Magical Tournament Fourth Intermission: Acheter (Purchase) – The summer has just began

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Fourth Intermission: Acheter (Purchase) – The summer has just began


“Well then, we will give the statrt to the meeting.” Said Rachel while unlocking her tablet and looking for the schedule. It was just the beggining of the meeting where the principal, Ishild Falsh had just arrived.

“The first thing in the Agenda is the aviability of the dorms. Ms. Dorm Supervisor, how is the state of both, the male and female dorms?” Asked Ishild as she entered a serious modo.

“Well, the third years still have this whole week to leave the dorms. There are still the fourth part of students who hadn’t left. Also, there it seems that the supervisor for the female dorms has resigned of her position.” Said the Dorm Supervisor.

“Then, I’ll personally look for a new superisor. These things needs to be attented with care; and for the students that are still here, remind them that they only have four days left…. Next is… Student Council President, how went the things with the recruitment of the the third years?” Asked Ms. Falsch.

“Well, they successfully finished the paperwork, and also the winner of [The Tournament] wais that he most likely will join the national team, but he’d gladly come back to the Academy to teach after he finishes college.” Explained the straight-laced Student Council President.

“I see. I’ll have it in mind…. Then is-….”

After that, they held various points like any other meeting, until it was the time of dismissal, when-


“Who is it?” Asked Ms.Falsch to Rachel.

“It seems it’s Ms. Alexandra Cole.” Replied the secretary.

“Let her pass.” Said the Principal.

“Good afternoon; Here’s Alexandra Cole reporting herself.” Said Ms. Cole. This time, insetad of the weir clothing she elways had, she was wearing a fitting suit.

“Good day. It seems it’s already time… How were the results of this [Secretive Firts Part]? It seems that there are some favorites because unexpected events. At least that’s what Ekaterina told me.” Said Ms. Falsch.

“I don’t know how much information was given to you by Ms. Rhodes, but I think it’s not enough to describe the extent of the pottential of these kids.” Said Ms. Cole.

“I have records of their doings, so if you’d please to face the panoramic glass, I’ll as the Artificial Intelligence [Quarta], to display the video.” She added.

Then everyone in the room faced the panoramic glass that turned in an anormous screen, also the room got darked because the light coming from the outside was being blocked.

After everyone found a comfortable position, the video was played.

It was not a compete version of three and more hours, but one with extracts of the battles. It roughtly lasted 20 min, adding the videos [Quarta] taked of the [Maschine Leiter] battles.

When it ended, no one moved an inch. Even Ms. Falsch herself was surprised by those [Participants], thing that didn’t happen often.

To break the ice, Ms. Cole started to talk again.

“Well…. Is as you see. Their strenght far surpasses that of an average [Swan]. Their Status Windows will be displayed in a while, together with the information of their general performance and other personal data.” Said Ms. Cole as [Quarta] displpayed the information in the screen.

“Lene Nachahmung, Izaak Ausgewogen, Krestin Spiegel, Isold Ähnlich, and Engel Falsch are their names. Needless to say, they’re also the first an legitimate possesors of the [Lanzen], or [Five Celestial Spears].”

“They are just incredible….”

“Is there anything I can teach them?”

“They even broke the level cap….”

“This…. This is totally unfair….”

“It’s like they have cheated in the cheats themselves….”

Were the reactions of the people in the room.

(Falsch…. Engel….) Thought Ishild while looking at the profile of the white-haired boy.

“Wait a minute… Look at the profile of that kid!” Shouted a teacher in the room. She is the [Physical Adaptation Teacher].

“Which one?” Asked another teacher.

“The last one, Engel Falsch! There, in that section!” Added the teacher. Right now, Ishild was so deep in thought that she didn’t noticed the fuss around her.

“Adress…. Phone…. Relatives…. Parents… Remiarried?… Former Female Parent ISHILD FLASCH??!”

Shouted the dorm supervisor while reading Engel’s profile.

Then, all their gazes pinted the only one person with that name in the room.

“Ms. Falsch… I think it’s better if you finish the meeting at this point.” Muttered Rachel to her boss who was in the clouds.

Ishild then came back from her own world and then looked around her… Painful gazes surrounded her… And then-

“Well….. Ehm… DISMISS!” She shouted as she ran away from the meeting room at an unbelivable speed.

“I ask for you to send a copy of the full videos.” Said Rachel to Ms. Cole when she followed suit her boss.


“Well….. Certainly, this is a problem. I thought that I could make you stay, depending of the situation, but now I don’t really think you can stay….” Said Valeriya, while looking around all her room.

“Anyways…. Why all of them are girls? Even little ones….” She said while looking at Weiss and Schwartz,

“No-Not even I know…. ” Said Engel.

(NO! I’m sure! I’m totally sure that you know why!!) Said Valeriya to herself.

“Even so, I still can’t belive these people are from other world: On top of that, Aleksandra has wings, that one with the maid outfit has god ears and the other one there has horns! Oh! there’s other one with wings!” She added.

“Well, I know they really stand out, but I’ve got a solution to that.” Said Engel.

“What is it?” Asked Aleksandra.

“[Loki’s Mask]” Replied Engel.

“Ohh…” Expressed Aleksandra.

“Then again, I think it’s better to wake them up now. We will need to go in a massive cloth hunting before anything else. Fortunately, it’s still early in the morning, so anyone is in the streets and the local mall to notice the outfits they have. I cand do somethign about the irregular apperrence, but the clothes are something else.”

Said Engel as he decided to wake them up.

He quickly went to his room and brought back and old fashioned alarm clock. He programmed it with three minutes ahead the current time and-


It rang. Everyone slowly woke up annoyed by the sudden high pitched sound.

“Ehh….. Where is this?” Said Yozora, the first one who regained her sense. She suddenly found herself in a strange place she didn’t have the idea of. Then she looked the person in front of her, it was Engel.

He had weird clothes on and his distinctive hairstyle was not there, but it was him. Moreover, he gave a more real presence than he had ever felt from him.

“Well… I think you should have an idea but… This is my house. Good morning, Yozora.” Said Engel with his characteristical half-smile.


After they all woke up, everyone went to shop.

Kindly, they left a note in the fridge, her shirt, and the door for Brunnhildr.

Also Valeriya was so kind to paint her face with permament markers.

Good job!

Anyways, after everyone woke up and spent some weird time appreciating the home appliances, they left to the local mall.

In the way, Engel recieved response from the texts he sent. He also sent a text to Markus, from Krestin’s party, because he knew he lived in the other side of the city. They became very good friends in the third stage. He was an aide between the bunch of girls.

Izaak was of no help because he held a grudge against him.

Then, wey they reunited in the mall and inmediately went to buy clothes. They had very good luck that everything was just opening.

They prioritized a starter outfit so they could not call too much attention and spend a more relaxed time buying fitting attires.

That also counted for Engel, that for that very reason called Markus. He needed help with the sense of fashion…. Because he had any of it. In fact, he recently discovered he had a kind of lame sense of it.

Luckily he knew that Markus was a geinus in fashion.

Well, after they got overly surprised by almost anything in the place, they went to eat some food for breakfast.

All the girls were delighted by the sudden delicious flavor of the food. They had never tasted something similar, because the bad taste of all the food in [Bereich].

Looking to all their expressions, Engel felt refreshed for some reason.

After their breakfast, they went to officially but their attires.

One pieces, jeans, dresses, skirts, blazers, shirts, t-shirts, jerseys, sweaters, jackets, scarfs, shoes, high-heels, low heels, sneackers, sandals and more. They bought tons of clothing.

Because Engel hadn’t reclaimed the money he was suposed to be given for them, he had to spend his own savings. He had lost the oportunity to buy the summer season anime merchandise.

They were now looking for lunch after buying tons of clothing, and they were wearing something fitting now.

Yozora was wearing a stylish jean overall with a printed white shirt and slippers.

Lilya hardly let go of her maid outfit, but now she was wearing a blue, sleevless one piece with white, irregular dots an sneakers.

Haven was wearing brown shorts and a green blouse and slippers.

Cale wore hotpants with a pink blouse and sneakers.

Leslie was wearing formal, light brown pants with suspenders and a white buttoned shirt and low heels.

Alize prefered to weartight jeans with a loose, long sleeved light pink blouse and had her hair tied in a bun.

Aleksandra had tight jeans, a white shirt under a light gray, roll up button shirt, blue sneakers and a white diadem.

Before going out of the house, he took out of his [Item Box], where everything that he was wearing as an avatar ended, Seara and Avalon who had possesed the twin shortswords.

So, they were tagging along too.

Right now, Seara had tight jeans, black slippers, a yellow shirt and a black bazer. Avalon had a tight white dress, short heels and a light blue blazer.

Finally, Weiss and Schwartz were wearing matching black and white light dress each.

Mikaela had shorts and a blue blouse.

Schnee had a a jean overall and a white shirt. The same as Yozora.

They all looked fashionable and absolutely outstanding.

As they moved in a group, they obviouly stood up from everyone else. They didn’t need horns, wings, halos, animal ears or pointed ears. They beauty was enough to call the attention of women and men by equal.

Not to mention that Markus and Engel also called their attention. Markus had jeans and a blue shirt…

And also Engel himself got his hands in some pretty nice outfit.

By Markus’ words, he was now using something called “Hipster Style” or something along those lines.

He was wearing slim, light blue jeans, a white shirt inked with a slight beige color and a light blue, roll up button shirt with chekers and sneakers.

He also wore the fabric Yozora gave him. Also, by Markus’ strong suggestion, he had to wear fake, thick frame glasses.

They all walked towards the food court in the mall….

“Woah! So beautiful!”

“Look Look! What pretty children!”

“So haaawt!”

“Am I dreaming? Is this real?”

“Look! Go to talk to her!”

“No way! I’m afraid! They’re too beautiful”

“Are those guys with them?”

“Look! They’re so handsome!”

“I’d eat up the white haired one.”

“Me too me too!”

“I Prefer the rude-looking one.”

They created these and several other people to talk about them.

They were all getting a little bashful, but were able to mantain a poker face.

Except Engel, the honest and former unpopular nerd was blushing and almost let out a weird grin that only Leslie would do.

They all took their seats and Markus, Valeiya and Engel went to take the orders.

“…… I… I don’t think anyone has noticed I’m here, right?” Said Valeriya a little dejected.

“Bear with it.” Said Markus.

“I think he means that it’s not your fault. It’s that they are too outstanding.” Interpreted Engel.

“I-Is that so?” Asked Valeriya.

“D-Don’t paraphrase what I say!” Exclaimed Markus.

“But it’s true, isn’t it?” Added Engel.


Markus didn’t retorted to it. “He’s not honest with himself” thought Engel.

And as he avverted his attention to the table the girls were-

“…. Ah? …. Markus, Valeriya, I’ll let you handle the orders. I have something to do.” Said Engel as he walked towards the tables.

“What happened?” Asked Valeriya as she looked where he was headed and she saw what he meant.

“Ohh…. It’s that….” She muttered as she slightly smiled.

“Defending the territory, is it?” Said Markus.

“I bet it’s called “Reclaming What Is Yours”.” She added.

So Engel, was right now, in his mission to intimidate a group of guys who were trying to pick up the girls.

“Hey hey girls!”


“Hey there!

Said the group of guys, to what the girls ignored.

“Hey hey how you doin?” Said the one who looked like the leader.


“Are you bunch alone?”

“Don’t you want us to keep you company?”


They did not even reacted to them. They just kept in silence. Leslie, Lilya, Haven and Alize, who were with the little girls, shutted their ears, so they wouldn’t listen to the bastards that were talking.

“Hey hey Com’on! Don’t ignore us hawt ladi-AAARRRGGHHH!!!”

Just in the moment the leader of the trio was going to touch Aleksandra’s shoulder, who was the nearest to him, Engel appeared en crushed his hand.

He did it in a figurative sense. If he were to seriously try to crush his hand, the guy would end without one.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

Said Engel with a cold voice while taking away the guy’s hand.

“Hey! Who’re you?!”

“What are you doing to Carl?”

Shouted the other two guys.

Then he looked to the face of the guy and-

“Carl….. Thomas?! Are you Carl Thomas?!” Asked Engel whithout letting go of the hand.

“YES YES I AM!!” Shouted the guy.

The people around them just silently stared at them, whilie muttering soem comments.

“I see… Well, It doesn’t matter anyways. Luke, Bryan, take him out of my sight NOW!”

Said Engel while throwing him to the floor.

“Wha… Who are you and why you know our names?!” Asked Bryan.

“Oh it’s true… Well, it doesn’t matter, just take him away.” Said Engel.

The two guys, overwhelmed by Engel’s presence, didn’t dare to fight back and left with Carl.

After some minutes, the people went back to their business and Markus alongside Valeriya came back with some other people and a bunch of food.

They quietly sat and started to eat.

When the mood lightened by the delicious food, Aleksandra talked to him.

“Eh… Engel…” She said.

“You want to know who they were?” Said Engel.

“Yeah…” Added Aleksandra.

“Well, they used to bully me. Do you understand that concept?” He said.

“No…” Replied Aleksandra.

“Well, they tied me with ropes and punched me… The used to paint words in my body that said “Idiot” or “I’m stupid”… I think several times they wrote “I eat shit”…. They did that since years ago….” He said.

“Wha?! Why would you let them do that? You’re awfully strong! Just now you just brushed them off like bugs!” She exclaimed in a murmur.

“Oh it’s true… I haven’t told you yet, but I was never this strong you know. I think I’ll tell you later, but I used to be weak… Pretty weak.” He explained.

“…. I don’t think I can belive such thing, but I’ll listen to your story later.” She said as they continued eating their lunches.


[Alke’s POV]

“Sorry Alke, I don’t think I can ever win…” Said my best friend, John Doe, who had just returned from [The Secretive First Part] of [The Tournament]

“What? But you’ve done it till this [Part]! Why you say such things?” I said to him.

We had promised that I would become a student in [Camellia Academy] since my third year in middle school, and he would become a [Participant] so we would get stronger together as the best [Participant] and [Blacksmith]…. But now he has just came and said this…. Why?

“Well… I think I am pretty high tier in [The Tournament]… But even that is not enought to beat them.” He said while dropping his shoulders. He was pretty depressed.

“Why? Who are “Them”? What are you talking about?” I asked.

I’ve strained myself to the limits so I could become the best [Blacksmith]. I am the [Student Representative] of the [Craft Work Section] in [Camellia Academy]!!

How he can be so dejected??!

“Ehhm… How do I say this?…. There are people you can’t absolutely beat. Never ever…. I know, Let me show you this,”

He said as he used his [Menu]. He then took out his Cellphone and then connected it to the home theater in my living room.

“I’m talking about this Alke.” He said with a weird expression.

One of admiration.


I saw the video.

He also narrated through it,

I…. Is that even real?! Isn’t he being decieved?!

“Are you sure this is real, John?!” I Exclaimed to him.

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure. I was there when the white haired guy fell in the [Plaza].” He said.

“You know… I’d like to meet him once, and ask him how is he so strong… or how does it feel to be that strong.” Added John.

“Anyways… Talking like people we are… I’m sure I will never be able to win to Engel Falsch, one of the [Five Gods Of War], [Metatron].” He said while laughing sacastically…


But… Wait…..

He said… Engel…. Falsch?!

“He-ey…. John… What was the name of that [Metatron] you say?” I asked him.

“His name? It’s Engel; Engel Falsch. So unique, right. I also know from a very good informant that he even has a older sister with a weird name.” He explained while thinking of changing the topic….

But…. Falsch…. Engel Falsch…. Has a older sister… With a weird name too….

Is… It is coincidence… Right… RIGHT?!

They don’t even look the same……. He can’t be the Engel I once knew…

“Say… John… What’s the sister’s name…?” I asked.

“The sister? Let me confirm it… Oh yeap here it is. It’s Brunnhildr. Brunnhild Falsch. Woah! What’s with this photo? They don’t look alike at all!” He exclaimed.

I….Impossible, right….. They can’t be the same, right…..

then, John put the photo of the siblings in the screen.

“Look, there they are…” He said, as he started to talk about other things about them……

But…. I didn’t listened…..

I knew it… SOmehow, I don’t know why but I knew it…. She…. She’s Brunnhildr. I knew her when I was a kid…. And Engel… Even if he looks kind of different…. I know it’s him…

Just… How ironic can destiny be?

[End Of Alke’s POV]



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