Magical Tournament Volume Three Chapter Three: Verstand (Reason) – Don’t take too far what can’t be taken so far

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Chapter Three: Verstand (Reason) – Don’t take too far what can’t be taken so far

Teil Eins.

“So… You need to control those impulses of yours.” Said Adrian while eating a pretty luxurious breakfast.

He had his face swollen too.

“I-I see…. Indeed, I didn’t thought about it at all.” Replied Engel while giving a sip to his coffee.

“As I said, you should stop to do every girl in your way. I mean, I know those girls are the ones jumping to you with the offer, but you need to restrain yourself too. Just to say, you did the girls you considered as your “daughters”. Things are what you thing they are; So, if you really considered them you daughters, you’re pretty messed up in the head.” Added Adrian.

“I know… It”s just that… I lost my mind that time.” Said Engel.

“But that’s the very root of the problem. You really need to fix that attitude. Any of them is yours and any of them is granted to love you. You should stop seeing them as your possesions. I bet you have an idea of their feelings, so use that to mature. It’s imperative for you to solve.” Explained Adrian.

“So, you’re telling me to chose one?” Asked Engel.

“That’s an option.. But there are many solutions for a single problem. I can’t say more because this is your issue. This is as far I can go as a friend. The extent of my help is to make you realise your problem. Only you yourself can give the solution to this.” Said Adrian while he sipped to his tea.

Zweiter Teil.

“So… I need to resolve my feelings for everyone….. Haaa… I don’t know what to do…”

Said Engel as he stolled in the academy grounds.

“The girls… Feelings… So, I need to ask them about their feelings for me?… No, that’s too inapropiate…. Chosing one is the only way out of this…. But I don’t know…” Debated Engel to himself.

(In the first place, this is the attitude that created this problem… Maybe the first ones I need to talk to are the little ones…) Said Engel as she determined himself and went towards the girls dorm.

“So… You need to talk with us?” Asked Leslie, who was in her office alongside Schnee and the other girls.

“It was just they, but I think it’s fine if you stay too.” Said Engel as he took a seat.

“Well, I need to ask you something…. You girls, what am I to you?” Asked Engel.



The girls cheerfully replied at the same time and Leslie, a little bashful said her answer.

“I see… So…. Yesterday was… I see….” Muttered Engel.

“Well you girls, you have to promise me something. You’ll never repeat what you did yesterday.” He said.

And after some minutes trying to convince them that what they did was wrong and shouldn’t be done again, he dismissed them.

“So… That was the easy part…….. Leslie, I need to talk with you seriously.” Said Engel while entering serious modo this time. It seems that Leslie infered it from the previous talk and was now acting composed.

“You want to ask about my feelings towards you?” Said Leslie.

“Exactly. I’ve just recently, with the help of a friend, noticed that I’m starteing to overdo things. I’m changing for worse, so I wanted to ask your feelings, and make clear mine.” Explained Engel.

“I thought this was going to be sooner you know? But, anyways… I can say you’re handsome, composed and everything I want in a man, and I really, really like you, but because I really don’t know the feeling of love, I can’t label it as that. After a while, I noticed that it was a misunderstanding of mine that I started to like you, but as time passed, I enjoyed the life I started to experiment while being with you, So I don’t regret anything until now.

I really like you, and I really hope one day these feelings became love.” Said Leslie with a little sad face because of the topic.

“I-I see… This is the first time I see you so serious… So……. I’ll answer seriously. I don’t know what I feel about you. If we are talking about love feelings, the one who I love is someone else, but if it’s to the extent of like, as you labeled it, I do like you. We’ve done “Those” things too, but this is what created the problem I’m facing.

So… Like I said, you’re truly beautiful and incredible, and if I weren’t in love with someone else, I’d absolutely be with you… Well… In fact… I’m overjoyed by the fact you like me…” Said Engel as he blushed a little and stood up.

As he was leaving.

“Engel….” Said Leslie.

“Yes?” He replied.

“Ehhm… I-I’ll still like you even if you like someone else… S-So I hope from time to time you pay attention to m-me.” She said with a really blushed face.

“I will.” He said straightforwardly and left.

Then, while going back to his dorm-

“I think it’s okay here…. Seara, Avalon… What about you?” He asked.

He had the swords with him all the time, but today Seara and Avalon were possesing them, thus, they listened to all the talks.

“If you humbly ask about us, we are much obligued to say that we will follow you until the very dephs of the underworld, whether your romantic feelings are with someone else. We, of course, will ask to give us some of them from time to time… But still, here in this place we swear to accompany you even after death.”

Said Avalon without de-possesing the swords. Seara was too ashamed to even talk it seems.

As Engel went to his dorm, there-

“Oh, Engel! I was looking for you, I need to ask something about Honoka.” Said Haven, who was looking for him.

“What happens with Honoka?” Asked Engel.

“It seems she is secluded in her room. After the battle she seemed a little down, and then she suddenly wouldn’t get out of her room. Any ideas?” Asked Haven.

“I see… I’ll take of that later; It’s my duty as their master after all. Also I need to talk to you, Haven.” Said Engel

He then sat in a bench nearby with her and told her about the girls and Leslie.

“I-I see. So you’re putting the cards in the table now…” Said Haven.

“Yeah ,something like that. And so, I came to talk with you. I also need to talk with Lilya and Brookelle,” Said Engel.

“Well… If you aske me whether I like you or hate you so straightforwardly… I can undoubtely say I like you. Not to the extent of being dependant of you, but I did follow you here you know. My feelings are strong, and because my education in [Bereich], I can stand sharing you with other girls. So in advance I’ll tell you. Because we’ve done “those” kind of things, I know you don’t hate me. And because of that, I here confirm my feelings for you. I love you, Engel. It doesn’t matter to me whether I’m your number one or not, I am satisfied with that and my feelings won’t change never.

You can have someone else you love and for me it’s okay, but at lest let me know whether I am someone worth of your feelings too, because I already deemed you like someone worth of mine.” Said Haven.

Engel got a little shocked by her straighfordwardness, but he just warmly half-smiled and replied to her.

“Thanks, for those feelings. I’m honestly happy from the bottom of my heart for them. I… I don’t know if it’s correct to carry this feelings while loving someone else, but I like you too. Not at the same extent to my “number one” as you said, but at least I do have feelings of like for you.”

“Thanks.” Was the only thing Haven said while shedding some tears.

Engel listened something behind him, and whem he got what was it, he knew things were going toward the main issue now.

Engel, went back to his room. There, Lilya, Yozora and Brookelle were waiting for him.

“Brookelle told us what you talked with Haven.” Said Yozora.

“Yeah… I noticed her leaving the place.” He replied.

“So, Master Engel has come to ask us our feelings in order to make our relationship develops to the next level. Am I wrong?” Said Lilya.

“I couldn’t have said it better.” Said Engel.

“So, it’s obvious that I love you so there’s no need to be with roundabout ways you know.” Said Yozora. It seemed she was in a bad mood.

Engel noticed so he just smiled wrily.

“What about you, Lilya? That happened yesterday, and honestly, I didn’t knew you harboured such feelings for me. Thus, I want to know the extent of your feelings.” Asked Engel.

“I know. It seems I haven’t been honest with myself, so right now I’ll say it for once. I, Lilya Lykanis, fell in complete love for you, Master Engel. I assure these feelings of mine won’t waver ever, and whether you accept me or not, I’ll harbour these feelings with me for all my life.” Declared Lilya.

Because the way she said it, was similar yet different from Haven, Seara and Avalon, Engel completely blushed because of that statement.

“We-Well… Thank you…” Said Engel. Because Yozora was there, he didn’t knew what to answer.

“Me too! The love thar formed when I bacame your fan will not be over just beacuse you like someone else!! I will not give up until you glance at me like it’s suposed to!!” Shouted Brookelle, then she took Lilya from her arm and left.

It seems she noticed the atmosphere, quicky said what she wanted to say and left so Engel and Yozora could be alone,

“So… You’re angry because-”

“Because you are going here and there doing unnecessary things. Everything was okay.” Said Yozora.

“I know you’re lying. YOu nkow things weren’t okay. I believed though, but no that I think about it, it was hard for you.” Said Engel.

“Well… It wasn’t hard but difficult. I could put up with every girl that fell for you, and you accepted them, but somehow it feels that your attention towards me is not as it used to be.” Replied Yozora.

“So you were angry because the first one I went to see was Leslie?” Asked Engel.

“Hmph!” Said Yozora while pouting.

(I-I see. She doesn’t mind that much we have those kinds of nights…. But rather…) While Engel though that, he decided to steel himself.

His face went full red and-

“Yo-Yozora… I-I need to tell you something.” He said while fidgeting.

“What is it?” She said.

“Well… I-I-I-I…………………………………..

I Love You.

……………… Yo-You’re my number one.” He said while suddenly he covered his face with his hands because of shame.

(Finally….) Said Yozora to herself and-

“I love you too, Engel.”

She said with a warm smile and then kissed him in the lips.

-End of [Highschool Debut Arc]-



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      • kmx72 says:

        That’s not true there are still a lot of girls but he avoided many, for example there’s still Flora being more or less yandere


      • Well, he talked to the girls he “did”. The ones with more connection to him.

        Of course there is still Krestin, Honoka, Claudia, Ekaterina, Serena, Flora abd the girls from his former school, but they dont have one ounce of developement with him yet.


      • kmx72 says:

        But there could be, I hope it, well at least only with Krestin , since it will be too much harem, I mean there is a reason, a harem needs to be not too big though it depends on the story, well there are harems that exponentially grow with the story such as Magika , Negima though this one was more like for all ages, since I’m at it have you read Negima and Uq Holder?

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      • kmx72 says:

        Well since you haven’t read either I recommend both jus that Negima has a slow start only until later it turns good, just for when you bored and have time, well no more harem , wanted Krestin to be I’m it but can say not since he has like over 15? How many?

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      • Well… I mean the Harem is made of all of the girls that had appeared in the story (some not). So it includes the Krestin and co.

        And I’ll see if I read/watch Negima after JoJo.

        And if we count…. 19? I quite don’t remember and I’m to sleepy to look for it xD


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