Magical Tournament Volume Three Chapter Ten: Ausgleich (Balance) – There’s nothing to fear

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Chapter Ten: Ausgleich (Balance) – There’s nothing to fear.

Teil Ein.

(Crap that hurted a lot….) Thought Engel as he stood up and telepotded back to the training grounds.

(Master! Master!!) Called Seara out to him.

(This is bad! There’s something wrong with this [Yotse]!) She shouted through the network.

He had already landed in the training groudns and witnessed the escene.

All the other [Yotse] were in the floor, unconsicious and the [Fallen] had shrunk some meters and it’s fur became pitch black.

(I see… What happened here?) He asked.

(It seems that guy somehow absorebed the other’s life force or something. I quite don’t get what happened either. But it seems this is no longer a test.) Explained Lene.

(Yeah! as soon as thay started to lose energy, they told us this was not planned, and then they fainted.) Said Krestin.

(And so they will simply black out and we have to take care of that?…. Crap…) Replied Engel.

(And there’s a reason for him to become like that or something?) He asked.

(Well… Casuality, Dear Master. Sometimes when a [Yotse] falls, it becomes like this. YOu can call it the end of the life-span of the ability.) Explained Avalon.

(I see…. But, why is he not moving?) Asked Engel again.

(Maybe he reacts to movement or I don’t know. There has been too few ocations we’ve witnessed this stated of a [Yotse]) Replied Seara.

(I see… Either way, we can’t just let it there like this.) Added Ms. Cole.

(Why?) Asked Izaak.

(Besides it could go beserk any time… It seems it’s distorting the space around him and creating cracks. If this progresses further… It could go beyond the no-return point.) Said Ms. Cole with a serious expression.

Teil Zwei.

“What do you think, Byakuya?”

Asked blue haired, black eyed girl to a black eyed, black haired girl thay were looking from the roof of a building near the training grounds.

“About what, Audrey?” Replied Byakuya.

“Whether they will win or lose, of course!” Added the blue haired girl named Audrey.

“They’ll lose. That’s a given.” Said Byakuya.

“What?! You don’t have a shred of hope? What’cha say Lana?” Added Audrey.

“What are you saying Audrey? There shouldn’t be any other outcome for this fight.” Butted in a black haired, blue eyed, slender girl.

“There must not be any other outcome.” Added Lana as they stared to the battlefield.

Teil Drei.

(Haa… These looks troublesome….) Thought Engel as they all started to move towards the [Yotse]

(You said something?) Asked Yozora through the network.

(No, nothing) He replied while deep thinking about the strange auras he felt somewhere near them.

“Randolph [Possesion Type]!” Shouted Lene as his [Pixie] possesed her. Horns pointing backwards grew from her head and ram ears adn tail grew too.

Krestin Fully activated [Kingslayer] and Yozora too activated [Ratatoskr Drive].

They all charged towards their enemy and-


The ape-like [Yotse] claped his hands with great momentum and created a shockwave that threw them all with creat momentum.

Also the whole training grounds crumbled.

“Craap!” Shouted Engel as he stood up from the debris. Then-


He heard the beast’s cry and then was punched in the face with an unbelivable strenght and speed.

(It feels like the first time I fought Yozora…)  He thought as he flew through the air.

Then the beast attacked Krestin who was just standing up too.

Lene had barely stoped time and escaped; then she attacked the beast, but she could not make any damage to him.

Then the effect of her ability ran off and was directly attacked.

Ms. Cole was from afar preparing a long ranged attack strong enought to damage him and Izaak was next to her for support. As the beast felt the energy coming form her, he ran at full speed towards Ms. Cole. and then he crushed a screen.

It seems Izaak had created a screen with the image of Ms. Cole atacking and a dummy of magic energy. He was sent flying at the end.


A great flash of light came from above and pierced the ground in the place the beast was.

It was a sure-kill attack from Ms. Cole who was now flying above the training grounds. She had blew off one of the [Yotse]’s arms.

Unfortunately it didn’t affect him in the slightlest. The arm gre back and it seems he got angrier.

Ms. Cole was drinking a mana recovery potion and then pretended to attack again. This time Yozora got out of the rubble and flew so she could aid Ms. Cole.

Lene and Izaak stood up. Engel teleported back and together with Krestin and Isold he attacked at close quarters and Izaak used long ranged attacks.

All of them had already taken out their [Lanze] except Engel who could not use it becuase of his [Hellhound Modo].

Besides he doesn’t want to destroy the Island by useing either the [Longinus] or [Sephiroth].

All of them could only make scratchs to his skin.

Then Isold used her [Arcana] and tried to inser her hand towards his heart. She succesfully inserted it but the dense natural magic defense the beast had impided her to go further inside.

She then just made a hole in his sides and Krestin pierced there and let out a great electric discharge.


Cried the beast and then all the three were easily brushed off. His movements that had been slowed by Engel’s [Gravity Magic] regained their speed and so they were thrown away.

He then jumped with all his strenght and having spotted Lene and Krestin he stepped on them, leaving both unsicious.

Izaaks who was constantly giving support that barly made and effect on the beast got enraged by this and convoqued his titan armor.

The beast felt his power and with a single jump tackled him in an inastant and leting him unconsicious.

(Shit… He’s beating us so easily!!!!…………… Eh? Shouted Engel in his insides.

Then he noticed something pretty serious.

(The attack is almost done, Engel!) Shouted Ms. Cole thorough the network.

Just as she said that-

(Wait…. If they attack now it can get pretty bad! His sole presence creates cracks in the space… If they attack now with such amount of magic….)

The same happened when Engel fought agains Lene and Krestin, but because the constant use of barriers by Ms. Cole it wasn’t that noticeable, or dangerous.




Ms. Cole and Yozora shot their magic attack and it completely hit the [Fallen Yotse].

Teil Vier.

Besides the five gods of war plus Randolph and Lilya, Yozora and Ms.Cole, everyone was knocked out from the first shockwave and were under the rubbish.

Among those people, there was Aleksandra.

She woke up in the middle of the battle.

She hurriedly got out of the debris and then-



She saw what she never wanted to see ever as Yozora screamed.

Teil Fünf.

Just after the dust cleared, they saw the corpse of the [Fallen Yotse] lying there.

“Did…. Did we win?” Asked Izaak as he just stood up.

“……. Idiot. What kind of flag you want to rise?” Protested Lene who was leaning with Krestin.

Isold was slowly walking too.

(What a powerful firepower…. They even depleted their mana… Just how did they killed it?) Thought Krestin while looking at the beast.



The [Yotse] had a last spur of strength and caught Krestin with his hands.

Just in thet very moment-


The space was torn apart where the beast was; and because it was not a controlled phenomenon, the crack became massive and started to suck everything around it.

“KRESTIN!!!” Shouted Engel as he jumped out and took her hand.

He then tried to use [Gravity Magic] but it was jammed because of the crack.

Just as he was going to dissapear a hand held him tightly.

“I-DIOT!!!!” Said Lene as with one hand. She was being held by Izaak who had created a chain that bounded them, to the ground.

“What? Why?!” Asked Engel as he tried to retrieve Krestin. The [Yotse] was still struggling holding Krestin tight.

“Argh!! Not You…. HER!!!” She said as a shadow passed next to them.

It was Isold. She then landed in the beast’s fist and with her [Lanze] she tried to cut off the arm holding Krestin.

Izaak was slowly moving to the opposite direction and taking them out.

Ms. Cole and Yozora landed just outside the range of the things being swept.

“ENGEL!!” She shouted

That’s all she could do. She had depleted her mana beyond her limits and even if she drank a potion now it could be useless. She would be sucked out by the crack if she dared to move pointlessly.

“Yo-Yozora!” He shouted. It seem that with the beast’s constant struggling he was barely holding Krestin.

Also Izaak was slowly taking out them and Isold was trying to cut the [Yotse]’s arm. With time, everything would be fine.

And just there-


The chain was destroyed.


Shouted Yozora as she then jumped out but was stopped by Ms. Cole.

Then, as everyone dissapeared in the crack, the could see Engel doing something, and then the crack suddenly dissapeared.

Yozora simply fell to her knees holding her head in fear, anger, sadness and regreet. Her chest was in a great pain and tears started to fell through her cheeks as if they were rivers.


She screamed once again.

She could not feel anything else than sorrow.

“………………. Yozora…” Said Ms. Cole as she touched her back.

“WHAT?!” She said to Ms. Cole.

“Look….” She said as she pointed towards what destroyed the chain Izaak created.

“Ehh? That’s…. [Tombokiri], [Rhongomiant]…. and…. [Chrono Adamant]…. Why?”

She asked to herself while she saw the vanishing weapons that broke the the chain that held Engel’s life.



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