Magical Tournament Fifth Intermission: Monde (World) – Boredom of the [Demon Empress].

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Fifth Intermission: Monde (World) – Boredom of the [Demon Empress].


“Finally, I’ve obtained something worth of me, the [Night God Claws]”

It a room that shone with a faint green light. There, in the middle of it, two pair of pure black calws were floating.

The woman who had just taled, extended her wings and while floating, took the weapons from where they were.


Someone slashed at her back.

“Eh?… Oh, it’s you. do you need something?”

While quietly speaking, as if nothing happened, she gazed the person who had just attacked her. It was a male elf with green long hair and brown eyes.


Shouted the man and attacked her again. With the tip of her fingers, she elegantly stopped his blade and broke it.

Then, se wore the claws she had just took and-

“Understand it….. You are nothing but a mere ant in my path, elf.” She said with a cold and dark voice and pierced the man in his heart, instantly killing him.

She swung her arm to brush off the blood.

“It would be better if I return now. If I take too long, an [Arche] can appear before long. And dastiny is cruel, the one I want to avoid the most may appear.” She said with a slightly bored expression. Then, while floating she left the room.

A pure, silky and peerlees white skin contrasting her pitch black hair and wings, with white horns pointing forwards. A body that would enchant everyone at first sight, goddess like beauty and rose eyes, Katastrophe Schatten, known as the [Demon Empress], left the place that was flooded with dead bodies.


“Oh Great [Camael], this subordinate of yours has been oredred to give the grat you an important mesage.” Said a male [Arche] while kneeling in the hall.

“Talk.” Said a female [Arche].

They both were in a pure-white hall with no difference whatsoever between them.

“Great [Camael], it has been informed that the so called [Demon Empress] from the [Dämon] Race has stolen the [Night God Claws] from one of the [Elven Villages].” Said the subordinate.

“Damn she did it again….” Muttered [Camael].

“Have you said something, Great [Camael]?” Asked the guy.

“Eh? No. It is nothing. I give you the permission to leave, subordinate.” Replied [Camael].

The guy nodded, stood up and left.

When [Camael] was not able to see him anymore…

“Fuck! That bitch! For 200 years has been toying with us! I’ll make her pay every year she has made fun of us!!!”

While clenching her molars, [Camael] secertly voiced her childish complaints.

She had pure white wings and halo, silver-ash hair and shining silver eyes. She had smooth white skin, an absolutely beautiful face and a slender body.

She was the one bestowed with the [Title] of [Camael], Ártemize Götze.


[Sky Rune Castle]. An enormous, magnificent castle in the middle of nothing. It was created to exile the nobles, now, used by the infamous [Demon Empress].

“Boring… Just how boring is everything…” Said Katastrophe as she leaned in her throne.

“Mmmm…. I feel a weird presence… [Phantom Stealth].” She sais as in thin air, she dissapeared.

Suddenly, in the front door entered a person. Or better said, the person was thrown.

“Where are you [Demon Empress]??”

The thrown person was a fairly famous blacksmith that Katastrophe abducted in order to make the [Night God Claws] fit her; and also made another little work for her.

Who entered there, was a beautiful girl with orange-blonde hair and deep blue eyes.

She also had fox ears and tail. She was Izane Foxyn.

“Who are you and what do you want?”

Asked Katastrophe with an enormous presure and who suddenly appeared behind Izane and put a sword in her throat. It was a deep blue lightsword made by the previous mentined blacksmith. It was [Hekatonkheires].

“He! As expected of the infamous [Demon Empress].” Said Izane.

“What-Doyou want?” Asked again Katastrophe.

“I want you to coopere with us. You know who I represent, right?”

“You are one of the [Twelve Traitors] of the [Twelve Beastal Clans]” Replied Katastrophe without lowering her guard.

“Exactly. We want to destroy the omnipotence the heads of the clans believe they have. And we request you help.” Said Izane.

“You ask after half-killing my subordinate?” Retorted Katastrophe.

“He was in the way.” Said Izane.

“Well, I’ll ask you to live. I don’t want you here in my castle.” Replied Katastrophe.

“Okay, okay. I’ll leave. Sorry for the trouble.” Said Izane as Katastrophe activated again her [Phantom Stealth].

Izane, without objection, left.

“How in the world he trespassed the barrier?” Asked herself the [Demon Empress].


“Everything is so boring…..” Repeated Katastrophe Schatten as she leaned in her throne.

“Great Empress… I-I have something to inform you…” Said the blacksmith.

“Did you already finished the other 100 [Hekatonkheires]?” Asked Katastrophe.

“N-No. I Need more [Blue Meteorite] and [Black Orihalcum].” Said the subordinate.

“How much do you need?” Asked Katastrophe again,

“I-I don’t know…. For 100 swords…. The amount needed is almost the whole metal in the vault of [Tower Of Babel]” Replied the blacksmith.

Katastrophe mischeviously smiled and answered the blacksmith’s petition.

(I think I have something I can use to relieve my boredom.) She thought.

And atthe same time-

“Oh! [Camael]. I was in my way to see you.” Said a female [Arche] while she bumped into [Camael].

“Do you need something from me, [Gabriel]?” Asked [Camael].

“Certainly. It has been issued by [Mikhail] the order for you to protect the [Tower Of Babel]. Someone informed us that the [Demon Empress] is planning to attack it.” Said [Gabriel].



“Crap! This hurts like shiit!!”

Shouted a young man in the middle of a valley. It seems he had just fallen several kilometers from the sky.

“Do you know where we are?” Asked the man, even though he was alone… Or not.

“It seems… That his is [Bereich]” Replied a voice in the sorroundings, even though there was no one near.

“By the time being, let’s go somewhere near civilization.” Said the young man.

This young was clad in a black armor with traces of weird white marks all over it. A black robe with a hood and he had several swords with him. His hair was totally black and had golden eyes. He also was wearing medium thick frame glasses.

But the most catching feature were his pointed wolf ears and long, fluffy tail. All black in color.

Even thought his expression was that of a carefree young man, he had an aura and pressure of a strong, and dangerous person.

Then, he talked again to the voice… That seemed to come from a choker he was weareing.

“What do you think, Lylia?” Asked the young man.

“I agree with your decision, Master Engel.” Replied the voice with full agreement.



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