Magical Tournament Volume Two Chapter Nine: Treffen (Reunion) – The way to get stronger

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Chapter Nine: Treffen (Reunion) – The way to get stronger


[Engel’s POV]



I was ran over by a car.

[End of Engel’s POV]

It’ would be nice if we were to go back some time into the past.

Engel, the day after the mall visit, decided to go to [Schwan Enterprises]. He contacted Ms. Cole through [Quarta] and she booked him a jet.

Yes, a private jet.

He went out the next day. Also, it was ordered that only he and the [Maschine Leiter] were the ones authorized to go to the meeting.

While Engel and Aleksandra were in the plane, as a proof of trust, they both teld the storied of their past. They already had a kind of connection that formed when they fought back then in [Bereich] but they decided to do this just in case.

To make it short, it seems that Aleksandra was pretty old in age. 8 or so years younger than Yozora.

She told Engel she had a pretty older sister named Crysta and she was the previous [Camael] and possesor of the real [Longinus Lanze], not the imitation she had; [Longinus Spear].

It seems that in a certain series of battles, she died covering for someone. Both a sad and honorable death.

But because some kind of secret she couldn’t tell, she didn’t feel sad.

Then, when time passes, the vacant [Tittle] of [Camael] was handed to her, who had the same eyes as her sister; [Angelic Eyes].

And then, after several years she was offered to become a [Maschine Leiter]. She accepted because her duties and then it’s the storyeveryon knows.

She was the first one to talk, then it Was Engel’s turn.

Aleksandra felt a little sad because such events happened to him at early age, but she brushed it off, thinking that it may be unrespectful and impolite to so such thing.

Then, they arrived to the private airport in the city where the main building of [Schwan Enterprises] is.


“Heey… Ms. Flight Attendant… Isn’t this suposed to be a “Private” airport?” Said Engel as he looked through the window of the jet.

Indeed, there were floods of people there.

“Well…. This…” Said miss flight attendant with a complicated expression. Then-

“It’s okay, it’s okay. I made them pay for get in.”

Said a female but husky voice. It was coming from the speakers inside the jet.

“Greetings, Engel Falsch, Aleksandra Götze. I’m the president of [Schwan Enterprises], Ekaterina Rhodes.” Said the voice through the speakers.

“I’m calling from my office. You are the first one I’m meeting of the other five people that are suposed to meet with me…. But that is not why I called. I called to clear the misunderstanding.” Said Ekaterina.

“Indeed where you are is a private airport, but I let these people in for a reasonable amount. I see business everywhere.” She said.

Engel was told that he could simply talk to the air open, that the president would clearly listen.

“Well, I still don’t get why would you do that. And even if it’s private, what bugs me the most is that they look in frenzy, as if there was a famous person arriving.” Said Engel.

“I’m glad you understood the situation. In fact, what you said it’s true. Someone famous is arriving…. You precisely.”

“……………………………. What?”

Engel could only say that.

“Oh, sorry, I forgot to tell you, but I sold the rights of the videos of your, and your companions feats to various televisive chains and websites. “NEWSFEED! THE FIRST TIME A VIDEO OF [THE SECRETIVE FIRST PART] HAS BEEN RELEASED. IT CONTAINS THE FEATS OF THE FIVE BEST IN [THE TOURNAMENT]”….. Something along those lines. I properly released them in the night time for all of you.”

In that very moment, it seems that the hordes of people started to rush inside the runway.

“I really hope you arrive safe here.” Said Ekaterina, then the transmission was cut.

“……………………. Shit let’s RUUUUN!!!!!”

Shouted Engel to give spirits to himself as he exited the jet.


By Ms. Cole words, he was banned to use any magic and skills in public, so he had to use all his human means to run through the hordes of fans.

Sacrificing several bodyguards that were accompaning them since the former airport, Engel and Aleksandra safely ran away of the airport.

It seems that those people would stay there to wai- Nay.

Some of the girls there chased him and then he began to run with all his stremght… Well, almost, because he had to wait for Aleksandra, who surprisingly, hadn’t that much of stamina.

“I am accustomed to fly everywhere” Ishat she said.

Anyways, they lost those people, but now were lost and without aide.

“What do we do now?” Asked Aleksandra.

“Well, we can ask anyone here where is the building, right?” Said Engel as they both started to ask people about the main building.


They suddenly asked a random girl in the street and-

“Well, if it’s about [Schwan], it’s in the very center of the cit-……………….-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!” Screamed the girl.

“ITS ENGEL FALSCH!!!!” She shouted.

They really had fuced it up now.

As all the people started took at them, point them, take photos and videos, they renewed their escape.

They directed to the place the girls mentioned before shouting like mad.

When they arrived, it was disgrace. They were the same amount of people in front of the building as in the airport.

It seemed that there were lots of profesional bodyguards making a way to get into the building, so Aleksandra and Engel ran with all their strenght to quickly cross the street and arrive to the door.

As he started to run alongside Aleksandra, people notced them and started to jump towards them.

Engel screamed to muster courage and….

He was ran over.

“Oh?! Sorry! I didn’t noticed you!…. Pfft HAHAHAAHAHAHA!” Said a young girl, with at most 19 years old with red eyes and short black hair.

“THAT LAUGHER SAY YOU DID NOTICED!” Retorted Engel as he stoo up. The bodyguards had already created a wall around them.

“Hahaha… I think these days have been less boring… Anyways, let’s ge it, Engel Falsch.” Said the girl with a husky voice.

“That voice… You’re Ekaterina Rhodes?!” He shouted.

“Yes, I am.” She said as they walked towards the building.


“So, why exactly did you sell those videos?” Asked Engel a little pissed because of Ekaterina.

“Well, they’re for my monthly allowance. I sometimes do things like those. You know, all the money that comes and goes in this enterprise is really calculated. I win no more than a little more of an very well paid salaryman.” Said the Ekaterina.

“I don’t know if I should belive you, but anyways, I need the money that was promised to me. I don’t know why you had to meet me personally though.” Aded Engel.

“Well, I ….. Damn how I say this….” Muttered Ekaterina while fidgeting.

“Ehhmmmm……. Damn! I was doing it right till now…. Ehm… Engel Falsch!” She said with a fairly blushed face.



Yeah… Actually this…

This scalated rather quickly.

After that, she invited them to have a coffee and to talk a little. She had lots of work to do, but she delegated all. Before all, Ekaterina gave Engel the number of a certain bank account, some credit cards and the keys of a house in a certain place.

Then,they started to talk about the case. It seems that she wanted the autograph for her little sister. She was sick in bed and wanted at least have an autograph of him. Ekaterina, because of her sister’s illlness, showed various videos of the tournament to her, and one day she came across Engel’s case.

So, after this and that happened, Ekaterina had promised her sister an autograph from him. Also, because of her whim, Ekaterina decided to aks him to go and visit her.

“Now I see… So there was any need to ran me over?” Asked Engel.

“Well… That was… Entertainment. Sometimes I go overboard wiith those things when I’m estressed. Honestly, I’m sorry.” She replied.

“I… Won’t object to that. But stil you need to hold back.” He said.

“So, where’s this little sister of yours?” Added Engel.

“She’s in my house.” Said Ekaterina.

“So… What are we waiting for? Let’s go.” Replied Engel as he finished his drink and stood up.

After some time, they arrived to Ekaterina’s house.


Ekaterina’s house was a pent house in the most expensive apartment building in the city.

There, in a room, there was a little girl of no more than 12, short black hair and red eyes. She had a big tv in front of the bed she was lying in. She was watching for twentieth time in the day, the video of Engel Falsch defeating thousands and thousands of dragons.

Then, the door was knocked.

“Sis, is that you?” Asked the little girl.

“Yeap… I… I’ve got a surprise for you.” Said Ekaterina as she entered the room.

“Really?! Did you bring the full video of Engel Falsch where he defeats [Camael]??” Exclaimed the little girl as she hugged a teddy penguin.

“Well…. Yeah… But… I think it’s something better….” Said Ekaterina. Then, she completely opened the door and-



Engel and Aleksandra got in.


“….. Y-Yeah…” Replied Engel. He could not count how get accostumed to that kind of reaction.

“Ho-How is it possible? Am I dreaming?! Sis?! Isn’t this another prank of yours? Am I sleeping?! Is this true?” Said the little girl.

“You even harassed your little sister?” Asked Aleksandra in a low voice.

“….. That was years ago….” Said Ekaterina while averting her eyes.

“It’s true. It’s very true.” Said Engel with his characteristical warm half-smile as eh took a nearby chair and sat next to the bed.

“Pr-Pr-Prove it!” Said the little girl.

Then, Engel created a rose made of ice in his hand and gave it to the little girl.

“Wha?! It’s cold!” She said as she grinned of happiness. He was the real deal.

“What’s your name?” He asked.

“Claudia, Claudia Rhodes.” Said the little girl, Claudia.

“What a pretty name. How old are you? 11?” Asked Engel, while giving her an honest praise and a warm expression.

She slightly blushed when hearing the question, she pouted.

“No! I’m 14! I can go to third of middle schoold now!” She said while pouting.

“Wha?! I surely though you were 11 though!” He exclaimed.

“Well… Anyways… I heard from your sister that you are a little sick. What are sick of?” He asked.

“I…. I have heart problems..” She said in a low voice.

“Your heart?” He said.

“Ye-Yeah… It’s really weak and I can’t even run for 5 minutes…” Said Claudia as she lowered her head. She started to remember the harrdships she passed through.

Engel noticed this… And though of something.

He didn’t know why, but he thought he had to do something about this. Maybe it was self satisfaction, may was his pitiful sense of goodwill.

Even so, he had now resoluted himself to do what he wanted.

“Tell me… How many time have you been like this?” Asked Engel.

“3 years.” She replied.

“I see…” He said as he patted her head and then stood up.

“Ekaterina.” Said Engel while telling her with his hand to come closer.

“Yeah?” She reacted.

“Say, how’s her tratment?” Asked Engel.

“Well… Doctors say that she needs a new heart, but her blood is pretty rare and her state of health had just dropped below the safety line.” Explained Ekaterina.

“I see… Well, I need to talk to her alone. Can you and Aleksandra get out for a moment?” Said Engel. Ekaterina sated at him in the eye, and then silently got out together with Aleksandra.

Engel then locked the door.

“Tell me, Claudia… Why are you my fan?” He asked.

“Eh? Ah! Well… Be-Because…. Well… Because you’re strong and cool.” Said Claudia while hiding her face with her teddy.

“Heh… And tell me… Why is it that you like that I’m strong?” Asked Engel again.

“Be-Because… Becaus I am weak… And because I am weak, I’d like to be strong… Strong as you.” She said while slightly blushing.

“I see… Well, what if I told you that some time ago, I wasn’t so strong? In fact, I can say I was so weak I barely could lift my backpack.” He said while smiling.

“What?! That is impossible!” Exclaimed Claudia.

“It’s true. I was really weak.” He remarked.

“If it is true, how are you so strong now?!” She asked.

“Well… Lots of things happened, and if I say so, I had luck in becomig this strong.” He explained.

“But the most important thing, what do you think it was?” He added.

“What is it?!” Shouted Clauida a little excited.

“Well… The will. The will to get strong. A will that does not waver no matter what.” He said. The little girl just listened and intensely thought about it.

“Then… Do you want to become stronger?” Asked Engel.

“Wha?! You can do that for me?!” She asked.

“No. I can’t make you stronger. I already said what you need to be strong. What I can give you… Is a little push.” He said with his characteristical warm half-smile

“So… Do you have the will that won’t waver no matter what?” He asked again.

“YES! I HAVE IT!!!” She exclaimed.

“Woah…. I like that enthusiasm. So then, I’ll help you.” He said as he got near her and-

“Please close your eyes for a while.” He added as he raised his arm.

She obediently closed her eyes.

“A little gift; don’t open your eyes though.” He said he kissed her cheek and took again his previous position.


“I hope Ms. Cole doesn’t get to know about this…” He said while sighing and-

“[Dämonisch Auge], [Engelhaft Auge] Activate. [Sephiroth]. Unlock Level Zero – [Knowledge]”

A strong light sorrounded the room.


[Claudia’s POV]

My name is Claudia Rhodes, 14 years old.

Today, for the first time in much time, I am going to school.

I will attend the [General Section] of [Camellia Academy].

I came to this place because here I can see him! I can see my Angel!

As I was running with all my strenght-


“So-Sorry!” I said.

It’s my first day and I already bumped into someone…. Eh?


“Wh-Why are you apologizing?” I asked.

This girl was kneeling in the street and apologizing. Even though it was me who bumped into her.

The people has started to watch us!!!

“I-It’s okay! Stand up stand up!!!” I said to her.


I quickly closed her mouth and ran away from the scene….



“Just stop! I already told you It’s not your fault!!”

After some goings and comings, she calmed down.

“Anyways, can you tell me you name?” I asked, just in case.

“Tennoji Honoka! NO I mean! Honoka Tennoji! Third Year Middle School! Rookie! Craft Work Section! Seat Number 24! Class E!”

So she said…. Now that I notice, she has inverted triangle frame glasses, long black hair tied in loose twintails, light brown eyes and is just a little taller than me.

“Pfft… Hahahahaha!”

I don’t know why, but I just laughed with her attitude.

“SOWEE!!!” She apologized again.

“It’s okay…. I was just… It doesn’t matter. Anyways. I’m Claudia, Claudia Rhodes.” I presented myself.

“I am from the [General Section] by the way.” I added.

Then, we talked a little, and even if she kept apologizing for everything, I think I made a good acquitance with her…. If I dare to say, we will be very good friends in no time.

So, because we were from different [Sections], I went to a different building inside the [Academy].

I went to my class, [Class A] by the way and quietly took my seat in fron of the class. Then-

“Good morning students-” The teacher came in. She was an unbelivable, absolutely, outstanding beauty. A voice that belonged to an angel: long black hair with silk smooth skin and rose eyes. She also had two enormous bulges greeting everyone.


Anyways, she presented herself.

“My name is Yozora Sakurai. I expect to be in your care as the [Coordinator] of this [Class]. My best regads.” She said.

And then, my new, great, interesting and awesome school life started.



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  1. kmx72 says:

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    How big are Yozora’s oo? 😂

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    • Well… I have an image about them. Have you ever read Magika no Kenshi To Shouka Maou? I mean the manga…. They are as big as the Sempai xD… If you havent read it, I suggest you do xD….

      And about Ekaterina, yes she is. She doesn’t have that much money, but she does have influence… And is single xD


      • kmx72 says:

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      • Well… Isn’t she already in it? And yeap… A loli. I read today Shomin Sample manga and she came to me xD

        And nope. Honoka is just a complete stranger that will become someone important in V3 and on.


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    • Yup. Not entirely though. I read the chaprer and, just then though that Cale was not enough of a Loli now. She did grow in the time of the first part, so , I needed another one.


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        Me also since they changed some tongs too much , I mean they did a good job on season 1 and 2 adapting them faithfully, but now they change the order of volumes. Also I think you were demanding too much episodes basing off that they just did 4 volumes with 24 episodes previously but since right now they’re advancing pretty quick and changing a lot facts since I guess they just advavpce like 3 volumes maybe is possible but it will be very different . Also did you mean episodes? Since you sad chapters

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      • Yup I meant that. Sometimes I got confused xD but if you think throughly, the real fight against Loki mast have lasted 10 episodes, and Akeno’s date 2 or 3. Then the Kioto thing and the Samael Curse…. It was normal to think they need at least 38 chapters


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    • Well, there were rumors saying it was so popular they’d adapt till cao cao fight. So I thought they would he at least that much. Also I remember it being longer, the issue of Akeno’s date.


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        Then it would be as you say being 2 episodes , but if you see of the pov of the ones who make them to them , it is okay to make one episode since two thing , one if you consider this as relief or filler, or fan service episode, would be tiring to see two episodes of the same thing since you know the only thing they did as the book said was of the shops and going to the hotel not much and , I don’t remember, that it was later that they told their background, even if they not have you seen a episode where they stay on the same thing and also a thing I’m very disappointed at, was the scene of them going to TV station, also that they later put Oppai Dragon song on anime, that was for me a shame, but I guess they couldn’t play it since they inverted order on volumes

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      • About the song, I think that even with the inverted order, they should have played it. And i mostly agree about the TV thing. Also I was dissapointed in concept of things. But anyways, at least there should be another season xd


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