Magical Tournament Special Transmission: Character Index [Seis]

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Main Characters:

Engel Falsch: (16 years old, Male): Called the [God Of War Metatron], he participated in the [Civil War] against [Utgarda-Loki]. He slayed thousands of dragons and the infamous [7 Cursed Dragons]. After, he won in a 1 vs 1 fight against the [Archangel Camael] and became the legitimate possesor of the [Longinus Lanze]. He has also defeated the [God Of War Valkyrie Rossweisse], Isold Ähnlich. He has officialy become Yozora’s hunsband.

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Magical Tournament Sixth Intermission: Ciel (Sky) – [Babel’s Ruin] Ascension.

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Sixth Intermission: Ciel (Sky) – [Babel’s Ruin] Ascension.


“Haa…. It’s really hard to use my [Yotse Skill] to trave through void places….” Said Katatrophe to herself while arriving to the floating city [Tower Of Babel]. It was the common nickname for [Royal City Babel].

It was because the enigmatic tower in the very center of the city that far surpassed any other bulding created by men. It’s name was [Skygate]

It was a majestic city created by the [Yotse] in the past times of [Bereich] and was not only mysterious but also beautiful.

(The metal I’m searching is in the bottom of the tower… That is deep under the entrance….) She thought as she came near [Skygate].

The first floor of the tower was a libary anyone coulld enter, so she easily got inside. Now, Katastrophe had to figure how to go underground. Continue reading

Magical Tournament Volume Three Chapter Eight: Sieger (Winner) – It’s okay if they don’t catch you

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Chapter Eight: Sieger (Winner) – It’s okay if they don’t catch you

Teil Ein.


The commentarist announced Engel’s victory, and the people that was seing the broadcast and the people awake in the seats, slowly understood the situation and started to cheer with all their strenght.

Lene and Ms. Cole had left so they could repair what Engel had done outside the arena. Because Lene could only rewind time up to 5 minutes, they had to hurry.

And so, after a couple of rest hours, the premiation event began.

For the third place, Lene and Izaak fought a private duel before the main fight and Lene won.

Engel was given a bid golden trophy made by a senior alchemist after the battle. It had three beasts in the top. A salamander, an owl and a wolf.

For Krestin, it was a silver one with an omnious lion and Lene’s was a bronze cheetah. Continue reading

Magical Tournament Volume Three Chapter Seven: Gëfuhle (Feelings) – The one who wouldn’t back down.

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Chapter Seven: Gëfuhle (Feelings) – The one who wouldn’t back down.

Teil Ein:

To cover up for the pitiful beating Izaak reieved from Krestin in the previous fight, we’ll skip it. That fight, left a hole in all of the fan’s expectations.

And now… The grand final.

“Good afternoon people!” Shouted the comentarist, who narrated every one of the matches till now.

“Today, we will finnaly see the match between [Metatron] and [Holy Blade Maiden]!!!”

As the comentarist said this, everyone in the seats cheered both parties. Because of the strange rush of events three days ago, they now were in highs spirits and with high expectatives.

“So, now, we’re going to talk with three people who have faced this incredible opponents. Welcome to Adrian Arclight known as [Stardust], Lene Nachahmung known as [Empress Cleopatra], and Brookelle Archer known as [Scharlach Lanze]” Continue reading

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Magical Tournament Volume Three Chapter Six: Entwicklung (Evolution) – Just one more step

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Chapter Six: Entwicklung (Evolution) – Just one more stepTeil Ein.

The battle groups had been separated in 8 grops from A to H. The leaders in every group in the quarter finals were:

Group A: Lene Nahchamung
Group B: Brunnhildr Falsch
Group C: Albrikt Blau-Himmel
Group D: Izaak Ausgewogen
Group E: Adrian Arclight
Group F: Engel Falsch
Group G: Krestin Spiegel
Group H: John Doe

The group leaders fighting between them were: A vs E; B vs F; C vs G, and D vs H.

So until now, the participants that remain are: A, F, G and D.

The next round, A and F together with G and D are going to fight for the purpose of passing to the next round.

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Magical Tournament Volume Three Chapter Five: Beziehung (Connection) – My strenght is not your strenght

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Chapter Five: Beziehung (Connection) – My strenght is not your strenght

Teil Ein.

“Tomorrow is the fight… Think you can win Engel-dono-de gozaru?” Asked Eita. She was in the academy’s cafeteria together with Brunnhildr.

“Is not that I can win or not… If I can at least stand in front of him without blacking out is the question. His pressure alone is able to do that.” Said Brunnhildr.

“Right. I, who specialize in perception, know what you’re talking about-de gozaruna.” Added Eita.

They both, idly chatting, stood up of the tables and then when thy exited the cafeteria-


“What happened, Brunn-dono?” Asked Eita.

“Read…” Said Brunnhildr. Continue reading