Magical Tournament Volume Three Chapter Nine: Glas (Glass) – Nothing is for certain

Sorry for posting after such a long absence but I had many things to do due to college and more.

Also sorry for such a short chapter but today I just barely got time. Sorry. I had some health problems too. That slowed my pace of doing my business.

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And now the main issue :3

I wanted to say this in advance; I have another Fiction in progress (my mind) and at least has a proper universe, main and side characters till now. Just expect it.

Also there’s no name yet but it’s a good one. (really, even if it’s my work I can recognize when I do somehting crappy)

So, anyways,even though it’s in progress, maybe by the end of the year it will be out.

Enjoy the chapter.

PS: Sorry for such a short chapter after so long…. Again.

Chapter Nine: Glas (Glass) – Nothing is for certain
Teil Ein.

“There’s no time for long explanations. [Mind Link Type].”

Said Engel towards Seara and Avalon while using [Spirit Magic] to link both of ther minds to his.

“…. What the….”

Said Engel as he clenched his fists.

“Lilya, NOW!! [Possesion Type]!”

He shouted as Lilya who was nearby and made her posses him.

“All of you! Don’t stand there! Help me! Izaak! Range attack on hold! Lene! Barriers together with Ms.Cole! Krestin, help with the holes left!! I’ll take eveyone out!! The others, give support!”

Shouted Engel as he transformed into his [Indra Modo]. He also wore his armor and also the others. They also wore the [Wake Up Call] Artifact and then Engle teleported everyone that could die in the training grounds and in the proximity and took them to the outskirts of the Artificial Island.

It’s as big as New York City thrice, so it’s quite far away of the training grounds.

It was not enought but Engel would be late by miliseconds while going back if he were to go further.

Engel carefully placed them in the beach and then went back.

It was not even in the blink of an eye.

When he reappeared in the place he left, everything was following its course.

It seems the people going ot of the crack weren’t in a rush.

They were a hundred of more of them. They had a black and white wing and their hair were double coloured with black nad white. They barely had factions. Only eyes and nose and the half of a halo over their heads. There eyes were pitch black and had kind of greek robes over them.

And in the front, there were twelve of them that looked more natural than the others in the back. They had factions and they had the white in their eyes.

“They sure like big announcements…” Muttered Engel as he looked to the closing crack.

(The [Yotse] are not only the worst enemies but the best allies. Keep that in mind, Master) Said Seara with the [Wake Up Call].

(Everyone stay quiet and do nothing. Soon I’ll share all we are suposed to know about them, but now just stay alert. Lene and Ms. Cole, open a path for them to come. For now, it should there’s no harm from them.) Said Engel as the hole in the barrier was opened.

Then the twelve poeple landed and then moved towards the ones present in the training grounds.

“·$”%&&/ /&%$ /&%$·$ ==(/%%”

Said the one who seemed a representative of them all in a strange static noise. He stood at the front. A tall and handsome man.

The ones present; Engel, Lene, Izaak, Krestin, Isold, Brookelle, Yozora, Ms. Cole, Aleksandra, and Adrian didn’t understood a word they said.

“!/&$%/) $&%/· $$$$$” Talked Avalon towards them.


“[/())$$#” Said one of the [Yotse] at the back. It seemed he had trigerred a [Yotse Skill].

“I… Think you can understand us now.” Said the guy again with a angel-like voice.

“My name is %$·%%… I mean, Zcecht and am the representative of this group. There are my partners Luft, Rild, Sedi, Haft, Kzar, Gret, Yuld, Turt, Kftar, Dwit and Acht.”

Said Zcecht; that said, the first half were men and the later half were women.

“Good day. My name is Engel Falsch.” Said Engel as he stood in fron of everyone else.

“Good day to you too. We are the [(/·&], or [Nova]; But people in the old times called us the [Yotse].”

They were called like that becuase of the meaning in the old language in [Bereich]. It means [Equilibrium].

“Well, I’ll go to the main issue right now. We want to request a duel for your world.”

Teil Zwei.

“I already shared with you all I know about them. Now, the only thing is to beat them. It’s a team of 10 luckily.”


Said Engel while he separated from Lilya.

“Haa… Things sure scalate quickly. I know what happens, but, can you explain in detail everything? I saw you talking with them for a while.” Said Brookelle.

“Well, yeah. We’ve got 15 min to pre-”

“-pare. To begin with, the rule over the [Equilibrium]. They were-”

“….. They were in [Bereich] as another race, but then fought among themselves and afected the others. So, they are a group that ran away thinking about the [Equilibrium] of things. The-”


Engel got fed up with Yozora’s inteeruption and chopped her in the head.

“Buuut…. You were flirting with that Acht girl…” Pouted Yozora.

“Come on! This is not the time for that!” Said Engel.

“But Krestin!….” She added.

“I know… She has been like this since then but It’s not hindering me in the least.”

As they said, Krestin was in Engel’s back and was squeezing him out for a while.

“Well… Let’s end this now. Read the armosphere… Haa…” He sighed one more time and then continued his talk.

“So, they drifted away in the [Dimmensional Rift] and were lost for centuries. They say it was days for them. Well, at the end, they say that in an interval of little time, they felt strong energy coming from a certain area… This area. And thus it was like a lighthouse admist a sea of darkness. If we thing about it, it happened because my fights against Lene and Krestin.” Explained Engel.

“I see. So we are their saviors? And if we are, why do they request such a duel?”

Asked Lene.

“Yeah… About that… They fear us. Well, they fear of what we are capable of. They themselves almost destroy their world if not by the [Elder Dragons] they would have imploted [Bereich]. So, in order to test us, they had requested a fight just after looking at us. If we lose to their “judgement”… They’ll kill us.” Said Engel.

“So we are a threat to ourselves? And who gave them the right to judge us? And how the hell you accepted such thing?” Questioned Lene.

“Well… Acht triggered her ability and showed quite the things that you don’t want to live and give them the right to judge whether we are a threat or not. She showed me what we would become. It’s And it’s not funny. They said the world, but they meant us. So, now we fight for ourselves.” He said

“I-I see. If you say so I will not doubt you…. And what do you mean with something else?” Asked Lene.

“Also… something else.” Replied Engel.

“Well… It’s a strange and dangerous issue so listen….” He said as he started to explain.

(I… I’ll take to my tomb what she did to me in her mind…..) He thought while slightly blushing.

Then the minutes passed flying.

(I know things scalated quite fast, but we must keep up woth their pace, or we’re going to be obliterated.) Notified Engel with [Wake Up Call].)

They all were prepared to fight. This time it was for themselves.

(This is a battle royale so be careful. I’ll take the leader head on so things may go smoothly. We have no plans and no second chances…. Even so, we will fight to win. There’s no more to say.) He said as the battle suddenly started.

Teil Drei.

And it started.

Everyone ran away to fight against their designated opponent. Engel then qwith full force sprinted towards their leader. Then-


What they predicted happened.

Seara and Avalon shared the meaning of this dreadful skill.

It takes away everything from your allies and opponents. Magic and stats. Magic gets blocked and the stats are reduced or augmented.

This abilitiy puts you in equal terms with everyone. Every high-level [Yotse] posses it. An ability that makes your stats equal to that of the wielder of the skill.

(How much our stats differ from original?) Asked Krestin while in the march.

(It’s like [Loki]’s. Not that different. I think we can put up with them somehow. Hearts and Spades. Remember that!) Said Engel.

Then he used the unpossesed [Phobos] and [Demos] to fight against Zcecht. He had two, one-handed swords and they both started to cross swords.

the sound reverbrated in the whole of the training grounds. But no one was backing down. Sometimes because of experience the [Yotse] had the upper hand. Sometimes because of talent and technique Engel’s group had the advantage.

But after five minutes, nothing happened.

So, how was possible for people almost equal on everything to win? Battle of attire? Talent? Technique?

There was one thing you could do in order to win.

(We’ve waited enought. It’s better if we start now!)

Comunicated Engel. Then everyone separated themselves from their opponents, and started to change the course of the battle.

“Yotse Skill – [Aegis]” Said Krestin as she defended form an attack. Then-

“Yotse Skill – [Phantom Piercer]!” Lene appeared from behind and attacked the [Yotse] she was fighting with her [Chrono Adamant]. It had a strange blue aura around it. It critically damaged him.

The other Lene was fighting with tried to attack her and was defended by Krestin and attacked by Lene.

Just as Engel said; Hearts and Spades.

One defends and the other attacks.

A simple but effective strategy.

Then the [Yotse] in the floor started to get up because their [Regeneration] Skill.

(Not so simple…. huh…) Said Krestin in her mind.

They all hold at least two abilities. Either passive, offensive or defensive.

Krestin has [Aegis] and [Endurance].

Lene has [Regeneration] and [Phantom Piercer].

Izaak has [Phantom Target] and [Off-Aim].

Isold has [Endurance] and [Phantom Target].

Yozora has [Regeneration], [Phantom Stealth], [Phantom Claw] and [Mind Connection].

Ms. Cole has [Phantom Target], [Regeneration] and [Phantom Drown].

Adrian has [Regeneration], [Offense Shield] and [Phantom Read].

Brookelle has [Antimagic Slayer] and [Endurance].

John has [Foresight] and [Phantom Defense].

Engel has [Endurance], [Regeneration]…. And-

“[Drain Shield]!!”

Zcecht shot a skill and Engel took it with his [Drain Shield]. A shield that takes either magical or physical attack and converts the energy released by the attack and converts it to either [Mana], [Stamina] or [HP].

“[Slayer Amalgamation] – [Phantom Piercer]! [Slayer Bullet]!”

He had the skill ot imitate and assimilate any skill he sees. It also works on [Magic Affinity] and that why he could use [Crystal Magic] that needs [Fire Element] that he innately doesn’t and shouldn’t have.

Needless to say, he has all the [Yotse Skill] listed above.

Engel shot the simmilar skill towards Zcecht and he defended himself with other skill that Engel copied too.

And then everything changed.

After a couple of blows Engel assested some decisive ones and threw back Zcecht.

He then slowly stood up, stared at Engel and then from his mouth he let out an indescriptible sound like someone was scratching a blackboard melded with an inteference-like sound.

His body started to became whole white and lost the half halo and his wings. Then fur sprouted from all his body and his muscles bulged.

He looked like a Yeti or somehting with a 10 meter height.

“Shit…. He [Fell].”

Teil Vier.

The true form of the [Yotse], a great ape-like form. Unevolved, beastal and dreadly.

That’s why there were widely known as the ones that almost destroyed the world.

And as Enge had told everyone, a very high tier [Yotse] could transform to such thing. Only them could [Fall].

The [Fall] because they became uncivilized, all the contrary to what they are.

And as the beast screamed with a interference-like sound and activated his skill.

(It [Fell]!! Now the most troublesome thing has happened! He sucumbed to the rage of almost losing and now he became beast-like! It seems his allies do not care about it so keep them in like. No… Sorry…. Defeat Them. That’s all.)

Notified Engel as he stood in front of the [Fallen Yotse].

He steeled himself to stand before his enemy. Because he knew what was in front of him. A beast with a terrifying skill.

The [Fallen Yotse] had a dreadful skill called [Collection].

That beast could imitate the base stats of enemies and allies and melded them in a limited time of transformation.

To say, if there are four allies with 5 of attack, and 3 enemies with 10 of attack, including the wielder itself with an attack of 5, the wielder would have 55 of attack after triggering [Collection].

Also [Equalizer] has been removed so Engel called out to Lilya and she possesed him.

“I hope he doesn’t beat the crap out to me…”

Said Engel to himself while taking out his bident, [Astrea].

Then in less than the time Engel could react the [Fallen Yotse] Zcecht tackled Engel and he was thrown out tens of meters in a straight line, breaking through the walls of the training grounds.


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  1. kmx72 says:

    Ooh nice chapter don’t worry many people are always busy for RL and wow you ruined it man you only say that when it’s the final volume or at least having the story planned to the point it answers the expectations of the readers or in simple words spoiler alert! I repeat spoiler alert! Do it on an afterword also thanks for going out of your way to make chapter *cough* though it’s short* XD now will you say a summary of the fanfiction like dark RPGs like story or martial arts well basically it’s genres and summary and what names you have thought of in a list

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    • Well… I know it’s short but I was busy and honestly… the 4400 was really interesting [Tee-hee].

      Well… I will compensate for it, the expectations with tons of interesting occurences :3 xD

      And about the new one… I’ve got the rough draft of the summary:

      (No name yet)
      André Glass lived in a world in war. Destruction and chaos in every direction. One day, in a fight with the supreme commander and in the edge of winning the great catastrophe, the enemy commander triggers an artifact that in the blnk of an eye destroys the whole earth in a massive implosion.

      But just before the very end, André Glass heard the voice of god asking for his wish.

      “I wish the war never happened”

      Is what André wished and was granted. Now, he has gone back in time to 1 year before the great war with an hybrid body of his furture and past self so he can do as he pleases. And so, he sets the sight in the most important objective in his mind-
      Stop the war before it begins.

      Luckily and unluckly, he is not alone. Everyone in the room with him was transported back- including his enemies.


      Hope you like it :3


      • kmx72 says:

        Looks promising, and hoping to not offend , it somehow reminds me of tsuyokute new saga though it os different or more or less could differ since it means that maybe there could be various factions like a conflict in which one of the enemies try to win by making use of knowledge or like it could be the mc doing this or just stopping the last thing and let things flow or could be like the one of new saga trying to stop the war argh too many possibilities looking forward to what you choose

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      • Yeah. The idea is similar yet diferent. Cause it’s like saying that Mushoku Tensei is similar to Knights and Magic or Magi’s Grandson.

        I mean, the same concept is the same but it differs in many things. Also There will be lots of surprises.

        And yeah he wants to stop the war obviously xD


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