Magical Tournament Third Intermission: Sieste (Rest) – Before, during and after the battle

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Third Intermission: Sieste (Rest) – Before, during and after the battle


Let’s go some hours in the past, after the lunch and before the [Civil War].

Engel was walking towards the upper garden when-


Someone called him from behind. It was a girl with short-wavy, chestnut hair. pale green eyes and a girly and pretty face. Strange enough, she wore a full ninja costume.

“Eita?” Said Engel.In effect, it was his friend Eita Ryuugamine.

“H-Hi. How you doing?” She asked as if trying to make conversation while slightly blushing.

“Fine, I think… I have to ask, so… How’s sis’?” Asked Engel.

“Brunn? Well… No progress. She’s as you left her yesterday.” Said Eita.

“Oh…. Well… Ehm… Honestly, I thought she would be better by now…..” Said Engel with a dejected tone.

“You really like your sister, right? As family, I mean.” Added Eita.

“Yeah… We’re siblings after all.” He said as he slightly smiled.

“*Cough, Cough* Well… Ehm… I have something to tell you, I mean, that’s why I called out to you.”

She said to sweep out the sad atmosphere that was forming there.

“What is it?” Said Engel while getting the idea.

“Well… I-I need to give you this.” She said as she used her [Item Box]. she then took out two objects and gave them to Engel.

“Thi-This is!!?….. My [White Mythril Dagger] and my shortsword!” He said as he took the two weapons and appraised them.

“Ye-Yeah. I kept them safe all this time. I don’t know what would have happened if Brunn had took them.” Said Eita.

“Yeah, I know hahaha” Replied Engel as he put the shortsword in a fitting sheath he had in his lower back. He had always had that sheath empty due to lack of a fitting weapon; And also took out a sheath for the dagger and put it above the shortsword.

“Thanks, Eita; for keeping this safe.” He said as he gave a warm half-smile.

“I-I-I-I-It’s nothing!!” Replied Eita blushing and fidgeting restlessly.

“Haha; You don’t need to be so stiff, you know. We’re friends after all.” Added Engel.

Casually, Eita was the one who had the best relationship with Engel back in [Crimson Lava].

“Well… Now that I think about it, don’t you wanna have tea with me?” He added.

“Tea? O-Okay. I’ll tag along.” Said Eita, as the two went to the upper garden to have a cup of tea.

(Even after changing so much, he’s still the same Engel I know…)

Thought Eita with a slight smile, as she walked besides Engel.


At the same time Engel and Eita were having tea-

“So, what did you want to talk about, Alan?” Asked Patricia while leaning in the wall because of her bedroom.

“Well… I won’t go around the branches… I-I didn’t knew you were now part of Engel’s party now.” Said Alan.

“Of course you wouldn’t. It happened a lot of time after I threw you out.” Said Patricia.

“I know. I listened to it just last night. It lacked detail, but, he told us he fought you and won.” He said.

“So, say… How is that possible?” Asked Alan.

“How? He was overwhelmingly powerful, and beat us 6 to 1 fairly. There were no secrets, no traps. It just happened, like that.”

Replied Patricia.

“It… Just… Happened? How? I mean… It’s Engel! He is supposed to be the same as me! A weak dimwit! Someone who lacks strength! My RIVAL! He can’t be stronger than you!! I am not stronger than you so he can’t be stronger than you! You’re lying Patricia!!” Shouted Alan with a weird look.

“Wha-What are you saying? Are you telling me lia-…. No; This is something far strange… You… You’re envious of Engel, right?!” Said Patricia as she understood what had Alan like that.

“You are jealous. You felt his pressure and his presence but you did not wanted to accept it!” She added.

“NO!” Shouted Alan.

“You listened to his story and knowing that he is far stronger than you and you are denying it!” She added.

“LIES! BASLESS LIES!” Said Alan as he didn’t noticed he was shouting.

“Shut up! I’m your sister and now very well what you are thinking! Idiot! I know you are jealous of him! Because he could become what you wanted, you started to deny it!….. Honestly, I don’t know why you came here…” Replied Patricia as she opened the door.

“If you’re going to be like that, you better leave now.” She said.

Alan who was in the verge of tears, ran away from the room.


While preparing himself before the fight, Yozora went to visit Engel in the salon.

“Are you ready?” She asked as he was wearing the last parts of his armor.

“Yeah. I’ll just ask Loki about a [Tombokiri]. I bet it’s already finished.” He said as he moved a little to check the armor.

“Well, I know this is not time to repent anything… So I’ll just give you something that can help you.” Said Yozora as she gave something to Engel. It was and [Elemental Recovery Pill].

“A mana recovery pill?” Said Engel.

“Ye-Yes. I remember you got a kind of secret compartment in your molars, so in an emergency case, you can put it there. I know that the full potions are pretty dangerous if used in succession, so I thought about this.” She said while blushing.

“…. Th-Thanks…”

Said Engel Bashfully. He got his heart racing like crazy and he did not know what to say next.

“Sh-Shall we go?” Asked Yozora.

“Ri-Right. Let’s go…” He said.

Then, they both went to the upper garden to see if Loki was there.


After the message of the battle start was sent, [Crimson Lava]…. Or at least Eita, Daniel, Sandra And Karen had a conversation; if stay in the place or go to the [Plaza] in [Muttsu].

After Eita thought about it thoroughly, she decided to go to the [Plaza] with everyone; That means even Brunnhildr had to go.

“Wow…. Lots of people really came.” Said Karen as they arrived.

“Of course. If they tell you that there is a war, you’ll directly go to the nearest shelter you know.” Said Daniel.


*Shiin* *Shiin* *Shiin* *Shiin* *Shiin* *Shiin* *Shiin*

As soon as they got inside, lots of barriers formed around the whole plaza; also it seemed that several chairs appeared out of nothing so everybody could sit.

[Okay okay everyone!!! Quarta is here!! Now, in some more minutes the spectacle will start!]

Said a voice out of nowhere and then several holographic screens appeared in the air. They were five massive screens with a countdown of 5 minutes and each one had a name.

“It seems it was true it was going to be broadcasted. Look, this one is Engel’s screen. Let’s sit here.” Said Eita as she pulled Brunnhildr and they both sat.

The time passed and-


[Civil War Start!]

The battle started.


One hour after the battle started, in the [Hakuhyou-Joou]’s mansion.

Lots of [Dark Einherjar] and [Pseudo-Automatas] raided the place.

“Damn! this does not end!” Said Haven as she cut one after another.

The [Queen], the kids and the servants were secured inside the salon with Lilya as the last defense, under tens of barriers. They also placed Alize to cover that place with her massive [Full Metal Armor].

“I agree.” Said Cale as she too fought with several black knights.

Then a black flash crossed the place Cale and Haven were defending.

“Stop complaining! If you have time for that, you can still fight!”

Shouted Yozora in a black and light armor, with pure black claws in her hands. They were clad in [Devil Element] and [Lightning Element].

“Come on! Hurry!” She added as she left in a flash.

“……… I have nothing to retort that.” Said Haven.

“Mmm…. Maybe… “WE ARE NOT THAT HIGH IN LEVEL!!!”….. Right?” Said Cale.

“…………. I won’t say anything, so just let’s go.” Added Haven.


“[Diamond Crusher]!!”

“[Diamond Slasher]!!”

“[Saint Pursuit]!!”

“[Night Warhammer]!!”

“[Crimson Hellfire]!!”

“[Minotaur’s Battleaxe]!!”

[Black Bixbite] was giving their all to stop the advances of the enemy.

[From where the hell all of these guy come?] Asked Blair thorough the [Wake Up Call].

[Like I know! Right now, focus in stop everything in your way!] Shouted Akio.

[Anyways, we need a way to kill a bunch of them without damaging the place!!] Said Patricia thorough the network

And then the safe method arrived.

“Ehehehe…. Ehehehe…. Engel Said…. He said it… Yesterday…. If I did good… There was going to be a reward…. Reward…. Ehehehe… EHEHEHEHHE!!!”

Said Leslie as she appeared from behind [Black Bixbite]. They, sensing her pressure opened a path for her and then-

“[Elven Arts] – [Hundred Strikes]”

Then, with a speed rivaling Yozora’s and with a blue dagger, she struck every of the opponents in the neck. They all fell in that very instant.

“Reward…. Reward… Ehehehe – Ehehehehehe…”

She repeated as if cursed while moving forward.

“…………… Scary…..”

Said Albrikt as she saw such obsessed behavior.


[Ms. Cole, I think it’s convenient if you go to participant Izaak’s battlefield to help the neighboring towns. It seems his firepower is over the limits and may destroy the surrounding places.]

Reported [Quarta] to Ms. Cole as she flew over [Tartaros] while watching over Lene.

“Alright. Everything seems fine here, so I’ll move towards there.”

She said as she used some kind of artifact to teleport from that place.

She then arrived to the place near Izaak’s battle.

Even from several kilometers you could listen to the explosions and see how titan after titan fell to the ground.

(These kids sure are working hard… I think I’ll reward them for this later…)

The [Game Master] made a mental memo as she flew over a certain village.

“[Zekkal Village]…. It brings memories…”

Muttered Ms. Cole as she casted some high level spells.

“[Absolute Heavenly Blessing] [Barrier Type 9] – [Sacred Maiden’s Soul Lock]!”

She said as an incredible dense barrier all over the 3km village.

“Well then, to the next town.”

she said as she in less than 20 min had protected 5 villages with the same barrier.

[Mr. Cole! It seems that there are problems in [Ío]. It seems that the [Divinity] there was not enough to do the job.]

Said [Quarta] thorough a communication.

“Okay. I’ll go there. But remember, I don’t have unlimited [Transfer Cubes].” Replied Ms. Cole.

[I know. I’m an AI after all.] Said [Quarta].

Then Ms. Cole moved now to [Ío].

Then when she witnessed the state of the battle-

“At least this seems reparable…. Maybe an attack or two will suffice.” She muttered, then-

“[Lunar Crash]”

She said. It was a spell similar to [Heaven’s Fall] but in a minor scale.

Then hundreds of the [Dark Einherjar Army] perished there.

“[Morning Jack]”

She casted another spell again and all the temperature in the place dropped and then thousands of ice spears formed in the sky and then they fell to the ground, finishing the last of the enemies.


It was the time when Engel was fighting the [7 Cursed Dragons]


Muttered Eita as she and tens of [Chicks] watched Engel’s fight.

(This… This is unbelievable!! I thought he had changed… But this is just unbelievable!!! What is this? What is this?!! He’s so strong! So cool! So INCREDIBLE! I mean, How strong he can be? He slew thousand and thousands of those incredibly powerful dragons and now he is like in perfect condition and keeps fighting!! HOW???)

She thought. Then, Eita looked towards Brunnhildr at her side. She was staring at the screen with tears in her eyes.

In this very moment, he pierced [Lektycon].

[Brunnhildr’s POV]

I feel stupid.

I just feel stupid. The most stupid person in the world.

I thought that I was protecting Engel, but at the end I was just stopping his growth.

How incredible he is now, how awesome… How cool…

Why I was so stupid?

Just because I was her older sister I got full of myself and thought that I had to protect him at all costs.

I may had been right, but I over exceeded my intentions. I am such an idiot….

I am truly stupid.

I got it now… I need to step forward.

He has become so strong that he really does not needs me. So what I need to do now is to become strong so I can be at his side.

That is the only answer I can think of now.

I need to step forward, for myself. He does not need me, and I don’t need him.

I need myself. I just have myself, and it’s a selfish wish to be by his side.

And that’s why I need to keep going.

For myself.

[End of Brunnhildr’s POV]


It was some hours after Engel fell from the snowy cloud.

The [Plaza] was already repaired and there was a great festival in honor of the win of the [Civil War]. Adventurers, Townspeople and Participants, all of them were in celebration.

Unfortunately, it was not like that in the mansion.

They were cleaning the corpses and the tired people were now sleeping like logs in their rooms.

But there were some exceptions.

Yozora, Lilya, [Hakuhyou – Joou], [Crimson Lava], Maria and Engel were awake.

They were in the upper garden, under the starry heaven of the night. a truly beautiful sight.

Right now, Brunnhildr and Engel were face to face, just staring to each other.

They spent some minutes like that, and then-

“……. I’m sorry….. I’m sorry….. I’m Sorry…. I’m Sorry….. I’m Sorry…. I’M SORRY I’M SORRY I’M SORRY!!!!!!”

Exclaimed Brunnhildr while shedding tears.

Engel said nothing and just gave one step.

Two steps.

Three, four and five steps.

And then he was at point blank from his sister.

He then embraced her with all the strength possible. And then she inconsolably and loudly started to cry.

“AAAAMMMM SOWWEEEEEE!!!” She shouted again.

“It’s okay, It’s okay… Everything is fine now. If you understand, then it’s okay, sis’.” Said Engel while shedding some tears too.

After some minutes, they let go of each other.

“I… I missed you…” She said.

“I… Maybe not that much…. But I had you in my mind sometimes…” He added.

“How awful!!” Replied Brunnhildr while pouting.

“It’s the true thought.” He said while half-smiling

“A-Haha… Haha.. Ahahahahahahahahaha!”


They both laughed like there was no tomorrow. Because they had just met after half a year.

*Brush Brush*

He then slightly patted his sister’s head.

She completely blushed with an unlimited happiness.

“I’m glad you are alright now.” Said Engel.

“Me too. I will have you tell me lots of details about your time now, lil bro.”

She said while wiping her tears, with a red face.

While talking, they both, accompanied by the other witnesses, got inside the mansion.

And that night, the two siblings officially reunited again.


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