Magical Tournament Volume Two Chapter Five: Höchste (Highest) – The reward everyone wanted [First Half]

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Chapter Five: Höchste (Highest) – The reward everyone wanted. [First Half]

Teil Ein.

After chatting a while with Brunnhildr, Engel went to sleep and blacked out for two days.

As well as Lene, Krestin, Isold and Izaak.

When Engel woke up, there was still a little carnival-like feeling in the town, so everybody decided to hold a party. Alize also called Loki so he would bring with him Izaak, Isold, Krestin, Lene and their respective parties.

And it seems [Crimson Lava] plus Maria went back to the island’s inn the next day of the battle.

So now, after exhaustive preparations, they party has just started. It was after the early afternoon and they were wearing casual clothes though.They were having fun, when suddenly Loki arrived by the [Transfer Gate] of the mansion.

“Loki!” Shouted Engel, who was with Yozora and his majesty, as Loki entered the upper garden, where they were partying.

“It seems Mr. Loki has arrived, with quite a lot of guests too.”  Said the [Queen].

After Loki, there were a bunch of [Participants] coming in, thus he presented them.

The first ones to enter were [Icy Lake]; Lene, Abraham, Sarah, Corbin, Jessica, Elena and Randolph.

The next ones were Isold’s [Mountain Destroyer]; Isold was not the leader, even so she was like a representative. The leader was a tall and medium-length haired, blonde girl. She had brown eyes and an over the average beauty. Her name is Michelle Williams.

Next to her was a short-height girl with long, dark brown hair and a little tan skin. She had a normal beauty face and green eyes. She was Carla Da Silva.

Just behind Carla was an average height girl with light brown hair and brown-green eyes. Her beauty was the same as Michelle. Her name is Natalie Heather.

In the opposite side were two girls; they were twins. One had long black hair tied at the end and she had blue eyes under a pair of glasses. She had a pretty nice figure; she was Savannah St. Cloude. Her twin was an athletic-looking girl with the same black hair and blue eyes, but the hair was cut short in a boyish style. She was Zarah St. Cloude.

Then it was Krestin’s turn with [Golden Forest]. She was the [Party Leader]. In her party were two guys and other two girls beside her; Also next to Krestin, there was Aura.

A delicate-looking guy with black hair and brown eyes; Philip Brien. And a cool looking guy with green eyes and black hair too. Also his style could be called “modern rock”. He was Markus Weiss.

And the two girls were an average-looking, blond girl with blue eyes, Jane Salte, and a sophisticated girl with a rich and spoiled girl aura. A little wavy, blonde hair with brown roots and green eyes; Olivia Light.

At last, it was Izaak’s party; [Steel Fist] .There was two guys and three girls. The tallest guy with dark brown hair, brown eyes and a big build was Alex Serpas. The other was a normal guy with dark brown hair and serious eyes under a pair of thick frame glasses; he was Johan Grande.

The girls were all average-looking girls, except the party leader. With light brown hair in a short ponytail and green eyes was Liliana Payne. She had a very strict-like aura and a serious face. The other two girls had both blond hair and blue eyes, but they were not related in the least. One was Cristina Reed and the other one was Crista Rile.

They all greeted each other and spent a nice time; except that for some reason, Izaak held some kind of grudge against Engel.

Like gaining Krestin’s heart for example. Anyways-

That day, an epic pair was born.

Engel went to the restroom after “picking the flower” and when he was coming back-

“Tu-tururu-ru-ru-ruru Ru-rururu-rururu-rururu. Tu-tururu-ru-rururu Tu-tururu-ruru-rururu”

He was humming a certain theme song when he gave a turn in a corner and-

“That… What was that?!” Shouted a girl that was from the other side of the corner.

“Eh?… Oh, sorry. Just a song I like….??” Replied Engel to the question he was issued with out of the blue.

(There’s no way I can tell such a pretty girl this was an Anime opening…)

“So? I bet it continues like this! … Tarara-rarara Tararara-rara-rararara Tararara-rara-rara-rara-ra-rara-tara-ra-ra-ra!”

The girl started humming too the continuation of the song…

“You… You know it?! That opening?!” Exclaimed Engel.

“Of course, even if the anime was poor directed, it is still a good song!”  Said the girl.

Then, they both kept silence for a minute. And then…


They both shouted and shared a full-passionate high-five with both hands.

That girl was no other than Lene.

Teil Zwei.

After the new camaraderie formed, they went back to the upper garden. Needless to say, Lene who was also attending her necessities, took care of them.

They spent a talky-talky time sharing their preferences and having a nice time while laughing and having tea, to what Lilya, Yozora, Alize, Cale, Leslie, Haven, Krestin, Patricia, Albrikt, and Blair got really jealous. It was because they made connection in a very short time. They were having such a fun moment….

But then, arrived the most troublesome one.

[Crimson Lava] arrived to upper garden.

In the very instant Brunnhildr noticed Engel talking with Lene-

Her eyes turned hollow and placed behind him.

“Engel… What’s the meaning of this?” She said.

“IGH!!-” Engel felt a chill in his back.

“Si-Sis’? Is there something wrong?” He asked.

“Who’s this girl?” She asked in a dark voice.

“She? She is Lene Nachahmung, a friend.” Replied Engel.

“You sure?” Added Brunnhildr as Engel felt her blunt voice and he started sweating cold.

“Ye-Yeah…..” He quietly said, while seeking help from anyone available.

“Le-???!” Just when Engel was about to cal out Lene, she had already retreated!

(You’ll pay for this!!!) Shouted Engel in his insides.

Suddenly someone entered the upper garden; it was Maria.

“Oh-ohhh Maria! Just on time!” Said Engel while running away from Brunnhildr’s claws.

“E-Engel!…. Hi!” She said in a stiff way as always.

So he started to talk with her to change his mood.

“How you doing Maria? Why so late?” Said Engel.

“Well, I-I had problems in coming here. I lost like 3 times amidst all the people in the town.” Replied Maria

“Hahaha. You’re as careless as always, Maria.” Added Engel while petting her head.

“Yo-You were like that too!” She exclaimed while pouting.

“B-But that was because I wanted to wander around a little, ya’ know” Said Engel while he remembered he used to get lost sometimes too.

Then they both noticed some gazes towards them.

“So it was true…”

A voice was let out. It was a girl’s voice. It came from unknown people behind

When both Maria and Engel moved their sight to the people that had just came. It was Maria’s party. Its name was [Azure Tree].

Besides Maria, there were two guys and three girls, plus a bunny-eared maid.

The one behind them all was an average size, well built guy with blond hair and brown eyes. His name is Georg Ocean. The other guy next to him looked like a spoiled guy, with long, light brown hair and blue eyes with transparent frame glasses. He was Lauren Crossfield.

The other three girls looked quite pretty, and one among them was a real beauty. The first two girls, both had deep black hair, dark brown eyes and relatively pale skin. They were friends from the same city Suzuna Hyoudo and Aika Ikazuchi.

And the party leader was a relatively tall girl with long black-night hair. She had it braided and had some sort of boyish hairstyle too. She had purple eyes and white silk, smooth  skin. She had her right arm full covered in bandages and had a cool-type aura. Her name is Brookelle Archer.

It seemed that she was the one the bunny eared maid served. The maid had snow-silver hair with some traces of black and some black bangs too. She had a calm aura around her and a tranquil expression. Her named seemed to be Tabitha Arktic.

“She was not lying after all…” Said the party leader. Because of her voice, it can be inferred she was the one who talked before. Brookelle started to look at him from head to toes, and after a minute-

“IT’S THE REAL DEAAAAL!!!!” She shouted as she jumped and hugged Engel.

“Whaa?!” Exclaimed Engel.

“It’s the real deal! It’s the real deal!” She repeated.

“Ehhh! Leader! What are you doing?!” Shouted Maria as she separated Brookelle and Engel.

“What was that Maria?!” Asked Engel as Maria restrained her leader.

“We-Well…. It seems she’s a fan of yours.” Said Maria.

“Guhee!!” She gave a neck cracker to Brookelle and she got knocked out. Maria handed her to Georg and he carried her.

“Fan? What do you mean?” Added Engel.

“We-Well… You see…” Maria hesitated a little, but knowing no one told him the situation, she decided to tell him.

Because it had gone to the very corners of his mind, Engel did not remember that the battles were being broadcasted.

Maria told him that the people in the whole island and possibly the whole world, who got a hold of Engel’s fight, as well as the other ingestor of [Skyfall] and that gained them hundreds of fans.

That also included Maria’s party; but it seemed that her leader was quite a serious case and not everyone in town was like her.

Because the action Brookelle took, it called the attention of all the people in the upper garden, so the other ingestors listened to Maria’s story too.

It seemed that they didn’t remember either about the battle being broadcasted. Not that all they were so self-conceited too.

“What a problem…” Said Krestin after listening Maria.

“So, how are we going to move around now? Do we need to make an “attack and retreat”? We need time to think this.” Said Lene while thinking a solution.

“Then, why don’t you use the [Loki’s Mask]?”

Said Loki who suddenly butted in.

“Ah! It’s true! It can change your appearance in order to disguise yourself!” Said Engel as he remembered the time [Surtr] snapped Alize’s  artifact.

“Is there something that can do that?” Asked Lene just to be sure.

“Yeah. I’ve got one here.” Added Engel as he, from his [Item Box] took out one of the [Loki’s Mask] he was handed.

“Just in case, I will tell you how to use it. Wear it in any place of your body and then think strongly in the image you want to transform. Of course, you can’t think things like a dragon or a kraken please.” Explained Loki; then he also handed other 4 to Izaak, Krestin, Lene and Isold.

And for Isold, Michelle had to explain it in a more simple way.

Engel wore it as some kind of accessory in her fingers; Izaak and Isold wore it as a bracelet. Krestin and Lene wore it as a hair accessory.

They strongly thought of an image to disguise themselves… And then-

They all shone with faint light and when the light faded, they all had changed.

Instead of Izaak’s silhouette, there was a slim guy with red hair and black eyes. The [Queen] had already asked for a mirror, so in a moment the maids brought it.

He looks himself in it and said-

“I looks just as my cousin.” He said.

Then it was Lene’s turn. She looked herself in the mirror, and-

“I look exactly like Sarah… But… Why I’m still flat?!” She exclaimed.

That, was a never understood mystery.

Isold looked in the mirror how she was the same as Michelle, and Engel just imagined how he was himself before ingesting [Skyfall].

And it finally was Krestin’s turn.

She looked herself in the mirror and… She saw there a really slim girl with long, twin-braided hair of the same color and with a really pale skin.

“I… Didn’t think I would look like this again…” She mumbled.

She just brushed off that thought and they all released the artifact’s effect.

“It seems it works just right.” Said Lene.

“Yeah… At least, we won’t have trouble to wander around in town.” Added Izaak when-



A shout could be heard behind everybody, and that same shout was shaded of by a neck cracker.


“I… Definitely don’t want to be near someone like that….” Said Krestin with a complicated expression.

“Good Luck!” Said Lene to Engel while smiling and giving a thumb up.

“I don’t need it…” Said Engel while dropping his shoulders and sighing. He did not even know how thing would escalate from that point, but he already was feeling tired about it.

Teil Drei.

After they dismissed, it became an almost infinite cycle of exclaims and K.O’s for a while, so Engel told Maria to stop it so he could deal with it in an appropriate way; so things would get more calm…. But it was a mistake.

“What’s going on, Engel?” Asked Brunnhildr while piercing Engel with her gaze.

He was sitting in a chair in the upper garden.

“Wha-What do you mean?…..” Said Engel while avoiding her gaze and cold sweating.

“We mean that.” Said Yozora who had joined Brunnhildr, while pointing at Engel. That was because…


Brookelle was sitting in Engel’s lap while happily humming.

They were not so jealous because of the situation itself, but it was because Engel was enjoying it too much, that they reacted to it.

He had blushed when Brookelle suddenly jumped out to him again and then sat in his lap.

“Ehm… You girl! Could you move of that exactly point right now?” Demanded Brunnhildr.

“What?! Are you seriously suggesting that I separate of Master Engel’s side?” Said Brookelle while embracing Engel.

“Oh Engel! I need to- But what predicament are you in again?” Said Loki as he tried to look for Engel.

Loki could deduce by Engel’s expression that he wanted to get out of said predicament, so-

“Indeed… Well, I really need to talk to you now. In private of course; so feel free to leave that miss right there and come with me.”

Said Loki as he walked away towards the upper garden’s exit.

“Is as he said soo… See you lateeeer!!” Said Engel as he left Brookelle there and ran away with full strength.

Engel avoided a bloodbath that day.

He was walking besides Loki towards the salon, and when they entered, he saw a pair of people there. A pair of twins.

They were small in height as young as Engel. They had brown short hair and one of them had red eyes. It could be felt from him that those were [Demonic Eyes]. The other one had normal blue eyes.

They were the genius [Alchemic Blacksmiths] Pietro and Simon Raid, mostly known as [Sindri] and [Brokkr].

“Oh, Master Loki.” Said the blue-eyed guy, Brokkr.

“Good day Brokkr. Here I brought the one I talked about.” Said Loki while presenting Engel.

“It’s a pleasure. I’m Simon Raid, known as [Divinity Brokkr] and he is my little brother Pietro Raid, known as [Sindri].” Said Brokkr.

“Hi….” Said Sindri while giving a handshake.

“Well, let’s go to the very point of this… Engel, I asked these two to make what you asked for two nights ago.” Said Loki.

“Wha-?! You serious? How is that possible?” Asked Engel.

“Well, there’s a room in [Valhalla Imperial City] where these guys have their workshop. It’s named [Mekatronical Craft Workshop], and there the pass of time has been slowed; and there, several months can pass inside while only a day has passed outside.” Explained Loki.

“Now I see…” Said Engel while he remembered something similar.

“So it means it was finished in the span of two or so years. You can bet that it is very well made!” Declared Brokkr.

“Indeed. It’s finished, your armor. The [Modified Cursed Heavenly Dragon Series].” Said Loki.

“….. What a fancy name….” Said Engle, trying to avoid the fact that he liked how it sounded.

“Right! I put it myself!” Said Brokkr

(It was not a compliment though…) Retorted Engel in his head.

Engel, after the battle, asked Loki to use all the useful material from the [7 Cursed Dragons] to make him an armor. He wanted it as a reward, and it was better than they just rotting somewhere.

So, he sent [Sindri] to recollect the materials. It also worked as a punishment for him.

So, they both secluded themselves in their workshop and worked in the armor. They used the skin, bones, fangs, claws and magic cores. They also used red, yellow and blue meteorite, together with [Black Steel], [White Mythril] and [Black Orihalcum]. They also used another ton of rare metals and jewels. [Bixbite Diamond], [Silver Cloud], [Golden Iris] and [Genesis Glass]. They made a full set of armor and weapons with them. They also used some parts of the higher level [Evil Dragons].

Also, they used the most precious thing they could find inside the body of the dragons; High quality [Silver Drachelite]. A magical metal made of unknown substances.

The thing, is by Loki’s petition, they also used the previously known as [Heavenly Dragon Series] and then melded them together. Engel had to give the hairpins and bracelets he had.

And it resulted in the current armor that was given to Engel.

“How much of your magic have you replenished?” Asked Loki.

“Ten percent probably. The overuse of my mana and the potions sure hit me hard…” Replied Engel while scratching his head.

“I think it’s enough. Brokkr, bring out the armor.”

Ordered Loki. Then [Brokkr] used his [Item Box] and took out the full set of armor and weapons. Sindri had already prepared a table to put everything there.

Brokkr took the weaponry and put it on the table.

“Oh! Also I made this battle clothes you can use behind.” Said Brokkr as he handed a garment very similar to the one he wore to fight.

Over the elbow fingerless gloves, sleeveless shirt with a tall neck. Thick fiber pants with side bags and light fiber non-conducting shoes with [Black Steel] sole. The fiber was also melded with the cursed dragons magic cores and scales. It was all black except some white lines in the sides of the shirt, parts of the gloves and in the pants.

“Okay… Very thanks.” Said Engel as he moved to a corner to change his actual clothes with the battle clothes.

He came back where everyone was.

The attire absolutely suited him and it perfectly fitted Engel from head to toes.

Then he proceeded to wear the armor.

It had claws with pseudo-spiky knuckles, arm and forearm compound guards that covered till after the elbow. Then there was a slim-transparent-like piece that covered his shoulders. That also applied to the neck. Then he wore a breast plate and compound metal plates in his abdomen and back.

It seemed that it took in count the ease in movement. He then wore the compound leg guards. It covered his tight, knees and calf. Then a metal-like made light boots.  He also wore a kilt-like accessory in his hips, but kind of short in length. It had various sheaths placed in the whole armor. For daggers there were four in his sides and two for shortswords.

In his back there were two for medium-length katanas and in his lower back, one for a nodachi  and two for shortswords.

In his tights he had compartments for daggers and in his right tight a sheath for a shortsword. And also the thin, transparent-like pieces were scattered too in his abdomen, tights, butt and important parts.

There also seemed to be faceless mask, but he did not dared to wear it. Also, it seemed that the weapons and armor had a technologic-like pattern in them.

In the table there were bows, arrows, one handed swords, nodachis, daggers, long katanas, medium sized katanas and three spears. Also there was an enormous shield there, with the same pattern too.

Everything was perfect, except that the two sheaths for the lower back were empty.

“I knew it! It’s perfect!” Exclaimed Brokkr when he saw Engel in his full attire.

“There are no shortswords here.” Said Engel pointing out that fail.

“Well… That is an important and totally different matter….” Said Brokkr with a complicated expression.

“Indeed. Let me explain it to you. Simon, give me the shortswords.” Said Loki while extending his hand. Then Brokkr took out the shortswords. One of them was a black shortsword with an empty space in the middle of the blade and the technological pattern in it. The other one was a peerless white sword with the same looks of the black one, but with the pattern in black.

Then he handed them to Engel.

Engel while taking them, he felt a strange pressure from them, and then-

“Hi little [Dragon Slayer]!”

“Greetings honorable [Dragon Slayer].”

He listened a pair of female voices from the surroundings, but there were no one else than the twins, Loki and himself.


From the swords two bright orbs flew and in the middle of the air, transformed.

There were two beautiful women. Identical in appearance. Peerless beauty with smooth, white silky skin and long hair. Ther were tall and had kimono-like attire. The only one difference between them was the color of their clothes and their expressions. One of them had black clothes with a yellow obi, long black hair and bright golden eyes with a carefree expression.

The other one had white clothes with a silver obi, long white hair and bright silver eyes and a dignified expression.

“We are the former [Cursed Divine Dragon Itycon]-” Said the dignified beauty, [Itycon]

“And the former [Cursed Devil Dragon Aktycon]… We became [Pixies] and came to work under you.” Said the carefree beauty, [Aktycon].

Engel could only be dumbfounded to said scene.


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