Strange Experience: Second Launch

Hi! Aleksander is here!

About the previous posts about the Chibi Engel and Chibi Yozora, I have not enough skill to make a complete version of them, so they are just a representation of their looks.

Also the chibi are suposed to look cute and amateurish, so don’t think that they look like that.

Havin cleared that point, this is the second chapter of the useless life of me XD

Enjoy the chapter!

Warning: Some things may have been changes, overly exaggerated and overly fantisized.

Strange Experience: When friends meet, the absurd unleashes – Second Launch.

Occurence One.

“What are you doin’ Jean?” Asked Lauren.

“It’s my presentation for Foreing Langages Class.” Replied Jean.

“….. It’s four A4 size papers pasted together though….” Added Lauren.

“Don’t overthink things… It’s friendly for the environment.”

“We’re in the middle of the city though.”

“I know.. Okay I’ll say it… I have no money for a decent presentation and my laptop is broken too…”

“You won a lot of money last time though.”


Jean gave a punch directly to Lauren’s belly, and he fell in his knees.

(“Piss Off Jean” Game is not as funny as I thought….)

Said Lauren to himself while trying to suck air in.

“Hi dudes! Lauren what happened?” Said Nathan as he entered the classroom.

“I pissed off Jean….” Barely said Lauren.

“Wha? You idiot. Everybody knows Jean must not be pissed.”

Said Nathan as Clive arrived and joined them.

“Talking about pissing off Jean? I would not suggest it though. Remember last year? He threw to the second building’s trash container to thar guy who pissed him off.” Remembered Clive.

“Yeah! I remember! Also he broke that chair from the Stage Play Club to that other guy who pissed him off. It was fake though, but he had the intention to do it.” Said Nathan.

“Guys, don’t talk like I’m not here….” Replies Jean as he kept doing his presentation.

“Anyways, you guys prepared your presentations for the Foreing Languages Class?” Asked Laures as he stood up.

“”Fuck””. They both said as started to look for A4 sized paper.

Occurence Two.

“You know guys, it’s really surprising how good Jean is in languages.” Said Lauren as he ate a hamburger.

They were in the cafeteria after the class ended.

“I know, He is really skilled. But at the same time he’s so dumb.” Said Clive as he ate a burger too.

“Can you stop talking as if I’m not here, please?” Said Jean as he sate a burger too.

“Hey guys… Have we ever ate something that has not been a burger here?” Asked Nathan as he gave a munch to his burger.

“””Is because the other dishes sucks!””” Replied everyone at the same time.

“Hi guys howya doin?”

“What’s up Theo”

“Hey Theo!”


“Hi Theo”

Said everyone to the guy who had just arrived, Theodore; a guy from another class and their mate.

“Jean, I suggest you don’t do that. Girls don’t like it.” Said Theo as he reprended the uncomprehensible words from Jean.


“No, you have to care, otherwise you’ll end up alone and probably virgin till you reach 40.”

“How can you understand him?” Asked Lauren to Theo.

“What, you don’t get him?” Said Theo.

“Anyways, you guys how are with your girlfriends?” He asked.

“Broke up”

“Broken… I mean no money.”


“I’m free as a butterfly. I don’t need a girlfriend.”

“You always say that Lauren. Also, Clive you always break up with your girlfriend.” Said Theo.

“Nathan… I hope you someday stop spending so much money with your girl, dude…. And Jean, it’s nice everything is perfect with your girl.” He added.

Again…. How can he understand him?

“Anyways, for you guys who don’t have girlfrend, want to come to a party tonight? There will be hot chicks ther ya know!” Exclaimed Theo.

“I’m in!” Said Lauren.

“I’ll think about it…” Said Clive.

Occurence Three.


“Don’t laugh you fuckers!”


“Shut up!!!!”

The one shouting was Clive and the ones laughing were Nathan and Jean.

“But…. How could you do that?!… I-DIOT!”

It was the next day, and it seemed Lauren didn’t go to school.

Such a winner in life.

“Anyways, I hope you don’t tell anyone, kay!”

“But… How can you not tell you puked over a hot girl you just met! Hahahahahaaha!” Laughed Nathan.

“Anyways, let’s talk about something else! Jean! You said you met a hot girl yesterday.” Said Clive as he tried to change the topic.

“Kay… Well, yeah I met a hot girl yesterday. I was doing the usual in the store, buying stuff and all, and as if was a cliche romcom movie, when I tried to take the last of the cold brownies in the fridge, and someone else tried to take it too.

And it was a pretty hot girl! I mean, she had like 30 or so, but damn, she was a real mature beauty ya know.” Said Jean.

“And then, what happened?” Asked Nathan who had just stopped his laugh.

“Well, she begged for it and I gave it to her. She gave the thanks while we chatted a little and then left.” Explained Jean.

“Wait.. That was all?” Aked Clive.

“What did you wanted me to do?! I’ve got a girlfriend you know!” Exclaimed Jean.

“Yeah but it was a hot mature beauty woman! How many of them you see in the street?!” Reclaimed Nathan.

“Well… She talked with me a little. She, by herself, said she had been single for like 10 years and gave me her number and code. We’ve been texting and she’s pretty sugestive ya know.” Said Jean.

“What?! She gave you her number and you hot text?!” Said Clive.

“Yeah. Look, this is her photo…. And the texts.” Said Jean as he took out his cellphone.

“Well… It’s true she’s hot and mature…. But her face is over the average… but… like… Not my taste.”

“I agree. But I do agree too that those texts are too sugestive.” Said Nathan as Clive agreeded.

“Well, I know that not everyone has the same tastes as me.” Said Jean.

Then classes started.

“Hi guys, howya doing?”

Said Pietro, the Culture and Society Class teacher and the Class Coordinator.

“You know, It seems I’ll have little time to give you classes from today onwards, so I’ll have the new teacher to give teach you instead.” Said as he called the teacher to get in.

“Greetings everyone. My name is Irina Lake and I’m pleased to meet you.” Said the new substitute teacher.


They three shouted in their minds when the girl in Jean’s phone was in front of them.


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