Magical Tournament Volume Two Chapter Ten: Pracht (Magnificence) – The chosen ones

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Chapter Ten: Pracht (Magnificence) – The chosen ones


“So now, let’s wecome the representavies of the [Tournament Section].” Said the teahcer who was in charge of the initial speech.

Everyone from the middle school branch up to the freshmans of highschool branch were in an enormous salon. They were attending the [Introduction Ceremony]. There were at least 1,000 students in there. Classified from S to F classes. Being “S” the highest in the monarchi structuren in the academy.

There were 3 sections: [General Section], [Tournament Section] and [Craft Work Section]. Except the [Tournament Section] that had irregular number of students in every class, the other two has exactly 30 students each.

Also, the only one that didn’t have a middle school affiliation was the [Tournament Section]. The others, accepted people to attend their classes since the third year of middle school. It’s because of their functions.

The [Craft Work Section] teaches the students the arts of [Blacksmithing], [Alchemy], [Chemistry], [Physics], [Engenieering], [Magical Industry] and [Production Management] subjects, besides other various ones.

The [General Section] were, unofficially made of, two factions. The hard workers who went to learn the various subjects in an elite school, and the no-good spoiled, rich brats that enterd because of the influence from their parents. They were taught normal subjects, besides some intense classes in [Business Management], [Foreing Languages] and [Representative Industry].

But going back on track, all these students were currently in the ceremony, awaiting for the main event to come.

They were wating for the representatives of the [Tournament Section], the infamous [Five Gods Of War].

Even if the people of [Camellia Academy], including the [General Section], knows about [Bereich], they for sure haven’t seen anything like them so far.

Slay singlehandedly thousands of dragons.

Stop an army by oneself.

Kill a batallion of 20 meter plus titans alone.

A person destroying an army of automatas.

One person purifyingthousands of undead.

Who in the world would be able to do such feats?

The people were at the expectation whether all this is real or not. With the technology in movies, records like those can be possible… In the first place, who could have filmed them?

It was all a mistery.

Then, after a moment the teacher made the announcement, the door at the back of the salon opened.

There, slowly walking, were the [Five Gods Of War].

Telling them apart from right to left, an athletic girl with black and white hair mixed in a ponytail with blunt bangs, quite the cool-beauty; A slender girl with black, bob cut hair and outstanding beauty.

From the other side, a spoty guy with short black hair and a slight grumpy face. Quite handsome  in a manly way; a girl with an atonishing sandclock body, short, straight hair with a light-blue color. She was as beauty as the bob-cut girl.

And finnaly, in the middle of the four, a white haired guy with heterochromatic eyes and thick frame glasses. He had his hair in a ponytail and long bangs in the right side of his face. He seemed slender but well buit and was outstandingly handsome.

There were various comments, from jealousy to admiration. From praises to curses.

But, only the ones near them noticed, the enormous pressure coming from them. They could not even voice their opinions.

And among the representatives, one of them was letting out more pressure than usual, because the quantity of times she heard the word “Flat” directed to her.

Anyways, the arrived to the stage and presented themselves.

“Good morning everyone, I’m Izaak Ausgewogen. Representative #5. Its a pleasure.” Said the short-haired guy.

“Hello. Isold Ähnlich. Representative #4.” Said the cool-beauty.

“Hi. I’m Krestin Spiegel and am the Representative #3.” Said the blue-haired girl.

“Nice day everyone. Representative #2, Lene Nachahmung. Greetings.” Said the slender girl.

“Good morning. I’m Engel Falsch, Representative #1…” Said the white-haired guy.

Then, the representative #1 started give his speech.

The only problem was that… There were suposed to be other 2 representatives with them.

When the speech ended, the teacher explained that the other two representatives, Brookelle Archer and John Doe were not able to attend because of stage fright just before the ceremony.

And thus, the [Initiation Ceremony] ended.


“Well, then again, my name is Alex Cross and I’m the [Coordinator] of the [Tournament Section S-Class]. Greetings, representatives.”

Said the teacher who gave the speech to Engel and co. Also Brookelle and John were there, but with a somewhat pale face.

The teacher, contrary to his name, was a female.

She looked somewhat young, and really beautiful. She had short, ash-black hair and light-green eyes with inverted-triangle frame glasses. She was wearing a really tight skirt and a blazed that marked really well her hourglass body.

As for Engel and co. they were wearing the academy winter uniform. The guys wore black pants, white long sleeved button shirts, red ties and blue blazers. The girls had blue skirts, blue blazers and red ties too. But Krestin and Engel were wearing swater vests instead of the blazers. Also they had rolled up their sleeves.


Right now, they were in a waiting room behind the stage where the ceremony was held.

“I’ll explain some of the duties that you now held in this academy. First and foremost, you all lot will not attend the [S-Class]. The duty of a representative is to manage, or lead a [Class]. The [Class] will be assigned to you in the order of your representative number. For example, Mr. Engel Falsch, the number 1, will have to manage the [S–Class], and Ms. Brookelle Archer will manage [E-Class]. There are no discrepancy, nor any differences in instalations, subjects given, teachers skill between the [Classes] so in educational terms there’s no difference if you attend [F-Class] or [S-Class].” Explained Alex.

“The only difference is the skill of the students…” Muttered Lene. Everyone heard her, but no one objected her reasoning.

“Your duty is to mantain the order, give reports of the progress in the class and represent the will of all the students in it.” She added.

“Of course, we expect you to have a partner that of course you will choose and we will give you free time to have training with your own parties.” Said Alex. The guys nodded in understandment.

“Finally, there’s something else you need to know. This has already been notified in the beggining of the day to the middle school branch of the [Craft Work Section] and [General Section]. As every year, the representatives are te first ones to go on [Rookie Hunting]. Other parties of the [Tournament Section] does this, but in a later notice. You can do it from this very moment.” She said.

“As a matter of explain, the [Rookie Hunting] is when the parties in the [Tournament Section] go and search for promising students of the [Craft Work Section] and the [General Section]. These are for two objectives: 1. To have a connection of trust and friendship with a blacksmith and alchemist that will produce your potions and give mantainance to your weapons. 2. It’s for you to find an apprentice. They are necesary for [The Conclusive Third Part], but that’s all I can say.

Anyways, from this very moment, you’re allowed to go and look for promising rookies. You need to choose 3 from the [Craft Work Section] and 6 from the [General Section].” Explained Alex.

Then she said goodbye and left.

As soon as she left, they all started to think about what they inmediately needed to do. Look for their rookies.

Engel, Lene, Krestin, Isold and Isaak, who were proficient in detection of the magic aura, could to some extent, detect the most promising ones. Also because they had been in the salon before, they already knew who were the ones with exceptional habilities.

They stood silent for a moment and-


“[Time Stop]!”

Engel and Lene in the blink of an eye dissapeared from the room.

“These mothe..ssadfdsf….” Said Izaak as he started to ran with all his strenght.

“{Boost per 300%]!” Exclaimed Krestin as she booster her abilities and ran with all her strenght.

“……………………….. [Accelerate]”

Isold didn’t said anything else and just started to run with all her strenght while crossing the buldings walls.

“………. Again, these people are just unbelivable.” Said John Doe as he slowly walked out of the room.

“But that’s what makes this so fun!” Said Brookelle as she followed suit with an inmense grin. It seemed that they had recovered from his sickness.


[Honoka’s POV]

“So, right now we’ll have you waiting here for the representatives that will came for [Rookie Hunting].” Said the [Coordinator].

She has short Hazelnut hair, black eyes with a mole under the left one and a slim figure mantaining everything where it should be.

Sh-She is our [Coordinator], Haven Davis.

“How much time we will have to wait?!” Asked a boy behind me… He looked like what I know as “Yankee”.

How Scary!

“Probably never. We are [E Class] you know… We were only lucky to not end up in [F Class].”

Said a girl who was in the very corner of the room. So looked rather gloomy.

“Don’t say that Cecilia. I bet one or two will be coming here!” Said the teacher with high spirits.

What a nice [Coordinator] we have!



I heard a voice next to me!!!! IGHH!!

Someone suddenly took my arm and-

“I’m FIRS-NOOOO DAMN!!!” There was someone shouting in the door that suddenly opened.


The moment this happened, everyone in the classroom got perplexed. Even the gloomy girl had her mouth agape.

Then I looked to the person who was holding meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

“IIIIIIGGGHHHH!!!!” It was the Number 1 Representativeeee!!!!!

“I’ll have you come with me!” He said as then I suddenly felt like someone had tackled me.

[End of Honoka’s POV]

“Damn! That Engel!” Said Lene as she saw him teleporting.

“Mmmmm… You! The gloomy one in the corner! I’ll take you!”

She exclaimed as in an instant she appeared besides the girl, Cecilia, and left the room.

Lene then stopped the time and ran with all her strengh towards the [S-Class]. She opened the door and-

“Sorry Lene! See ya!” Said Engel as he had in his back the girl from before in his back, who was holding to him very tight, held  a elegant, blonde haired girl with glasses with one hand and normal-looking girl with brown hair and boyish looks with the another and teleported.

“DAMN! AGAIN THIS…..” She said as she surveyed again the place.

“You! The one with the butler looks! Yeah you! and the one next to you with the bandana thing! Follow me now!” She shouted as a blonde guy with long hair and glasses, and a red-haired guy who looked like a soccer player.

She took their hands and ran stoped time. She ran off to the [General Section] building.

For Krestin and Isold’s cases, they took some girls from [S-Class] and [A-Class]

As for Izaak, he took two guys from [F-Class] and a girl from [A-Class]

Moving the issue to the next building….

“Seems no-one has come yet!” Said Engel as he appeared in the hall of the building. Then he suddenly entered the [A-Class].

“Sorry for intruding!” He said as he go in.

“Where are you… There! Cale! Ileana! Come here!” He shouted as he saw to the back seats, where effectively, Ileana and Cale were sit.

The people around them started to voice their surprise for these two girls who knew the #1 Representative.

Just before he was leaving-

“Oh!” He muttered and turned around again just to see Claudia there.

“You too, can come” He said to her, who intesely was glaring to him. Of course, she wanted him to take her.

As they got out of the room, Krestin and Lene were running towards the place, Kresting winning with a broad margin.

Noticing this, he let Cale, Ileana and the others there and teleported to the [F-Class].

Lene stopped time and got inside [F-Class] too. Krestin, thiking it was futile, went and got inside [A-Class].

Engel who entered first, suddenly asked soem of them to come with him.

“You, the one in the corner! and you the one who looks intelectual, come!” He said while he took their hands and got out of the room with a loner-like girl and a glasses girl with a ponytail.

At the same time Lene got in and suveyed the place and took a red-haired girl who was a little chubby.

As Engel ran towards [S-Class] after letting the girls with the others, Krestin caught up to him and both entered the classroom.

“Excuse us!” Said Krestin who entered after him.

They stared to all the class and-

“You!” Said Engel as he took a girl who looked like had so much energy she would explode.

It was because she was restessly moving in her chair.

Then, he left. Krestin took a guy who looked like the rebel type and left.

As for the others; Izaak went to A and B classes. Isold went to D and C classes. Lene went to the S Class.

And so, they got to chose the one who they belived were the best rookies for them.

The thing that no one noticed, was the desperation of a single girl in [S-Class] of the [General Section] who was not chosen.


“Sooo…. They ran over all the place and chose people from various clases?” Asked the Principal of [Camellia Academy], Ishild Falsch to Alex Cross, the [Coordinator] of [S-Class].

“Is as you say.” She replied.

“Hmm… I see.. How unorthodox. Representatives usually would choose from S and A Classes. Probably from B, but at random… That’s pretty unusual.” Said Ms. Falsch.

“Yes, it is. It happened the same three years ago with the now winner of [The Tournament] though.” Added Rachel who was next to the Principal.

“Anyways, thanks for reporting. You can leave, Alex.” Said Ms. Falsch as Alex left.

“Heh…. I bet this three years will be pretty interesting ones.” She added as she continues her work.

“Say, Ms. Falsch, how did things went with your son last time?” Asked Rachel.

“H-How things went?… W-Who knows?” Said the Principal while trying to avoid the topic. She slightly started to sweat cold.

“Don’t tell me, things went in a bad way?” She asked again.

“NO WAY!” Shouted Ms. Falsch.

“So then? What happened?” Added Rachel.

“No-Nothing important.” Said the Principal while averting her eyes.

“At leas I hope you don’t develop a Jocasta complex or something alike. That would be very weird….” Said Rachel as she just though how stupid was what she had just said.

Ms. Falsch just kept her silence, hoping things don’t develop that way though… Not knowing it could be too late.

Notes: Jocasta Complex = Son Complex.



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