Magical Tournament Volume Two Chapter Eight: Heimat (Home) – Because sometimes you’ve done it pretty bad

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Chapter Eight: Heimat (Home) – Because sometimes you’ve done it pretty bad


[Vulcan Burst]!

Shouted Brunnhildr. The one she was attacking with her [Lava Element] was a titanic tortoise-like monster. It’s name was [Behemoth]. It was the [Mission] given by the [Maschine Leiter].

It had a shell with 2 to 3 meter spikes. It’s overall size was 25 meters. It was all gray in color.

[Crimson Lava] had spent at least three hours trying to deal some damage to the beast, but it was fruitless. It’s HP was just under 50%.

And all the members of the party had already been sent to the [Plaza] in [Muttsu]. Meaning, they all failed, and the only one now there was Brunnhildr.

Actually they had done quite the job because other kinds of flying monster were attacking them too, like gigantic bats and butterflies spreading sleeping spores.

And everything was fine, but then someone, namely Alan fucked it up pretty bad with the timings of the party and then one by one killed everyone.

Then he hinself was stepped on.

(A soft spot! Were’s a soft spot?) Repeated Brunnhildr in her mind. If course she was desperate, it was the last chance they had. Alan stupidity fucked up the other 2 tries.


Brunnhildr ran below the beast with all her strength and when she arrived to the tail, there was an aberture over it.

It was not his ass of course.

Then she made a deep cut with her sword and then-

“Ha!! Take this! [Volcanic Cannon]!!!”

She chanted her magic after she inserted her hand in the cut, and the [Behemoth] revieved the necesary damage to perish.

After she recovered enough, she was teleported along with her party that were sulking and blaming Alan in the outskirts of the [Plaza].


When you are teleported to a [Maschine], the [Mashcine Leiter] gives you a [Mission] that you have to finish so you can conquer the [Maschine]. That is the norm, but if for some reason the [Maschine Leiter] challenges you to a 1 vs 1 and accept, beating him is the only thing you can do to pass.

It only can happen once and if you lose, you have 2 tries remaining, but you can’t challenge, nor be challenged.

This time, the [Maschine Leiter] asked [Crimson Lava] to kill the [Behemoth].

And so, there were only other little group of people that were challenged by the [Maschine Leiter].

Also, as a side note… It seems that [Quarta] “accidentally” let out some videos from [The Five Gods Of War]; [Metatron], [Empress Cleopatra], [Holy Blade Maiden], [Hephasteus] and [Valkyrie Rossweisse] to all the [Participants] of [The Tournament] in [Bereich].


“H-How?!….. I…. I am the real [Untouchable Empress]!!!”

Shouted a girl with 18 or 20 years, she had short blonde hair and brown eyes. she wore transparent frame glasses.

She was Elizabeth Longriver, a [Maschine Leiter], and she was collapsed in the floor over a puddle of her own blood. She had been pierced by something.

“I don’t care who you are, you asked me to fight with you and I won. That’s all there’s to know.”

Said Lene with her [Chrono Adamant] in hand. She had pierced Elizabeth with it.

She had stopped time in a all or nothing and user her scythe to attack her opponent, and won.

“Mmm.. Hmmm.. Okay Okay… Since I already received a notification of victory, it’s useless to struggle. I officialy defeated you.” Said Lene, to what Elizabeth distroted her face, showing her hurted pride.

“Oh, yeah, and I’ll also have you to give me your secret weapon… How it’s named… Ah! [Gáe Bulg Lanzen].”

She said with a slight smile.

And in other [Maschine]-

“Take this!! [Zeus’ Strike]!!!!”

“I already said it’s futile!”

Shouted Krestin while swinging [Rhongomiant] skillfully. She had activated [Kingslayer] and with overwhilming strenght and speed overshadowed her enemy, a [Maschine Leiter].

This [Leiter] was a short haired girl with dark brown hair and blue eyes. She was Helena Salvatore.


She slashed Helena’s back and depleted her HP.

Krestin released [Kingslayer] and in some moments later, she recieved the victory notification.

“Hey…. You consicious?” Said Krestin.

“Yeah…… You needed something?” Asked Helena.

“Well… This says you’ll have to give me that… The [Zeus’ Lightning Lanze].”

Replied Krestin with a complicated expression.

And, in other [Maschine]-


Shouted a guy with all his strenght.

“No.” Rejected him head on Isold.

“Ehhh!! Why? I’m not attractive enought?”

“No.” Said Isold.

“So then why?!” Asked the guy again. He was a tall and slim guy with black hair and brown eyes. Quite handsome by the way. His name is Clive Smith.

“Don’t know you.” She added.

“But we talked throught the battle!” Shouted Clive.

“Don’t know about that.” Said Isold.

“Please, give [Gungnir Lanze]” She added.

“No until you reply to my pledge of loveee!” Exclaimed Clive.

“If not, you really die.” She said while lifting up her [First Valkyrie Sledgehammer].

“I’m sorry Madame. Here’s your weapon.” Said Clive while in knees.

And the last one is Izaak.

“Fight me, Izaak Ausgewogen!” Shouted a little girl.

She was a [Halfte] from the [Hobbit Tribe]. She had brown red hair, brown green eyes and was quite the pretty girl, not minding she having more than 100 years. Her name is Bell Kyte.

“No! I don’t fight women, and not even little girls!” Shouted Izaak, remarking his refusal.

“Shut up and accept! Or do you not want to pass through here?!” Exclaimed Bell.

“Of course I want, but I don’t want to fight you!” Said Izaak.

“Okay then, so you’re a chicken then! I don’t care anyways. Actually I wanted to fight Engel Falsch but [Camael] won in paper-rock-scissors. He’s far better than you and he’d have accepted too. Okay then, go to-”


“He’d have accepted?”


“[Camael] won in paper-rock-scissors?”


“Ahhhh!….” Bell understood what he meant and-

“That Engel Falsch is far better than you… I really think that though. He’s stronger, faster, more intelligent and even more handsome. I’d fall for him if he were to be in fron of me…” She said thinking with that she could fight Izaak.


“Alright! Then I’ll carve the feeling of this [Areadbhair] in your body!!” Exclaimed Bell as they prepared themseles for the fight.

After a hard battle, she fully regretted having said those words.


[Engel’s POV]

(Ehh… Where am I?)

I looked around me and all I could see was a normal living room. I was sleeping in the sofá. The thing that woke me up was the first light if the morning passing through the window.

Next to me, was Brunnhildr.

(Ehh? Don’t tell me, everything was a dream?)

Then I remembered everything I passed in [Bereich].

(There’s no way that was a dream… Right?)

I could not see Lilya nor Yozora. Ileana, Schnee, Mikaela, Weiss, Schwartz, Alize, Leslie, Haven, Cale… None of them was there. Only sis’ was here.

Also I saw my clothes… Are the same clothes I had the day I was teleported. Also sis’ had the same clothes. Not to mention that they don’t have even a stain.

Then I stood up while looking to my sorroudings and-

(Ehh? Isn’t my field of vision a little higher? I remember the thing in the hou…. ???!!!)

I noticed, I really noticed it, and with the hope everything was true, I ran to the entrance where we have a mirror as big as the wall, with 3 meters in width.


I laughed.

I laughed really loud, because my hair was white and my eyes were heterocromatic. My clothes looked a little more fitting and my posture was straight as an arrow. My skin color was not pale anymore.

I tried to open the [Menu] and…

“Hehehe… It’s here too….” I said.

Everything, was real.

[End of Engel’s POV].

Because he had no Idea where the kids and the girls were, he decided to go and check his room, and there-

“Mmmmm Engel… MMhmmmm…”

“Why is Valeriya in my room?….” He said to himself…. And then slowly closed the door.

He decided to ignore the weird movement she was doing and the fact she was wearing his boxers and one of his shirts.

“Maybe in her room..,” He muttered. He walked some steps in the hall of the second floor of the house and then there was Valeiya’s room.

He slowly opened the door and-

“Haaaaaa…. Here they are.” He said to himself as he watched the girls sleep in the bed, in the carpet and also in a little sofa that was there in her little sister’s room.

“Anyways, what’s todays date? I think we almost spent a year there in [Bereich], and also why is sis’ here? Wasn’t she suposed to be recolecting yet her last [Camellia Sphere]?”

Asked himelf Engel, then-

“My cellphone! I had it in my hand when I was teleported, so I should ha-ve it here!” He said as he searched in his pockets and found it there.

When he appeared in [Crest Plaza] he hadn’t his cellphone in his hand. In fact, everyone had received a text in their cellphones and were teleported with them in their hands, but no one had it when they arrived.

“Wha?! It’s only been two weeks?!” Exclaimed Engel, then he ade a worried expression because he may wake up the girls.

“How is thi-Well… It may be a special type of magic.” He infered.

“But what is this… I have 20 new contacts? Oh…. They’re Lene, Krestin, the party and others…. Brookelle too? Anyways, I think I’ll send a mail to Lene and Patricia for a test. Maybe to Krestin too.” He said while playing with his phone, and thinking that they would have been summoned back to where they were teleported in the first place.

He closed the door and went to the kitchen for a little of water and something to pick.

He felt he hadn’t eaten anything in years.


“Sooo…… Why the fuck is she here?”

Said Engel with a complicated expression when he saw [Camael] lying in the floor of his kitchen.

Engel took out his steel shortsword, and used it to poke her head. Of course it was sheated.

“Heeey… [Camael]…. You alive?” He said.

Strangely enough, her face was in the floor side.


She exclaimed an uncomprehensible sound while wriggling in the floor, then, she inmediately woke up.

“Ehh…. Whatt was that?”

Said Engel. [Camael] looked around her to see where she was and-

“This is a dream! Good night then!” She suddenly spatted out.

“No it’s not!” Replied Engel while hitting her with his the sheath of his shortsword.

“Ouch! Why did you do it? I was trying to escape reality!” Reclaimed [Camael].

“Don’t escape reality!… Anyways, why are you here? I mean, why were you teleported with me to earth?” Asked Engel, going directly to the issue at hand.

“Well… I think there was a rule that mentioned this…” Said [Camael] trying to remember something, then Engel inmediately contacted [Quarta] with his [Menu] and axked for explanations.


He was shown the victory notice. And then he was told that [Camael] was going to be like a manager or something like that.

Also he, while eating lots of stuff and drinking various refreshments and some cups of cofee, had a chat with [Camael].

He asked why her attitude towards him and other things.

She answered that she felt offended when she saw him fighting like an angel and that he was given the name of [Metatron], one of the higher ups in the [Celestial Branch].

She was overshadowed by her pride, so she acted like that, but after the intense beating she recieved by Engel, she understood how stupid she acted.

She deeply apologized for her attitude till now, having called [Engel] a [Faker] and also for stabbing his friend.

He said that he didn’t mind any of it now, because he had already vented his anger, but that it would be hard for him to forget how she acted when she pierced Yozora.

[Camael] knew that, and deeply regreted her attitude at that moment.

After that, they spent like two or three hours just lightly chatting.

Then, Engel felt a little presence behind him.

He suddenly turned around and-

“Valeriya?” He said while he saw her little step sister in the entrance of the kitchen.

“…… Engel?” She said while carefully looking him.

“…… It may be hard to understand… I know I look different but… It’s me, Engel…” He said while slowly stood up from his chair.

“Engel!! I missed you!!!” Shouted Valeriya while jumping towards him.

“Wha?! Valeriya?” Exclaimed Engel.

“Sorry… I was a little bit excited.” She said.

“Do-Don’t you find weird I don’t look the same?” Asked Engel.

“You don’t look so different you know. For me, it seems you adopted some kind of rock style fashion, corrected your posture and increased your wheight though.” Said Valeriya while tilting her head, with an expression of “Is it so strange?”

“Well, you saved me many explanations…” He said while patting her head.

(Also you seem to have a more mature and cool aura…. But there’s no way I’d say that…) Thought Valeriya to herself.

“Ehem, do-do you plan to stay like that all day?” Interrupted [Camael].

“Eh? Oh! Sorry.” Said Engel as he noticed Valeriya was still holding him. She lightly pouted because she had to let him go.

“So, who’s this pretty girl right here?” She asked.

“Oh, sorry I didn’t presented you. [Camael], she’s my little sister Valeriya; Valeriya, she’s [Camael].”

“Nice to meet you.” Said Valeriya.

“Nice to meet you too… But, Engel, actually… I’d be glad if you called me by my real name…” She said slightly blushing.

“Ah! It’s true! [Camael] it’s your [Tittle]… Well…. I think it was… Aleksandra.” He said while looking at Aleksandra directly to her eyes.

She instantly blushed and held her cheeks with a stupid grin in her face while “He-hehe-Ehehe”, laughing like Leslie would do it.

“….. Well, anyways, Engel, I think you will have to buy new clothes. It seems EVERYTHING you have in your closet doesn’t suit you anymore.”

Said Valeriya while slightly smiling.

“………………. I think you’ve got reason… But…. I think there’s more to talk about than clothes.” Said Engel.

“I… I’ve got some guests… And I’m thinking of looking out a new place to live…. Before I move to [Camellia Academy], that’s it.” He added while changing to a slightly serious modo.


“Principal! Principal!… MS. PRINCIPAL!! WAKE UP!!!” Shouted a cool-beauty girls with black hair tied in a bun and circular, transparent frame glasses.

She was in the office of the principal from [Camellia Academy].

“Ehh? I want two cubes in my drink pleaseee…..” Said the woman lying in the desk full of papers from researchs, through acceptance forms.

“DON’T SLEEP AGAIN PRINCIPAAAAL!!!!” Shouted again the secretary.

“Eh? Rachel? Okay Okay I’ll wake up…. What time is it?” She asked. The woman in the desk looked like she had less than 30 but more than 25 years old. Night-black hair left loose and night-black eyes with a fair white skin. She was quite the mature-beauty.

“It’s almost noon, Principal.” Said the secretary named Rachel.

“Eh?! It’s that time now!!?? I’ll be late for the staff meeting!!!” She shouted as she quickly looked herself in a pocket mirror. She for a moment tried to use the reflection in the panoramic glass she had behind her, but suddenly recalled that it was a special glass that had no refelction.

She eventually got out of her office with Rachel gehind her and ran in her high heels through all the hall towards the meeting room.

The meeting room looked quite similar to her office with the panoramic glass, but it had an enormous table, where now there were the whole staff of [Camellia Academy].

Teachers, Dorm Suervisors, Student Council President and Vice-President, General Staff Representative and the Last Year’s Student Representatives.

She then moved to the edge of the table, where she belonged as the head of the academy.

“Well then, everybody welcome the Principal of Camellia Academy and the utmost authority in the room, Miss. Ishild Falsch.”

At Rachel’s announcement, everyone in the room clapped, giving a start to the meeting.

-End of [Engelhaft Lanzen Arc]-


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  1. kmx72 says:

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    • Heeeey! I’n not that grateful though xD

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    • Nay’! I honestly did not ever thought about Archer when making the twin shortswords. I do confess that Gilgamesh had a little influence when I made [Hekatonkheires].

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