Magical Tournament Volume Three Chapter Eight: Sieger (Winner) – It’s okay if they don’t catch you

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Chapter Eight: Sieger (Winner) – It’s okay if they don’t catch you

Teil Ein.


The commentarist announced Engel’s victory, and the people that was seing the broadcast and the people awake in the seats, slowly understood the situation and started to cheer with all their strenght.

Lene and Ms. Cole had left so they could repair what Engel had done outside the arena. Because Lene could only rewind time up to 5 minutes, they had to hurry.

And so, after a couple of rest hours, the premiation event began.

For the third place, Lene and Izaak fought a private duel before the main fight and Lene won.

Engel was given a bid golden trophy made by a senior alchemist after the battle. It had three beasts in the top. A salamander, an owl and a wolf.

For Krestin, it was a silver one with an omnious lion and Lene’s was a bronze cheetah.

And just after the hand-over of the trophies-

“Well, well. We’ve already given the small prize and the conmemorative trophies…. So…. We would like to know Engel’s answer to Krestin’s confession.”

Said the bast-…………..

Said Adrian who was the one who volunteered to be the one in stage.

“Wha?! How the heck you know that?!” Said Engel as he lifted him from his shirt’s neck.

“Lip-reading” Said Adrian as he winked.

“We’ll talk about this later…” Muttered Engel as he let go of Adrian.

“I got it. But anyways, tell everyone in-the-world if you accept or reject her” Said Adrian. Engel sincerely wanted to facepalm himself right now.

Then, for help, he changed his attention towards Krestin but…


She was already drown in all the attention directed to her; besides, she still wasexpecting the answer to her confession.

Luckily, he had already talked with Yozora about this while he was resting before the award ceremony.

He totally blushed and figeted for a while.

“We-Well…. You…. You want to know then… Ehem…. Well….” He was really flustered and then as he made a bashful expression, he talked again.

“I-I…………. I do. I do accept to be your boyfriend.”

Replied Engel.

Everyone got silent. Even Adrian qho was sure Engel was going to accept. For some reasing he stayed silent due to the atmosphere.

Teil Zwei.


It has been a month since Engel won [The Known Second Part].

And there were two important events this time, the [Parental Visit Day] and Engel’s birthday. Moreover, they were the same day.

Brunnhildr was born in January, and Engel was born in the same year but in November.

Now, the girls were in big trouble.

They were gathered in Leslie’s office.

Yozora, Krestin, Lene, Aleksandra, Alize, Haven, Cale, Brookelle, Brunnhildr, Eita, Flora, Claudia, Serena, Honoka, Patricia, Blair, Albrikt, Kyouka, Leslie and Flora were the ones gathered…. Plus some unexpected guests.

“Well then, we’re all reunited at last. I’m also grateful towards Ms. Cross, Ms. Rhodes and Ms. Light that had come too.” Said Yozora as the three girls nodded a little blushed.

Yes… The unexpected ones were Alex Cross his [Coordinator], Olivia Light who is Krestin’s companion and Ekaterina Rhodes, the president of [Schwan Enterprises].

“Leslie, how is the situation outside?” Asked Yozora.

“Ehem… I recieved a… Text, is it? Well… Adrian says that he succesfully has kept him in the cafeteria for breakfast. Lilya, Seara and Avalon are with him as always so any suspicion won’t be lifted. They already know about our plans after all.” Explained Leslie.

“Right. Thanks. About the money… Ekaterina?” Asked Yozora, talking ot her in a more casual way to lessen the atmosphere.

“Okay… I supose you all have your own money, but just to be sure, I’ll be giving back up.” Answered Ekaterina.

“I see. Thanks for your efforts. And well… About the ideas for the main objective…. Olivia?” Said Yozora.

“We-Well. Of course I’ve got lots of ideas about what we can do. Also I’ll talk with Markus to see what more we can do.” She replied.

“Thanks. And to end the reunion… Ms. Alex, do we have special permission to go out the academy now?” Asked Yozora.

“Y-Yeah. I mean, yes. We have permission. The academy director said that it was okay for you to go out, and even with Ms. Rhodes’ approval, it should be okay.” Said the [Coordinator] of [S-Class].

(The academy’s director sure it’s mysterious. I’ve never seen him or her. No one has besides the teachers and others. Yozora and Leslie included. Just who that person is?) Asked Krestin to herself in the middle of the meeting, going a little off-track.

“Well… If it’s like that… Let’s go and buy Engel’s presents!!” Shouted Yozora in high spirits.

And so, the mission started.

They spent 12 hours checking and buying. It was tons of presents for him. Also at some point, Yozora recieved a call from Adrian telling them what Lilya and the other two wanted to buy him.

Also that somewhere, he had lost track of Engel and that he found him with a girl from the [Craft Work Section], but it was nothing serious.

Yozora had allowed him to have Krestin as his second girlfriend and some other unoficial partners… But even she thought that it was too much when Claudia, Ekaterina and others appeared too.

But going back to track-

“Now that I think about it… Engel sure is a lady killer.” Said Krestin while drinking an iced-tea. She was sit next to Brunnhildr in a rest area in a clothes store. Except Ekaterina, Serena and Brookelle, everyone had already bought the present.

“Is he? I remember some girls around him, but that was all. He was really unpopular back in middle school. Oh, I remember! One day some girls appeared in the house looking for him, but that’s another story.” Replied Brunnhildr.

“I see… I was impopular too” Said Krestin.

“Really? I wouldn’t say so at first sight.” Said Brunnhildr.

“I know.” She replied with a little dejected tone.

Teil Drei.

The [Parental Visit Day], two days inside [Camellia Academy] where a  mother, father or any other member goes to see how is the day-by-day of their children.

It’s a day with convivence and meetings and having a nice time.

“I don’t know what is THAT WOMAN doing here.”

“She’s my wife. It’s obvious she’ll be here.”

“Haaa…. I know you don’t love her though”

“Sh-shut up!….. Don’t sayt that out loud!”

“How much do her family profits from you being in her care?”

“Pl-Please…. Can you not talk li-like I’m not here?”

“Haaaaaaa…… Sis’ you idiot…..”

“I-It’s not my fault!”

Yeah, a great day for the Falsch Family… Or at least part of it.

“Haa…. Can you please calm down you two?” Asked Engel as he stood in front of his mom and his dad.

Luckily, where they were, the cafeteria was almost empty because it was really early.

Engel’s dad was tall and average-build guy with a very long black hair tied in a ponytail and its lenght was till his waist and had black eyes too.

His face resembled that of Brunnhildr; Mr. Klaus Falsch.

And now we know who named the siblings.

And the one beside him was Alicia Wirklich, Valeriya’s mom. She was very alike to her.

“Beeeh!” Joked Ms. Falsch.


“Stop it… Haa… I’m sorry dad. It would be better if you go with Ms. Alicia where Valeriya is.” Said Engel.

“Okay, I’ll go there.” Said Mr. Falsch as he left with Ms. Alicia.

“………………. You can leave too Sis’. I know you can’t stand being he- Oh good she already left.” Said Engel as he saw his sister eagerly escaping with his dad.

“Good… I could not stand being with them anymore….” Said Ms. Falsch.

*Poke!* Engel then poked her forehead again.

“Why??” She asked while holding her forehead.

“Because it’s fun.” He said while half-smiling.

Then, they left the cafeteria too.

Time passed, and it became noon. All the parents assited to the classes their children take and see their performance in class.

And the next one is [Physical Training].

But now, it was lunch. The having it were Engel, Adrian, Markus and Lene, with their respective family.

For Markus, it was a very fashionable, blonde lady. She looked no more than 30 and she didn’t look that alike to Markus, except her eye color.

Adrian brought his father….. And… Yeah. Two peas in a pot.

Like…. He was like Adrian but with 10 years more and short hair.

He had brought his mom too, but she was picking the flower with Engel’s mom.

And, the last one… Lene’s mom-
“……………………………………………………………………… Lene are you adop-adfsadgfjhkjghk…”

“Shut up Engel. Anyways… Why does everybody assumes that?” Said Lene.

“Maybe because the oddities between your mom and you.” Said Adrian.

“You didn’t need to answer. I just ask because it lightens the burden in my existance.” She added.

“Haha, what interesting friends you have Lene. You were such a loner before.” Said Lene’s mom.

“Shu-Shut up mom! They don’t need to know that.” She replied.

And why was that fuss about? It was because…. Well…. The Serengethi Plain said her mom was Mt. Everest.

Like the difference between a Mercury and Jupiter.

“Oh, you’re having a nice chat here.” Said Ms. Arclight. She was a dark brown haired woman with green eyes and of 30 and so years.

“What you talking about? what you talking about?” Asked Ms. Falsch.

“Well, we were talking abosdlvkbjhvlbknvf”

“They don’t need to know, Engel.” Said Lene with a smile in her face, even though her eyes did not smiled the least.

The two ladies noticed it was something that they didn’t need to pry in, so they just sat and started to eat.

After they chatted a while, Mt. Austen came.

“Good afternoon.” Said a tall woman with hair tied in a bun and with a chinese dress. She had purple eyes and black hair. And behind her there were two girls with simmilar factions.

“Good afternoon. Who you might be?” Asked Ms. Falsch.

“My name is Crea Archer, and these are my daughters Brookelle and Serena.” Said the bewithching woman, Ms. Archer.

“I am Ishild Falsch and this is my son Engel…. Engel, are you aqcuitanced with Ms. Archer daughters?” Askes Engle’s mom.

“Yes…. I am. I’m Serena’s mentor and a very good friend of Brookelle.” Replied Engel.

“I see.” Said Ms. Falsch.

“I heard about that too, so that’s why I came. Of course I’d be intrigued if my daughters know the infamous [God of War Metatron]” She said while crossing her arms.

That made her bountiful chest be more visible.

“It’s me or she…”

“I know. That happens all the time. And with all the time, means ALL the time.”

“Do you bother him?”

“All the time.”


Really, Adrian and his dad were two peas in a pot.

“So, may I accompany you in your lunch?” Asked Ms. Archer.

“Fine by me. What about you?” Said Ms. Falsch. The other adults nodded in agreement.

Then the three sat and resumed their lunch.

“Say, Engel… I heard…. I overheard from my daughter that you are a beast.”

“Bffftasdfasgljsdkh WHAT?” Engel amost spits the drink he had in his mouth because what Ms. Archer said.

Brookelle and Serena were crimson red of shame.

“A beast… Like i what? If it’s okay if I ask.” Said Adrian while mischeviously smiling.

“In battles obviously.” She replied.

“I-I see.” Added Adrian awkwardly retreating from his joke.

“Because the night time is a battle.” She added while bewitchingly smiling. Adrian only stared at her and smiled again.

Engel was blushing too.

“So, is it true?” Added Ms. Archer.

“We-Well… Yes, it is true.” He replied while blushing….

Why he did that? In the first place, there was nothing that stated it was incorrect to reply… But nothing said it was correct either.

“So… Do you want to fight me?” Said Ms. Archer

“Wha-What are you saying to my son?!” Exclaimed Ms. Falsch who was a little slow with those things and had just caught up with the talk.

“Oh, nothing. I just wanted to verify whether he really is a “beast” or not.” Replied Ms. Archer.

All the others, as adults they were, kept silcence…. Except the Arclight Household. They were enjoying the espectacle.

And it included Ms. Arclight too.

“Mind the place and time to ask that! But not only that, refrain to say such things to a 16 years old kid!”

Voiced Ms. Falsch.

“Technically, from today obnwards he is 17.” Added Adrian.

“If that’s true, then it’s okay, right?” Added. Mr. Arclight.

“I don’t see the problem.” Said too Ms. Arclight.

“God…” Lene just facepalmed and Ms. Nachahmung only chuckled.

Then, the bell rang saying it was time to go back to classes. Ms. Archer and Ms. Falsch left the discussion for later and everyone went together to the training grounds.

There, the 7 representatives gathered in the S-Class rather than their own class because of the level in their performances would be too incongruent.

They all in S-Class had mocking battles for this special ocation.

Honestly speaking, they all were impressed by their children’s growth and performance.

Everyone cheered for their son or daughter and the class ended with a nice feeling. also, they didn’t even felst the time passing by because of the emotion.

And right now, in front of the trqaining grounds… and humilliant show was being held.

“Oh, my Iza you were awesooomee”

“Oh my Iza I bet you can win to that Metarever anytime!”

“Please Stoooop iiiit….”

“Oh my Iza you are thasdñlkfañldfksdfgjl”

Izaak had just punched Engel in the face. It was because the 7 representatives were alone gathered in their usual game “ashame Izaak”, and now, with Izaak’s mom in there, they had pretty much material for their game.

Incidentally, the game ended when Izaak punched Engel.

“C’mon! We had to do it!” Said Engel while stainding up and caressing his face.

“But your mom surely was cute.” Said Krestin.

“Re-Really?” Said Izaak.

“Of course.. Iza.” Added Lene as they started to walk towards the cafeteria, where their families were.

“Shu-Shut up! Why is always me? There was Engel’s mom too! She even was quarreling with mom!” Reclaimed Izaak.

“Well… Yes… But she was pretty normal though.” Said John.

“I wish it was like that….” Said Engel while facepalming.

“I say the same about mine…” Added Brookelle.

“Really? Well… If I must say, something impressive was how intelligent Isold’s mom and dad were.”

“True. I mean, I bet their intelligence is of 99.” Said Brookelle.

“Right… Also Krestin’s were really normal. Really, outstanding. Just like her.” Said Lene

“Yeah. It’s what you’d expect from Krestin.” Added John.

“Yup… That was obvious…” She said while averting her eyes.

Then they arrived to the cafeteria and-


Several ballons fell from the ceiling just when Engel opened the door.

Everyone was inside and clapped to him.

The girls who went to buy the presents for him, Adrian, the swords, Aura, Lilya, Markus, her disciples and even Ms. Cole.

Also the moms and dads from everyone too.

They congratulated him and everyone gave him presents. His daughters didn’t because they didn’t knew the concept of birthday yet, but he didn’t mind it.

They had a cake baked by Flora and tons of muffins where he just felt like he had reached heaven while singing “muffin-muffin holy muffin!!

They had a dance and some games too. Adults got along with adutls and youngsters with youngsters.

And then-

“….. Okay…. Okay….. Okay…. Right…. Well, sorry but I’ve have to go. [Quarta] detected some anomalies and I’m going to check too.” Said Ms Cole as she recieved a call from [Quarta]. Engel, Krestin, Ms. Falsch, Yozora, Adrian, Ms. Arclight and Lene were around at the moment and when she said that, everyone in the place turned the attention towrds her.

“It’s okay, I don’t mind.” Said Engel.

“Thanks. Well, Engel, Yozora, Principal, everuyone, I’m leaving.” She said and then ran from the cafeteria.

Then everyone stayed silent for a while. That’s because-

“Hey, did she called you Principal?” Asked Ms. Arclight.

“Well…. Yeah…. That’s because I am the Principal. Didn’t you know already?” She replied.

“Nope… In the least.” Added Ms. Arclight.

“…….. Damn.” She muttered while everyone stared at her dumbfounded.

After a while everyone assimilated the information, they continued to party until 11pm or 12 am.

Then the adults were to the hotel near the academy and the youths went to their dorms.

Engel went to stargaze for an hour and then came back to his dorm.

He entered to his room and-

“Ha-Happy Birthday….”

Yozora was there…
Brookelle was there too.
And Leslie
And Haven
And Lilya
And Seara
And Avalon
And two special guests.

Namely Alex Cross and Crea Archer.

“……………………. I think I know and don’t know what’s going on here. Mind to explain?” Said Engel while he was in the door.

“Well… I-Its your other present….” Said Yozora bashfully.

“Yeah…. But-Why-Is Brookelle’s mom here?” Asked Engel..

“Because you’re a “beast”.” Replied Ms. Archer in a bewitching way.

“I-I see…. Okay… And… Am I allowed to do this? I was suposed to be on hiatus or something simmilar…” Said Engel.

“Y-Yes… I think if is this much… It’s okay….” Replied Yozora.

“O-Okay…. Then… Happy Birthday to me!”

Said Engel as he hurriedly entered his room and locked the door and created several barriers.

They had a censored night gain.

And… How is it that every time it happens it just gets more censored?


Teil Vier.



*Crack, Crack-Crack*

“…… What…. Is that?” Asked Engel to no one in particular while staring at the sky…. that had some cracks on it.

He was in the second day of the [Parental Visit Day]. It was afternoon and everyone was in the training grounds.”

Then Seara and Avalon inmediately materialized next to Engel.

“Master… This… This is bad… Really bad. This is… I don’t know how to say it, Master….” Said Seara as she stared at the sky and saw the cracks expanding and felt the presence coming from the other side of the hole created by the cracks.

“Indeed…. I feared one day this happened… But not here nor so soon, Dear Master.” Said Avalon as she stared at the cracks too.

“What is that?!! ANd what is this horrible presence I’m feeling?!!” Said Engel as he felt the presence too and started to feel really anxious.

The same happened with the other [Gods of War*, Yozora, Ms.Cole, Aleksandra, Brookelle, John Doe and Adrian.

“Master…. This is… That is…. They are…”

“Dear Master…. They are the [Yotse]…”

Replied Seara and Avalon while swallowing saliva .


Thad day, the [Uncrowned Kings] and [Lost Gods] were born.

-End of [Known Second Part Arc]-



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  1. kmx72 says:

    Woo great chapter, the mom of Brookelle seriously, also how the hell does it get more censurated each time? How? xD Also war with Yotse or what? And are the Yotse in the Codex if they are to check them if not could you explain them? Also how about you uncensorate the content , try to write it I would like to see for two reasons to see how the hell it gets censurated and if you can write scenes like that but as an extra that can be skipped since it would be mature XD

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    • I skipped it cause its too mature… and well… if you’ve read shinmai maou… well. Something like that

      I…. think they’re in the codex… but you can consider them as… well…. like… how can I explain it…. like all the level 5 of Academy City (toaru) plus touma and index fused with the power of a saint and an artificial angel by the triple.

      And in an original explanation….

      They are the ones who lived in [Bereich] before than everyone else and were “killed” by the [Elder Dragons]. (Fun fact… An [Cursed Dragon] is as strong as the weakest of the [Elder Dragons].

      And well… If I had to write it as an extra… maybe someday. And it would be like the male 50shades (no M ofcourse)


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  2. This chapter is very example of ” A calm before the storm” ? And its great that his harem got +1 again. AND ITS MILF! 🙂 also I’m about to badmouth you because it took you about 4-5 days to release but when I saw 2 chapter release. I changed my mind 🙂 Thanks for this btw

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