Magical Tournament Volume Two Chapter Four: Himmelsstruz Vier (Skyfall Four) – A man against and army [Final Part]

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Chapter Four: Himmelsstruz Vier (Skyfall Four) – A man against and army [Final Part]

Teil Zwei.

“You…. The brainwashed ones….” Said Engel, while panting and looking for the lasts potions he had-

“I’ll slay you with all my might, so you too try to slay me with all your might.” He pointed to them with the tip of his [Tombokiri] while declaring that with a broad smile full of excitement.


Then, the mighty dragons with the height of a three floor building, raised their war cry and flew towards him.He immediately drank the potions and retreated.

Of course he would not attack head on 7 of the strongest beings in the world just after slaying so much of their kin.

You could say that the power of one of those is equivalent to the 2.5/10 of the army he just defeated. Truly powerful.

So, he flew upwards the fastest he could and hid in some clouds.

(Crap, my performance rate is lowering… At this rhythm, I doubt I can with all them. Also it seems that one of their [Antimagic] breaths can actually kill me, so I need to be careful this time…)

He thought, then he felt a presence below him, so he used a shockwave to move out of there.

Then an immense crimson red breath was shot in the place he was.

(Daaaammmmnnn!! I tried to look cool saying they did not need to hold back, but now I really want them to just stay put!!) He screamed in his mind while he moved again to avoid other incoming breaths.

(Crap… Well, it’s better if I get in the mood again…)

Added Engel.

Because there was some minutes gat between the last [Evil Dragon] he killed and what he said to the [7 Cursed Dragons], his mind took a little rest from all the pressure, taking him out of the mood, but now he was ready again to go full force.

“Well… I’ll start using [Antimagic} then.” He muttered as he casted one of his greatest spells.

“[Kuiper’s Theorema]”

He muttered.

Then, tens of ping pong-sized light-made balls were created around Engel. This little balls were just like [Saint Pursuit], but five times faster and stronger, and were melded with [Antimagic].

But that was not it’s better trait. It was that they were controllable. Thanks to his [Demonic Eye], he could control every one of those balls.

(Here comes the fastest!)

He said to himself. It was because he teleported to a place far away of them and prepared his spell. Then the one who would catch up first to him was the fastest, and that’s what he wanted.

“[Mercurius]!” He shouted while moving.

Then he shot several of the light-made balls towards the incoming dragon.

The incoming dragon was a bright yellow one with eight wings and a slim body compared to the others. He has protruding fangs all over his mouth and was clad in lightning and moved faster than sonic speed.

His name was [Cursed Lightning Dragon] – [Lektycon]

When [Lektycon] noticed the incoming light-made balls he just evaded them with his great speed, eliminated some with his breath and moved forwards.

Or that was supposed to happen.

Engel, the moment the balls were near him, he snapped his fingers and the light-made balls increased their speed by tenfold. They were so fast that even [Lektycon] did not noticed them;

And they pierced his wings, while some others just exploded with just touching his skin, leaving some slight scars.

(Crap! I was too far!) Cursed Engel. He wanted to end the dragon with that. But it was completely impossible. He needed [Tombokiri] for that.

(It was too naïve to expect something from this spell against those dragons!) He shouted in his mind.

He then accelerated and moved towards the hindered [Lektycon] with [Tombokiri] in hand.

[Lektycon] then prepared his [Antimagic] breath to intercept Engel while his body and wings healed.


Shouted Engel as he got near [Lektycon].

All the light-made balls joined together as if they were magnets and created and octagonal-shaped shield.

With it, he repelled the breath and tried to attack the cursed dragon, but-

*Clang!* *Swoosh!*

The other dragons caught up to them and attached him with their breaths.

The red-scaled dragon, [Cursed Fire Dragon] – [Nitycon]. He had two wings and the biggest build of all them; and the strongest firepower.

The orange-brown scaled dragon. [Cursed Earth Dragon] – [Tatycon]. A slightly less build than [Nitycon], but with no wings.

The green-scaled dragon, [Cursed Wind Dragon] – [Catycon]. A Chinese type dragon with a pair of deer horns and no wings.

The blue-scaled dragon, [Cursed Water Dragon] – [Cetycon]. Another Chinese type dragon with eel-like appearance.

The black-violet scaled dragon. [Cursed Devil Dragon] – [Aktycon]. A slim dragon with four wings.

And the light-indigo scaled dragon, [Cursed Divine Dragon] – [Itycon]. A slim dragon with four wings.

They all were clad in their respective [Magic Affinity].

(Crap! They caught up!) Said Engle to himself as he thought a way of getting out of that predicament.

(By the time being, I need to avoid being surrounded!) He thought as he moved in various random patterns while defending from the [Antimagic] breaths with [Jupiter], [Tombokiri] and [Sephiroth] wings.

Then, he found a way to dealt great damages to them.

“[Uran]!” He shouted as he flew downwards while dodging them.

Then his shield disintegrated in the previous light made balls and then, them grew bigger and stopped midair, acting like air mines.

The dragons did nor cared about them and flew straight towards Engel.

(Even if it’s a simple trick, I hope it works….)

He said to himself as the light-made balls he let behind exploded while the dragons chased for him, creating a smokescreen.


“[Dämonsauge] Activate!!” He shouted and-


Shouted in agony [Lektycon].

He had been pierced directly to his heart by [Tombokiri].

Then, Engel with all his speed flew towards the dragon and took his spear and flew higher.

“I did that, but even so I don’t stop thinking it was such a luck that they let their guard go down…” He muttered as [Lektycon] fell from the sky.

Engel then created more light-made balls and then charged again towards the cursed dragons.

“[Asteroid Crown]”

He said as all the light-made balls got smaller and started to create two rings around Engel and to orbit around him at high speed.

With [Tombokiri] he came to close quarters with [Cetycon].

He defended from the breaths with his wings and tried to attack with [Tombokiri] and to dealt some damage with the high speed rings around him.

But it was hard.

It was like chasing a snake and also the other dragons tried to shot him down at any opportunity they saw.

And when Engle got in a good point against [Cetycon]-


He shouted and the rings; the light-made balls spread as if a fragmentation grenade exploded.

Then after they spread without touching the dragons-

It immobilized them for a slight moment.

The spell [Asteroid Crown] was and offensive-defense for close quarters, but useless to defend against long ranged attacks like [Jupiter].

Then, Engel created [Ceres] to simulate a fragmentation grenade.

A sure hit attack. But then, it was useless in this battle. The only thing with enough strength to dealt real damage to his enemy was [Tombokiri] and [Hekatonkheires].

Because the full monopolize of his [Demonic Eye] with [Kuiper’s Theorema], he could not attack them with his swords; not to mention that was more effective to use this spell than his swords. It was more versatile,

So he needed to get near them. The previous trick of throwing his spear won’t work twice, so he decided to make a slight modification to his [Ceres].

He infused them with strong [Gravity Magic] to create a net and paralyze his enemy.

He only needed a second.

Then, when he got it-


The head of [Cetycon] fell from her body.

There were five cursed dragons left.

But then things got serious.

Engel felt a great pressure behind him and then her realized rugby-ball sized [Saint Pursuit] were chasing him along with [Antimagic] breaths.

“CRAP!” She shouted instinctively.

Then he flew back with all he had and created more light-made balls.


Engel casted [Jupiter] and then blocked a breath and some of the [Saint Pursuit] and sliced the others with his spear.

But the dragons were coming at a tremendous speed. [Nitycon] then shot a breath of [Lava] to higher in the sky.

It started to rain [Lava].

“Shitter!” He shouted, and then he created massive shockwaves to clear his path. But he let off guard the [Saint Pursuit] and then he got hit by some.

“Argh!” Exclaimed Engel.

Then he flew downwards.

“Crap!….. [Venus]!”

As he fell, he casted another spell. [Jupiter] disintegrated and then the light-made balls flew towards the incoming dragons that prepared their breaths.

Then the light-made balls avoided them. After they passed through the balls, [Venus] activated and the light-made balls started to pursue the cursed dragons.

The balls took a drill like shape and fell towards the dragons at an incredible speed;

They dodged most of them but some of them pierced their wings and others scratched them.


Shouted Engels as he let go all of the left light-made balls and threw them towards the cursed dragons.

Then, in the middle of their trip, they exploded.

The cursed dragons became wary of what could come from the smoke-screen.

*Slash! Slash! Slash! Slash!*

They did not even noticed, when, but suddenly tens of swords fell from above and pierced them. But that was not all.

They did not noticed either that [Catycon] had fallen. No; They did felt the very moment he fell and when Engel slew him, but not before not afterwards.

“Impossible!” They said to themselves.

With that amount of energy and pressure coming from him it was impossible to for them to not to notice him at all. But now, he was right in front of them.

Engel suddenly exerted pressure again and took back all his [Hekatonkheires] back.

“Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…………… It worked just right….” He said in low voice while feeling relief.

(I was hesitant to use it in such a place because I did not knew I would work correctly… But it worked… Haaa) Thought Engel.

[Imperial Dimension]

Was what he used. He moved to a different dimension, erasing all his presence from the previous.

When he made explode the left light-made balls, he used the to its fullest his [Demonic Eye] and used [Imperial Dimension] to move thorough dimensions.

He then flew with all his strength and when he appeared above them, he changed back to this dimension and let go all of the [Hekatonkheires] and changed again. He immediately approached [Catycon] and in the instant he came back, he killed him.

He moved again thorough dimensions and appeared in front of the cursed dragons.

(They are in full guard now and I may only have 5 or so tries left until my mana runs out. If I don’t manage with this, I’ll be doomed.)

He said to himself while moving thorough dimension; and then flew towards them with all his strength. He approached [Nitycon]. She then releases her full force [Antimagic] breath and Engel just took it head on.

The breath just crossed thorough him, and he fully crossed thorough the cursed dragon,

In that very moment, he came back and with a swift, he pierced her heart with [Tombokiri].

3 cursed dragons left.

He moved with [Imperial Dimension] again and quickly approached [Tatycon]. While he approached, [Tatycon] shot several [Antimagic] breaths and [Stone Meteorite], a high level spell.

Engel just ignored that and rushed forwards.

Just before getting near her, he changed dimensions again and slashed at her head.

2 cursed dragons left.

He immediately used [Imperial Dimension] again and rushed towards them while they moved in complicated patterns to avoid being caught and to find an opening.

But Engel was faster.

When Engel approached them, they both immediately released their breaths to each other. When the breaths clashed, it caused an enormous explosion that engulfed all the surroundings.

But it did not made any damage Engel.

He closed his eyes and moved upwards.

When the effects of the explosion vanished, he casted the spell again and rushed towards [Itycon]. He then summoned several [Hekatonkheires] and attacked him. The lightswords pierced his wings and his limbs, and Engel with [Tombokiri] pierced his heart.

1 cursed dragon left.

Engel casted again [Imperial Dimension] and flew towards [Aktycon].

[Aktycon] attacked Engel with several breaths, but it was futile.

Then Engel changed dimension again and took her head.

Or so it was supposed to be.

Then all strength left his body and in the spur of the moment, he got to sever [Aktycon] wings.

That was all he could do. Both of them fell towards the cloud platform at great speed.

What happened was that Engel ran out of mana. [Sephiroth], [Kuiper’s Theorema], [Dimensional Summon] and [Imperial Dimension] depleted him from all of it. Specially [Imperial Dimension].

Then both arrived to the bottom of the platform and broke it with their momentum.

Now they were in a free fall towards the solid ground.

Engel could barely move and [Aktycon] was slightly damaged, so she approached Engel with the intention of releasing an [Antimagic] breath towards him.

(Damn! I need to move!!) He said while gripping the handle of [Tombokiri] with the strength he could muster.

[Aktycon] approached enough to his fall location and then prepared her spell.

(Crap! She’s just below me now! MOVE MOVE MOVE!!)

He shouted to himself. The recoil of the mana depletion was hitting him hard. He over exhausted himself too much.

Then the cursed dragon shot her breath.


He did not even noticed he was shouting now. The breath approached him.


“MOVE MOVE SHIT!” He shouted.


“CRAAAPPPPP!!!!” He shouted.


…………… In that moment, he unintentionally shut his eyes and-

He saw something in his mind.

A very familiar face. A smiling face. A crying face. A happy face. A lovely face, A face with a warm smile…. Yozora’s Face.

[“I-I don’t care about that… I know… I know it was not your fault… Any of what happened… ANYTHING…. So….”]

[“I’ll stay by your side, so you won’t be alone anymore.”]

He recalled that moment inside Yozora’s mind. Then-

(Really… It had to be this moment….)

Said Engel to himself, then all his desperation disappeared and-


The [Antimagic] breath engulfed him.


He shouted to the cursed dragon.

Engel had forgotten something.

His secret compartment.

There he had a mana recovery pill and in the last second he swallowed it. Then he recovered a light portion of mana and used a shockwave to move out of the way.

He then fixed his position and moved towards [Aktycon]. She shot then several small [Antimagic] breaths.

Engel evaded them with some maneuvers and fell towards the cursed dragon.

When he was in position-

“GOOO!!! [TOMBOKIRI]!!!!!!!”

He gripped his spear and he used the little mana he recovered to throw it with all his strength and the aid of [Gravity Magic].

[Aktycon] shot an incredible, massive [Antimagic] breath and engulfed [Tombokiri], but the spear did not flinched even a millimeter.

And it pierced her heart.


Teil Drei.


They both collided with the ground.

For a strange reason, they landed just above [Muttsu]’s [Plaza], destroying it.

There were lots of people there.

That witnessed that scene.

A dragon falling with a green spear in his heart and the one who killed him after it.

Destroying several barriers when they landed, creating a little cloud of dust.

The white-haired guy who they saw through the screens that performed an impossible feat. They all honestly thought it was some kind of lie, movie, even or performance.

But then they saw the dragon and the guy above, falling towards them, like they saw in the screens.

The dust cleared, and the saw the white-haired guy standing up.

The guy slightly surveyed his surrounding and smiled slightly.

He slowly walked towards the dragon.

Step after step.

So slow comparing it to his previous speed.

After a minute, he arrived; to the top of the dragon.

He then gripped his spear and removed it.

It was a shining green spear with black handle and plant-like embroideries in the blade and the body.

It had some of the dragon’s blood in it, but it evaporated for some reason.

Then, reflecting the sun that suddenly appeared in the sky, he held it with one hand and rised it up, above his head.



Everyone there let out a victory shout.

The guy even let out his, but was outwitted by the witnesses’ one.

Then, he smiled broadly, and fell in that very place.

He blacked out.

“…………. Awesome…….”

Could be heard at the edge of all the commotion.

A female voice that just moments ago was without life.

“You see Brunn… You need to move too.”

Said a chestnut, short-haired girl with a pretty and girly face with some weird ninja clothes to a black-ponytailed girl.


The snowy cloud disappeared from the sky and the dusk light in the twilight shone in the whole plaza, to commemorate the day a single man stood against and army.

-End of [Reverse Ragnarok Arc]-


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  1. kmx72 says:

    Thought of Katekyo Hitman Reborn with the dragons, also are all dragons women because with all you used she, did you mean it? Also do you want me to use ‘Read and Criticize’ and point out some errors I saw

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      • kmx72 says:

        List of errors:
        You could say that hte power of one of those is equivalent to the 2.5/10 of the army he just defeated. Truly powerful.- hte

        Engel, the moment the balls were near him, he snapped his fingers and the light-made balls increased their speed by tenfolds. They were so fast that even [Lektycon] did not noticed them;
        – did not noticed them ( it is okay to use did not but you could use didn’t) the error was you used two past verbs continuously which isn’t right when you use two in a sentence the second one should be present so I would write it like this didn’t notice them

        (It was too naïve to expect something from this spell agains those dragons!) He shouted in his mind.- naive and against there were various agains so this would count as two or three more

        “I did that, but even so I don’t stop thinking it was such a luck that they let their guars so down…” He muttered as [Lektycon] fell from the sky.- guars should be their guards

        With [Tombokiri] he cam to close quarters with [Cetycon].- cam should be came

        And when Engle got in a good point agains [Cetycon]- Against

        The spell [Asteroid Crown] was and offensive-defense for close quarters, but useles to defend agains long ranged attacks like [Jupiter]. – and , Either you missed something or you meant an in which case if you referred to spell should be an if it was to the name Asteroid then should be an

        Engel felt a great pressure behind him and then her realized rugby-ball sized [Saint Pursuit] were chasing him along with [Antimagic] breaths.

        “CRAP!” She shouted instintively.- should be he instead of her , also with he shouted instead of she I think

        He then flew with all his strenght and when he appeared above them, he changed back to this dimension and let go all of the [Hekatonkheires] and changed again. He inmediately approached [Caticon] and in the instant he came back, he killed him- should be Catycon

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      • Thanks for pointing those errors. (: And I am grateful to myself because all of them were because my speed typing XD

        And sorry for the “Agains”… XD


  2. Alexej Geiger says:

    Kind of didn’t enjoy those fighting scenes…
    And if I may be honest I skipped Kerstin and the other random dudes fight since I didn’t feel like reading about random characters with random skills fighting, just brushed past lokis fight a little since it seemed…important to the plot and our mc’s fight.
    Just alot of skills popping out of nowhere.. Jupiter? What when did he learn anything like that? I get it he was lv 199 and had affinities, but there were no scenes of him learning anything, you mentioned his sephirot whatever skill (didn’t bother to remember since it wasn’t even explained much) but then you just decide whatever stage and name they have and what they do…I can’t picture it in my mind.
    You also discontinue alot of the story, it feels kind of. ..distorted/broken at parts, the story flow that is.
    You mention millions of girls and how he has different interest in them and they in him but they just lack character. The elven friend whatever girl and the queen have almost no character but they sleep with the mc and the heroine? Ergh….what..
    I mean harem is fine but if you can’t give your characters any depth don’t bother adding them to the harem. Demon empress? K. Older sister? K. But the others are just kind of…meh the pixie would be fine too (not talking about my preferences but about the characters which made me react)
    The twinelves were at a point where you could give them depth and add them but you brushed them aside and they are forgotten.
    The part where he gets his own children was…too soon..He didn’t even kiss any of his heroines but has children with them? I just read it like a gag so it was fine with those 3 children…but after that with random heroine Kerstin? Seriously? That was over the top.

    I liked reading your story and picturing it a little like an anime since otherwise it would be kind of…meh..
    Btw you never mentioned any time conversion and where the real bodies of the characters are while they are in that world..
    Over 2 years passed in the ‘game’ but wasn’t it explained that the first part would only take the summer holidays? And after that part 2 would take a year while going to some school? Kind of confusing. .


    • Fumu fumu… You just queezed out all the plot armor I used when I was a noob at writing. I’m just a step avobe that, an amateur, but still I can tell that all the anwers just stood in my mind.

      In first place, remember those trend of Broken OP MC + Broken Harem + School Life. Yeah I decided on them randomly and though- “’tis would be cool” which in the time was and now seems overused.

      I would have hated/loved a comment like this a year ago you know~ Well, one learns from experience.

      And yeah, note to self is that those random characters are now the MC. I’m working in repairing the MC’s interpersonal relationships as well as his abilities. BTW that chapter nine… it was so random… Well, I have no answer to that.

      Well… The beginning and the end (curent chapters) are like just fine to read but the middle (Where you are heading to)…. It may make you cringe. Try to keep that in mind.

      It may sound like an excuse but ’tis the only answer. I was affected by trends. All was to make people read and yeah everything went fuck but these kind of things tend to happen when one is a noob.

      Also it kinda 4 months, not years and well, I’m yet to explain some unclear parts hre and there. It’ll come soon in the story (current vol 8).

      Also I think I did mention the bodies of the participants are in a separate dimension where they don’t age, yet are affected by certain events. If not, LOL I just made myself of a fool.

      Well, I appreciate you reading and commenting, as well as stating your opinion.

      PS: German words just vanished on vol 8 so don’t cringe that much~


  3. I liked this whole fight but it felt a little wow he’s strong look at him killing all of these monsters. Then it’s okay he’s met with difficulty, how is he going to survive. Then he pulls out an ultimate move that lets him slay the dragons one by one.

    It was good but would’ve been better if it flowed more from one scenario to the other. I did like the phasing in and out part cos he used his brain compared to the rest of the fight which was all powerful move, drink potion, powerful move, drunk potion.

    I’m hoping in the future he learns to better control his powers so that it’s still deadly with less mana consumption

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