Magical Tournament Volume Three Chapter Seven: Gëfuhle (Feelings) – The one who wouldn’t back down.

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Chapter Seven: Gëfuhle (Feelings) – The one who wouldn’t back down.

Teil Ein:

To cover up for the pitiful beating Izaak reieved from Krestin in the previous fight, we’ll skip it. That fight, left a hole in all of the fan’s expectations.

And now… The grand final.

“Good afternoon people!” Shouted the comentarist, who narrated every one of the matches till now.

“Today, we will finnaly see the match between [Metatron] and [Holy Blade Maiden]!!!”

As the comentarist said this, everyone in the seats cheered both parties. Because of the strange rush of events three days ago, they now were in highs spirits and with high expectatives.

“So, now, we’re going to talk with three people who have faced this incredible opponents. Welcome to Adrian Arclight known as [Stardust], Lene Nachahmung known as [Empress Cleopatra], and Brookelle Archer known as [Scharlach Lanze]”

She commented as everyone gave their greetings.

“So, now, both of they are alredy in the arena and it seems they are talking about something. We have no hearing dispositives soe we can’t know what they are talking, but it seems they have really serious expressions.” Said the commentarist.

“If you excuse me, I’m very familiarized with the lip reaiding soo…” Said Adrian as he leaned forward to the screen in the booth he was and zoomed the video.

“…… It’s what Krestin said……………………………………………………………WHAT THE HELL?!”




Said everyone in the booth. Because they were broadcasting everyone in the arena, no, In the whole world now knew what they were talking.

“Th-They are saying somethinkg else!…….. Asks Engel………..…. Replied Krestin.” Said Adrian.

“So the rumors were half true!” Said the commentarist.

“Anyways, it seems the fight is going to start. The countdonw has started from 30 seconds.” Said the comentarist while recovering from the shock.

To begin with, Brookelle, Adrian and Lene knew a faint of her feelings, so they were only surprised by the timing.

“I would like to know what [Modo] is going to use [Metatron] against Krestin.” Said the commentarist.

“[Modo]?” Asked Brookelle.

“I think she refers to Engel’s habilities. [Seraph Modo], [Indra Modo] and [Hellhound Modo].” Replied Adrian.

“That’s right. These are the names the most obsesed fans gave to his spells. Do anyone of you know their real names?” Asked the commentarist.

“I had no idea about that…” Said Brookelle.

“I know their names. To the [Seraph Modo] is [Sephiroth]. [Indra Modo] is [Rokuten] and [Hellhound Modo] is [God Eater].” Replied Lene.

“I see…” Muttered the commentarist.

“[Battle Start]!!!”

Said the academy sistem as the participants started to fight.

“Ohh! Participant [Metatron] has activated his [Indra Modo]! Also [Holy Blade Maiden] has activated her [Hero Modo]!!!”

With [Hero Modo] she is reffering to [Kingslayer].




It seems that te first clash of Engel’s [Vajra] and Krestin’s [Zeus’ Lightning].

Teil Zwei.

WIth their first strike, the barrier broke just like when Lene recieved Engel’s [Astrea].

Suddenly another barrier appeared replacing the previous one. It was Ms. Cole doing, given that she was supervising the match.

He had activated [Deva Path] and went one by one with zero intervals.

Krestin’s [Kingslayer] augmented its strenght everytime she recieved Engel’s attacks.

They were clashing theit weapons and with every clash the barriers created by Ms. Cole broke like glass.

Slashed, thrusts, punches, kicks, slashes, kicks, punches, thrusts, kicks, thrusts, slashes…

They were in equal footing. But then Krestin started to push Engel.

It was becuase in terms of weaponery usage, she was a little better than him.

And even if it was by a little, it made the difference. Not to mentin that her abilities were rising every second.

Then Engel leapt backwards and accumulated a great quantity of energy in his staff.

“[Twilight Dragon’s Breath]!!!”

[Antimagic] melded with [Divine] and [Devil Element] were melded in a small sphere in the tip of his staff as he pinted it towards Krestin and it exploden in an inmense cannon.

It’s strenght and speed were no joke. It was so fast Krestin wasn’t able to dodge.

A big explosion occured again.

As pieces of the arena flew towards every direction… It was weird that there still remained the wall behind the attack.

And when the smoke created by the explosion faded, there was Krestin barely standing.

“Yotse Skill – [Antimagic Elemental Great Indestuctible Shield]; [Aegis].”

Said Krestin. She had activated her [Yotse Skill].

“Crap…” Muttered Engel.

(Wha…. WHAT WAS THAAT!!!… IF it weren’t for [Aegis] and [Kingslayer] I’d already lost!! What a tremendous strenght!! I could barely stop his attack!) Shouted Krestin in her mind.

“He.. Hehehehe… Now by all means I want to win agianst such combination…” Said Engle as he mischeviously smirked.

Totally a battle maniac.

Krestin felt the pressure emaning from him and applyed more strenght in her [Aegis].

Then Engel deactivated [Rokuten] and activated [Sephiroth] at level 0.

Then he used all his remaining mana and all the mana attracted by [Sephiroth] to created a one and only spell.

He then started to create and gather ground with [Earth Element] and melded it with [Wind Element], creating [Sand]. Then he used [Fire Element] and melded it too, creating [Crystal Element].

To this he used hisd [Lightning Element] to fill the [Crystal] he had created.

“[Weiss Drive]!” He said.

Then from his body mountains of [Divine Element] energy started to fill the crystal. Even his [Sephiroth] had deactivated now.


He then used his [Gravity Magic] to compress the [Crystal] in a rod shape.

“[Sonic Needle]”

He said as he whistled and the rod suddenly started to take another form… A spear shape.


Now he was melding antimagic to his “spear”.

And at the same moment, Krestin was pouring all her mana in her [Lanze] and her [Aegis]. She was prepared to attack and defend in the same moment.

All the energy acumulated as equal or more to the one in Lene’s fight.

The spear, then the pure white spear with various carvings and a delta blade was finished. It also had two energy circles around the interjection of the blade and the rod.

“Oh great spear that slayed the powerful in order to bring order to the world, the one to perform the self-sacrifice of the humanity and bring the salvation, bestow me with your power! [Engelsauge] Activate!!”

Then from a separated space an unbelibavle amount of mana from the [Divine Element] and [Antimagic] possesed the “spear” Engel had created.

“[Longinus Lanze].” Said Engel.

All the people in the seats, the commentarist, guests and even Ms. Cole could not hide the amusement they felt by only looking to such divine artifact.

Krestin was also dumbfounded by such power.

Engel took it in his hands and charged it with the last bits of his mana and-

“Judge, [Longinus Lanze]!!”

“Pierce, [Zeus’ Lightning]!!”

With no moment to spare, Krestin had also thrown her own [Lanze] and then both clashed creating a big white explosion that left in shame the one when [Astrea] impacted.

Teil Drei.

“[Battle Ended]!!”

Ms. Cole had completely depleted her monstrous ammount of mana in mantaining her strongest barrier, but at the end it broke too.

“Wha-Wha-Wha-Wha-WHAT WAS THAT!!!!!!” Shouted the comentarist.

Everyone was not only dumbfounded, but absolutely impressed for life because such clash.

That didn’t count the ones that fainted because the pressure released by the explosion.

There was still white smoke filling the arena.

“That…. was the only one and real strongest [Lanze]… [Longinus Lanze].” Replied Adrian that had just recovered his senses. He was so impressed he had left to his own world.

“I… I saw…. What happened there.” Said Lene. No one asked, but she felt the need to tell. She had stopped time to see the clash, and used her [Clockwork Ring] to slow down the time around her and see in slowmo how things would end up.

“With all this smoke we can’t know who won, so, would you mind telling us?” Asked Brookelle who had been silent due to dumbfounment.

“We-Well…. Engel threw his [Longinus] and Krestin threw her [Zeus’ Lightning] while defending with her ability. Then…… Engel’s [Lanze] easily brushed away Krestin’s and then clashed head on with her shield and…………… By a mere moment she moved by a milimeter the [Lanze] and avoided her heart being pierced when her shield shattered like glass… But it was fruitless. Look.”

Explained Lene as she pointed towards the arena. The white smoke had already cleared and-

There laid Krestin stuck by the [Longinus]. She had been pierced in her left side and all of it was evaporized.

and the most unbelivable thing was that a great hole had been made in the wall of the arena.

Because it was made like the roman colisseum style, no one was harmed, but…. The impact had even destroyed great part of the outside of the arena.

Because it was a forest that was there, no one was harmed, but nearly all of it was completely destroyed beyond recognition.

Engel by the other side, was there, barely standing, while looking towards the sky with a broad smile in his face.



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