Magical Tournament Volume Two Chapter Two: Himmelsstruz (Skyfall Two) – A man against an army [Second Part]

Aleksander here!!

A short chapter and soon there will be a follow up chapter!

Enjoy it!

Chapter Two: Himmelsstruz (Skyfall Two) – A man against an army [Second Part]

Teil Ein.

“[Boost per 200%]! Let’s GOOOOO!!”

When Krestin shouted so, she sprinted towards the [Thousands Underworld Army].

She then took out her two favorite swords.

“Come! [Excalibur]! [Caliburn]! [Infuse per 150%]!”

She used her [Arcana] to give them more power. [Excalibur] and [Caliburn] were [Twin Swords] given to her by the [Olympus Branch]. They both were made from an alloy of [White Mythril] and [Black Orihalcum], with a unique way of blacksmithing with [Divine Element] that allowed the swords to be stained in the silver color of the first than the black color of the former metal.
And they were boosted by her [Arcana Element], [Augmentation Magic]. She was allowed to increase the power of anything she touched or possessed with her mana. As an example, she could raise the temperature of a [Fireball] as to match [Hellfire Ball]. Or she could raise the attack power to match [Explosion].

And in this case, she used it to rise her own perception. Kinetic vision, kinetic movement, raw power, strength, speed, defense, stamina and resistance.

Then, there’s her “All trade augmentation”; her [Boost]. Also she [Infused] her mana in the object itself called [Twin Swords] and raised their overall performance to match her abilities.

She then, clashed with the troops. She swung the [Excalibur] in her left hand and-


Tens of the black knights shattered as if made of crystal. They were not men nor women, but programmed [Pseudo-Automatas] made of a weak alloy of [Black Steel] and [Devil Element].

And as pseudo-automatas they were, they did not even bothered to look to Krestin, they just had their mission of advancing towards their goal.

Like that, Krestin easily started to crush them.

[Elegant Piercer], [Elegant Smasher], [Elegant Slayer], [Elegant Slasher], [Arrogant Tyrant], [Arrogant Governor], [Arrogant Collector], [Holy Dragon First Form], [Holy Dragon Third Form], [Holy Dragon Fifth Form]….

Skill after skill, more than a hundred of them were destroyed, and eventually, she reached the thousand.

But that was not enough.

It was like fighting the ocean. It didn’t matter how many she killed; they would just walk forwards don’t minding her nor their destroyed companions.

She needed to stop them, she needed to be a threat against them, so…

“Damn! I didn’t want to use too much mana so soon.. But… Well, it does not matter now!”

She said then-

“[Boost per 800%]! [Infuse per 850%]!” She shouted

Then she started to release an enormous aura and pressure. Her aura looked as if she was clad in lightning.

“Lightning that represents my body and soul, manifest yourself and spread!! [Lightning Stream]!!” She chanted.

Then, clouds formed from thin air in the sky and released a white-blue thunder towards Krestin.

She, while chanting, had held her [Twin Swords] above her, and as the lightning fell, it struck her swords.

A massive quantity of energy and power invaded her and in the very moment the lightning vanished, she pierced the ground with the swords.

Then, controlling the energy did not go vertically but horizontally, she released her [Lightning Stream]. And in a radius of 1,500 or so meters, all the [Pseudo-Automatas] exploded.

A massive roar was heard and hundreds of them were destroyed in the blink of an eye.

“That’s not all I’ve got…” She said as she started to chant again. Even like that, the black nights did not stopped their advance.

“Lightning inside my very soul, roar and destroy my sworn enemy! [Boost per 700%] [Lightning Cannon]!”

Her swords suddenly got clad in pure blue lightning and then she swung them to the sides and she released massive amounts of lightning from her swords to both her sides. The cannons only disappeared after reaching the kilometer in distance.

(Damn! It seems this it’s not enough yet! I need to escalate quickly!)

She thought, then she started to drink some mana recovery potions and continue her chanting.

“Lightning that rules the skies alongside the air, give me your power to punish the one before me! [Boost per 700%] [Lightning Tree]!”

As she chanted that, she clashed her [Twin Swords] together and in that moment , as if it were a great net, the lightning released from her swords pierced all the pseudo-automatas around her in a radius of 900 meters in an instant. She then moved to a more crowded place. She had been in constant movement since the beginning of the clash.

“Lightning that bestow power to the rulers, come to my aid and take me to the top! [Boost per 900%]! [Lightning Airmine]!”

In that moment, a great pressure fell in the battlefield and countless clouds formed in the sky. Then several lightning fell in almost all the place. That did destroyed black nights to some extent, but it was not the end of the spell.

After, in the middle of the air, where those lightning fell, energy started to gather and created innumerable balls. With the size of a soccer ball and floating, they were filled with [Lightning Element] energy, then-


They exploded all over the field.

With 700 or so meters of diameter, explosions shone in the whole place.

When the light and the sound vanished, at least half of all the [Thousands Underworld Army] remained.

And then, all the black nights stopped. As if they were statues, they not moved even an inch.

They stopped not because fear, because they were mere robots, but, because new orders had been issued.

Their priority was no more “Walk towards [Gaia]”, but…

“Destroy the threat to you advance.”

All the black nights then moved their attention to the only one hindrance in their way, Krestin.

They all prepared their swords, axes, hammers, bows, crossbows, spears, daggers, shields, cubs and charged towards her.

“That’s right! Comer Here!!!” She shouted as she moved towards the incoming black knights.

(As Loki supposed, there’s someone here giving orders to this “machines”. If not, they would have never stopped. I need to find who are the ones guiding them. I hope one or another of them was destroyed in my attacks earlier, but that may be a little optimistic of me…) She thought as she started to clash weapons with the [Pseudo-Automatas].

Then, she started to feel some chill in the air, the temperature started to drop and Krestin even see her breath.

(What is this?) She thought to herself, then-

“[Drop Zero]”

She listened to a murmur and then all the black knights around her froze and broke in that instant.

“A high-level [Ice Element] magic spell…. I suppose that this is why I did not see boats in the shore. You planned to cross the frozen sea by foot… Right?” Said Krestin while crushing knights.

“Affirmative.” Said a female voice.

She was clad in dark blue, antique French-like military clothes and had her white-bluish hair tied in a ponytail. With gazing with deep blue eyes and stunning beauty, there was one of Krestin’s enemies. In her uniform, there was a big and white, number [2].

a [Automatized Tactical Machine Doll]. An [Automata].

“It was analyzed that you are our biggest threat to our objectives. Thus I came to eliminate you.”

She said in an expressionless face and an emotional voice.

“You destroyed twenty from thirty-five of us. So is imperative for me….No, for us to stop you with no casualties.”

When the [Automata] said that, other 9 [Automatas] identical to the first one appeared. The difference was in the numbers they had in their uniforms.

[12], [14], [16], [17], [18], [21]. [30], [33], and [5] were the numbers in all of them, and surrounded Krestin.

They all took black colored sabers and took stance while from time to time, the other black knights attacked her.

In that instant, the black knights stopped attacking at once and resumed their advance.

Then, the first one to move was [12]. Clad in transparent air, she attacked Krestin with her saber.


She fell in two pieces and ceased to function. All the other [Automatas] raised their guards even more against the enemy they had in front.

Because in the blink of an eye Krestin sliced the [Automata] in two.

With her [Twin Swords] clad in lightning, she exerted an intense pressure around her.

“So, who is the next?” She said while looking to the surrounding [Automatas].

“No one? Then, I’ll start going full force then.” Expressed Krestin as she drank a mana recovery potion.

The [Automatas], that felt the immense pressure, did not dare to move against her movements even if it was their doom.

“Activate – [Kingslayer]!!”

Shouted Krestin. Then a great amount of aura was release from her body.

She started to shine with a pure light blue color and then-

She disappeared from the [Automatas] field of vision.

[Kingslayer] was Krestin’s [Arcana Element] strongest spell. It increased her overall performance to the limits of her body and mana. Her total stats triplicate. A real monster.

*Slash! Slash!*

Krestin had already destroyed two automatas.

“What?!” Exclaimed [2].

But in her hands, there weren’t her twin swords.

It was a long spear with a deep blue body of more than a meter and a 50 cm sturdy, silver blade with black embroideries. It also had a little white flag on it.

It was her favorite weapon, [Rhongomiant].

*Cling! Clang! Clung!*

*Slash! Slash! Slash!*

She cut the other three [Automatas] that had shot her with [Ice Cannon]. Krestin cut in halves those spells, and the ones shooting.

[21], [5] and [33] perished there.

There were only six left. Then, the other [Automatas] [14], [16], [17] and [18] attacked.

[14] and [17] used the magic [Drop Zero] to freeze Krestin and [16] together with [18] tried to slash at her with their sabers. But it was useless.

With smooth movements, she pierced [16] and [18], and then slashed thorough [14] and [17].

[2] fell in her knees as if to acknowledge her defeat and [30] retreated.

And Krestin talked to her.

“You, [Automata]… You seem different. I’ve seen many [Automatas], but any like you. You… You have feelings, right?” She said.

Krestin had seen many other [Automata] in [Olympus Heavenly City] and they were as walking marionettes of mannequins. But [2] was totally different.

If she were normal, she would have attacked without hesitation or fled.

Also the others had traces of being a little odd, because a normal [Automata] wouldn’t have felt the pressure Krestin emanates. But at the end it was much more less than [2].

“Fee-lings? I-Don’t know…” Replied [2].

“It’s true. I guarantee it. You have as much feelings as a human. The fact you surrendered like this is a proof of it.” Said Krestin.

“I bet you don’t want to die, so, why don’t you join me?” She added as she extended her hand to the kneeled [2].

“Join you?… You are so sure about your victory against this massive army?!” Said [2] strongly.

“Yeah, I do. What do you say then?” Asked Krestin.

While any of the remaining black knights attacked, [2] thought thoroughly about it and-

“I… I may be becoming broken if I accept such offer, but even so I will. I am going to join you.”

Replied [2] as she took Krestin’s hand, slowly stood up and tore the number in her uniform. With it, a large cable-look alike came out with it. She threw it to the ground and stomp it, breaking a little device it had attached.

“Now I am out of the dominion of the army. I am no longer [2], nor your enemy.” Said the [Automata].

“By the way, can you give me a name, my ally? I do not own one and I feel interested in it now.” She added.

“A name? Well… What about “Aura”? I feel it suits you. And if you need a surname, let’s name you Aura Zweite.” Said Krestin with a wry smile.

Aura, smiled faintly and nodded, in signal of approbation.

Then, as if waiting for that moment, the [Pseudo-Automatas] started to attack them again. Most likely, [30] ordered so.

“Then, shall we start our alliance?” Said Krestin while taking stance with [Rhongomiant].

“Affirmative!” Shouted Aura as she too, took her stance.

With Aura’s cooperation and Krestin’s [Kingslayer], in 4 hours they completely wiped out the entire army and defeated the remaining [Automatas].

It was a  hard battle for both, and more for Aura, who found hard to follow Krestin’s pace, and also remain alive against hordes of black knights.

Also the one who easily wiped out the remaining higher ups was Krestin. Strangely enough, they were just [Automatas] in the leadership. But that did not made any difference and she destroyed them.

When she finished, it was completely dark now, and she was wondering how the others were doing.

Teil Zwei.

Tens, hundreds and thousands of the [Undead Prisoners Army] vanished while Lene rushed amidst them all.

She was using her [Arcana], [Time Magic]. She could control time at her will, but only within some limits.

She could rewind thing’s time to five minutes. She could forward thing’s time up to 10 minutes. She could stop time up to three minutes.

That was her [Arcana] in overall, but she held some dangerous spells, that sacrificing great amounts of mana, she could make things go forward by hundreds of years. It was limited to a soccer ball size area and a 2 meter wall effective area.

That was her [Time Burst].

And now, she was rushing among the skeletons that attacked her.

Just before they arrived to her place, she created a 20 km long and 5 km tall. A super massive barrier named [Sacred Maiden’s Prison].

It was made of three layers of [Holy Lock] barrier and two layers of [Hexagon], a powerful barrier that contained physical attacks.

Lene was very well versed in barrier magic. The thing is that she was not a [Divine Element] user. And that meant her barriers were made from [Devil Element].

That helped her to create such massive magic barrier… And tons of recovery potions.

So, the thousands of undead, understood that for them to be able to pass thorough that barrier, they needed to kill her first.

It seemed they lacked a general, so they only acted as a bunch of angry people.

Like a riot.

And that was utterly beneficial for her.

He walked among them and using her [Time Burst], she vanished every skeleton in her field of view.

She then attacked, attacked, attacked and attacked.

Skillfully, with [Black Orihalcum Claws] clad in her [Time Burst] and everything she touched, was made dust in the blink of an eye.

Soldier after soldier, vanishing armored skeletons, zombies and mummies she rushed through all the incoming enemies one after other. At the beginning there were only skeletons, but after an hour and a half other types of undead appeared.

As if it had no end, she keep drinking recovery potions and keep slashing, piercing, tearing, shooting and vanishing everyone in her way.

(Well… This… Is…. Is… Becoming pretty hard!!! I hope I can put up with this till the end!!………… Loki said that these guys surely would not have any commander, so I think I just need to wipe them out with no complication except my resistance….) She thought while vanishing undead after undead.

(Maybe it’s time to use the weapon Loki gave me…)

She said to herself while running to a place with more maneuverability.

And as she found one-


A thunderous slash could be heard and tens of undead vanished in a radius of 20 meters.

“Wow…. That was awe-some… It was no less than what he described from this scythe.”

(I practiced with it for a month or so, but even now it feels so surprising and outstanding…)

What Lene had in her hands was a black long scythe with a deep blue blade.

It’s name was [Chrono Adamant]. A scythe made of an alloy of [Black Orihalcum], [White Mythril] and [Blue Meteorite].

With it, things went more smoothly.

She clad the handle in [Devil Element] and the blade in [Time Burst].

Slashing, piercing, severing and vanishing.

As if it were a blade dance, Lene obliterated with anything and everything around her.

The undead with no feeling of fear, they kept attacking her one after another-

Until hours later, no one remained.

Not even one, every one of them was vanished from the desert.

No more noises of swords nor steps could be heard; just the sound of the wind.

“Haa…. Haaa…. With…. With this…. My job is done…. Haaaa!”

She said as she for the last time surveyed her surroundings. When she finally assured no one was there anymore, she fell on the sand and rested for the rest of the night.

But even so, she did not deactivated the barrier.

Teil Drei.

[Earth Rune Castle]

A fortress befitting its name of a fort.

Walls 10 meters thick and 50 meters tall; made of [Asteroid Ore]. The strongest mass-mined ore; Dark gray in color.

It’s internal structure was maze-like and had a central structure with a comparable beauty that of a fairy tale castle.

It was the headquarters of the [Utgarda-Loki] Faction.

It was located several kilometers behind the great tree that grew in the shore of [Poseidon].

It was the most safe place in all [Bereich].

And it was infiltrated by one man.

Several corpses of [Automatas], undead, [Pseudo-Automatas], [Dark Einherjar] lying in the halls of all the fortress.

And then, the one who slaughter everyone in his path, arrived to the [Throne Hall].

It was the [Divinity Loki], and in front of him, sit in the throne was [Utgarda – Loki].

[Utgarda – Loki] was a young man with dazzling long, blond hair and deep blue eyes. He had a handsome face and a well built figure.

He was accompanied by [Sindri] and [Hela].

Sindri, a small height, man. He looked younger than [Utgarda-Loki]. He had brown hair and red eyes. It could be felt from him that those were [Demonic Eyes].

Hela, is a tall, black haired woman with green eyes. She had a superiority aura and an arrogant expression. She has of a slim figure and an over the average beauty.

Those two were supposed to be leading the armies attacking the branches. [Sindri] commanding the [Thousands Underworld Army] and [Hela] commanding the [Undead Prisoners Army], but were stopped by [Loki].

They four did not say a word and just stared to each other, then-

“You sure are brave to come here alone, [Loki].” Said [Hela].

“It was necessary after all.” He replied.

“But even so, here you’ll meet your end.” Said [Sindri].

“Hey, hey. Calm down a little guys. You should be more respectful to the one who singlehandedly has opposed us.” Said [Utgarda-Loki] while mischievously smiling.

[Utgarda-Loki] stood up and-

“So, let’s see if you can fight us to achieve your objectives!!!!”

Shouted [Utgarda-Loki] as all them took stance. Then-

In less than an instant, [Hela] was knocked out as she was slammed into the wall.

She was out of the fight.

[Sindri] opened his eyes in surprise and [Utgarda-Loki] did not even reacted to [Loki]’s movements.

“Indeed. Let’s see who is the one who can achieve his objectives.”

Said [Loki] as he let go of [Hela]’s head and faced [Utgarda – Loki] and [Sindri].

[Utgarda – Loki] smiled broadly before [Loki]’s statement.


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  1. kmx72 says:

    Thought of Dragon Ball androids, the power of the mc of Highschool dxd to boost things, and Killua but more OP with Krestin, so in Kingslayer just an ability that makes her surpass her limits or like Killua that the Lightning makes her surpass her body physical limits, Lene has the most OP ability but lacked firepower without the schyte well and Loki was simply too OP for the general (Dimitri) Also could you explain the metals like White Mythril , like their properties what is the difference between Divine and Demonic powers , and so how did the Demonic powers of Lene make over made potion and which is more OP from these three Engel , Krestion , and Lene or as I thought depends on what type of battle would be ? Also did you didn’t have time time to write this week than others? Or just simply the chapter was delayed? And Last there was a ia instead of is when you described Hela

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    • Thanks for the Hela thing XD

      Well, first of all, I’m in process of writing the [Codex], that is where I explain most of the terms I used.

      Also, Divine and Devil is what you know as light and darkness in most of storied and games, just that I changed their names on a whim while creating the Magical Tournament Universe.

      About Lene, it that she drank constantly tons of mana recovery potions while creating the top tier barrier so she would not run uut of mana. Imagine, such a big barrier just before a battle? She needed. And also it wassaid that only [Divine Element] users were able to created barriers, but Lene overturned that with her creating a [Devil Element] Barrier.

      Between Krestin, Lene and Engel… The most powerful in [Arcana] terms is Lene. She can control time you know. Then, I will picture such battles when they get to the next part of the tournament when they return to earth. Expect it.

      So at the end, it depends how the battle will be going. If the three of them were to fight a the same time, it would be a situation of “who can K.O Lene the fastest” and then a battle between Engel and Krestin, but even so, I created the [Arcana] so neither of them would be flawless.

      Only and [Arcana] can beat and [Arcana]. That’s how it is.

      Also, I was overly busy. So busy that when I thought I had free time, it was me napping in the middle of my busy-ness.

      It was delayed because of that. This was suposed to be done on Thursday, but I got more busy and pam! I could only finish it today.

      That’s the story.

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      • kmx72 says:

        So in question can Lene turn the time a of a person forward? If she can too OP since, let s take the hypothetically triple battle of before, she could turn engle or Kristin old making them lose some of their power,or get Bak from the future where she loses and know how to react to things , or The horda bolita of stopping time would be if they can endure the attacks of Lene

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      • That would be chosing a possible future from thousands of futures, thus is too improbable to affect something with too much futures with [Time Burst].

        She controls time but can’t move thorought it. So she can’t travel to the past. She can not control dimensions as engel, so she can’t travel to the past nor future.

        Also, every person has a natural magic barrier that makes impossible to affect their bodies.

        If it weren’t like that, it would be like “Avatar: The Legend Of Aang”, where Waterbenders could control people with Blood Control.

        That is not possible here. A person could create a spell to drain all the water of a person’s body and then kill that person, but because that natural barrier, it is not possible.

        The thing with [Divine Element] magic that is for healing, is that the person subconcisiously weakens that barrier so that magic can work in his body.

        So, in the case of Lene, she can’t manipulate Krestin and Engel’s bodies with her [Time Burst]. The thing with the Undead is that they didn’t have this barrier becuase their state as living-dead.

        So, the most effective attack would be the time stopping.

        She has three minutes, at cost of all her mana, to make everything she wants.


  2. kmx72 says:

    Also since even if she doesn’t know the abilities of Engel or Krestin she could know them by going back on time, in terms of battle where they don t each other abilities all need to be wary of each other she would win by going back in time, lastly two questions
    Can she increase her time limits by leveling up ? By the way also Engel and Krestin can they raise their abilities further by leveling up?
    2 In terms of raw power then Engle win to the others mentioned? To all Arcana Users?
    And Jojo reference question
    Do arcana users attract each other like stand users? XD

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    • FIRST OF ALL!!




      Sorry for that joke, but, I do not get the reference of the attraction. Can you explain it?

      Then, As I said, she can’t travel thorough time, so it’s impossible.

      Yes, they can increase their limits by raising levels as every other participant.

      And in raw power…. No. Engel is the average of all them, Lene being the weakest in raw power. The strongest in raw power would be either Izaak or Isold. Of course, if we don’t include the [Arcana].

      As a matter of fact, Engel is the fastest of them all. He prefered it like that; because it does not matter how powerful an attack is if it does not lands.


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