Magical Tournament Volume Three Prologue: Zufall (Accident) – You can’t be good at everything

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Prologue: Zufall (Accident) – You can’t be good at everything



Shouted Ekaterina Rhodes after witnessing the bright light that leaked from the closed door. Aleksandra felt a great presence behind the door too, and was intrigued by what in the world Engel did.

Ekaterina barged in with a grat momentum and-


Claudia, the little girl who was suposed to be laying in bed, quickly ran and embraced Ekaterina.

“Wha?! Claudia! What are you doing siddenly running like this?! You need to lay down!! And again, what the hell did you do, Engel Falsch?1” Shouted Ekaterina qhile suddenly gazing Engel.

He just slowly walked and shrugged his shoulders, lightly patted Claudia’s head and-

“Well…. It’s just a favor. Nothing more than self satisfaction. Even so, you owe me one now.” He said while half smiling, and left the room.

“Wha?! WHAT DO YOU MEAN??!” Exclaimed Ekaterina.

“Ask you little sister… See you!” He said, then took Aleksandra’s hand and teleported out of the pent house.

“Claudia! What did Engel do to you?” She desesperately asked.

“What you said as if it was something bad…. Look! He helped me so I’d not get tired!!” Said Claudia as she intensely ran around the room.

“What? I quite don’t get it but stop runn-???!!!”

In that moment, Ekaterina noticed.

That by this time, her sister should be collapsing in the floor because of her disease.

She then thought of what her sister said… “He helped me so I’d not get tired”….

The fact that you’re having a heart attack could be interpreted with the feeling of being tired.

So… She intensely stared to Claudia while she continued to run with all her strenght by 3, 4, 5 ,7 until it reached ten minutes and she ran out of stamina.

Ekaterina, witnessing this, started to shed tears of joy,

“Engel… Idiot…” she said as Claudia noticed and worriedly went to see what happened to her sister.


“Okay…. Right… Thanks…. Okay, see you then.”

Said Engel as he hung up his cellphone. He was stargazing in the roof of his house. He tend to do that for fun from time ti time.

“It was Ekaterina?” Asked Aleksandra, who was with him. Yozora and the kids were with him too, but they were napping.

“Yeah…. She said that she took CLaudia to the doctor and that she was alright. I looked like she neved had the problem in first place and that she, most likely, would never get problems about it or any other illness.”

Conveyed Engel.

“Oh… And she also said that we need to meet with the Principal of [Camellia Academy], that we need to talk about Yozora’s position and the other girls position. It seems they are obligated to live in the island where I’ll attedn the academy.” Explained Engel.

“That includes me?” Asked Aleksandra.

“Of course. You are our manager now.” Said Engel with a cheeful half-smile.

Aleksandra instantly blushed.

“Oh! And now that I remember, I’ve got something to ask…” She added, to change the topic.

“Why so much drama at the moment we left Ekaterina’s house? I get that you didn’t want to tell neither her nor me what was going on…. But such choice of words and the like…. What was that?” She asked while tilting her head.

In that very moment, Engel blushed so much his face looked crimson and averted his eyes. He was ashamed of what he did…

“Well…. I…. She ran over me you know!! I wanted payback! It’s not that I wanted to look cool or anything! Hmph!” He said while pouting and crossing his arms.

In that moment, the one who appears in times of need, Tsundere Engel was born.


“Okay then, Mr. Engel, you can get in.” Said Rachel, the secretary of the principal.

Engel was now all alone in [Camellia Academy] to have a private conversation with the Principal of the academy.

“Than you very much.” He said as he half-smiled and entered the office. Rachel slightly blushed because her fondness of young boys, but she qucikly went back to her work.

When he got in and closed the door, there was a big panoramic glass. A desk with an enormous chair. There was also a cofee machine and a pair of sofas with a little table.

When he directed his attention to the chair…. It was facing the glass. Then it turned around and-

“Good afternoon, Mr. Engel Falsch. I’m the Principal of this honorable [Camellia Academy]. My name is-”

“Hi Mom.”

Interrupted Engel with an expresionless, bored voice.

“WHA?!! What are you doing??! This was suposed to be a melodramatic and serious reunion between parent and son like Dar*h Va*er an Lu*e Sk**alker, or  or like Ign**l and Nat*u!! Gave me back my seriousness!!” Exclaimed Ishild Falsch, voicing her objections as she stood up and slammed her hand at the desk..

“The last time I saw you was a month ago for the periodic information meeting. I still remember when you suddenly barged in my room a year ago and asked me to cooperate with you in making the life impossible for dad an Ms. Alicia. And by the way, those are reunions between father and son, not mother and son.” Said Engel while taking a seat in the a sofa inside the room. Ms. Falsch also went and sit in front of him.

“But, but, that was a political marriage! It is suposed that they don’t have to get along! Yet they were going out in dates and all lovey covey añsldañsldhkañsadslk!!!” Said Ms. Falsch.

“I know.. I gave them the idea. There’s need for image when you marry for convenience. Even if they were neglecting us, it shouldn’t be known, you know.” Said Engel.

“Wha?! This is the first time I hear about this!” Reclaimed Ms. Falsch.

“Sorry, It had to be a secret.” He said.

“Hmph! Now I’m mad!” Said Ms. Falsch as she suddenly pouted and crossed her arms. It seems the tsundere modo goes in the blood.

Then, she suddenly patted the place next to her, indicating that she wanted Engel to sit next to her.

“Ehh? Really? Now?” Asked Engel.

“Hmph!” Was the only answer given by his mother.

“‘Kay…” He said and then sat next to her. She suddenly let her body loose and palced her head in Engel’s lap. Then, he started to caress his mother’s hair.

“Now that I notice, where are your glasses?” He asked.

“Eh? We-Well… I’m using contacs…. I wanted to look different from usual…” She said while slightly blushing.

“Becase I was coming?” Asked engel in a teasing way.

She just silently nooded. Engel got bashful because of this and flicked Ms. Falsch forehead.

“Wha-What are you doing?!” She exclaimed.

“It’s your fault. You should have at least denied it.” He said. Then, the both stood in silence there and-

“Have you talked with sis?” He said while suddenly changing to his serious modo.

“….. No. That girl is as stubborn as your dad. At the end, that’s why I left….” Said Ms. Falsch as she too enred her serious modo.

“I bet she still won’t see me. You… Well, I really don’t know why you forgave me, but still, I’m happy you did.” She added.

“You’re my mom after all… But if you were a sociopath I wouldn’t have done it you know.” He said to lighten the mood a little.

“Hahaha… Right……………….. You’ve sure changed, Engel.” She said while closing her eyes.

“I know… I’m the one most aware of it.” He said while he continued to caress her mother’s head.


“So guys, it seems you will be working in [Camellia Academy] where I’ll attend starting the next month. That goes for Alize, Yozora, Haven and Leslie. Ilana and Cale will be attending the [General Section] where normal people attends and I’ll have the girls in Leslie’s care.” Said Engel, when he came back from his meeting with his mom.

“What about me, Master Engel?” Asked Lilya.

“Well… You… Ehm… Because you’re my personal [Pixie]… You need to sleep with me in my room.” He said.

“EHHHH?! THAT’S UNFAIR!!” Exclaimed Yozora.

“So-Sorry but that’s how things are! So-So S-Stop Sh-Shaking M-Meeee!” Said Engel while bein shaken by Yozora.

“Wha-What about Seara and Avalon?” Asked Lilya who had kept silence for a pair of minutes because of the shock.

“Th-They to-toooooooo!!!!!” Said Engel nonchantaly as Yozora shaked him more.

Then, someone barged in the living room of the house.


It was Valeriya who barged in with full excitement, but got overly confused by the scene of Yozora shaking Engel non-stop.



“Who is it? Eh? Carol, Laura, what are you doing here?” Asked Valeriya who had just opened the door.

“W-We heard Enge- I mean, you’re moving out so we came to pay a visit.” Said the girl named Laura while holding a basked with muffins.

“Ohh… Okeey… Then come on, get in, get in!” She said with a complicated expression.

Laura was a third year in Valeriya’s college and Carol is Valeriya’s classmate.

“Well then… Engel is out at the moment. He said something about going to the bakery in the neighborhood or something, so he should be back soon.” Said Valeriya while leading her senior and classmate.

“You can sit in the living room, Oh, and let me present you. They are Karen, Vanessa and Brenda; Engel’s classmates. Italia and Jane are from Engel’s same year. Lara is the neighbor and Liza from the other side of the city. They have come to visit too. PL-A-SE TA-K-E A SE-AT.”

Said Valeriya with a smile in her face…. Even though her eyes were not smiling at all.

“Is something wrong Valeriya?” Said Yozora who was leading the girls. They were coming from the backyard.

“Naaay’… But, can you all come here for a moment?” She said while a dark aura was being release by her.


“Muffin-Muffin-Muffin-Mister Muffin!!”

Yes… this is Engel, the legendary god of war Metatron, happly singing a lame son in the middle of the street.

He was indeed, going to the bakery in the neighbor.

“Good morning!” Said a girl in the counter. She was pretty normal girl with dark brown hair and green eyes.

“Oh, a new client! What can we serve you?” Said the girl.

“The same as always!” Said Engel as he didn’t listened to what she said at all because of his overflowing happiness.

While he muttered “muffin-muffin” and looker for other kinds of mercahndise-

“Ehh… Mr. Client…. I don’t know who you are, so I don’t know what does “The same as always” you refer to.” Said the girl with a complicated expression.

“Ehh? What you saying Flora? It’s me Engel!” He said without averting his gaze from the products in the showcase.

“Mr… I don’t know what are you planning, but you absolutely are not Engel!” She said. Then, Engel looked her in the eyes and said-

“The secret recipe of the ultra mega super amazingly delicious muffins is lots of love, a tear from the gods and bulgarian chocolate.” He said.

“Indeed…. You are Engel. Only he would say something so stupid and the exact tecret recipe of the muffins.”

The girl was instantly convinced.

Later, Engel sat in a table together with the girl, Flora while eating a muffin and having a drink, they had a nice chat.

Engel told her that he was in [The Tournament] and he was going to attend [Camellia Academy].

Because Flora was such a baking idiot, she did not knew anything else besides bakery, so she didn’t even watched the news.. And Engel loved her bakery; specially her muffins.

Incidentally, they went to the same school and the same year. They were very good friends.

So, Engel went there to have a rest and then he went back to his house.


“Dad… Do you still have that recomendation letter for [Camellia Academy]?” Asked the girl who had a secret crush for the only one who enjoyed so much her bakery.


Let’s move some time in the future…….

Maybe, before the [Iniciation Ceremony].

Ouside the salon all the students were, there was standing Lene, Engel, Izaak, Krestin, Isold, Brookelle and John, waiting their turn. Also accompanying them were Randolph and Lilya.

They were idly chatting and-

“Heeeeey!” Shouted a girl from afar. It was Aleksandra. She was wearing the same uniform as the others.

“Aleksandra? Do you needed something?” Asked Engel. She had a basket in her hands and was blushing intensely.

“Well… Ehm… You know…. Ehm… I heard from Brunnhildr and Valeriya that you like bakery and sweet things… So… before you go inside the salon…. HERE! TAKE THIS!!” Shouted Aleksandra and then, because of her shame, she flew away with all her strenght.

Engel, who held the basked opened it and-

There were four beautifully made brownies there.

“We are nine. There are four brownies…. Paper-rock-scissors?” Asked Engel with his serious mood. The others naturally accepted his words and-

Three minutes later.





“As always, the dark power of Aleksandra’s cooking is so terrible I might have nightmaress today…” Said Krestin as she and the others witnessed how John and Brookelle were trying with all their strength obligate the other to eat the muffin, while Randolph convulsed in the floor and Lilya blacked out in the spot and started to drool.

“It…. It would be better to call the nurse….” Said Lene as she felt sorry for them.



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