Magical Tournament Volume Three Chapter One: Ausbildung (Training) – What you see may not be what you see.

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Chapter One: Ausbildung (Training) – What you see may not be what you see.


[Engel’s POV]

Today, it’s the start of the training. Of course, it’s after I got permission of their [Coordinators] to ask them to go out. They have already recieved the [Magic] and [Skills].

It’s been a month after I chose them.

I put them in a row in font of me, like recruits.

Yes, they are now my recruits. Even the ones who are not suposed to learn to fight, I taught them.

I’m pretty confident in my abilities, I graduated with honors from the [Sacred Imperial Arts] and [Cursed Royal Arts] Yozora taught me. She says I’m better than her but I bett it’s just flattery.

Anyways, I’ll teach them my own style… Named by Brookelle…..

Ehem…. I’ll teach them the [Twilight Dragon Arts].

Then, I activate the special effect of the training grounds. It’s to make an hour as long as a week. Also it seems you don’t age in here. I wonder whose magic is this. It feels like Lene’s Arcana.

“Okay, now that everyone’s here, we’ll begin our training for real. All this real time month you’ve been learning magic, how to control and sense it, increasing your physical resistance and your stamina. All that was worth for this day.” I said.
Oh, I forgot to tell that Lilya was besides me. After the unfortunate even with Aleksandra’s food, since that day she doesn’t let me alone. It also counts for Seara and Avalon.

Anyways, Schnee, Weiss. Schwartz and Mikaela are here in the row too, to learn. Unluckily, Krestin is training with her new companions to so she couldn’t come… Oh! and I chose Blair as my aide for this.

“If you do well in this, you’ll be able to face off Cale and Ileana, who are the most advanced in this matter, alright?” I asked.

“Yes!” They replied.

“So, if we do well, you’ll tell us everything we want to know?” Asked Serena.

This… They want to know about the kids and about the [Bereich] group too… So, It’s a little problematic because I can’t go telling things to everyone, but at least it’s a drive for them.

I remember the next day when I chose them that like crazy they started to tell me impure, lecherous, graduated and so on…. So-

“Yeah, I’ll tell you everything.” I said.

Also… It seems there’s a little problem with the girls…. Well, not problem but-

“Papa! I want an uniform! They look cool!” Said Schnee.

“I do want one too. Also, it seems our clothing does not fit us anymore.” Said Weiss.

“………… I want one too.” Said Schwartz.

“M-Me too please, papa.” Said Mikaela.

Well… They are homuncili but…

I never knew that they would grow this quick. They look 15 years old now.

[End of Engel’s POV]

“Recruits 10 to 13! Stay quiet!” Shouted Engel. The former little girls knew how scary their papa is when enraged. So they would need to be quiet.

Then, Claudia raised her hand.

“Yes, Recruit #2?”

“Why is it only Ileana and Cale that strong?!” She asked.

“Well… I’ll tell you later.” He said.

He surely brushed it off just like that.

“Well then, let’s start!”

Said Engel as he started to teach them the [Twilight Dragon Arts]

Poses, movements, stances, steps, etc…

He taught them from the very basics in everything. In two months they were ready. Namely, it was only two days in the real world.

But saying they’re ready it’s exxageration. Likely, they are something like shodan in Judo. T-hey’re in the middle Engel wanted to teach them.

But at the end, they worked hard without giving up and with no rest.

So, one day, Engel decided something.

“Okay… I can’t say you’re quite the level now besides Cale, Ileana and the last recruits… But… I thought of something. If you really want to know more about me, I’ll have the 13 of you to fight me. If one of you are able to assest me an attack whether is with magic or physical attack, I’ll tell you everything. And as a bonus, I’ll give an special reward to that who gives the desecive attack. That includes you too, Cale and co.” He said.

All the girls reunited and strictly talked about it and-

“Well do it!” Said Serena, who acted as the representative.

“Okay… Then, today I’ll leave everything to Blair. You’d like to plan things or I don’t know. We’ll do it tomorrow. See you then.” Said Engel as he left. It seems he didn’t activated the training grounds sistem, so they were in real time.

“Wha?! Are you letting me in charge of this?” Asked Blair

“Of course, you’re tha aide aren you? Anyways, I’ll be expecting tomorrow, girls. Lilya, Seara, Avalon, let’s go.” Said Engel as the three [Pixies] walked alongside him.


As Engel got out of the training grounds-

(There hasn’t been news about [The Tournament], I want it already begin….) He thought, then-

“Hoo… As always you’ve got pretty ladies around you.” Said a person behind him.

“What are you saying out of the blue Adrian?” Said replied Engel.

This guy here, was a [Participant] and just behind John Doe in terms of ability. Adrian Arclight. He had inverted triangle glasses, black hair and bright green eyes. His haid was held only in the upper part and the side bangs fell free.

“So, what do you want?” Asked Engel as Lilya slightly bowed to greet him.

“Anything. I just wanted to pass some time with my best friend.” Said Adrian

“I haven’t forgotten how you sent those second year thugs to test my ability.” Said Engel.

“Woah woah, after you beated me to that extent?” Reclaimed Adrian. They both had already started walking.

“It’s a joke. It’s just that you said something rude….. Even if its tru you shouldn’t say it.” Added Engel.

It seems in the past weeks, Engel found out about the mastermind of the thugs from the first day and gave him a lesson.

“But letting jokes aside… It’s always interesting around you, you know.” Said Adrian.

“I can absolutely support that statement, Master” Said Seara.

“Wha?! I think my dialy life is pretty normal though. Right Lilya?” Said Engel.

“Permit me to interrupt, Master. But yesterday you tried to eat Aleksandra’s cooking.” Added Avalon.

“Whoaa! That’s pretty hardcore dude!” Replied Adrian.

It seems that Aleksandra’s cooking has become legendary.

“A-Anyways, I?m going for something to pick. Wanna go?” Asked Engel.

“I’m board” Said Adrian.

“May as well call Markus.” He added.

“Do it.” Said Engel while they reinforced their manly friendship.


[Schnee’s POV]

Today is the day we’ll fight with papa.

Yesterday we could not think about anything even with Blair’s help.

That shows just how powerfull papa is.

He has no flaws.

So, we just decided to improvise and see how it works. We have mine and Schwartz’ [Demonic Eyes] and Weiss’ [Angelic Eyes]. Also Mika is really proficient in close quarters. Even if she falls behind Cale and Ileana, she’s the best of us others.

The other girls are pretty normal, but luckily we have a trump card. Also Honoka, who was always apologizing, now uses her magic very well.

But even so… I doubt we can lay a hand on papa.

“Okay recruits you ready?!”

Igh! He already came.

He’s always so nice and a good papa but when we are here he call us recruits and is very strict.

Mika is already sweating cold!!

Anyways, it seems his friend Adrian, the swords, the twins’ mama, mama, Leslie, Haven and Mika’s mama are here. And also Lene. together with the killer cooker.

“Yes, we’re ready!” Said Serena who acts as the group representative.

“So, I’ll explain the rules for this battle.” Said Blair, who was already here with us. Papa and Serena nodded.

“First: The girls are able to use physical attacks, weapons and magic. It doesn’t matter what they use or do, whitin the limits, that is not to use spells that are able to destroy the training grounds.

Second: In any part, any kind of attack with enough strenght to make damage to Engel means his defeat.

Three: If Engel uses her magic in any way, he loses.

Four: Use of demonic or angelic eyes is permited for both sides.

And Fifth: In the case Engel loses, he promises to tell anything about him and to do anything the one who dealt the attack asks. In the case the other party loses, they will stay quiet about Engel’s matters.

That’s all.” Said Blair.

Then she left the place and went to the seats where everyone was. The referee was Albrikt who was already there with Blair.

“Well then, I’ll count from 10 to 1. When I reach 1 the match starts, okay?” Said Albrikt.


Se all just stayed silent and took our positions.


Papa also was really serious this time, just like when he fought the killer cooker.

“8!, 7!”

We all took aout our weapons. I had papa’s [Tombokiri], Mika had her mama’s [Twin Swords]. Schwartz had a pair of gauntlets from papa. Weiss had nothing. She prefers to use the weapons she creates.

“6!, 5!, 4!, 3!, 2!”

The others had their own weapons provided by this place and-


Shouted Albrikt as she left the palce in one jump.

In that very moment, papa had arleady in his hands a shortsword and a dagger.

I know those… Those are pretty normal ones.

The first one to attack was Weiss. She shot ten light-made swords.

Papa evaded them as nothing and in that opening Mika, who didn’tact like herself at all, attacked with her swords.

Papa as he evaded Weiss attack he blocked Mika’s swords with his dagger as if they were mere sticks.

He kicked her in the gut and Mika was sent flying. I bet he didn’t do it at full strength. Even so Mika is now out of the match.

Then Weiss started to attack with light-made daggers and Honoka threw fireballs to him.

Ileana and Cale moved towards his back so their attacks would be coordinated.

Just when both were going to strike-

Papa went on his knees and held the two by their abdomen. He iused them as as shield against the two spells directed to him.

Now they both were out of the match.

I then attacked head.

We clashed bades a while, but papa is an expert with spears so he easily brushed me of.

Because I have demonic eye, in the last second I was able to dodge, but I got a little injuired by his punch and kick.

Then as I slowly stood up, Mika stood up too. I said she was out, but if she wakes up, its okay if she continues.

In the moment I saw Mika standing up, Danielle stated to gave support with wind magic and together with honoka started to create small explosions.

Sophia seems to have been knocked down as well as Erika. It seems she shot a [Stone Cannon] and it was sent back to her.

Anastasiya and Claudia were the ones fighting back. Schwartz was there just looking at papa, as well as Serena. I thought she had a sword with her but it seems she has nothing now.

I know what they are doing. They are our trump cards.

Anastasiya was kicked in the face and blacked off. Claudia ran put of stamina and was punched in the gut.

Papa went to close quarters against Honoka, Weiss and Danielle. Weiss created a dense light-made wall and papa broke it as if it were made of glass.

It seems Honoka had prepared a [Fire Bullet] and shot it towards papa.

He cut it in a half and somehow his sword got clad in fire and he shot that fire to Honoka. It seems she got knocked because she was too near. Weiss retreated and Danielle got a kick in the gut.

We are doomed…..

It’s what would have had to happen, but because of our trum cards are ready, I think we can deal more than 1 attack on papa.

Weiss, who retreated, used a great quantity of mana to create very sturdy light-made weapons for Serena.

She created a shortsword and a dagger. Just like papa. Then, I together with Mika joined them and Weiss created a staff for her.

We are going to attack him for real now.

The first one to attack was Serena.

Papa doesn’t know about her special ability. Her eyes. She can perfectly copy any action she sees. We don’t know their name because it’s kept a secret thought.

She analized papa’s fighting style and now she’s using it against him!

I bet he will be….. Okay?

He doesn’t look surprised at all!

Did he knew about it?! How?!

Well, anyways, we still have Schwartz who already analized too papa’s movements and now she’ll be able to predict his movements.

Also the quick witted Mika will attack all the openings he leaves!

Weiss seems to be firing up and also will attack him!


I and the other three started to attack him and now he’ll-






But,,, Nooo, this is not time to be amused by papa.

I then keep up my pace but-

Papa parried Serena’s shortsword with his dagger and the nhe let it go and punched Serena in her gut!

She was sent flying!!

Wiht that opening, Weiss and Schwartz were going for a synched attack and

Schwartz was hit by the shortsword’s hilt and papa caught Weiss’ staff and broke it!!

He then kicked her in the gut and sent her flying too!

In that very oppening Mika attacked hi but her parried her attack too!!

Papa brushed off her attack and punched her in the face!!

She for sure is unconsicious now…


The only one who stantds against papa is me…

I’ve analyzed too his pattern of fightting and I think I can resist a little but… I’m at my limit now!

And papa looks so fresh!!

He’s not even moving his face…. When papa fights in a serious mood he smiles or laughes… He’s so serious now….

I… We… we were not at his level…

I think we’ll never be as strong as papa….


A ran with all my strenght an started to cross blades with papa.

I used all the strenght of my demonic eye to analize him in the moment and foresee his movements….. Even if its by a milisecond….. I have to predict them!!

Also I use my angelic eye at full force to infuse my power to papa’s spear and attack him with all my strenght!!

We parried, blocked, attacked and parried and blocked and attacked!!!



As I attack I suddenly feel my body getting lighter and that my strikes were getting heavier for papa.

I felt like that but it doesn’t matter!

I’ll keep fighting here!


I noticed! I notice it! Papa started to smile! That means that I at least am able to let him get serious a little!

It was just a little, but I did it!!



Suddenly, as we crossed our blades, papa suddenly let out an opening because the recoil of his shortsword was greater than he thought and-


I instintively shouted that while-


I slashed at papa’s sides.

[End of Schnee’s POV].


Some minutes after the fight….

Everyone celebrated that Schnee was able to deal a strike against Engel.

Obviously, he was not going in full serious modo, but even so, she did it.

While fighting, at the very end of it, she started to smile while attacking, and it seems that the unexpected recoil Engel recieved was the unconsicious [Gravity Magic] that Schnee used to make her body lighter and her blows heavier. And it seems that in a moment it considerably augmented and took off guard Engel because of the sudden repelling force she created.

And so.. It was his time to give answers.

He ordered everyone in the place that had a [Loki’s Mask] to take it off and thus, showed their true forms.

Even the girls. This happened when everyone regained their consiciouness.

Then, Engel, omitting some parts for the sake of privacy, told them some of the things that happened in [Bereich]. Also He changed the fact that his girls were homuncili, saying they were orphans.

He steemed that it would be better to make them tell the others in a proper way than he saying it.

All the girls got honestly surprised, but after some months in a fixed space with him, they understood that it could be commonplace for him…. So now-

It’s time for the reward.

“Papa! I have to petitions!!!” Said Schnee while broadly grinning and linking her arm with his.

“What is it?” Asked Engel with a half-smile.

“I want to go on a date!!” She said.

“Ohhh…. Okay then. I will go on a date with you.”

Everyone voiced their opinions, but for Engel it was just another day with his “daughter”.

“Oh and the second is…. I want Mika and Schwartz and Weiss and Me to be able to attend classes in the academy!!!”

Asked Schnee with a big grin.

This time…. Everyone just got silent, dumbfounded for such petition.


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    • Well, Engel is not dense. The thing is that in quite the little time, they acceleratedly grew up too much. He hasn’t put up with it yet.

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    • Ahhh now I see. Well, I was suposed tuo be a system like a prize for the winner of the lanzen, and now it became a source of ultimate cheat. The limit for the stats in normal personen is of 4 digits except the HP, MP that has 5. Now compare it to Engels…. he’s just too OP xSñD


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