Magical Tournament Volume Two Epilogue: Schüler (Student) – The first step


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Epilogue: Schüler (Student) – The first step


[Engel’s POV]

Today, I’ve got new recrits, and also some old ones.

After I tooke them, I asked if they could come to the training grounds after classes. Everyone lives at the dorms and I’ve got enought authority here to let them go after the curfew.

Besides, today we only attended to the ceremony and to make our introductions. Not that I was there though.

Anyways, right now, They are in front of me. Nine of them.

We are in the training grounds number tree. It’s reserved for us.

So, I’ll be the one to start speaking. I have to give them a good impression of me.

Well…. Do I put a facade? Do I act as myself? Cale and Ileana are her though…

… Maybe I’ll mix the two. I’ll act like myself but not entirely like it. Let’s see how it works. But somehow I think that halfway I’ll act just as myself…. I don’t know though-

But… If I say so myself… Why are they all girls?

[End of Engel’s POV]

“Good afternoon girls. As you may know, My name is Engel Falsch and I’m the #1 Representative of the [Tournament Section]. I pressume you know why are we here, right?”

He asked, as to what he recieved various responses.



“Of course, I know.”

“…….. Yeah….”

“Hmph. I know.”

“Yes I do!”

“……. Yup….”



Each one was so different like snowflakes.

“Okay. Like that, there’s no need for me to explain, so we can move to the next point. Presentations. Everyone, please present yourselves.” Said Engel with his characteristical half-smile.

“ME ME ME ME ME!! My name it’s Anastsiya Romanov! 15 years old, [S-Class]! Hobbies, photography, arts and cooking!” Said the overly energetic girl.

She had the same uniform as the highschool branch, but the tie was yellow. Her hair is long and light-brown. She has sky-blue eyes and an athletic figure.

“Thanks. What about you?” He said to the ponytailed one.

“M-ME? Well… I’m Danielle Glass. 15 years, [F-Class]. Hobbies are books and sewing.” She said.

She has dark-brown hair, transparent frame glasses and green eyes. She also looks intellectual-like and is very slim.

“Who’s next?” Asked Engel.

“That would be me. My name is Erika Elven. I have 15 years old and assist to [S-Class]. My hobbies are reading, cooking, baking cakes and sciences.” Said the elegant-like girl.

She’s slightly tall than the others and has medium length, blonde hair. She has transparent-frame glasses and deep-green eyes.

“I-I think I’m next. I’m Sophia Knight. 15 years old. I like soccer and swimming and baseball and basketball and…. And lots of sports, hehehe. I attend [S-Class].” Said the boyish girl.

She has shoulder length hazelnut hair and deep-blue eyes.

“What about you?” Asked Engel to Honoka.

“ME?! IGH! SORRY I’m Honoka Tennouji, 15 years old, japanese, I go to E-Class and I like anime and manga and working hard and whem people prise me and to people pet my heand and I DON’T KNOW WHAT I’M SAYING SORRY SOWEEEE” She said while bowing and apologizing.

“Pfft… Hahahahaa… Sorry, I just laughed in reflex. But I like your attitude. That you like to work hard that is.”

He said as Cale raised her hand.

“My turn?” She asked.

“Okay, go ahead.” Replied Engel.

“I’m… Cale Dafe. 15. A-Class. I like, food, tv, games, food, sleep, food and food.” Said Cale.

“…… You repeated food 4 times.” Retorted Engel.

“I know.” She added while smiling. Engel knew that if she were to show her tail, it would be moving like crazy.

“The next is?” Asked Engel.

“Hmph! If you insist so much, I think I’ll introduce myself.” Said Ileana.

“Okay then. Do it.” Said Engel.

“I’m the great Ileana Roza. I’m 14 and I like teddy bears and cakes. That’s all.” She said with a big attitude.

Engel, could not contain his laugher because what she said and her attitude didn’t matched

“Pf…PFF… Next please…” He said while avoiding to laugh.

“Me! I’m Claudia Rhodes! 14 and soon 15 years old! I go to A-Class and I like sports and studies and the school!” Said Clauudia in high spirits.

“Haha. The, you’re the last one.” Said Engel to the girl who was the farhest.

She has medium lengt ash hair, purple eyes and a somewhat nice body. She also was wearinf a jacket like those that Ms. Cole wears. With a hood and animal ears.

“…….. Is it really necessary?” She asked.

“Eh? Of course, we are companions now after all. Also I hope we became very good friends.” Said Engel.

“….. I don’t like your friendly attitude. I get that you’re not some hipocrite or something, but you’re too cheerful.” She said.

“….. And, in what is related what you said to the current moment?” He asked.

“Eh?… Well… That I don’t like you and that it’s not necesary for me to present myself.” Replied the girl.

“Hmm? Really? Well, because we’re going to be working together I can’t just call you “you” or “the girl there”…. Mmm… Then I’ll call you “Loner”? Cale, what do you think?” Said Engel

“Good job.” She said with thumbs up.

“Wha? I’m not a loner!” Exclaimed the girl.

“Well… Anastasiya! Can you imitate people?!” Asked Engel.

“Yes I do!” She replied.

“So then, can you imitate Loner and say what she implied?”

“Yes I can! Hmph…… I-I don’t want to relate to anyone. I’m a loner. People are trash. I hate you. Peace and love.” Acted Anastasiya while making a pose that looked she was sulking and hid the half of her face with her bangs.

“Good job.” Said Cale with thumbs up.

“I DIDN’T MEANT THAT! I SAID THAT THIS IS A PAIN! I DON’T KNOW WHY I’M HERE! I’M JUST AN F CLASS! I BET YOU’LL THROW ME AWAY SOON” Exclaimed Loner, while admist her words, she let out her true feelings.

“Ohh… So it was something like that… Well, I don’t care which class are you. I chose you and now you have the obligation of being here. I won’t throw you away never, and if your class bothers you… Look, Honoka is E-Class and Danielle is F-Class too. It’s your classmate. Even so, I chosed you. Because I belive in the potential you have.

For you, it could look like I just suddenly arrived and picked you at random notice… But it is not like that.

This… Well.. THIS IS FOR ALL OF YOU HERE! Listen! And you too listen properly, Serena Archer.” Said Engel while gettin on his serious modo.

“Ho-How do you know my name?” She asked.

“Eh? Well, on a side note, I’m good friends with your sister Brookelle. But that’s not the time to talk about it.” He said as he continued his talk.

“Anyways, what I want to convey right now to you is that it doesn’t matter who you were or are. Or where do you come from; everyone has potential to some extent, and that’s why I chose you.

I have the ability, as well as the other 4 representatives, to know the potential in you. It may sound stupid said like this, but it’s true. The teacher that told us to look for the people we were going to chose as aides and apprentices, to chose the most promising ones. And that’s what I did. Not everything is in the S-Class and not always there’s a shining pebble in F-Class.

But, today it was like this. I got to chose you because I know your potential is incredible. Whether you have talent or not, whether you work hard or not, whether you are a genius or not… Be proud, because I acknowledged you as a person with potential.

So belive in yourselves, work hard, take your abilities to the limits and enjoy the way to the top.”

Said Engel as a some kind of inspirational speech.

All the girls were just dumbfounded by his words. Whether the needed them or not, they now chose to follow the person who was in front of them.


“M-MY name is Serena Archer, 15 years old. F-Class. I like sports, watch tv and singing.”

Finally, Lon-.. I mean, Serena presented herself. Everyone clapped when Engel did it sacastically.

Serena just covered her face with her hood due to bashfulness.

“Well, now that finished this, I’ll talk about myself.” Said Engel.

“Everyone knows who you are though!!!” Said Anastasiya.

“I know… But not everything is true. So, for the sake of comraderie, I’ll do it…… I’m Engel Falsch, I’m 16 years old. I attend [S-Class] and my hobbies are read, read manga, cook, watch anime, listen to music, take stolls and gaze to various landscapes, as well as stargaze. That’ all.”

He said.

“Also, I’m already aqcuitanced with Cale and Ileana, as well as Claudia.” He added.






“What luck.”

Various opinions were voiced.

“Anyways, today, I’d like to tell me what are you good at and various other things, so whem you recieve the [Magic] and [Skills] later, we’ll start a spartan training.” Said Engel.

Then, they started to chat about various things. They talked and talked and the time passed as if flying.

Everybody went to their dorms and had a peaceful night… Or so was suposed to be.

Everything went well until Engel took another path towards his dorm, and when the girls arrived to theirs-


“H-How did this happened?! SOWEE I DID NOTHING!!””


“Thing really did become troublesome…”


“…………………. Run bitch run…..”

“Hmph… idiots…”


“Wha-What happened?!”

“This surely is something big.”



“AAAAaaaaahhhhh…. Sorry”

They were running for their lives. Most exactly they were running away from the hordes of girls that chased them.

They wanted to know about Engel, so when the rumor spread that they were his new companions, they decided to attack them, so they could become people near to him.

As they ran with all their strenght, except Cale and Ileana-

“Psst! This way!”

Said a woman.

She was a young woman but with a mature air to her. She had thick frame glasses, green eyes and a really long, blonde haid tied at the end.. Also she was slim, but with everything in its place .

Her body was half out of a door and she was calling them in.

“Finally heeeelp!”

Said Sophia as the girls got inside.

“Tha-Thanks for your help.” Said Claudia while recovering her breath.

“It was nothing.” Said the woman.

“It was only obvious for leslie to help us. Hmph!” Declared Ileana.

Indeed, the woman that had just helped them was Leslie, the elf.

“Leslie….. Good job!” Said Cale with thumbs up.

“You still with that?” Retorted Anastasiya, but no one replied.

“So you two know… Miss Leslie?” Asked Serena.

“Of course. She’s our aqcuitance, and Engel’s.” Said Ileana.

“Oh, I see. Indeed, thanks for your help.” Said Erika.

“You’re welcome. But, is as Ileana said; It was only natural for me to help, since you are now companions of Engel.” Said Leslie, with a slight dignified attitude.

“Ho-How do you know that?” Asked Danielle.

“Who doesn’t?” Said Leslie while tilting her head.

Silently, Danielle and everyone else geve her the reason.

“Anyways, I hope things get calmer by later. If not, I’d have to punish every girl in the dorms.” Said Leslie.

“Punish?” Asked Sophia

“What do you mean by that?” Added Claudia.

“Well, I may not look like it, but I’m the [Girls Dorm Supervisor]. My name is Leslie Elain and I started to work here this semester.” She said while presenting herself.

“Ohh!!” Exclaimed Anastasiya.

“I see…. You know… I’d like to ask but… How’s that you four are acquitanced with Engel? I knew him from before too, but you are acuitanced between yourselves.” Asked Claudia while frowning a little.

“Well… It’s a looong story. I think you wouldn’t like to listen to it.” Said Leslie to change the topic.

The girls noticed the mood and refrained to ask, but decided to ask Engel later.


*Knock Knock*

“Leslie, I’ll get in.”

It was a girls voice. The person entered the room and-

It was a girl with black-night eyes and hair tied in a ponytail and with a super-athletic body and over the average beauty.

“Brunnhildr, pass. Do you have the little girls?” Asked Leslie.

“Yeah.. You know, it surprised me in the beggining but lately I think they’re pretty lovely!” Said Brunnhildr as she closed the door.

After her, four pretty little girls entered too.


Exclaimed the girls as they ran and hugged her. They all had beautiful smooth, peerless skin and they ha different hair color. One had black hair, two of them had white hair and the last one had light-blue hair.

And it seemed that two of them were twins, the black haired and one of the white haired ones. Also they had very beautiful eyes.

“Greetings! You people… Are Engel’s new comanions, right?” Asked Brunnhildr when she looked around the room and saw the girls in there.

“It seems everyone knows about us now…” Said Serena to no one in special.

“I’m his older sister, Brunnhildr Falsch. Nice to meet you.” She said.

“What?! Really? You don’t look nothing alike!!” Exclaimed Anastasiya.

“I know, right. Well… Things tend to happen…” She said in a low voice.


“What are you talking about?” Asked the black haired little girl.

“About papa?!” Asked the white haired twin.

“Pa-pa? Who?” Asked Erika.

“Of course! Papa Engel! Our papa!” Shouted the other white haired little girl.


All the girls oblivius to that infromation shouted in surprise.


At the same time, Engel was quietly walking towards his dorm.

In that very moment, before getting inside the building…

“Yo’ Engel Falsch.” Said a guy, a tall and blond guy who seemed to be the lader of the group that was waiting for him. They were at least 20 of them.

“Do you want something?” He asked.

“Nothing much; Only warn you, to not get so much self coincited.” Said the guy in a tone full of pressure. And someone who could do that was…

A 2nd year [Participant].

“Hmm… So you’re second years… What do you mean by that?” He asked in a teading way.

“Don’t act like a fool. We know very well that those videos are just fake. You’re a way to bring publicity to [The Tournament]. Everyone knows that. You don’t fool anyone. I bet your level is 10.” Said the guy, trying to mock Engel.

“Really? I didn’t know that! I thought that only the guys were to belive bullshit, and trying to scape reality while intimidating someone just because of their jealousy.” Said Engel while changing to serious modo and applying pressure.

The second year guys felt the pressure and because it was a great amount for them, their instincs told them to get away from there. They feared him.

The leader swallowed his fear with his pride and-

“Sh-Shut Up! You’re nothing more than an image! A weak idiot that sold himself for fame!” Shouted the second year.

Strangely enough, no one was passing nearby, not students, not teachers.

(This is convenient… This is too convnient…) Thought Engel… But then, he couldn’t just leave like that after all the guy told him.

“Hmm… Really? I’m only an image? So you would’t mind to fight me… I mean, the 20 of you.” Said Engel as he gazed them with pity.

“WHAT? Are you an idiot?!” Said the leader.

“Of course not. I know very well what I’m doing… So, won’t you do it? Or are you afraid of this weak image guy who sold himself for fame? Eh?” Said Engel while provoking them.

“Now you’ve done it, IDIOT!!” Shouted the leader as he jumped towards Engel together with the other second years.

After 5 minutes….


One of the guys ran away in fear.

No… Engel let him go away.

(Let’s see how this ends up….)

Said Engel to himself as he walked over the 19 unconsicious and well beaten second year guys.

“I guess I’ll go and read some manga…. I think they released “Ojou Sample” a while ago….”

He said as he left the place.


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  1. kmx72 says:

    Pretty cool , this chapter, just hope that his new companions and apprentices don’t get shocked, dislike or anything bad to him for his harem and the girls would like the girls being explained how he got the girls , also mentioning the girls made me remember that Lilya hasn’t been shown in a recent time by that I mean she has been forgotten, of course not, but she hasn’t had an important role .
    Due to copyright issues and being influenced by something he is going to do or already did Alex had to say Ojo-Sample and not Shomin.
    Why you watching that videos? Just because?

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    • Was a joke xD I just wanted to do that thing of ojou xD

      And well… Lilya hasnt appeared yed beacuse…. well, I’ll explain in prolohue but its Aleksansdras fault.
      .. As well as why John and Brookelle got “stage fright” xD


  2. That Ojou sample thing rofl so we live in a same time line with them xD but I hope Engel doesn’t turn out to be like the Mc in Ojou sample where the Mc make calls for his male friend 😛 if you know what I mean >:)

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