gate] and moved several kilometers ahead, it was noon. There, he found 20 to 25 meter height people with hammers, axes and greatswords. And in the front, their leader, a 50 meter man with lots of scars, ominous beard and head. Also had a shining blue greatswords. They steadily were advancing towards the [Transfer Gate].

“[Archive Open], [File Number 1900], [Create]-[10]!!!” Exclaimed Izaak as he activated his [Arcana].

Then, gigantic black crossbows appeared from nothing. 10 in number.

“Let’s see how you do…. [Shoot]!!!!” He said, marking the start of his battle.

Lene, in the other hand was gazing at the night sky. Then, she gazed to her left, the lights of the [Tartaros], where people sheltered inside their houses.

Then, she gazed to her right. There were thousands of the [Undead Prisoners’ Army], with shining eyes and skeletal bodies in the middle of the desert. They were getting more and more near by the second.


“[Time Burst]”

She used her [Arcana] while turning around to her right.

“Let’s start this game, my skinny friends.”

She said as she made vanish several of them.

Isold was right now in the outskirts of [Valhalla], riding a horse and she was leading the [Light Einherjar Army], against the [Dark Einherjar Army].


She said as she activated her [Arcana].


She shouted to encourage the troops as she rode forward.

Thus, all this events marked the beginning of the [Civil War].


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  1. kmx72 says:

    Lol, his first time being a foursome and with all older women who are beautiful and the night was totally censored, 😂 also will you explain in a glossary all the arcana or with the chapter themselves? Thx for new chapter , and I got confused Utgarda Loki is Dinitri, but I understood that there are two Lokis , though I guess not, so to clear my doubt Utgarda Loki is the 22d Loki, also Dimitri, right?

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    • It may be explained in the chapters… And it will be explained in the glossary.

      There are two Loki.

      [Loki]: This one is Dimitri and the good loki.

      [Utgarda-Loki] This is Slain and the bad loki.

      That simple XD


    • I can barely draw, and succesfully did Engel. I am not a super artist, but not the worst either. That means I am a 3 or 4 from 10. So it is not a perfect drawing. I only need to upload it but it will take time too. (I’m pretty lazy, and it’s a physical drawing, not a digital one).

      So if suddenly someone who is like, an awesome picture creator and wants to do my characters, he is very welcomed. (I’m in bad financial states so paying is a no-go). Also he’d need to listen to extreme annoying corrections by my side though xD


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