Magical Tournament Volume Three Extra Edition: Title Maker – When there’s no wall

Hi! Alek here!!

Sorry for taking too long. I had a project for college and a lot of things happened here and there. It was a total mess. Itt’s solved now but it took the whole week. So that’s why here was no chapter.
Hello people! I just wanted to say that the other fiction is bothering me in my head so I may have it as a parallel project. I hope you like it!


Type: Hybrid.

Anyways, here’s a gag section of Magical Torunament!

Enjoy it! :3

Extra Edition: Title Maker.

First Meeting.

“This….. This is unnacceptable!!!!” Shouted Izaak.

He was inside a dark, conferences room in a round table.

And he was not alone.


Four other people were laughing with all their strenght.
“WHY?! WHY Am I the only one being laughed at!!” Shouted Izaak again.

As always, they were playing “Ashame Izaak”. This time it was pretty intense.

That’s becuase they all were watching the other one’s [Status Window].

And specifically…. They were watching the [Tittle] section.

“But… [Loser in Love]? [Loli Slayer]? Pfft! Is so hard to not to laugh at it….” Said other of the four people in the room; Engel.

“Shut up! I don’t even know what a “Loli” is!” Added Izaak.

“You don’t?! Even Isold knows what it is!” Said one of the three girls in the room, Lene.

“Well, so he can understand, why don’t we watch a video? We also can talk about THAT.”


As Krestin stomped Engel’s foot, a 98″ inch screen slowly came down at her right.

Video One.

“Welcome again people to the [Selection Auction]! Here, we are going to “Sell” some of our most valuable [Participants] of [The Tournament]!” Shouted McKenzie Rightline, the one who made commentaries in every fight in the tournament and now was presenting this event.

“After all the ruckus we had in the previous stage, now we have only 4 people to sell. These people are Adrian Arclight, John Doe, Izaak Ausgewogen and Engel Falsch!” Said McKenzie.

This was the last part of the [Selection Auction] held some time after the end of [The Known Second Part].

It is an even where you “sell” participants any girl that can afford them. They are obligated to have a date with said girl.

In the previous stage there was a ruckus because of the girls buying other 21 guys to low prices and wanted to go in the safe route.

Now, only the most brave ones remained.

Among them, Yozora, Krestin, Lene and the like were also participating.

“And now, we first go for John Doe! Who pays 10,000 euros for John Doe?”

Asked McKenzie. In that very moment many girls there said “Me!” and raise their hands. Then other girls started to raise the offers until it reached 25,000 euros.

“Then, Sold John Doe to Jessica Shirley for 25,000 euros!” Said McKenzie.

As a side note, Jessica Shirley is from Lene’s party.

“Then, now it’s time for Adrian Arclight! Who gives 15,000 euros?”





Shouted in succession various girls. Then-

“Shut up bitches! 50,000!! He’s mine!!!” Shouted a certain girl.

Izaak was dumbfounded, because the one who payed for him was his party’s leader, Liliana Payne.

“Wha?! Okay then! to the count of three, if there’s no more offers, he’s sold then! ONE, TWO, THREE!” Then Adrian arclight is sold to Liliana Payne!!” Shouted McKenzie while thinking that this year the even was a great success.

“So, the final two…. Mmmm… We’ll be going with Izaak Ausgewogen. Who gives 20,000?” She said.

“21,000!” Shouted someone.

“Eh? Who? I can’t see anyone there”

“ME!! I give 22,000!” Shouted someone else.

“What?! Who is offering right now? I can’t see you!”

“I give 30,000!!!” Added someone else.

Then, all the people girls in the place statted to let sounds like “Ouch” and “Heey” because they felt something along their legs…. It was… Little girls.

They all were meeting in only one place so they could be seen.

“Eh? Eh? Ah! So it was you people! And who offered 30,000?” Said McKenzie qith a wry smile and a strange expression.

“Me!” Shouted a little girl among them.

“If there are no more offers, we’ll sold him for 30,000!” Replied McKenzie after recovering from the impact of seeing so much little girls. They were tens by the way.

As espected of a third year.

“One, Tw-”

“STOOOOPPP!!!!” Then shouted a little girl at the end of the crowd, interrupting McKenzie.

“I offer 63,000!!!” She shouted.

“Then Sold to that little girl there!!!” Shouted suddenly McKenzie.

The one who bought Izaak was bought by Bell Kyte, the [Hobbit] who was Izaak party’s manager.

“I’m the only one who will be with him!!!!” Shouted Bell as she ran at full force throwing waya all the other little girls and then arriving to the stage.

“He’s only mine! She said as she took Izaak in a princess carry.

Izaak went full pale and as he looked Engel for help, he only said “Bye-bie” while slightly wavving his hand.

“Iyaaa!!! I’m gonna be rapeeeeddd!!!”

It was a nice but useless scream.

Then, Engel’s turn came.

“So then, for the main dish who off-”

“90,000!!” Shouted a girl admist everyone.

“Wha?! 90,000???! Who is so stu- I mean… who is the one who offered?”

“Me!” Shouted a blue-haired girl.

It was Krestin.

“Not that fast! 100,000!” Shouted Yozora from the sides too.

“Who says I can’t participate?! 110,000!” Added Lene.

Then, as the girls started to raise their offers


IT wss the sound of a car drifting.

Because they were in the open, in a park inside the academy, the car easily stopped next to the stage.

“I give 250,000 and that my final! Take this!” Shouted a woman in the car, then with a whip secured Engel’s arm and took him to the car. It was a jeep by the way.

“Ahh!” Said Engel as he landed in the fron seat.

“See you losers!!!” Said the misterious girl as she pressed ran away with full speed.

Second Meeting.

“So, who was her??! Until now I don’t know who she is!” Said Krestin while performing a german suplex.

“afsdsjahgasddlkahsdk!!!” Was the only thing Engel could say.

After five minutes of torture-

“I-It was Alex…. Teacher Alex Cross.” Said Engel dejectedly.

“Wha?! It was our Coordinator?! And where did you went after that?!” Shouted Lene

“….. He-Her house….” Said Engel while sulking.

“…………………….. So?…………………….”

“WHA?! IAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Yozora suddenly appeared and dragged out Engel of the place. No one noticed she had got in and did not even know since when.

The ones inside the room could listen death flag lines like “Aleksandra’s pie?!” or “I DON’T WANT TO DIE YOUNG!!!!” And “SDKFLJGHDKJGSSHALHLSDFAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHSÑDOIAHGKFDJ!!”

A fairly proof Egel was properly suffering because of his sins.

Video Two.


“Is something wrong Izaak?”

AksedLene to Izaak. They were in a rooftop together with Isold. The only ones absent were Engel. That’s because he was in a trainnig class and Krestin was in a research class.

“It seems he woke up with the bd side of his life…. As everyday” Said Lene.

“Bad-Luck.” Added Isold.

“Well…. It’s not like I like gossip… But, you know I can’t just stand how perfect Engel is!” Shouted Izaak.

“What? You seriously think that?” Said Lene very dumbfounded.

“Yeah! I don’t want to accept this but… He is strong. He is really strong. He has a nice technique and handles magic like breathing! He’s a cool guy that is not self-concoited and has plenty of confidence.” Said Izaak while holding his head with his hands in sorrow.

“He sings, dances, plays piano, drums, guitar, violin…” Added Isold like salt to a cut.

“He’s also fashionable… But, I think you’re pretty mistaken abnout him. He’s not that perfect. He’s a little perv nad also he’s bad at sports.” Added Lene as she thought of something.

“I know, I’ll take you there now!” She said as she stopped time and took with her Izaak and Isold.

They then arrived to the trining grounds.

The were in the roof and they gazed downwards. Then they could see Engel and other people from the S-Class.

“What are they doing?” Asked Izaak as he gazed to the class.

“Football” Said Isold.

“Foot…. Oh! You mean Soccer!” Added Izaak.

“Either way it’s alright. Just look!” Said Lene as she pointed Engel.

Player Engel was running in the field!

Player number 20 passed the ball to player number 11!

Then player 11 from the blue team has the ball and passes the ball to player 12!


The ball is taken by player 98 from the red team! He passes it to red player 9 and he gives the ball to player 6!

Player six is sprinting towards the goal by the left side! He runs, runs, runs! BUT OHH!

It’s intercepted by blue player 1!!! Player 1 then taked back the ball and passes it to the other side of the field!!

OHH the ball was recovered by blue player 2 and he is running.

He’s just some meters away from the goal and there’s no one behind him!

he is sprinting towards the tie goal and!!!





“HAHAHAHAHA AAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…. Su-Su-Surprise motherfucker!!! HAHAAHAhahahaasasdafdsñakldfdf BLeegh..hahahahaha my stomach hurts! hahahaha! I-I want to vomit! Hahaahahaha BLe-Bleeeeghahhahahahahahahahahahaahahaha It’s his own team!! That idiot!!! HAAHAHAHAHA!!!!”

Izaak the laughed as if there was no tomorrow. Even the stoic Isold was laughing outloud.

“Hahahahaha I know! He’s pretty lame in this things! The other day while playing basketball he kicked in the balls to the one giving a shot! Yesterday while playing tennis he took the racket like it was a baseball bat and played the whole set like that! I just wonder how of a dumbass he is in sports! Hahahaha!”

“Genius… For Hokey.” Added Isold as she was holding her belly. The other two agreed with her.

“But, why does these guy endure it? I mean, they could always not let him play.” Questioned Izaak.

“Well… It seems that there’s a urban legend saying that if he plays in your team and you endure the pain in the ass he is, you win the match. And also that either tam you are, if you are punched, kicked, slapped, lariated, hit, bone-broked, slashed or tackled by Engel, the girl of your dreams will confess to you.”

Said Lene with a serious expression.

“Wha? Seriously?” Said Izaak.

“Of course not! He knows he’s lame so he bribes the referee and also he creates the dated for the ones he hurted. But for his own convenience he created those rumors!” Replied Lene as they started to watch the game again.


“AAAHAHAHAHA Ahahaha HAHAHAHAHA Are you really sure he does not do it on purpose?! HAHAHAHAHA Again! That’s his own team! HHAHAHAHAAAHA!!!”

The rain of laugher continued till dusk that day.

Third Meeting.

*Beep* *Beep* Beep*

“Ehh…. Engel… what is that?” Asked Krestin as she pinted the machine next to him.

*Scribble* *Scribble*

[Blood Transfusion]

“I-I see…. And… Why are you not talking?” She added.

That’s because Engel was in a wheelchair with a transfusion on his arm and had his mouth covered with bandages.

[Aleksandra’s Food.]

Was the only thing he wrote with sloppy writing as he started to cry.

Video Three.

“This…. It happens almost in every manga and anime. It’s an esencial part of the otaku culture…. It is… Chan chan chan chan!!! THE KING GAME!!!!”


Everyone in the small room claimed to Engel’s words.

Brunnhildr, Lene, Yozora, Brookelle, John. Adrian, Krestin, Izaak, Eita, Aleksandra and Engel were sat in a round table, ready to play the King Game.

They had the wood sticks with numbers in a pot in the middle of the table.

The rules are simple.

In this case, there were numbers from 1 to 10 and a stick with an X. If the participants were 5, there would be 4 papers with numbers and one X.

Then, in this game, they all would draw sticks and the one with the X was the King.

Needless to say, except the King, every other must keep their number in secret.

So, the King must issue and order. For example, says: “number 1 slap in the cheek number 3” or “number 4 run naked in the hall.”

And, the King’s orders are ABSOUTE!.

Luckily, it was 1 am.

“So now, Let’s DRAW!!” Said Engel as everyone took their stick.

Magic was prohibited; but just in case, Engel had tied Lene with light-made chains.

“I’m the king!”

Said Adrian as he showed his stick with the X.

“Sooo….. Number 3 and number 10 must…. grope each others asses!!!” Said Adrian as he devilishly chuckled!

…………………………….. Everyone started to stare each other and in some seconds, when the number 3 and number 10 noticed each other, they-



Izaak and Engel grabbed Adrian by his neck.

They were 3 and 10 succesively.

“I-I’m not the one at fault!” He said as he was let free.

(Idiots! I can read minds!!)

Said to himself Adrian as he laughed in his insides.

“S-So then….”

“Well…. Do we have to?” Said Engel to Izaaks hesitation.

“The King’s orders are ABSOLUTEE!!! YEAH!! COME ONN!!! DO IIT!!!!”

Pressed in Lene as she had a nosebleed and her eyes shone.

She was breathing roughly too.

The stood in front of the other.

Stared to each other’s eyes.

Their hands were getting closer to their butts and….-

“”…… UUGHHHH!!!””

“I-I-I’m dirty now!….. I won’t be a bride anymoreeee!” Said Engel as he fell on his knees.

“WAAAAHHHCCKK!!!!” Screamed Izaak as he wiped his ass in the floor.


“I’m the King!!”

Said Eita as she showed the stick.

“Then, number 2 and number 5 must hold hands as lovers!”

She said… then, as everybody made eye contact-


Shouted Engel and Izaak again.

“King’s orders are absoluteeee!!” Said Lene as they both with expressions of disgust.


“I-I’m not pure anymoreee…..”

Said them both after the order.


“I’m the King!!” Said Lene as she showed the stick she took with her foot.

“Then, number 1 must …. lick my right foot and number 2 must kiss my left foot!” Said Lene as she showed her barefoot.

“Haa…. Why is always me? At least it was not Izaak this time.” Said Engel as he leaned towards Lene’s feet.

“This…. Is…. A little humilliating…” Said Adrian as he leaned too.

“Ah-Ahhh—- Uwa-… Iyaan! Ahh– N-Not so rought! MMMMM!!! Haaa….. I-I’m getting crazy, please st-staph! Haaa Iyaaa!!! UUHHHMMM…. If-If you do this more I’m going to get maaaaddd…..”

Said Lene with some lewd voice mixed in. She had her face really red and was totally flustered.

It was because of Engel licking her right foot. Threads of saliva was leaking fro her mouth and she had her eyes almost in white.

“…………………………………. This must be kept a secret.” Said Krestin as they all prefered to save in their minds what had kjust happened.

Engel was making a V with his fingers while grinning.


“I’m the King!”

Said Engel as he quickly made eye contact with Izaak, John and Adrian.

It was because he was going to do something daring and he didn’t want to mistake the numbers of the guys.

Izaak blinked once. He was number 1. Adrian blinked four times. He was number 4. John blinked seven times. He was number 7….


“Well… Then, number 1, 4 and 7 must embrace each other without shirts after running fifteen times around this room!!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!” Laughed devishly Engel.


Shouted the three guys at the same time.


“I’m the King!”

Said Krestin as she showed the stick.

“Mmm….. I’ll take the risk, so, number 1 and the king must french kiss!”

She said it!

Then she quickly gazed towards Engel. Then with a joyful smile he showed his stick. There was the 1 in it.

She was joyful. Krestin had bet all her luck in this draw after a couple of ones they passed after the manly embrace.

As she was going towards Engel… Keeping his joyful smile he then too out the thumb out of the stick and she found a 0 next to it.

She went totally pale after that and then looked all over the room. Then the one with the number one was…. Yozora.

Yozora gave a warm smile and then as a leopard leapt over a prey she totally mouth-raped Krestin.


“I’m the king! Ahahaha! Prepare yourselves motherfuckers!!” Said Izaak as he proudly stood up.

He then gazed all over the room. Ignoring the crying Krestin in the corner saying “I’m dirty I’m dirty”, he then ordered-

“Number 6 and number 7 must kiss and fondle the other!!” He said.

It was in avenge for what they did, he ordered that to Adrian and Engel.

But…. Adrian was not so stupid.

After a moment of silence….

“I-I’m number six.” Said Brunnhildr with a very red face.

Then Engel got dumbfounded and almost pale because he indeed was number 7. It seems he thought he binked eight times, but he failed.

“*Whistle* So now is wincest for the win.” Said Lene as she struggled to take off the light-made chains.

They both stood up and went to face the other. Then slowly with no struggle they leaned their faces. They both were bright red and then-

Their lips touched.

“SURPRISEEEE MOTHERFUCKEEEERRRR!!!!” Shouted Brunnhildr as she gave a Falcon Kick to Engel.


“THERE’S NO WAY I’M DOING IT!! I-DIOOOOOT!!!” She exclaimed and ran out of the room as Engel fell on his knees after screaming indescriptible sounds.

Q & A Corner


Q: Do you like breasts or buttocks?
A: I indeed have the tastes of the Welsh Dragon but if I had to trongly choose, I’m more of the Vanishing Dragon side.

Q: How was the name Metatron spread?
A: It was Quarta’s fault.

Q: Who’s the most important person for you?
A: YozoraYozoraYozoraYozoraYozoraYozoraYozoraYozoraYozora……… (Add Yandere Eyes)


Q: Why’s your hair blue?
A: Genetic issues.

Q: What’s your cup?
A: Wha-Wha-Wha-What are you asking??!!! ( J – Cup)

Q: What’s the funniest moment you’ve ever experienced or seen?
A: Everytime Engel does his “Surprise Motherfucker!!” Hahahahaah.


Q: What’s your favorite Manga?
A: Suashi no Meteorite. (It’s real)

Q: Can you act as a “Tsundere”?
A: I-It’s not like I can do it or not. I’m like this usually. Wha?! It’s not like I did it for you or anyhting!

Q: What’s your CuassdñaKFLASDÑLFKJSDAASDsdfsdf
A: Shut up! ( B – Cup)


Q: What do you do on your free time?
A: I do sports. American Football, Rugby, Tennis and Baseball.

Q: Between Adrian and Engel, who do you deslike the most?
A: Actually is not that I delike either of them, but if you insis I dislike more the bitch of Adrian.

Q: Do you like Lolis?
A: Wha?! What the hell are you asking? I’m not a sick! (He was petting Bell by the way)


Q: Have you ever had a serious accident?
A: I was 3. I fell from a 4m bridge.

Q: What’s the most horrible thing you’ve ever seen?
A: Aleksandra’s food.

Q: How’s 2 + 2?
A: 50.


Q: Who’s your best bud?
A: Engel Falsch.

Q: Why are you not a representative?
A: John won the paper scissors game.

Q: Do you have girlfriend?
A: I’m free for all the babies in the world (Sexy pose)


Q: What’s your cup?
A: L? or M? Along those.

Q: You think are going to marry Engel in the future?
A: Of course! There’s no doubt about it!

Q: Are your horns retractable?
A: They fall in summer.


Q: Why are your eyes purple?
A: I think it’s called Genesis de Alexandria.

Q: Are you Chinese?
A: My nationality is, but my origins are from Britain.

Q: Do you love Engel?
A: ENGEL? ASDÑGLKSHFÑDSLFKASJDFFAJ!!! (She was convulsioning of happiness)

John Doe:

Q: Who do you look up to?
A: Ryan Reynolds.

Q: What do you think of your name?
A: It’s weird but it’s better than John Smith.

Q: Do you like mature women?
A: They are my dream.

Aleksandra Götze:

Q: Why did you fell for Engel?
A: Wha?! Be-be-be-be-because…. I don’t know!!! (Add a very flushed face)

Q: How do you hide your wings?
A: I use a Loki’s Mask, but usually the magically hide. The same goes for Yozora too.

Q: What are your hobbies?
A: Cooking!!! (Don’t you mean deadly poison making?)

End of the Corner.

Final Meeting.

*Scribble, Scribble*

[How many time do we have left?]

“I don’t know Stephen Hawking, maybe some seconds.”

*Scribble, Scribble*

[Lene, don’t you think the author is lazy?]

“As hell he is. Write more bitch!”

*Scribble, Scribble*

[You know he can make your boobs grow right?]


The other ones had fell victim to Aleksandra’s cooking in a rock-paper-scissors game where Lene won.

As the only two in the dark room, Lene kneeled and pledged for her breasts to grow.


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