Magical Tournament Volume Three Chapter Five: Beziehung (Connection) – My strenght is not your strenght

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Chapter Five: Beziehung (Connection) – My strenght is not your strenght

Teil Ein.

“Tomorrow is the fight… Think you can win Engel-dono-de gozaru?” Asked Eita. She was in the academy’s cafeteria together with Brunnhildr.

“Is not that I can win or not… If I can at least stand in front of him without blacking out is the question. His pressure alone is able to do that.” Said Brunnhildr.

“Right. I, who specialize in perception, know what you’re talking about-de gozaruna.” Added Eita.

They both, idly chatting, stood up of the tables and then when thy exited the cafeteria-


“What happened, Brunn-dono?” Asked Eita.

“Read…” Said Brunnhildr.

When they went out of the cafeteria, a guy handed her a sample of the [Academy’s Newspaper].

“Newsfeed: [Empress Cleopatra] and [Metatron] in a relationship…???!!!”

Eita could only open her eyes in surprise.

Teil Zwei.

“Just what the heck is this?”

Said Engel as he stared at the article.

“Is this your doing?” He asked.

“Wha?! Why am I the first suspect in your mind?!” Exclaimed Adrian, the one who had brought the newspaper to Engel.

“You like to mess with people.” Replied Engel with no doubts.

“………. I… I won’t deny that….. But htis time it wasn’t me!” Said Adrian while defending himself.

“Okay… Then I don’t know who did this… It had to be a person with a [Yotse Skill] related to stealth if neither of us noticed when all these pictured were taken.. Well, it doesn’t matter who told this rumor and who published this. It’s already done. The thing is how to make them believe I am not Lene’s boyfriend.” Explained Engel.

And as they though about it for a few seconds-

“I’ve got an idea!” Said Adrian.

And so… Things scalated to-

“W-Why me?” Asked Krestin as she bashfully hid her blushed face with her hands.

“Engel’s real parthner is no good. It would only made a bigger ruckus, because she’s a teacher. [Valkyrie Rossweisse] is too dumb so it’s out of the question. His underclassmen are no good either. Brookelle is too crazy and the only one left is you” Explained Adrian.

“But wouldn’t it create a similar situation?” Said Krestin.

“What we want to avoid is to create a bad image of Lene. She hates this kind of thing like being on the spotlight. Also she wouldn’t like to be misunderstood to be in a relationship with me. So Adrian thought of you.” Said Engel a little blushed.

“O-Okay…. But, don’t you think you’d put me the same position as hers?” Asked Krestin.

“But you don’t hate attention. I’ve seen you in the interviews after the matches.” Said Adrian.

“Wha-What?! There’s no w-ay…… Sorry. I do like attention.” Said Krestin as she started to remember those times and how she enjoyed them.

“So, at the end we will pass all the time together until the rumors change?” Asked Engel, comfirming his “mission”.

“Nope. That would only put you in a bad position as a cheater. What you have to do is……… To act as his official boyfriend.” Said Adrian Nonchantally.


Exclaimed both while blushing.

After some minutes….

“Haaa…. I’m going to be punished today…” Said Engel while ending a call. Ha had just talked with Yozora about the situation.

“Is that a bad thing?” Asked Adrian in a low voice.

“……. No way.” Replied Engel while smiling a little.

“S-So, what do we do now?” Asked Krestin.

“Well… Go on a school date?” Said Engel.

“………Right.” Replied Krestin as she blushed a little. Engel blushed too.

“Well then, I’ll be leaving. See ya’, sweethearts!” Said Adrian as he left.

And thus, their date began.

In all the day, they went stolling, chatting. had lunch and so on.

It would look like a normal thing, but, they were holding hands and also acted all “lovey-dovey” in front of everyone.

The rumors started to spread and by the noon of the next day, the previous rumors would be substituted.

It was the sunset, and Engel had taken Krestin to the top of the training grounds, where he liked to stargaze.

“…. I don’t know if to say it… But… It was fun. It was really fun.” Said Krestin as the both saw the night fall. She didn’t even reacted to her own words, because she was in a serious mood, talking the truth.

“I-I see… Me too. I had fun today. It could have been unexpected, but it was a nice time I spent with you.” Replied Engel.

The both were silent for some minutes, then Krestin started to talk again.

“I want to ask… Where’s Lilya? She’s always with you. As well as the other women in kimono.” Asked Krestin.

“They? Well, Seara adn Avalon are with Schnee and the others. It seems they wanted to have a talk or something. For Lilya… Well, she’s somewhere.” Said Engel while stroking the choker in his neck.

“I see…” Replied Krestin.

“S-Say, Engel… Ho-How many time do we have do keep this facade?” She asked.

“………………. Don’t know. Probably only today.” He answered.

“Only… Today….” Muttered Krestin in a dejected way; but then she suddenly got an idea and voiced it.

“Engel… If… If it’s of no trouble to you…. Can we keep this indifinitely? Like that, neither of us or the others will suffer about strange rumors…” Said Krestin really bashful.

“Wha?!” Exclaimed Engel. Then he thought of it some minutes and-

“R-Right. I think the same. We should keep this until it’s necessary.” Replied Engel while blushing and averting his eyes.

He started to have second thoughts about it and got even more blushed.

Krestin did the same. She started to enjoy not only the thought of the people’s attention, but Engel’s attention too.

And they both stayed silent there until it was very late.

Teil Drei.

Then ext day. The day of the fight. The newspaper had two headlines. “The real couple: [Holy Blade Maiden] and [Metatron]”, and “Siblings Clash”.

It was as full as one would expect in a fight of the [Five Gods of War]. The VIP had Aleksandra, Krestin, Lene, Adrian, Brookelle, Isold, Izaak, Daniel, Eita and Maria.

No one was talking. They knew what was going to happen didn’t allow any mutter.

Then, they both, Engel and Brunnhildr entered the arena.

But, something was off.

While Brunnhildr looked the same as always, Engel was totally different. His physique the same, but just a little thinner. His hair was arranged in the same way as Adrian’s and his color was black. His eyes were black too and his skin color was just a little paler than normal.

“…… What are you pretending?” Asked Brunnhildr in a quite serious mood.

“Nothing. I just thought that I’d fight sis’ in a fair and square fight. No demonic eyes, no level break, no special magic. Just a normal, average [Participant]. I also asked Ms.Cole to place seals within me so my strenght would become that of the same level as you.” Said Engel.

“So you’re piting me? You say I will never beat you?” Said Brunnhildr.

“I… Won’t answer to half of that…. I’ll just say that I’m not piting you. I even changed my appereance in order to really feel I’m fighting you. I’d like to know who truly is the best of us in the same conditions.” Replied Engel.

“So you’re saying that….”

“I want yo fight you with all my might as Engel Falsch, you little brother: not as the [God of War Metatron]”. Replied Engel. Then-

“[Battle Start]!!!”

As the academy system announced the beggining of the battle.

They both sprinted head on and clashed swords.

Engel had already chanted [Lightning] and his shortsword was already clad in electricity. He was not using the twin shortwords but rather, his normal shortsword he had named [Stark]. In his other hand he had his [White Mythril Dagger], named [Crystal].

Engel then felt the presence of magic dwelling in the ground and then retreated.

From where he was, started to sprout [Lava].

Engel then threw [Crystal] and Brunnhildr defended from it. As she did so, she saw approaching [Ice Spears] and she guarded herself with a small shield she had in her left arm.

Engel then jumped over the lava puddle that was spreading and attacked his sister with ÑStark]. Brunnhild parried it but Engel moved away. His objective was to pick up [Crystal].

He then cladded his dagger with pure white ice. Then it extended until it reached the length of a one-handed sword. He most likely had used a fusion of [Ice] and [Divine Element].

Engel resumed his attack and Brunnhildr was on the defensive side. Then she started to shot [Lava Cannons] at Engel once she separated herself from him in a moment.

She shot several of them, but that was a feint. She guided him so he moved in a certain pattern.

As he moved like she wanted, she activated her trap.

Engel felt that her shots were odd, so he rised his guard up and when he put his foot in the ground, an enormous pillar of lava rose. Because his guard was to the limits, he moved his body in time but his leg was trapped in the pilar.

As Brunnhildr made a victory pose in her mind, she noticed somethingthat Engel was standing up. He had replaced his foot with one made of white ice.

As he walked some steps backwards to check the mobility of it, he threw several pitch black spheres. Brunnhildr tried to brush them off buth she just crossed them with the sword. They were intangible. They hit her body and then just stained it. It didn’t even gauged her HP.

(Weird) She tohught.

Engel then started to use full of his speed and attacked her from all the angles possible.

He slashed at her one, two, three, four, five times.

He gauged 20 percent of her HP.

“[Heath Path]” chanted Brunnhildr as her sword’s temperature rose.

Then after some clashes, Engel’s ice sword was broken.

Of course he expected this.

He then gathered air in his hands as if to create [Air Ball], then the balls he created were covered in ice and thrown towards Brunnhlildr. She defended from one with her shield and the other one, she slashed through it with her sword.

Then, as soon as she slashed at it the ball exploded.

Brunnhildr was left with a great confusion and without 10% of her HP.

Because she was stunt, Engel ran with a great momentum and tried to slash at her. Brunnhildr was able to use her shield on the nick of time and then after repeling Engel’s attack, she was kicked in the gut because her bad posture. The air was taken out of her lungs and then Engel kicked her in the face.

As soon as Engel gave some steps backwards, he felt something strange.

Then he turned around and saw half of the arena covered in lava.

“[Kraken]” Chanted Brunnhildr as she stood up.

In that moment, enormous tentacles rose from the lava and then started to attack Engel.

Brunnhildr too started to shot [Lava Cannons] towards him and she activated seveal [Lava Pillar] from the floor.

This let Engel with a small room to move and little by little, the heat and the attacks started to affect him.

(Damn…) Thought Engel as he wanted to save mana, but he wasn’t able to.

“[Divine Drop Zero]”

He chanted and the all the sorroundings’ temperature started to drop to an alarmant pace.

The lava pillars froze and also the lava covering the arena.

Brunnhildr saw this and got hhonetly impressed by the power of such magic.

Engel then started to attack head on again. Because his technique was better, he easily cornered Brunnhildr.

And then-

“I.. Didn’t thought I’d use this against you…..” Muttered Brunnhildr

Engel felt the magic pressure and retreated from his position,

“[Lava Druid]!”

Chanted Brunnhildr. Then Lava cannons were shot from the ground around her.

Engel was able to avoid them but then all of the cannons gave a turn and gathered above Brunnhildr.

Then the ball of lava started to attack Engel and he avoided every attack.

It seemed that Brunnhildr had already depleted her mana because she was not moving an inch.

Engel tried to attack her but it was useless.

Engel then chanted a spell of his own to stop her sister’s spell.

“………[Divine Drop Zero], [Divine Water Pillar]!” He shouted.

Then several water pillars rose around Brunnhildr and turned to nothingness her spell.

As she looked dumbfounded how her greatest spell was dealt easily. But then Engel was without much mana too.

Then he sprinted towards her to finish the battle and Brunnhildr stood up and defended herself.

They both, exahusted after parring for a while, tried to finish the other with a last attack.

Brunnhildr had a little mana left and used [Heat Path] again and rushed towards him.

Engel didn’t use any magic and just ran towards his sister, and as they clashed their swords-


Brunnhild shouted and fell to the floor.

She had been pierced by several black thorns in her torso.

“[Dark Rose]”

Muttered Engel. It was the name ofthe spell he had used to finish his sister off. He knew that the battle would end up like that, and that in terms of strenght he would most likely lose against Brunnhildr. So he prepared an insurance.

And that were the black spheres he shot towards her and didn’t affected in the least.

“[Battle Ended]!”

Shouted the academy system as the cheers of the public rose in joy.



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