Magical Tournament Sixth Intermission: Ciel (Sky) – [Babel’s Ruin] Ascension.

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Sixth Intermission: Ciel (Sky) – [Babel’s Ruin] Ascension.


“Haa…. It’s really hard to use my [Yotse Skill] to trave through void places….” Said Katatrophe to herself while arriving to the floating city [Tower Of Babel]. It was the common nickname for [Royal City Babel].

It was because the enigmatic tower in the very center of the city that far surpassed any other bulding created by men. It’s name was [Skygate]

It was a majestic city created by the [Yotse] in the past times of [Bereich] and was not only mysterious but also beautiful.

(The metal I’m searching is in the bottom of the tower… That is deep under the entrance….) She thought as she came near [Skygate].

The first floor of the tower was a libary anyone coulld enter, so she easily got inside. Now, Katastrophe had to figure how to go underground.

(It seems I can’t activate my skill here…. I’ll need to look for the stairs…)

Just as she was looking for the stairs-

“Good afternoon, [Demon Empress].”

Muttered someone to her ear. That person was holding a light-made dagger to her neck.

“Oh my… If it isn’t [Camael].” She said in a light tone.

“Yeah, laugh now, but right here and right now, I’m going to prison you.”

“….. Yeah right.” Said Katastrophe as she skillfuly took off the dagger from her throat and gave [Camael] a kick in the gut.

“Bitch!” Said [Camael] as flew towards Katastrophe who was flying away.

(Damn! I never thought she would be here!!) Thought Katastrophe as she decided to escape.

And as soon as she left the libary-


It was an omnious voice that resounded in the place.

When she moved her attention to the voice above her, she saw a batallin of [Arche] and one of them that was leading them. It was a light-blue haired girl with black eyes.

“Wha?! This sure turned out pretty problematic. Not only [Camael] is here but also [Metatron]….. ” She muttered to herself.

Then [Camael] appeared from behind with spear in hand.

“Do it.” She said to [Metatron].

“Yotse Skill – [Stonehenge]”

Katastrophe raised her guard all what she could, but it was useless.

An enormous amount of light surrounded the place where she was and then she dissapeared.

“……………….. Shit.”

Said [Metatron] as she noticed that [Camael] had been dragged too in her skill.


“And then when I turned 120 this guy confessed his love to me but then I just beat him up.” Said Ártemize.

“Hoo… I see. That’s why you have more than 200 years and haven’t married yet.” Said Katastrophe while lying in the floor.

They were in a hill full of blue grass and on top of it, there was a green tree where they just doing nothing there.

“What about you? Nothing about love or the sort?” Asked Ártemize.

“Well… I’ve been labeled as a cursed child so there’s no way I’d be asked out or something.” Said Katastrophe.

“Cursed Child? What do you mean?” Asked [Camael]

“Yeah…. It’s a long story though.” Said the [Demon Empress]

“Well… Time is something we have in lots….” Replied [Camael].

“Right… How many weeks did we fight? I didn’t counted them.” Said Katastrophe.

“And you think I did?” Said Ártemize.

“Anyway, what is that Cursed Child thing?” She added.

“Well… It started in my village….”


“Any progress?” Asked [Grabiel] to [Metatron].

“Haa… Unfortunately no. This was the first time I have used my skill in people.” Said [Metatron],

“So.. how many time until we figure out how we take [Camael] out of that “Prision”? Asked [Gabriel].

“Well… Maybe two or three days. I can take in and out things but with people it’s harder.” Replied [Metatron].

“Really? I thinks it’s okay. You said there was a problem though.” Said [Gabriel]

“Ye-Yeah… There is a problem. The thing is that the time in that aisled dimension is…. Faster. Once I put a just dead animal to see how it worked and I let it there like for a day. When I too it out… It was only bones and it had signs off rotting.” Said [Metatron].

“I-I see… So you say by now at least a couple of years?” Asked [Gabriel].

“It’s been 12 hours so…. I bet at least 3 years had passed already….” Replied [Metatron with a complcated expression.

And going back to the aisled dimmension.

“I wonder if they are near of releasing us. They have been keeping us alive sending food for certain periods of time. The letter said that the time here is faster than in the real world.” Said Ártemize while leaning in the tree. Katastrophe was lying under it.

“Figures. But luckily, it seems that even if here’s no life whatsoever, there’s water and land….. And even light coming from the sky.” Replied the [Demon Empress]

“Figures. But… I hope they come soon.” Said Ártemize.

“Now, getting off topic…. What are we going to do when we go back to the real world? We can’t just tell them “Oh! I’m now best friends with our worst enemy!!” Added Katastrophe.

“Wha?! Your best friend you said?” Exclaimed [Camael].

“That’s what you focus on?” Retorted Katastrophe.

“Ehem… Well… Maybe I’ll be siding with you now.” Said Ártemize while half-smiling.


“Is it ready [Metatron]? I want to finish this today.” Said a male [Arche]. He had a very dignified and elegant face with transparent frame glasses and blonde hair.

“Of course [Mikhail]. The problem, as I said, is that I’ll have to take both of them out at the same time. I locked them together and I can’t take them individually.” Replied [Metatron].

“I don’t care about the methods. I need results, [Metatron]. We need [Camael] out, she has the [Longinus Lanze] after all. Even if she can’t muster the complete streght of it, that [Lanze] is a powerful item we need with us,” Added [Mikhail].

“I see. Are you going to use it for the negotiations with the people that came from that other world? I heard that all the branches are going to use their [Lanze].” She said.

“Yeah. What they offer us is something worth the right of giving away our [Lanze].” Said [Mikhail].

“And…. What’s what they offer?” Asked [Metatron].

“Peace.” Said [Mikhail] with a relieved expression.

“We are ready!” Shouted [Gabriel] from a far away place.

[Metatron] and [Mikhail] were in the middle of a big dome created by a whole batallion of [Arche] knights.

All of them were in the outskirts of [Royal City Babel].

Then [Metatron] started to regulate her breathing and then actvated her [Yotse Skill].

A light shone in the whole place and then both the [Demon Empress] and [Camael] appeared.

“Everybody shoot!!!” Shouted [Gabriel] as soon as she confirmed their presences.

Every [Arche] in the place attacked…. But they even attacked [Camael], [Mikhail] and [Metatron]. Not only the [Demon Empress].

“Yotse Skill – [Imitatia]!”

Exclaimed [Mikhail] as all the attacks were reflected towards the ones who attacked them.

“What’s the meaning of this, [Ga-…. No, Frederica!”

Shouted [Metatron].

“What are you saying? I wanted to kill you all. There’s no deep meaning.” Said [Gabriel]

“But why?!” Repeated [Metatron].

“Oh, shut up Aisha!” She shouted.

“I see… You don’t want to negotiate with the people from the other world.” Said [Mikhail].

“That’s right! You, idiot, wants to make negotiations with everyone. We have a [Lanze]! The strongest one! We can reign the world!! And you want to share it with all those other idiots!!” Shouted Frederica. It seems that she had some kind of great ambition.

“What are you saying?! You just sound like [Utgarda-Loki]!!” Said [Metatron].

“Of course, that’s because I share common thinking with him.” Said [Gabriel]

“So, that’s why I’ll kill you and reclaim the [Lanze]…. Yotse Skill – [Deepcentral].”

[Gabriel] activated her [Yotse Skill] and then a great pressure fell over everyone in the place and they instantly blacked out.


“Why? Why are you unaffected by my skill?!” Shouted [Gabrielle]. The only one that was not inder her skill was [Camael].

“How many years and you don’t recognize my [Yotse Skill]? It’s the [Passive Skill] – [Archknight]. Any [Yotse Skill] is useless against me.” Said Ártemize with proud.

She was going to activate her [Lanze], but-


(It doesn’t work?!) She exclaimed in her mind.

Then she created several light-made ropes and tied them to [Mikhail], [Metatron] and Katastrophe and flew towards the [Transfer Gate] outside the city.

“You’ll not escape! Come, Dulandal!!-Everyone, shoot again!!” Ordered [Gabriel]. Then all the [Ache] knights shot and Frederica sprinted towards the retreating [Camael].

(Damn…. Why?!! I don’t know why but I can’t summon the [Longinus]!…. Is it because the effects of her skill?)

She shouted in her mind. It actually was something else done by a third party, but in the rush she didn’t noticed.

Ártemize flew with all her strenght but even so, little by little, the knights and the enraged Frederica were closing in.

Then, she toroughtly thought of what she had to do and then flew in a vertical way and then ashe gave some turns in the air and threw away the three people she was carrying. She threw them towards the [Transfer Gate].

In that moment, Katastrophe regained her concisiounes and saw that Ártemize had threw them towards the gate.

Then, because she had stopped in that moment, [Gabriel] and the [Arche] Knights caught up to her shot their magic towards her.

Katastrophe could only watch her best friend sacrificing herself.


Katastrophe and co. landed in the transfer gate and then she sent [Mikhail] and [Metatron] to a random location near her castle.

Then she activated her [Phantom Stealth] and flew towards the place where her best friend was attacked.

She could not feel her presence at all.

And the only thing that she saw from her friend was the [Longinus Lanze]. A little crystal-like spear blade with a short handle. As short as a feather.

It was floating in [Gabriel]’s hands sorrounded by and orb of light. Frederica was smiling, almost laughing because it was her win.

Anger, sadness, frustration…… A rush of these feelings multiplied by tenfolds unleashed in her heart.

Katastrophe then appeared in front of [Gabriel] and shot a [Dark Cannon] point blank to her face.

When [Gabriel] fell to the ground and the other [Arche] raised their guards-

“[Ratatoskr Drive]”

She said in a low voice and then enormous amounf of [Devil Element] surroudned her and then were absorbed by her.

In herhead a black halo appeared and her horns became black. Another two pairs of black wings grew from her back.

“Now you’ll experience true despair…. Yotse Skill – [Polter’s Geist]”

Tons of black spheres appeared and were shot towards the incoming knights.  When the ball impacted the knights the started to scream in agony as if their worst nnightmares were in front of their eyes and then exploded.

They were infused by [Devil Element] and then corrupted by it. That caused great pain in their bodies and then becuase the inestability in their mana, they exploded.

Then the created a black ball in her hands of concentrated mana, with the size of a little orb, and then it exploded.

The explosion surrounded all the city with a cloud of black flames, dark cannons and black lightnings.

As the cloud expanded, it destroyed everything what it touched.

After a while, the cloud dissapeared and then nothing except the [Longinus Lanze] and the [Demon Empress] remained.


“Ehh? I can feel some sort of interference coming from up there. Want to check Lilya?” Asked the guy with black clothing and wolf ears while in the top of a snowy mountain.

“Well… It’s your desicion, Master Engel. As I can feel, it’s the [Longinus] that makes and recieves the interference. So, it may be worth seeing what makes such action.” Replied The female voice named Lilya.

Then, the guy that looked like a [Raubtier] dissapeared in thin air.

In an instant, he appeared several meters in the place of a fight.

He saw several [Arche] knights going against one only individual and that individual… And [Arche] girl being pierced be several attacks and then was being almost cut in half by an omnious sword he recognized.

(Is that… Dulandal?)

Then, the guy suddenly felt an intense impulse of helping that girl. He didn’t know why, but he felt that strong impulse.

It seemed that the [Arche] wielding [Dulandal] took out something from her body.

Then the [Dulandal] wielder moved to another location and then the other [Arche] prepared several spells to attack the barely consicious female [Arche].

The [Raubtier] again dissapeared and in the blink of an eye he was next to the girl….

But the spells were going to hit them in no time. So-

“Yotse Skill – [Drain Shield]”

All the attacks that landed on them started to be absorbed by the guy’s shield.

Then he placed his hand in the chest, above her breasts.

“I can’t have you dying here.”

Said the [Raubtier] with a half-smile.

Then al the mana that was being absorbed by the shield wa transmited to the girl. Her deadly wounds were being healed and she slowly was regaining consiciunes.

(It wold be better if no one see us….)

Said the guy to himself, then, admist all the smoke created by the magic explosions he dissapeared again without leaving a trace.



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