Magical Tournament Special Transmission: Character Index [Seis]

Alek here!

Here’s the [Index]!

This time due to no major changes in the character’s stats, there will be no [Status Window] for either Main and Side Characters.

PS: I loke to write useless titles so I let them there xD

Enjoy it! :3

Main Characters:

Engel Falsch: (16 years old, Male): Called the [God Of War Metatron], he participated in the [Civil War] against [Utgarda-Loki]. He slayed thousands of dragons and the infamous [7 Cursed Dragons]. After, he won in a 1 vs 1 fight against the [Archangel Camael] and became the legitimate possesor of the [Longinus Lanze]. He has also defeated the [God Of War Valkyrie Rossweisse], Isold Ähnlich. He has officialy become Yozora’s hunsband.

Level 260/200
Titles: Balance Breaker – Metatron – Heavenly Dragon Slayer – Emperor of Heaven and Earth – Ultimate Seraph – Archknight – Master of Devil and Divne – God Eater – Kerberos – Twilight Dragon – Master of the Longinus – The Best Master, Husband and Father – The One Who Makes Girls Fall Hard – Plot Chaser – Yozora’s Husband – Number One in Yozora’s Heart – Number One in Krestin’s Heart – Plot Slayer – MILF Slayer – Sports Supreme Uselessness Level Over 90000

Yozora Sakurai (719 years old, Female): Engel’s  partner, right hand and official wife. Fell for Engel when she was saved by him while the events of the [Holy Eraser] ritual. She was pierced by [Longinus Spear] a downgraded version of the original. She survived, but caused Engel to go berserk. After, she traveled to earth with Engel.

Level: 200/200
Titles: Black Night Sky – Black Cold Flame -Enge’s Perfect Wife – Caring Mother – The Number One in Engel’s Heart

Brunnhildd Falsch (17 years old, Female): Engel’s older sister. Overprotective and halted Engel’s growth. Intuitive genius type. She is obsessed with him, but with no ill feelings.

Level: 145/200
Titles: Lava Lady – Obsessed Sister

Lene Nachahmung (16 years old, Female): Called the [God Of War Empress Cleopatra]. Is one of the five ingestors of [Skyfall Tear]. She slayed the wholesome of [Undead Prisioner’s Army]. In the third stage she won against a [Maschine Leiter] and obtained the [Gáe Bulg Lanze].

Level: 240/240
Titles: Balance Breaker – Empress Cleopatra – Slayer of the Undead – Continental Beauty – Untouchable Empress – Master of Gáe Bulg – Food Dumbass – The Girl Barely in the Plot Side – Flat as the Serengethi

Krestin Spiegel (16 years old, Female): Named [God Of War Holy Blade Maiden]. She slayed the [Thousand Underworld Army]. There she recluted an peculiar [Automata]; She has a hard crush on Engel. In the third stage, she defeated a [Maschine Leiter] and obtained [Zeus’ Lightning Lanze]

Level: 250/200
Titles: Balance Breaker – Holy Blade Maiden -Thousands of Thousands Slayer – Supreme Heroine – Conqueror of The Underworld – Master of Zeus’ Lightning – Plot Master – The One Who Was in The Flat Side – Engel’s Girlfriend – The Winner of the Second Place.

Izaak Ausgewogen (16 years, Male): Known as [God Of War Hephasteus]. Other ingestor of [Skyfall Tear]. Defeated a batallion of [Mad Titans]. Hates Engel because he won Krestin’s heart, who Izaak likes. In the third stage he obtained [Areadbhair Lanze]

Level: 239/200
Titles: Balance Breaker – Hephasteus The Second – Mad Titan’s Slayer – The One Loved by Blacksmiths – Master of Areadbhair – Justice Idiot – The Guy Who Fears Reptiles – Loser in Love – Loli Slayer

Isold Ähnlich (16 years old, Female): Called [God Of War Valkyrie Rossweisse]. Presumably the first ingestor of [Skyfall Tear]. Not really smart but very powerful. She gave support to the [Light Einherjar Army] and almost anihilated the whole [Dark Einherjar Army] by herself. She defeated a [Maschine Leiter] and obtained the legendary [Gungnir Lanze], not to mention that the [Leiter] fell in love with her. Was defeated by Engel in a 1 vs 1 battle.

Level. 233/200
TItles: Balance Breaker – Valkyrie Rossweisse – The One Who Posseses The Aesir Blessing – Aesir’s Maiden – Full Metal Fist – Master of Gungnir – Power Idiot – Hardhead Idiot Level Over 9000 – The Girl Who Can’t Divide

Lilya Lykanis (420 years old, Female): A former [Raubtier] and now a [Pixie] serving Engel as a maid. She has a crush on Engel, but even she hasn’t noticed it. She traveled to [Earth] with him.

Level: 200/200
TItles: Obsidian Pixie – Caring Mother – Engel’s Slave – The Last Schwarzenwolfën – Sniffing Maid

Side Characters:

Haven Davis: A member of Engel’s party. She was a former [Holy Eraser] memeber. Has a slight crush on Engel and traveled with him to [Earth].

Cale Dafe (15 years old, Female):Member of Engel’s party. A [Raubtier] that had no place to belong and found one by Engel’s side. She went to [Earth] with him.

Alize Krystalmoff (17 years old, Female): Mostly known as [Röskva Sturm], is an [Arche] that belongs to Engel’s party. Has a secret crush on him. She hesitated when the offer of going with Engel to [Earth] presented, but she accepted.

Patricia Strike (17 years old, Female): Alan’s older sister and a member of Engel’s party. She was the former leader of [Zaphire Sky].

Albrikt Blau-Himmel (16 years old, Female): A member of Engel’s party and possesor of a [Demonic Eye]. Has a handsome face. She’s glued to Engel like Blair is.

Akio Aoi (16 years old, Male): Kyoka’s twin brother and former member of [Zaphire Sky] and now member of Engel’s party.

Kyoka Aoi (16 years old, Female): Akio’s twin sister. Is part of Engel’s party and has some attraction to the actual Engel. She already had some attraction to the former one.

Blair Asterisk (16 years old, Female): Member of Engel’s party. She was against him in every aspect until [Zaphire Sky] and [Black Bixbite] melded. Now she’s glued to him like best friends.

Izane Foxyn (418 years old, Female): Former member of [Zaphire Sky] and former [Raubtier] as Lilya. She serves as a maid for Patricia, but she’s really dumb in those things.

Brookelle Archer: A hardcore fan of Engel. She’s one-sidedly loves him and is obsessed with him. The reclaimed his second time. She had met Engel once when he was weak and once in [Earth].

Leslie Elain:  An elf girl who managed the [Seventh Art Inn], single since born and a little obssesive with love. She reclaimed Engel’s first time with her majesty Hyouka Byakuya and Yozora. She traveled to [Earth] with Engel.

Markus Weiss: Engel’s  male friend in [The Tournament]. Has a genius like sense of fashion and is part of [Azure Tree]. He lives in the same city Engel is from.

Adrian Acrlight: Engel’s self-proclaiming and half-considered best friend. He helped him realize he was in the wrong with the girls.

Schenee Falsch: Homunculi created by the [Life Stone Zero], Engel’s and Yozora’s energy samples.

Weiss Falsh-Lykanis: Homunculi created by the [Life Stone Zero-Ichi], Engel’s and Lilya’s energy samples. She’s Schwartz’ twin.

Schwartz Falsh-Lycanis: Homunculi created by the [Life Stone Zero-Ichi], Engel’s and Lilya’s energy samples. She’s Weiss’ twin.

Mikaela Falsh: Homunculi created by the [Life Stone Zero-Ni], Engel’s and Krestin’s energy samples.

Ileana Roza: A [Veränderten] created for the sake of working for [Utgarda-Loki]. Now she is with Engel’s party. Her name was given by engel, as well as for the other children.

Seara Weise: Former [Cursed Devil Dragon Aktycon] Because her strong will became Engel’s [Pixie].

Avalon Weise: Fomer [Cursed Divine Dragon Itycon]. Became Engel’s [Pixie] too.

Icy Lake: Lene’s Party. Conformed by Sarah Linna, Corbin Olivier, Abraham Kalfas, Jessica Shirley, Elena Cuéllar and the [Pixie] Randolph Royce.

Crimson Lava: Brunnhildr’s Party. It’s members are Eita Ryuugamine, Sandra Émuete, Alan Strike, Daniel Kyle and Karen Leonas.

Azure Tree: Brookelle’s party, conformed of Maria Cole-Rightroad, Georg Ocean, Lauren Crossfield, Suzuna Hyoudo, Aika Ikazuchi and the [Pixie] Tabitha Arktic.

Mountain Destroyer: Isold’s Party. It only consists of girls and their leader is Michelle Williams. The other members are: Carla Da Silva, Natalie Heather, Savannah St. Cloude and Zarah St. Cloude.

Steel Fist: Izaak’s Party. Confomed of Alex Serpas, Johan Grande, Cristina Reed, Crista Rile, and the party leader, Liliana Payne.

Golden Forest: Krestin’s Party. Their members are: Phillip Brien, Markus Weiss, Jane Salte, Olivia Light and the [Automata] Aura Zweite.

Alexandra Cole (17 and unlimited months years old, Female): [Game Master] of [The Tournament]. Long time ago was known as the nemesis of the [Demon Empress], The [Asteroid Magician] and the once wielder of [Zeus’s Lightning].

[Quarta]: Artificial Intelligence monitoring [The Tournament].

Aleksandra Götze: A [Maschine Leiter] with the [Title] of [Archangel Camael]. Overshadowed by her pride, she challenged Engel to a 1 vs 1 and lost. She became the manager of his party.

Elizabeth Longriver: The [Maschine Leiter] that lost against Lene. She called herself [Untouchable Empress] and could not accept that Lene had the same tittle.

Helena Salvatore: An honorable [Leiter] who lost against the talent, strenght and skill of Krestin.

Clive Smith: The [Leiter] who fell in love with Isold after he lost.

Bell Kyte: A [Hälfte], and a [Maschine Leiter]. She fought agains Izaak and lost. She enraged him saying that Engel was better than him.

Valeriya Wriklich: Engel’s step-sister. She’s a closet pervert and likes Engel. She’s the comprehensive type.

Alke Asche: Engel’s chilhood friend and the Representative Student of the Craft Work Section in [Camellia Academy]. She attended the middle school branch.

John Doe: Alke’s best friend. A high-level [Participant] of [The Tournament]. He came back to [Earth] dejected because he understood the difference in power between the [Five Gods Of War] and him.

The Five Gods Of War: The popular name people gave to Engel, Lene, Krestin, Isold and Izaak’s group.

Flora Rosis: Friend of Engel since many years and an pastry idiot. She becomes yandere if lack of Engel’s company by at least one month. A very hardcore one.

Ekaterina Rhodes: The genius current president of [Schwan Enterprises]. Owes Engel a big favor because he healed her sister.

Rachel Solar: Is the assistant of Camellia Academy’s Principal. She’s single and fond of young man.

Ishild Falsch: Engels mother and the Principal of [Camellia Academy]. She has a slight Jcasta complex on him.

Alicia Wirklich: Valeriya’s mom and the Falsch siblings’ step-mom.

Klaus Falsch: Engel’s dad and a very regonized scientist.

Alex Cross: [Coordinator] of [S-Class] in [Camellia Academy].

Engel’s Crew: Consists of Cale Dafe, Ileana Roza, Claudia Rhodes, Honoka Tennouji, Anastasiya Romanov, Danielle Glass, Erika Elven, Sophia Knight and Serena Archer.

McKenzie Rightline: Third year commentarist of [The Tournament].

Parents: (This is only a list with no further description)

Ishild Falsch
Klaus Falsch
Alicia WIklich
Crea Archer
Aleister Arclight
Izabella Arclight
Claire Weiss
Laura Nachahmung
Marie Ausgewogen
Cecilia Spiegel
Karl Spiegel
Christopher Ähnlich
Christina Ähnlich
Nikolas Rosis


Yotse: A race of powerful people capable at least of cross dimensions.


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