Random Image: Engel Falsch (Pencil Art)



2 thoughts on “Random Image: Engel Falsch (Pencil Art)

  1. kmx72 says:

    So random XD, look good , did you did how you imagined him like your ideal, would you have liken him in another drawing like I don’t the style of a drawer of light novels or mandala like if I don’t know Kishimoto? Drawing style?

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    • If I have to say, I like the Illustrator of Hundred and Shinmai Maou no Testament. For both it’s the same and he’s quite awesome. The LightNovel I mean.

      And juat to say, this is the extent of my abilities. I can’t draw anything better than this :’c

      Anyways, I imagine the Ideal with such Art xD


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