Magical Tournament Volume Two Chapter Three: Himmelsstruz Drei (Skyfall Three) – A man against an army [Third Part]

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Chapter Three: Himmelsstruz Drei (Skyfall Three) – A man against an army [Third Part]

Teil Ein.

Izaak was really fired up while fighting the [Mad Titans].

The [Titans] were an antique race that lived since the [Yotse] age. They were different from the [Giants], which belonged to the [Mythe] Race. The [Giants] were only 3 meters height at most and 2 in average. [Surtr] was from that race.

They were cursed by the [Yotse] because of their arrogance, so if they ever were to left their village, they would become mad. Some of them did not listened and when they got out, they became crazy and rampant, thus, people named them [Mad Titans].

They lived excluded all this time. And they have never left their village.The ones who are fighting with Izaak were the ones who left their homes centuries ago.

And Izaak had slaughtered Half of them by now. There were at least 500 of them left from 1,000 than were walking towards the gate.

He used gigantic crossbows, railguns, coilguns, catapults and gunpowder cannons.

Most of them were skillful enough to guard themselves from those attacks, but the others easily fell prey to his projectiles.

From the constant shots, 250 titans died.

Those projectiles and artifacts were product of his [Arcana]; [Creation Magic].

He could create anything he wanted from thin air.

But it is not omnipotent. He needs to thoroughly know about what he creates. For example; If he tries to create a sword, he needs to know the metals needed to forge it, its thickness, weight, size and the complete structure of it.

It is necessary for him to feel and know every part of what he wants to create.

That’s why what he can create is very limited.

But now, that did not stopped him. He used his magic for long range attacks with enormous and simple artifacts.

Going back to track-

After the first 250 perished, the other 725 enraged and attacked him head on, and other 250 died.

And that takes us to where we are now.

Izaak was drinking mana recovery potions while keeping a constant firepower.

But his trajectories were too simple and the most skilled ones were able to evade and defend themselves from his projectiles.

“It seems I have to get serious now…” He said to himself as he shot a last round of ammunition and stopped his long ranged attacks.

He then put his hands in the floor and-

“[Archive Open], [File Number 003], [Create] – [1], [File Number 005]. [Create] – [1,500], [File Number 010], [Create} – [1]!!!”

He exclaimed.

But nothing happened.

Then, the incoming titans fell through the ground. The stepped on weak ground and fell to a pit trap.

Several of them died pierced by massive steel spikes protruding from the pits.

It was such an enormous trap that for an human it may look like a deadly cliff.

400 of them died.

Even if it was a sly movement, it was necessary.

Izaak drank another potion and then started to walk towards the 100 left.

75 of them looked like over the average, and the other 25 looked like the leaders of the pack.

And among them, was the tallest of them. A 50 or so meter man with lots of scars, ominous beard and head. Also had a shining blue greatsword.

The most threatening and for sure, the strongest.

“These guys understand no reason, so all I need is to annihilate them, said Loki…. So I’ll do that.”

He said as he drank another potion.

“[Archive Open], [File Number 3555], [Create] – [1]”

As Izaak used his [Arcana], from the ground around him started to create black steel pieces.

One, two, three four, five and more, they moved as in pieces in a puzzle, the all moved along and joined together.

No; they melded together, and created a 55 meter or so enormous golem. It looked as dark gray medieval knight in a full body armor and it had a massive spear in its hands.

Izaak was in its shoulder.


He said as he moved to the great armor’s helmet and entered it.

Then, the armor stated to move as if it had its own will.

It was because Izaak had used a spell to control directly with his mind the armor.

It moved a little sluggishly, but in overall function, it was alright.

As he confirmed its functionality, he sprinted towards the incoming 100 titans.

With spear in hand and causing shakes with every step, he advanced and clashed with the titans.

The firstly fought with the strongest, their leader. The 50 meter titan.

*Cling Clang Clung Clang Cling Clang Clung Clung Clang*

They both clashed their blades for several minutes until the titan left an opening and-


The titan slashed one of the colossal knight arms.

But at a great price.

He was pierced by Izaak’s spear.

Izaak then let go of the spear and from the ground created another arm and spear, and charged towards the other titans.

It took him almost an hour to slay the rest of the 24 strongest.

By no means they were inferior to the 50 meter titan, but the difference in raw power and in height decided their destiny.

As a symbol of his victory, Izaak left the spear he used to pierce their torsos in their bodies. Even if he used lots of mana in all them, he felt it was necessary.

Then, from the back of the colossal knight, he took an enormous coilgun and slew the rest of the [Mad Titans].

Teil Zwei.

Isold Ähnlich.

She was never the most intelligent, nor the best in sports. The only thing she was good in, was to follow orders.

That’s how things escalated to this day. She simply followed life.

And now, she still was doing so.

The circumstances are different. From her own will, she decided to do this. It was not an order, but at the end she needed to follow some.

And that’s how we are in this battlefield.

She had now nearly annihilated all of the incoming enemies. The other ones were defeated by the army that accompanied her.

The only ones left were the generals of the [Dark Einherjar Army].

They called themselves the [Descendants of Sigfried]. They were the commanders of the [Light Einherjar Army], but were brainwashed by [Utgarda – Loki].

She was ordered to catch them alive, and she was going to do so.

They were four; the strongest warriors of [Valhalla Imperial City]. Clad in a [White Mythril Armor] with [Divine Element] in it.

She slowly advanced. And they rushed to attack her.

Then all of them with sword in hand, slashed her.

Each of them, trained as a team, tried to sever her limbs and then kill her, but-

Their swords broke.

With an alloy of [White Mythril], [Black Orihalcum] and [Black Steel] together with a clad in [Divine Element], they were absolutely sure they were going to kill her. But they failed.

And their supposedly, most powerful swords in [Valhalla] got crushed.

But the thing is that she did not moved an inch. She did not tried to block, nor to evade. She just waited for third attack and when they prepared to slash at her, and their swords tried to cut thorough her flesh, they broke.

They did not knew, but it was her [Arcana] active.

[Minimal Movement Magic].

It allowed her to move the molecules at high speed, her molecules moved so fast that it breaks through other molecules.

As if she were a ghost; [Accelerate].

But that was not all. She had other magic spell in her sleeve.

She could also stop her molecules, to create an impenetrable entity where no other molecules could pass through.

As an immovable wall; [Decelerate].

She used the former to destroy their weapons.

Then, when they presented such opening, she used her sledgehammer to knocked them out.

It was the [Ultimate] level weapon, the [First Valkyrie Sledgehammer].

She then noticed that there was no more activity around her.

Everything was over.

After she singlehandedly almost crushed all the enemies and their commanders, they claimed victory.

“Better rest. I feel tired.”

She said while she started to walk. And after some meters she fell to the ground. She took a nap right there in the middle of all the knocked enemies.

She had luck that her allied commanders noticed her and took her with them.

Teil Drei.

[Loki] had absolutely dominated [Sindri] and [Utgarda-Loki].

Everything they tried was futile.

Even if [Sindri] had a [Foresight Angelic Eye] and a [Clairvoyance Angelic Eye] and [Utgarda – Loki] had its illusions, it was useless struggle.

[Sindri] was knocked down in the floor and [Loki] was holding [Utgarda-Loki] by his neck.

“I-Idiot…. Even if you stop my army…. Even if you stop the undead… Even if you stop the pseudo-automatas…. Even if by a miracle you stop the titans… YOU CAN’T STOP THE DRAGONS!

They are thousands! The most powerful beings! And even if they are now weak compared to the past, the seven cursed dragons will destroy Valhalla!!”

Exclaimed [Utgarda-Loki]

Then, [Loki]

“Ha-Ha…Haha…Ahahaha….AHAHAHAHA-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Indeed you are right. They certainly are powerful…” He said.

And when [Utgarda-Loki] was preparing himself to counterattack with a spell-

“But I’ve got something even more powerful. [Imperial City Valhalla] will not fall.”

Replied [Loki] in a prideful, strong and full of confidence voice.

[Utgarda-Loki] doubted his own words by a second, and in that moment [Loki] crushed his neck.

“With this… I hope everything is over.”

Added [Loki] as he took the brainwashed [Sindri] and [Hela] and slowly walked towards his home; [Valhalla].


4 thoughts on “Magical Tournament Volume Two Chapter Three: Himmelsstruz Drei (Skyfall Three) – A man against an army [Third Part]

  1. kmx72 says:

    An short chapter that explains the aftermath of the battle, great.
    So how many files does Izaak have and what is the limit of things he create?
    So Isold got the arcana of Flash? XD my question is wouldn’t the swords break with either of the abilities of her arcana since it is an immovable fortress wouldn’t it break also?
    After the first 250 perished, the other 725 enraged and attacked him head on, and other 250 died.
    This,obviously 1000-250=725 And 725-250=500 , lol
    And in here should be someone I think
    The circumstances are different. From her own will, she decided to do this. It was not an order, but at the end she needed to follow some.

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    • He can have unlimited files. The files amount to anything he has created once. the file 1000 could be a cube, but not a perfect one. The file 1001 could be a perfect done cube. That’s the gist of it. He has no limits. Even if he were to analyze the entire theory and practice of an arcana, he could replicate it, but that could cost all his mana and a life of useless investigation.

      Actually that’s a metaphor. She’s certainly stonger than an inmovable fortress. And she can’t move like flash, only her molecules. The swords would only shatter with that spell.


      And about the titans, I got lazy with the numbers. They needed to be enought to be a threat, but not so many that it seemed unnatural with their history.

      And in “Some”, it meant as in “Orders”, not in “Someone”. XD


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