Magical Tournament Volume Two Chapter One: Himmelsstruz Ein (Skyfall One) – A man against an army [First Part]

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Chapter One: Himmelsstruz Ein (Skyfall One) – A man against an army [First Part]

Teil Ein.

Engel charges towards the horde of [Evil Dragons].

“Comer here! [Hekatonkheires]!!” He shouted. He was approached them more and more.

Then, from several disturbances in the space around him, the pale green colored [Hekatonkheires] appeared. All the hundred of them, then he took two in his hands while running.

The dragons noticed him, and with no time to lose all of the ones in the front line attacked him with their [Dragon Breath]Fire, Ice, Wind, Dark Lightning, Water, Metal, Sand, Light, Sound, Poison and Crystal.

Hundreds of breaths pointed at him. At the place he was going to pass by.


“[Sephiroth] . Unlock Level 5 – [Severity]! [Engelsauge] Activate!!!”

He then unlocked his [Sephiroth] until the level 5, [Severity]. It melds his [Divine Element] with his other spells by default and gives him also a boost in strength.

He then jumped as high as he could and then he created 10 layers of a sphere with high density compressed light and it moved along with him.

That stopped their breaths.

10 layers
9 layers
8 layers
7 layers
6 layers
5 layers
4 layers
3 layers
2 layers
1 layer left….

Then the last one got destroyed.

But the breaths did not cease.

And when it broke… There was nothing. He had just disappeared.

And in that very moment of distraction, hundreds of light-made swords pierced the dragons’ bodies and then a bright green sword pierced their hearts.

Because these swords were clad in [Dragon Slaying] properties, they instantly died.

One sword per dragon, and then that process was repeated again and again until half of the frontlines were destroyed.

Then they scattered to avoid the light-made swords and the dragon slaying swords.

And above them, was the person that was supposed to be inside the light sphere that was destroyed.


And then all the dragons shot their breaths again against him.


“[Divine Lightning]! [Divine Crimson Fire]! [Saint Explosion]! [Holy Water Chainsaw]! [Divine Burst]! [White Ice]! [Saint Burial]! [Pure White Crystal]! [Saint Pursuit]!”

With a war cry, Engel let such quantity of high level magic spells fused to with [Divine Element] to clash with the dragons’ breaths.

Then it generated a massive explosion that engulfed all the area around them and killed the most of the left dragons in the frontlines. The ones left surely thought of that man also getting killed, but in the last moment turned around and teleported to a far place.

He then teleported back, above all the scorched left bodies of the dragons.

No more dragons attacked him carelessly.

Engel’s purpose was accomplished.

Prove his power to the enemy. Make them fear him, and to call their attention.

He was floating, looking down on them surrounded by his [Hekatonkheires], and calling their rage to him.


He then smiled broadly.

In that very moment, he found the place where he was less hated and disappeared from the place he was.

He then suddenly appeared in the middle of the lace he saw and-

“[Shockwave]! [Pressure]!”

He made an enormous shockwave and then threw his dragon slaying swords directly to the dragon’s hearts and killed all the nearby ones in a 365 grades attack and then he exerted pressure and used the rest of the [Hekatonkheires] to kill the ones left.

He used [Gravity Element].

Engel suddenly looked up to the sky and appeared there with all his swords.

And he then made rain desperation.

In that very moment all the dragons paid attention to him. Got cautious of him. Feared him…. And wished to clash with him.

Until this very moment, only at least 500 of 250,000 dragons died. And they were the lowest of the dragons.

Engel then continued with that pace, throwing his shining lightswords, and his light-made swords. Using shockwaves, applying pressure to his surroundings and using high level magic fused with [Divine Element].


5,000 dragons had already perished.

From low level dragons to mid level dragons.

Engel had almost depleted his mana.

But his health was not even one point less because of his tactic of hit and run.

(I’ve almost depleted my mana. I’ll drink some potions and start to use melee attacks. At this time most of them should be enraged enough to let opening and lower their guars because they suppositions of me being a magician.)

He said as he drank some potions to recover mana while floating above them.

The dragons didn’t try to shot him down, and that was good.

“[Sephiroth]. Unlock Level 3 – [Understanding]!”

He shouted as he prepared one of his most powerful spells-

He then lifted his hand towards the sky and-

“[Earth’s Crumble]”

Then the entire place started to tremble. The dragons felt the crushing pressure and aura coming from their enemy, and lots of them felt desperation.

Then, Tens of light pillars thick as stadiums started to pierce the cloud platform and killed hundreds and thousands of dragons perished in seconds.

Engel drank more potions and…

“[Sephiroth]. Unlock Level 1 – [Crown].”

He said in low voice. His aura completely changed.

Seven pair of light made wings of pure white grew from his back and an angelical halo was created above his head.

In that very moment, out of panic more and more of the left mid level dragons and the lower high level dragons shot their [Dragon Breath].

But it was useless.

He created a great barrier of [Antimagic] and nullified their attacks.

He drank again other potion and prepared other of his most powerful spells.

And again in a low voice he said-

“[Heaven’s Fall]”

Looking down on them in a cold gaze, but with respect towards them, he lifted his hand towards the sky.

Even the mid high dragons feared his amount of mana and-

Out of nothing, pure white clouds appeared all over the field and-

Big asteroids made of ultra-high density [Metal], [Fire], [Lightning] and [Divine Element] melded and condensed fell. They were roughly the size of a horse.

Attracted by [Gravity Element], all those asteroids fell with great force and momentum.

He also exerted [Pressure] to the entire field to avoid unnecessary movements from the dragons and then he massacred them.

In the first spell he killed 35,500 dragons.

In the second spell he killed 40,000 dragons.

From lower level to mid high and some of the high tier level dragons perished.

That, with the 5,000 dragons that died first, it was 80,000 dragons.

At least 2 hours has passed.

After the effects of [Heaven’s Fall], he prepared himself. He vanished 98 [Hekatonkheires] and held two in his hands. Those two shone so brightly that almost looked like light-made swords.

As all the high tier level dragons glared to him, he teletransported in the middle of them and-


He cut the head of a dragon.


And other.


And other.

*Slash! Slash! Slash! Slash!*

And other, and other, and other, and other, and other.

He pierced their hearts, slashed their heads and killed them mercilessly.

He stopped floating and when landed, he ran as twice or trice faster than the sound and leaving shockwaves at his path he killed and killed the dragons.

Then the dragons came to themselves to see that they were being slaughtered from the middle of their lines, attacked their enemy with all they got.

They slashed with their claws, tried to crush him with their feet and slash him their wings, also shooting their [Antimagic] breaths.

Engel, moved along it slashing and severing, running and giving acrobatic jumps, moving like water and attacking as if he were a beast.

He defended himself with his seven pair of wings and also shot projectiles from them.

Then, while trying to keep up his pace, he started to feel exhausted and there, he left a little opening.

Just a little, minuscule opening and-

He was slashed by a dragon’s claw.

Then several dragons shot him their [Antimagic Dragon Breath], and all they landed.



While lying in the cloud platform, he shouted full of excitement while smiling broadly, as he continued to do since the beginning except when he shot [Earth’s Crumble] and [Heaven’s Fall].


“[Divine Implosion]!!!”

He shouted, then all the dragons around him exploded.

In that moment he stood up, drank potions to recover his stamina, health and mana and analyzed his surroundings and then-

“[Sound Sheath]” He muttered.

Then his two [Hekatonkheires] were clad in a high vibration air sheath, that pulverized all that it touched.

“COME OOOOONNNNN!!!!!!” He shouted as he sprinted with all his strength slashing, slashing and slashing thorough the high tier level dragons.

In the spur of the moment, he killed 20,000 dragons.

Then, when no more dragons dared to approach him-

(This… This seems to start to get ineffective…) He thought, and-

He teleported to above them again, drank potions to refill his health, stamina and mana again and-

(I think I’ll use that…) He said to himself then-

“Come! [Tombokiri]!” He shouted.

Then his two [Hekatonkheires] vanished from his hands and a long beautiful spear appeared in his hands.

It was the straight yari [Tombokiri].

It was a spear created from the 101 [Hekatonkheires]. Yozora has in her [Item Box] a broken lightsword that she had with herself when she was crushed by [Zeus’ Lightning].

That broken [Hekatonkheires], Loki took it to [Brokkr] so he could repair it, but Engel asked him something else.

To create a spear out of it, and add the dragon slaying and Antimagic properties to it.

And it was a success. Engle named it [Tombokiri].

It had a straight blade of green color with the edges in red color and various embroideries in red resembling ivy. It was roughly one meter long. The body was made from [Black Lion], the most powerful earth monster that had lived through the times. It was a beautiful raven-black color. Its length was 1 meter and a half.

He then skillfully moved it and-

(With this… They will fall….) He thought and he charged forwards.

He fell as if he were a meteorite leaving white trails behind him and started to slay every dragon around him.

Then he advanced, and advanced and advanced as he were one with his spear.

Slashing, crushing, severing, piercing, killing, defending, shooting, recovering, killing, piercing, defending

And slaying, as if the momentum he had before was a puny joke.

In the span of 1 hour and 30 minutes, he killed the 100,000 dragons left.

He, then standing above the last of the dragons, removes his spear from it and then looked to his right.

There, stood the [7 Cursed Dragons], each one shining with one color of the rainbow.

They did nothing while their troops were mercilessly slain.

Because they wanted to see how far his enemy would advance. How far his enemy would walk that path of slaying dragons… And to see if he could touch their reign.

So they could be free.

“You…. The brainwashed ones….” Said Engel, while panting and looking for the lasts potions he had-

“I’ll slay you with all my might, so you too try to slay me with all your might.” He pointed to them with the tip of his [Tombokiri] while declaring that with a broad smile full of excitement.


Then, the mighty dragons with the height of a three floor building, raised their war cry and flew towards him.


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