Magical Tournament Volume Three Chapter Two: Kraft (Strength) – Allies and enemies

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Chapter Two: Kraft (Strength) – Allies and enemies


[Engel’s POV]

…………………… This is awkward.

“Well then, Say ahhh!”

“I-I-I-It’s unfair Weiss! Yo-You already did it three times!”

“Right?! It’s my turn now!”

“*Sigh*…. What do you think are doing girls? This is stupid…”

“Oh, Schwartz. You say that but why are you holding my hand so intensely and trying to do it you too?”

“Tha-Tha-That’s not te case! Hmph!”

How did I end up like this?

[Eng of Engel’s POV]

Right now, Engel is in a date with his daughters. It was Schnee’s reward… But it seems some others tagged along.

Engel, after recovering from the shock of his daughters petition, told them that he’d tink in how to do such a thing.

And for the date… Schnee also asked to go together with her sisters.

For Engel, it was just another day with them, but because of their fast growth… That was not the same for them.

And it seems the others thought the same as Engel because no one was tailing them.

but, going back on the actual events-

They went to the city next to the academy for the date. The academy is in an artificial island, located in a place where it is suceptible to the four seasons.

To get there the only way is in ship, train and plane, and its very expensive to even live there, but people does.

So it was kind of crowded.

They had already been in places to buy clothes, game centers, photo boots and te like, and now they were having tea time. The girls were accostumed to it because they always had it when in the queen’s mansion.

So, besides the tea, they were having desserts. And in this moment they were trying to feed their papa.

And it became a battle.

“Where do we go now?” Asked Engel as he walked alongside the four girls. It seems that for the previous battle, he had to eat from 4 different spoons at the same time.

“…………. True, where do we go now?” Replied Schnee.

And just as they were thinking about it….


“AAARGH?! What was that?!”

Exclaimed Engel while turning around, there-

“Ehh? It didn’t work… Last time I tested it, it did… IT DID!!” Shouted a girl. She had the uniform of the academy and had an empty feeling in her eyes. she ws holding a stunt gun.

“It doesn’t matter… Even without it I’ll take you with me… I’LL TAKE YOU WITH MEE!!!”

“……. Flora?” Said Engel while watching his friend, Flora, acting out of his mind.

“YOOOU’LL BE ONLY MIIINEE!” She exclaimed.


[Flora’s POV]

I… Started to assit to [Camellia Academy] where my friend, Engel goes.

Because I’m an idiot who only thinks in pastry, I didn’t noticed… Just who he had become.

To me, he just looked like a cool guy who looked he belonged to a boys band or something… But… I was unaware.

He told me he had participated in [The Tournament] and that he had confidence in his abilities… but it was just two weeks you know!

I didn’t think he would change so much.

So, in order to follow him, I studied hard to get to the same place he’d go. I’ve always wished that. I did’t know why but I wihsed for it.

I studied so much I stopped baking.

Even so… I was not able to be next to him.

He is an [S-Class]. I am an [F-Class].

He is a celebrity, the number one in the academy. I am the second last.

And he also was in another place different from my area.

But my heart did not wavered. I wanted to be with him… I wonder why I wihsed it so much. At the time I didn’t notied my feelings for him.

So, I decided to search for him. All the people of our year have breaks and lunch at the same time, so I decided to prepare in advance some muffins and go to look for him.

You could say I quickly found him because of the lots of girls that were around him.

He had become a very important person. Totally different to when he used to be bullied in our previous school.

I had to give up that day…. and the next…. and the next…. and the next and the next….. and one day…. I couldn’t find him.

Everyday, I baked muffins to give them to him… but I wasn’t able to find him.

And if I did find him… He was surrounded by lots of girls….

and if he wasn’t surrounded by these lots of girls, he was arround some outstanding beauties all day long.

I had been three weeks since we started school… And I decided to tail him.

But I wasn’t able to talk to him.

There was a strange maid and two beautiful women with him 24/7. Also he would encounter other pretty women. Be it classmates or teachers.

Also there were underclassmen that were always glued to him.

Even so… I did not stop to bake… It was the only thing that tied me to him now. I tried various times to call him too, but he didn’t answered his phone… I tried that since the very beggining. I sent him mails… Every day… Calls… Messages… I baked for him…..

He, who always was enjoying my muffins… He was not there… I who always saw him enjoying them… I couldn’t anymore…

I baked i baked i baked ibakedibaked I BAKED!!! I need to see him I nee him to taste them I NEEEEEEEEED…………………….

One day….. He wen out of the academy with four outstandingly beautiful girls….. But that won’t stoooooooooooooop me now….. hehe hehe hehehehehehehehehehehehe HAHAHAHAAHAHAAaaaaaaaaaa

I want him to enjoy my pastry.

[End of Flora’s POV]


“Hahahaaahahahaha! We scaped!” Said Schnee while running away with Engel and the girls.

They were scaping from the out of her mind Flora.

Engel’s friend, suddenly appeared and attacked Engel with a stuntgun.

Of course he’d ressit that, but he felt something was off so he ran away.

Also he didn’t teleported because the 21 seals he had in his body now. It seems that Ms. Cole found out of his little philantropy play and punished him. Also because of academy rules, he had a limiter too so he wouldn’t cause a ruckus in the city, as well as the girls.

“I always though that the first one I’d see like that was the twins’ mama but I was wrong…” Said Schnee.

“What do you mean by that?” Retorted Engel, thinking that he may had showed too much anime and manga to Schnee.

“Anyways… I think we lost he-NAY!!! RUUN BITCH RUUNN!!!!”

Shouted Engel in desperation.

Right now what mattered was to get the girls off Flora’s scope.

“Let’s separate! Schnee, go back to the academy, The one she wants is me.” Said Engel, thinking that he had to do that from the beggining, but the fear of Yandere took the best of him.

“Okay papa. Girls, let’s go!” Said Schnee as the four left in a different direction than the one Engel was heading.

In some minutes, Flora surprisingly caught Engel.

Never understimate the Yandere power.

“Flo-Flora!” Said Engel.

“I-FOUND-YOUU!” She said as she ran full strenght towards him.

Engel stood there and-


She suddenly embraced him and started crying.


She said while burruing her face in his chest.

“I-I spent all this month-this month alone!” She said.

“So-Sorry about that.”

“You have the obligation of eating my pastry! IDIOT!” she said.

“I know, I’m sorry. I didn’t know you were here though.” Replied Engel while patting her head.

“I called you countless times and sent you lots of texts.” She said.

“I haven’t recieved even one… I think I need to look about that…” He said.

“So… Will you eat them now?” Asked Flora.

“Of course. I’ll eat.) He said with a warm half-smile.



Sighed Engel in relief.

“That was scary! At the same level of Aleksandra’s food!….. *Sigh*… I still remember the last time I didn’t appeared in the store for a long time because of tests….. She suddenly appeared in my room with a kitchen knife and tons of mont blancs… I had to ate them all with her pointing the knife in my stomach…. I never thought I’d live something like this again….”

Said Engel while recalling past memories.

“Also, it seems there’s something wrong with my phone. I’ll ask Lilya about this….. Wait…. Didn’t my phone had a bump here? HEY! This is not my phone!” Exclaimed Engel to himself.

He was already in the academy, so the limiter and the seals were lifted.

Then, he entered in his room and-

“We-We-We-Welcome, Go-go-goshujin-sama! Thi-This Lilya is here to-to serve you!” Said Lilya with a very red face and a…………………………………. An apron?

She was only wearing her usual apron, glases and the underwear she always had. She also called him in a strange way.

“Get in, get in Master. Today you’ll have a lively night!” Said Seara who was in his room too.

“Is just as Seara said. Master, come in and we will take deeply care of you.” Said Avalon who was there too.

Engel completely forgot to ask about the phone and locked the door plus some strong berriers.


It was midnight.

Engel went to stoll into the academy grounds for a while.

He felt like it after his censored night.

Yes, it happened.

It was very censored.


Anyways, now he was at the top of the training grounds. The training grounds had a roof and he liked to go there and-

“Eh? Schnee?” He said.

Schnee was there too.

“Papa? What are you doing here?” She asked.

“Well.. I like to stoll in the night. This is my favorite spot to stargaze too.” Replied Engel.

“Stolling… Really, it seems I’m your daughter.” She replied.

In fact, Schnee usually stolls in the night too.

“I see…. So, tell me, is anything worrying you?” He asked.

“I don’t stll because something worries me, papa.” Replied Schnee.

“I know, me neither. But, your face said so. You have something that worries you.” Said Engel, then he sat. Schnee sat besides him and leaned her head in his shoulder.

“Well… I.. I always thought of how is it that I’m your daughter. We do look alike… But… I grow really fast and also I learned you’re too young to be my dad. Also there are Weiss, Schwartz and Mika. I started to think this when we came back to the academy.” She said.

“Eh? Ahh… That. Wait a minute… I thought you already knew… That you are not my real daughters.” Said Engel while tilting his head.

“What?! Are you serious?! So why do we look alike? Who are our real parents?!” Exclaimed Schnee by the shock.

“Ehh… Well… First and foremost, sorry. I thought Yozora or Lilya had already talked with you. I’m really and idiot for delegating such thing. Then, well… I’ll explain you what you exactly are.” Said Engel as he started to explain about the [Incubation Flasks] and that she was created by Engel and Yozora’s energy samples; and that the same goes for Weiss, Schwartz and Mikaela.

“So… We are not real people?!” Said Schnee in shock.

“No! Of course you are real people! and my daughters to boot.” Said Engel.

“Really?” Asked Schnee in the verge of tears.

“Yeah.. But actually… YOu may be more like a sister than a daughter… Well, it doesn’t matter now. But the thing is, that I’m your father and you’re my daughter and you are alive now as a real person.” Explaines Engel.

Schnee only embraced him and-

“You too are my daughtersm you hear me?!” He said as he called out to the other girls that were listening to the talk.

“We were only solling in the night and when we arrived here you already were talking… We didn’t meant to pry.” Said Schwartz.

“But, even so, we are really grrateful that papa talked about that issue. It seems we all were intrigued by the same feelings inside out hearts.” Said Weiss.

“I see… Well, everything is alright now, so why don’t we go back to our rooms?” Said Engel as he stood up. He intended to leave but-

“Papa….” Said Schnee while holding Engel’s shirt.

“Can’t you stay a little more? There’s something else we all want to do.” She said with the face all red.

Honestly, Engel skipped a beat in that moment.

Then she jumped and kissed him in the lips. It was a very innocent kiss. Then, before he recovered from the shock, Weiss went and kissed him too followed by Schwartz.

Then Mikaela jumped in and made a very hardcore kiss out of the blue.

Engel, after that, fell in his butt and-

“Wha-wha-wha-WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” He exclaimed. Not that he didn’t liked it, but it was pretty out of the blue.

“It’s just a normal relationship between daughter and father, isn’t it?” Said Schwartz

“What? No way!” Said Engel.

“But… This picture book says it’s okay.” Said Weiss as she took out of her back a….. A Doujinshi.

Engel’s Spring Season Doujinshi.

“Wha?! Where did you get that?!” He asked. He had it hidden pretty well.

“Well… The twins’ mama had in when we arrived. She had founded it when cleaning papa’s room. And also Adrian arrived and said something to the twins’ mana and the swords.”

“That fucker!!” Muttered Engel.

(…………………………. But I don’t know if I have to give you the thanks for Lilya, or to beat you up because thiiiiis!!!) He exclaimed the dilemma inside his head.

“S-S-So….. W-W-We should keep o-our relation like in thi-this book!” Said Mikaela while passing the pages of another Doujnshi.

Incidentally, Engel decided to buy wincest books that season. And those were the ones the girls had.

“So, I think we should do as the picture book says, papa!” Said Schnee with a red face and proceeded to kiss him again.

The others did so, and then Engel’s sense broke and teleported to the girls room.

By the way, Leslie sleeps with the girls, so she also joined the censored night.


“That fucker!….. First I’ll give him a punch in the face and then I’ll trat him to anything he wants…. Or maybe I should invert the order…. No, I think he deserves two punches, yeah!”

Engel, the next day, while looking for Adrian in the academy grounds-

“Ehh? This is…. A notification?… [The Known Second Part] has started… Here are the schedules for the 1 on 1 battles…. Consider everyone your enemy and good luck?”

Engel, after reading the notification ad first hour in the morning, grinned like a battle maniac.

“Hee…. This will be pretty interesting…” He said with a half-smile.

“It’s showtime…” He added while grinning.




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  1. kmx72 says:

    Doujinshi, give to girls who know nothing about it and will have s.., of course . Adrian where he knew him from Engel, what group he belonged to? Bad memory and lazy to check character index again

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      • Oh! and also consider that these girls were born less than a year ago and are in a world where they know nothing.

        It’s quite easy to mess with their mind xD


    • Well…. That was unexplained xD… But Adrian is from John Doe’s party and the one who called the second years to attack Engel. They became very good friends, and it seems he is quite the brainwasher though.

      His sweet talk made the girls question herselves and then he used it to toy with Engel.

      And for Lilya’s case… He only apelled for her sense of “duty” as a maid xD


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