Magical Tournament Volume Three Chapter Six: Entwicklung (Evolution) – Just one more step

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Chapter Six: Entwicklung (Evolution) – Just one more stepTeil Ein.

The battle groups had been separated in 8 grops from A to H. The leaders in every group in the quarter finals were:

Group A: Lene Nahchamung
Group B: Brunnhildr Falsch
Group C: Albrikt Blau-Himmel
Group D: Izaak Ausgewogen
Group E: Adrian Arclight
Group F: Engel Falsch
Group G: Krestin Spiegel
Group H: John Doe

The group leaders fighting between them were: A vs E; B vs F; C vs G, and D vs H.

So until now, the participants that remain are: A, F, G and D.

The next round, A and F together with G and D are going to fight for the purpose of passing to the next round.

Meaning: The next battle is Lene vs Engel.

Teil Zwei.

There has never been so much attention to a match of [The Tournament] as today. Even with the time with Isold, people was not so moved.

Because this were the semi-finals. The birtually winner of the tournament was going to be decided from these four poeple, and those four were [Gods of War].

And now, even there were no classes for anyone in the academy.

The people was in high tension to the battle that was going to start in a few minutes. Moreover, the fight between Izaak and Krestin was a few hours after this one.

But, let’s focus in this one.

Right now, Engel and Lene were standing one in front of another.

“Thanks… For the last time.” Said Lene.

“It’s okay. We’re comrades after all. And also I know how much you hate attention… Because it goes to certain part I won’t mention”

Replied Engel as he briefly gazed Lene’s chest.

“Sh-Shut up.” She said.

And with a light joke, the countdown started.


Lene took out her [Lanze], [Gáe Bulg]. It seemed she intended to finish the fight in one strike.


Engel took out pure black spear, no…. A Bident anyone had ever seen. It had the technological pattern carved in it, but it was golden instead of white.





Engel slightly caressed his choker and silently activated his [Dämonenauge].





“[Battle Start]!!!”


In that very moment Lene had stoped time already and sprinted to attack Engel with her [Lanze].

The bright red spear [Gáe Bulg] with a great momentum pierced Engel’s chest.


Or that’s what it was suposed to happen.

In the last moment, last fraction of fraction of fraction of moment, when Lene touched Engel with the very tip of her [Lanze]……………

Engel moved out of the way.


Lene could only shout her surprise in her mind when-

Engel kicked her in the gut after avoiding her attack and she was sent flying to the other side of the arena.

As she crashed with the barrier, the trail of dust she left while being thrown, slowly started to gain movement, and then time went back to it’s own track.

Lene quickly regained her stance after bein surprised by such attack.

And got suprised by something else.

Wolf straight, black eats.

Black wolf tail.

Black hair.

Heterochromatic eyes. One was golden and the other, was black with a lookalike golden flame our of it.

Also his ear were letting a faint golden-like flame out of them.

Not to mention his fangs looked bigger now. She noticed that because he was broadly smiling.

“Wha… WHAT WAS THAT?!!” Exclaimed Lene.

She thought she needed, no… She diserved to know how her [Arcana Element] was easily dealt with.

“It was my newest invention. A meld of my [Arcana] and [Spirit Elements]…. [God Eater].”

Teil Drei.

“What did  you say?!” Exclaimed Lene.

“Haaa… A new spell, a new spell. That’s all there’s to it!” Replied Engel while sighing.

Lene activated her [Time Stop] again and rushed towards Engel. He then sprinted too and intercepted her attack with his bident.

And as the two were struggling-

Engel infused [Devil Element] in his weapon because he was being pressed.

(Damn! As expected of a [Lanzen]…)

He then parried the [Lanzen] and while brushing off Lenes’s stance he attacked with a punch in the sides andshe retreated some meters.

The time went back to track again.

Lene decided it was useless to stop the time so the attacked head on with her [Gáe Bulg]. As she rushed towards her opponent, he dissapeared in thin air.

Lene suddenly felt his presence behind her and in the nick of time she was stabbed in the back. With that only her HP was gauged 15% as the other punched count too, she had lost 20%.

“Yotse Skill – [Regeneration]”

Muttered Lenem as she started to regenerate herself and recover her HP.

(I see… I’m not the only one of the 5 with [Regneration]…) Thought Engel.

Engel then made a hole with a [Dark Shot] next to him and picked some stones from it.

He held them in his hands and-

They dissapeared.


Then Lene fell to her knees in pain.

“Fucker…. What did you do?!” She said as she coughed blood.

“No-thing… I just teleported some stones inside your body. That should be enough to stop your [Regeneration] for a while.” Replied Engel as he teleported again behind Lene and stabbed her in the back.

But she avoided it by an inch.

She deployed a [Sacred Maiden’s Prision] above her.

Then she glared directly towards Engel that har moved some steps back because of the powerful barrier.

Her eyes conveyed a certain will of fight.

“Alright.. I got it…Haaa”

Sighed Engel as he teleported back the stoned he had inserted in her body.

“Let’s fight a fair fight then.” Said Engel as Lene saved her [Lanze] in the [Item Box] and took out her [Chrono Adamant].

Then they both sprinted towards the other and started to parry their attacks.

The sound of the high-speed fight could be felt even outside the barrier.

The both crossed blades giving slashes, thrusts, parries and magic induced attacks until-


Lene was pierced by Engel’s bident after several attacks she had recieved from his weapon.

“Drain, [Astrea]”

Said Engel as his bident started to suck dry Lene’s MP.

He then gave some steps back as he talked to Lene who was in her knees.

“Let’s end it flashy, comrade. Put the strongest barrier you can!” Said Engel as he jumped with all his strength.

Lene understood his intentions and then created several layers of [Sacred Maiden’s Prision] with the MP she had left.

As Engel reached the ceiling of the arena’s barried, he gripped with all his strength, infused all the [Devil Element] he clould and also used [Gravity Magic] on it to reduce friction, augment speed and strenght to his bident.

The people watching from the broadcast could felt chills from the energy gathered in the bident. The ones witnessing the fight in the arena could felt their hearts beating in their throats becuase the intense pressure.

And when they both were ready-

“Devour, [Astrea]!!!!!!!”

“[Multilayered Sacred Maiden’s Prision]!!!!!!”

Engel threw his bident and it intenely clashed with Lene’s barriers.










And with an enormous explosion, the arena was engulfed in a ash colored smoke and the barrier that protected the seats broke as if it were made of crystal.

Many of the people nearby the explosion’s direcition fainted.

And when the smoke cleared

The people witnessed Lene’s stabbed body by [Astrea] in the arena’s wall.

“[Battle Ended]!”

Shouted the academy sysyem.

But there were no exclaimes nor cheers… The people still was dumbfounded of the intense fight that had just finished.

There was just one person that muttered something that was lost in the air.

“So it was you………..”

Muttered Yozora admist the dumbfoudned people in the scene.



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  1. I think its Krestin vs Engel in the Finals. butif there’s a choice then I want Izaak vs Engel. Atleast just to settle the score. BUt srsly no matter who it will be. The fight will turn out to be epic. I mean if semis is epic then ofc finals 🙂 Thanks for fast release as always (Y)

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  2. 【In an instant ♪   In a flash ♪   In the time of a flash ♪ The flash of time, the flash of an instant ♪   In an instant ♪   In a flash ———】”…… Acceleration switch ———”

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      • The time thing is another issue that I was going to place far later in the story.

        So, for now, how he enteres in Lene’s domain, is because his [Demonic Eye]. He constantly analyzed all the times Lene used her powers.

        He discovered that what she did is to move in a different dimension where time didn’t affect her. An hypotetical space she created with her [Arcana]. So, Engel thought of it as a frecuency and tuned his [Dimensional Magic] so he could teleport to that space she created. The thing is that he had to fully control of his [Arcana] and his [Demonic Eye] he needed to let go of any other activity. So he could allow that. And at the end, he thought of Lilya possesing himg as Seara and Avalon did and let her take total control of his [Demonic Eye].

        At the end, when Lene activated her [Time Stop], Lilya was already analyzing the spell and so the “frequency” was tuned and he could teleport to her domains.

        Something like that.

        And if you ask, every of the [Arcana] from the others are capable of entering there in other ways.


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