Magical Tournament Volume Two Prologue: Unterhaltung (Conversation) – Change of heart

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This will mark the beggining of the second volume!

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Prologue: Unterhaltung (Conversation) – Change of heart

Teil Ein.

It was a dark night with beautiful stars.

They could not get a carriage, and Engel’s [Arcana] was still unstable, thus they could not get to the nearest town.

So they were camping with some old tools Yozora has in her [Item Box].

Engel was nicely sleeping inside the tent. Also [Röskva], whose real name is Alize, was of quick dream.

The fire was still lit, and the only ones there were Yozora and Lilya.

But it was really awkward….“I, have a question, You- Yozora.” Said Lilya.

“What is it so suddenly?” Asked Yozora.

“You… Are the [Demon Empress]. Am I right?” Said Lilya.

“Mm? Yeah. I am. Or better said, I was. I no longer consider myself as such.” Replied Yozora.

“I see. You also passed by many things.” Added Lilya.

“But I bet I know the reason why you ask that.” Said Yozora.

“You want to know right, about the massive amount of human parts inside that cave.” She said.

“Yes. I do want to know. For courtesy to the [Master] I was assigned, I did not asked, but-”

“You want to know how much of a good or bad people we are?”

Said Yozora, interrupting Lilya and finishing her lines.

“Yes…” Muttered Lilya.

“Actually there’s much more to what you saw back there. I do not consider myself a good person, but thanks to Engel’s help, I am moving forward.

I say that because the one who did that was me.” Replied Yozora.

“I… I did suspect it was so. Master Engel’s attitude, aura, presence, pressure and manners did not match with such scene. That made easier for me to collaborate with you, but at the end, that still picked my interest.” Said Lilya.

“Right? Engel is not a saint, but even so, he would not so something like how that looked like.” Said Yozora.

“But I’ll explain to you, what was the real meaning to that scene.” She added.

Then she told Lilya everything what happened since she found him in the cages of her castle, until the very moment they unsealed Lilya.


“No words… I know. He’s too much of a good person. Totally different from me. Even I question myself whether it could be better just  to fly away from him.” Said Yozora to Lilya’s silence.

“……. And what did you concluded?” Asked Lilya.

“Impossible. It’s not that I’m dependant from him, but besides that I love him and wish to spend the rest of my life with him, there’s this something that does not let me go. I still don’t know what it is, but it also affects those around him….

Everything around him is so awesome that you just want to join.

I think that is how I picture it. And it will soon start to affect you too.”

Explained Yozora.

“….. Everything around him is so awesome that you just want to join….”

She just repeated those words and then stared at the sky.

Afterwards, Lilya loosened her mood bit by bit, and regained some of her expressions again.

This happened in the second day of the trip to [Nanatsu].

Teil Zwei.

[Dola Village], [Zeus Country]

A nice place full of cheerful people and nice bath houses.

There, in the [Stock Inn], rested a party from a long [Quest].

It was [Zaphire Sky]. I only had 5 members.

Akio Aoi, Kyoka Aoi, Blair Asterisk, Alan Strike and Patricia Strike.

Just now, they were lying in their beds and in the floor…. They were dejected to the point of utmost depression.

This was the 9th time they failed a [Quest].

Why? Because-

“Alan, can you retire now? No, please, I beg you, retire now. It’s a must.” Said Blair as she lye in her bed.

“How can you be so dumb, Alan?” Said Akio who lye in the floor.

“Blfghslsa sdasfdña dlskjs aslka sdf asdfghjk” (You should stop to think from time to time.) Said Kyoka, who didn’t even have the strength to talk.

Alan, was certainly not weak, but he was not strong either. He was worthless alone, and was even worse with company.

-He was dragging everybody.

“It’s true that you have certainly evolved since the first we worked together , but your pace is too slow. At this rate we won’t conquer a [Kerker] anytime soon.” Said Akio.

Alan, who was the one lying in the floor near the door, could not retort those words.

He knew, he painfully knew his uselessness.

Then, after thinking about it some time, Patricia, who was lying in the other bed in the room, spoke.

“Alan… This may be really sudden, but you have to leave the party.”

She said.

The very next day he left the town.

Everybody got dumbfounded by that decision, but it was for better. She explained her reasons to him.

She could not take care of him forever, and he could not depend from her every time. So, with the objective that he could grow strong in another party, she let him go.

If there was a party where he could stay for more than a week.

Then, it was noon of the day he left.

Patricia, to cheer up a little, left the Inn with Kyoka. Then at the entrance-

*Bump* *Splash*

“Oh, I’m sorry I never intend……..EH?!”

*Oh, there’s no problem. I do not mind it.”

Kyoka suddenly bumped into a handsome guy and spilled some water into his shirt from a canteen he was holding.. Tall, slim, white hair and red eyes. He was covering one of his eyes with his bangs.

“How handsome….” Said Kyoka as she stared at him.

“But she’s a girl.” Blurted Patricia out of nothing.

“Ehhhh????!!!!” Exclaimed Kyoka as the gu-girl laughed wryly.

They then presented themselves. Her name is Albrikt Blau-Himmel, and to compensate, they three went to the center of the village in a stroll to see how to repay her for the inconveniences.

Then, when they sat in the park near the villages [Plaza], Albrikt told her story to them.

It seemed that she was the party leader of an average party, then she got full of herself and they threw her out in [Delay Village]. Then she walked east to get to [Dola Village] and she was all alone now.

She totally repented her attitude, but she can no more go back to that party, and now she was there searching for a new one.

“JOIN! JOIN US PLEASE!” Said Kyoka as she held Albrikt’s hands.

“Eh? Really? You sure?!” She asked.

“Yeah… We are in lost some members and you just came handy. Also, I do not think you are a bad person, Albrikt.” Declared Patricia.

Then, after some pitiful and sincere gratitude, they resumed their stroll. And after some minutes of chat-

“Hey… What is that?” Asked Albrikt as she saw certain stall in the middle or the bunch

“Stone… Lottery Stall?” Said Patricia as she read the letters in the stall.

“A lottery? Why don’t we give it a try?” Said Kyoka as she walked to it.

Patricia and Albrikt followed suit.

Thus, after happened what was supposed to happen…

Izane Foxyn joined [Zaphire Sky].

This was the day Engel found the [Skyfall Tear].

Teil Drei.

“Master Loki! Master Loki!” Shouted [Röskva] while running to the [Treasure Hall].

“Did you need something?” Asked Loki.

“I want to join that guy’s party!!!” She shouted in excitement.

“Why?- No… I think its okay.” He said as Surtr entered the place too.

“Oh! Surtr! Just on time, I want you to do something for me…” Called Loki to Surtr while looking for something on his [Item Box]

Thus, after Loki explained what he wanted him to do-

Röskva joined Engel’s party.

That was the day Engel conquered the [Kerker].

Teil Vier.

A blinding light shone in the living room, and Engel and Brunnhildr disappeared.

But because of their conversation, they didn’t notice someone just arrived home.

An average girl with brown blonde hair and blue eyes. She had the uniform of a private middle school that unfortunately, asked their students to go the first day of the summer vacation too. Because the school year ended in that season, theirs ended one day late.

That girl, was Engel and Brunnhildr’s little step sister from his father’s political second marriage, Valeriya Wirklich.

She was arriving home when the light happened, and she saw them disappear in thin air.

“Wha-???!!!” She shouted.

She was dumbfounded of what had just happened.

She ran to the scene to see if it was true and not a joke of her elder sister.

Then, he checked the laptop in the little table and then she understood what happened.

There was once an even where a person who once assisted to [The Tournament] went to her school. She then explained how things worked in [The Tournament] to certain extent.

She didn’t care about it besides the events in the television, but now she was utterly interested in it.

“So… It was true… It’s like this…” She said while contemplating the place where her step-siblings were.

“I’ll patiently wait for you, Engel.”

She muttered with a warm half-smile. A smile she learned from him.

She totally hated her step-sister that hated her too, but got overly along with his step-brother, which she held a nice relation with.

That day, the day of the [Tournament Start], Valeriya would patiently wait for his step-brother to come back from his adventure.


3 thoughts on “Magical Tournament Volume Two Prologue: Unterhaltung (Conversation) – Change of heart

  1. kmx72 says:

    Seriously m his step-sister also , that damn Engel, lol, so when you make a prologue you re going to explain some things that weren’t mentioned?

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    • Sometimes. It depends of what comes in the volume though.

      Also… even if he was unpopular in his school, he wasn’t in other places. So expect a mayhem when he comes back xD


  2. theres a lot of randomness with how the story jumps from one thing to another. however I do like the little snippets of backstory thats revealed as it clears previous confusions and brings the story together.

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