Magical Tournament Volume Four Chapter One: Riss (Rift) – Try and error

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First of all, I want to apologize for not being releasing chapters; Things happen. I will confirm now that Fridays are for Magical Tournament and Saturdays/Sundays are for Type: Hybrid.

There will be irregular releases from Monday to Thursday. From one to two releases in those days, so in total will be Three releases from Magical and One to Two releases from Hybrid.

So, that was all… Not. Also I wanted to say that this prologue was suposed to be longer, but then White Collar was pretty interesting and also I had a little project I was supevising in college so that reduced my time yesterday.

So it will be divided in two parts. There are still loops like Adrian and Honoka, also the second part of Brookelle’s story.

So, in the next prologue will be a “continuation” of sort.

Oh! Also after the end of the story of Yozora’s past, there will be the beggining of Krestin’s past. There’s a lot that I haven’t said about her. I hope you expect it!

Thanks for reading!

Enjoy the chapter! :3

Chapter One: Riss (Rift) – Try and error

Teil Ein.

“ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR! – FIVE! SIX! – SEVEN! EIGHT! Let’s go again!” Instructed a blue-haired girl.

*Cling* *Cling* *Cling*

“SWING IT WITH ALL YOU’VE GOT!!!” Shouted a tall, short haired guy.

“So, the law of conservation of mass, that I taught you yesterday, is not taken in account when you use the full potential of the magic particles in the atmosphere. When you reach certain level, you will be able to creat earth out of thin air.”

Said a slender girl with a black hair and bob style evenly cut.

“Run. Stamina needed. This help to be stronger.” Explained a tall girl with ponytail, blunt bangs and traces of white in her hair.

“Well then, this is for the ones that already understood all the theory. So now, for begginers, let’s breath. Feel everything around you. The air, the odors, the sun… Feel relaxed. Hey! Come on! Throw those things! Those wands or whatever. You don’t need them right now. Then, sit down and relax. You need to focus in yourself and in what is around you. That’s the key. It may sound lame but that’s how the thing goes.”

This time a white-haired guy was giving a lecture.

All of them were in various places; in the training grounds, a blacksmithing workshop, a lecturing room, around the castle and also a separated, specialized training grounds.

There were various people with them. It was a big one so they had free place to do whatever they wanted.

These people were instructing knights, blacksmiths, student magicians, trainees and court magicians….

These people were heroes summoned from another world.

Teil Zwei.

And going back some months ago….

“Please help us, our heroes!”

Engel and company were suddenly summoned to another world.

The one who recieved them was a slender, white haired girl.

She had brown eyes and wore a white robe with goden emboderiment. She also had a two meter staff with an enormous white jewel.

Engel and company were adjusting to what was happening right now.

They were fighting a strong foe that they could barely stand agains, then drifted to between dimensions and now were in a cathedral-like place.

Engel and Lene, as the most intelligent ones were the fastest to adapt.

Also because they have read about these sort of situations on light novels.

So, while the others were dumbfounded, they preceeded to speak.

“H-Hello. Good day miss…. Who you might be and what is the situation we are in?” Said Engel as he gave a step fordward and acgted as the leader.

“OH! So-Sorry! I am the [First Court Magician] Zerya Zackred. I am not in the position to talk about your current circumstances. There’s someone above me that can explain to you everything. That is, our King. W-We would be pleased to be accompanied by you to the [Throne Room] son you can know everything you need to know.”

Said courteously Zerya.

“Is that so? Well, me and my friends are going to follow you. We are going to analyze the facts and then, decide our path.” Said Engel with resolution.

Then, the [First Court Magician] lead the way and Engel with the others followed suit.

After a while, they arrived t a majestous room looked like made of silver and gold.

Inside it, there were heavy knights with spears and siver armors.

And in the throne, a king with his queen. A prince and two princesses.

The king looked wise and old, with a long white beard. The queen looked old but with traces of her good old times.

The prince looked handsome, and was like the king in his youth, and the two princesses took after the mother.

A very “typical” royal family.

Then, Zerya and the gods of war arrived and stood in front of the royalty.

There were elite-look-alike knights at the sides of the family. They intensely glared to Engel and Co. That’s their job after all.

“I ask permission to speak.” Said the [First Court Magician]

“Permited.” Said the king.

“Thanks, your majesty. Oh my King! I am pleased to inform that the [Deus Summon Ritual] was a success and we were able to bring 5 heroes to our realm! These ones in front of you are the [Heroes] we worked so hard to bring!” Declared Zerya.

“Hmm. I see. I am grateful for your report. Now, I am directing my attention to you, our [Heroes]. Please state your name, so we can treat you as our beloved guests….. Oh! Please forgive my rudeness. I haven’t said my name. I am the [Fifty Second King of Akrylic Kingdom – Inkreetz Phon-Mallet] The names of the ones sitted beside me are the [Fifty Second Queen of Akrylic Kingdom – Azalah Rizt-Mallet], the [First Princess of Akrylic Kingdom – Rain Phon-Rizt-Mallet], the [First Prince of Akrylic Kingdom – Alv Phon-Rizt-Mallet] and the [Second Princess of Akrylic Kingdom – Keyl Phon-Rizt-Mallet].” Said the old king with slight respect, proud and strenght.

Engel noticed that the prince looked a little annoyed but it was a little moment.

(As expected of a handsome prince… It was just a slight of a moment) Thought Engel.

“Thanks for the courtesy, oh king. Me, as the representative in this situation, will make the presentation so we can move on to the important matters. The name of this one is Engel Falsch, and am known as [God Of War Metatron]. From my right to my left, we are [God Of War Ephaestus – Izaak Ausgewogen], [Goddess Of War Empress Cleopatra – Lene Nachahmung], [Goddess Of War Holy Blade Maiden – Krestin Spiegel] and [Goddess Of War Valkyrie Roseweisse – Isold Ähnlich].”

Declared Engel with confidence.

“Very well, [God Of War Metatron]. We will move onto the main issue. We’ve summoned you to our world so you can aid us with a big crisis we have in our hands. This kingdom in in the verge of being invaded by a powerful enemy called [Asterisk]. These…. Beasts with no heart and mercy ravage all in their way. These beasts came from the [Dept Forest]. The details are complicated, but these monsters have already destroyes several kingdoms, and we are next.” Said the King Inkreetz.

“Right… Oh King, I see you are in a predicament, but why do you supose we will help you? We are not obligated to do so. You are not our King. We do not have any ties with anyone and we don’t even know this world. You suddenly brought us to this place and them impose on us this great responsability. I must say that this is very discussion is not related to our actual answer, but is an important topic must that be said.

We’ve been kidnapped from our homes to become slaves.

With respect, Oh King, I understand that you are in a severe predicament, so severe you ask outsiders to help, but… We do not have the duty to help your Kingdom.”

Declared Engel.

Everyone became speechless with the rightness and accuaracy he had spoken. Only Lene, the Queen and the King were the ones to remain calm. Because they were smart enough to understand his words.

Thus, the King spoke.

“You are right, [God Of War Metatron]. You are right. There’s nothing for you here to make us aid this kingdom. That’s why-”

Then, the King stood up, gave some steps fordward and stood in front of Engel.

“Not only as King, but as someone who has given his whole life for this Kingdom, works for it, loves it, would give his life for it and do anything in behalf the people living here…. I humbly ask you, for your cooperation.”

Said the King, as he put his hand in his heart.

As a King it was impossible for him to kneel, so he decided to act as if they were equal.

Face to face, from a man to another, he humbly asked for aid to save the place he called home.

“……. What a good King you are, Oh your Majesty. In behalf of my friends, and myself, I, declare that you from the bottom of your heart love this Kingdom, the people that lives in it, and over all, loves his family, that you say the truth. And not only that, that you as a man of honor as us for our cooperation, and we humbly accept to aid your Kingdom to fight against what harms you, namely, these beasts called [Asterisk]. We have decided to fight.”

Said Engel as he too put his fist in his heart and nodded.

Teil Drei.

As the King returned to his throne, he ended the audience and then Engel and Co. went to a separated room with only the [First Court Magician], the King and the First Princess.

There, they asked for forgiveness about their actions and gave their thanks to them that had accepted their unreasonable request.

Because the five gods of war had the [Wake Up Call] artifact, they in the way had argued about what to do in the way to the room.

They all reclaimed Engel what he had done. But they just wanted to voice their minds, because in their hearts, they would have done the same. Also Engel told them that he had analyzed the king and found out that he was 100% honest. Not a trace of lies, nor hidden toughts.

That was the main reason they accepted Engel’s selfish decision.

And going back to the room, they heard the situation from these three people…

It seems that these [Askterisk] came from the place called [Dept Forest]. A place where all the bad flow of mana gathers and then polutes the area. For centuries this had been neglected and one day they just were assaulted by these beasts.

They are pitch black beasts that resemble their existing animals, but with overwhilming speed, strenght and resistance.

They can hardly damage them with magic and they don’t have the enough strenght to inflict damage to them.

Because it seems that they are made of pure bad energy.

“So, [God Of Watr Metatron]… You are already aware of what magic is, right?” Said Zerya.

“Yeah. We have our own [Magic System], and also have concluded that we can use our magic and magic power in this world. What we want to know, is how your magic is classified. Can you explain please?” Asked Engel.

“I-I see. Well… Our magic, is classified in three types. [Offensive Magic], [Scripture Magic] and [Deus Magic]. The first one is composed of [Passion], [Coolness], [Strenght], [Lightness], [Night] and [Day]. Is imperative to say that the [Asterisk] are made of pure mana of any of these elements, and only the counterpart magic can harm them.

Then there is [Scripture Magic]. This one is to strenghten our weapons. It uses the previously mentioned elements to give power to swords, shields spears, etc.

And the last one, the [Deus Magic] is magic bestowed to us by the [Elder Gods] and written in antique texts. They have unrivalled power, but drain us of all of the mana we posses. It does not kill us, but it’s useless in battle.

To especifcate, it does not belong to the former system. It has unique powers.” Explained Zerya.

“So you summoned us with that magic? Are we granted some ability with it?” Asked Lene.

“Yes! We used the antique text [Deus Summoning Magic]; And the texts said that the summoneds are granted with one ability each. The ability to use any weapon you desire; the ability to see evil intentions, the ability to listen the voice of the heart, the ability to see mana and the ability to stop magic attacks… Oh! and also gave you all the ability to comunicate with us. You talk a different language, but you recieved the knowledge of it, be it leters and speech, by the magic.” Repied Zerya.

“Wo-Woah! It is… Sure conveinent…” Voiced Engel.

(We already noticed that… About the language… But we need to test the other things she said…. It must be [Psychometry], [Cold Reading], [Mind Reading], [Mana Flow Demonic Eyes] and the unknown… I’ll call it [Phantom Magic].) Said Lene in her thoughts.

“I see. It seems that our systems are somewhat different; but only words are not enought to know all there is be known about your magic. So, before we show you our magic and explain it… I want you to show me yours, [First Court Magician]. And then we can test our abilities too.”

Replied Engel with a stragith face.

Teil Vier.

The court magician, the royal family, the other court magicians, maids, knights, apprentices, butlers, and many other people were witnessing the newcoming [Heroes].

They were to a specialized training grounds where the [Court Magicians] trained their magic.

So, Engel and Co. were now in the middle of the training grounds with the Zerya.

“Okay [Heroes]! Now I’ll show you the mighty power of our magic!” Said proudly the [First Court Magician] Zeyra.

“Let’s see what you’re made of, court magician.” Added Lene.

“Well then! Oh grat goddess of passion! Give me you mighty strenght and show the power of your heat!! [Flame]!”

Said Zeyra as she pointed he staff fordward.

Engel and the others felt the magic gathering in the edge of it.



Shouted with all her strenght the [First Court Magician].

And as the magic gathered…


“P…. N-No…. Pf… Engel… D-Do-Don’t…..”


“E-Engel….. Pfft….”

“Pfft…. So-Sorry… I-I Can’t handle it anymoreeeeee!!!!”

“Me neither sorry!”


Both of them bursted in laughter; Even Krestin, Isold and Izaak did after resisting a while.

It was because the [Flame] that came out of the staff was….. Of the size of a tennis ball.

(She-She was a poser all along?! HAHAHAHAHHAAHA) Though rudely Lene.

“Wha-Wha?! Why are you laughing?! What’s going on?! Ehh?!” Reclaimed Zerya as she stopped concentrating to mantain the spell.

“Wait? Don’t tell me you were concentrating all along to mantain THAT? Pfft! Haha…. No, sorry… Sorry…” Replied Lene to Zerya’s actions.

“Ye-Yeah! This is a quite difficult spell! So, why are you laughing?!” Asked Zerya.

“Well…. I’m sorry. I am truly sorry for laughing but we laughed more for the process than anything. I will be honest… Your words were quite fun for us. So, forgive us please. That’s the cause.” Explained Engel.

“Re-Really? Was I funny? I think I recited the sacred words pretty well…. Wait… You… Don’t tell me you don’t do this process?!” Exclaimed Zerya.

“Well… Haa…. I-I’ll explain. In our system, we do… recite too, but not like that. And… The results are… Different.” Said Engel ehile entering in his serious modo.

“Different? How? Is possible to be different?” Asked the court magician as if forgetting that Engel had said their magic was quite diferent.

“Well… It’s like this… [Fireball].”

Said Engel as he moved some steps behind and 1, 2, 3…. 20 and more [Fireballs]. They had the size of a yoga ball and burned in blue, white, crimson red, normal orange, yellow and black.

He then controlled the fireballs as if nothing.


Zerya suddenly let go of her staff and dumbfoundedly watched how the impossible for her, the strongest magtician in the Kingdom was being easily done by Engel.



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