Magical Tournament Volume Four Chapter Two: Lernen (Learn) – Talent and hardwork

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Teil Ein.

[Zerya’s POV]

(Wha-Wha-Wha-WHAT WAS THAT??!!!

He… He casted that… That [Fireball] he called it! And with no chant! and he made several of them! And-And….  They were big! Was it really fire?!! Was it [Passion]!? They shone in various colors!! Also…. Also…. He did it effortlessly! Even I as the strongest magician in the kingdom, called genius, would not be able to do that!!!)

This…. He…. This… He…..

He is increthible…. This is incredible…

A-At the beggining I thought that the way he named himself and his friends as [Gods] was presumptuous and disrespectful towards our king…. But now I see; they… are truly gods.

Then he suddenly vanished his [Fireballs].

It seems he can control his magic at thought.

“Impressed?” Said the god of war with a serious expression but with a slightly satisfied tone.

I could not muster words to talk.


He snapped his fingers in front of my face.

“Wha-aah-aah!? Ehh?”

I could only mutter nonsense.

“Are you alright now?”


I slowly regained my focus and replied.

“Well, If you could help me, take all the “guests” out of here. Send them elsewhere; All this is secret right?”

“I-I see. I’ll talk with our majesty. Wait a minute.”

I said that and then talked with our king and everyone besides the royal family, some maids, elite knights, apprentice magicians and other two court magicians,

Then I went back to where the gods were talking.

“W-We are ready, great [Gods].” I stammered to them.

They made a slight weird expression when I talked to them, and then they made a wry smile.

“Ready? Okay. Well, let’s start with the basics.” Said the god Metatron as he came towards me.

Somehow…. I feel my heart skipped a bit.

[End of Zerya’s POV]

(I didn’t expected this… For them to be this behind in magic…) Thought Engel as he gave the basics to the [Forst Court Magician]

“In our magic system,  we have 7 basic elements, 1 anti-element and… How many… Well, various sub-elements. In the basic element category we have [Water], [Wind], [Earth], [Fire], [Lightning], [Divine] and [Devil] elements. The anti element as said, is [Antimagic] and between the various sub-elements we have [Sound], [Sand], [Crystal], [Mud], [Lava] and others.” Explained Engel.

Zerya’s face looked atonished for the information she had just recieved.

“…. This looks hard…” Muttered Lene.

Teil Zwei

After the whole afternoon recieving the basics, the king sent the maids for the [Heroes] to take them to there designated rooms. It was early night after all.

“Ouch!…. What was that…. That sting?” Asked Engel to himself while caressing his chest. He felt an acute pain in his heart.

While meditating on the little information he had from Zerya, he headed towards the enormous bath the castle had.

He was being led by a very beautiful maid.

“Ouch! There’s it again….” He said again.

All the other gods had a bath at a different time because he wanted to have one alone so he could think about various things.

The maid took him inside and she got inside too.

“Eh? Why are you inside?” Asked Engel.

“Our majesty told us to serve you, honorable guests, throughly; so he sent me with you.” Said the maid as she started to take off her clothes.

“What are you do-AHHHH OUCH! OUCH! OUCH! OUCH! OUCH!!!!!”

As he started to question the maid because her action, a great pain stung his heart. He fell in his knees and then he rolled in the floor.

“Is something wrong, honorable guest?”

“Ha-Haaa…. So-Sorry…. But ple-please, can you leave. I-I did not wish for this, so I am completely sorry for rejecting the King’s proposal b-but… Can you leave?” Said Engel as he stopped rolling.

“Alright. shall will leave.” Said the maid as she dressed again and left.

(What a sha-)

“Ouch! Ouch!….. OKAY OKAY I GOT IT!  SORRY SORRY I’M SORRY!!! [Depossesion]!

Shouted Engel as he used his [Spirit Magic].

Then from his choker a ray of black light came out and became the figure of a girl. It was a maid with black hair and wore glasses. She also had wolf ears and tail.

“Haaaaa…. I-I’m sorry.” Said Engel as he stood up.


“Ehh?! I said I’m sorry!!”


“Bu-But I did nothing! It was the king! He sent her!”

“Hmph! HMPH HMPH HMPH!!!!”

“I said I’m sorry! I already said it was not my fault!”

“Hm-Wha?! What are you doing Master Engel?!”

As Lilya, Engel’s maid was angry and jealous while cutely pouting, Engel started to undress in the spot.

“Well, I wanted to take a bath and I understood you won’t forgive me, so I just started to undress. There’s no point in begging you right now.” He said with a poker face.

He only wore black athletic short pants boxers and with a towel he went to the hot bathub.

“Ma-Master! N-No! I am in the bad! I shouldn’t have acted like that! It’s because I’m the only one allowed to serve you!!”

Said Lilya in a flustered way while she chased after Engel.


Said Engel in his mind while imaginary making a victory pose.

Then they both bathed together, and had lots, lots of skinship.

Teil Drei.

Engel then lightly dressed and went back to his room. Lilya was walking behind him.

“Mi-Mister God of War!”

“Mhm? Oh, if isn’t it the [First Court Magician]. What brings you to this area of the castle?” Asked Engel as he turned back to see the one who called him.

“Ehh?! Yo-You! Are you naked?!” Shouted Zerya as she covered her eyed with her hands, but watching from the gaps of her fingers.

“N…No? I’m wearing underwear.” Said Engel while titing his head.

“Master Engel, you’re in underwear that is theoricaly being naked.” Said Lilya.

“I-I see….”

“WAIIIT!!!! That’s not the issue here!”

Shouted Zerya as she recovered.


“You-Your hair! Is white?! And your animal ears?! A-also your eyes?! What happened to you?! And who is shee?! What is going on??!!”

Zerya started to exclaim aimlessly.

“Woah woah woah! Calm down! I-I’ll explain everything. Can you at least call the others so I can do that?!” Added Engel as he went back to his room.

Then Zerya went to call for the other gods and then Engel explained about his [Spirit Magic] and how Lilya possesed him.

And that how that was his true form.

Weirdly enough, Zerya accepted quite fast all she heard, but that night she could not sleep very well.

The next day, Engel and Lene started to teach various thing about their magic to Zerya and she readily learned. And they also told the royal family and others Engel’s true form.

Izaak, Krestin and Isold were to see the knights practice.

And there-

“Izaak…. You see that…” Asked Krestin.

“Yeah… I thought that the ones besides the king were too old.” Replied Izaak.

“These knights…  are crap.”

Said Isold.

And as she pointed out…. The practice they were watching… Was crap.

Their stances were bad, The way they moved the sword was totally incorrect.

also they were weak; very weak.

“Now that I think about it… Miss Maid, can you take me to a blacksmithing workshop?” Asked Izaak. The maid nicely took him there.

As he was heading into the workshop-

“What… Is this? This is so low quality….” Said Izaak to himself.

“Hello there! I haven’t seen you here before lil’ kid.” Said the tall, macho-man blacksmith in the workshop.

“I-I’m new. But anyways… I-I don’t want to be disrepectful but… Why things here are such low quality? These spears… Thse swords… The daggers… They are pretty low quality man.” Said Izaak as he took a swords and looked at it throughly.

“Wha-What?! What are you suddenly blurting out lil’ kid!!” Shouted the blacksmith.

“I can make a better sword thant this with the same raw materials! I can see over there such good iron and steel ingots!”

Shouted Izaak a little angry. When it came to blacksmithing, he was like a different person.

He really took seriously his paper as [Hephasteus The Second].

Izaak then argued with the blacksmith as he impertinently started to craft a sword.

He didn’t used his [Arcana] because it would be too stupid to let out such secret.

While he was doing that, Krestin and I went to contact the king to talk about their recruits and their regular knights.

And going back to Engel and Lene’s lecture; they were having a break now because Zerya was “picking the flowers”.

“Hey-Hey Engel. I’ve just noticed but, what happened to your ribbon?” Asked Lene. Engel always had his hair tied with Yozora’s rose ribbon, but now he had his hair down.

He had never let it go. Not even to sleep.

“The ribbon? Ah! Well, it seems it fell off when we were dragged into the [Astral Canyon].” Replied Engel.

“I-I see. But…. [Astral Canyon]?” Said Lene.

“It needs a name, right?” Added Engel.

“I agree to that.” Replied Lene while faintly smiling and then she stood behind Engel.

Suddenly, she started to comb his hair with a comb she got out of her [Item Box]. She also took out a mirror.

“A comb and a mirror?” Said Engel.

“A maiden needs to be ready anytime. Ask Krestin, she has a whole set of makeup in there.” Said Lene while giggling.

“Yeah….” He added.

Lene skillfully used her fingers and the comb to to comb his hair and looking how to do a properly hairstyle.

“Your hair has grown since we came back from [Bereich]…. So, tell me; you want to keep your style or change it?” She asked.

“Let me see…. Make it both. After all, I like how Yozora left it.” Said Engel with a gentle and warm smile. His eyes were full of… Full of love.”

Lene felt a sting in her heart after seeing his expression, but she didn’t thought much about it.

“Okay then… Mmm… I got it. It should be like this,” Said Lene as she started to work on it.

She started to make braids in the left side, where he always had his hair tied. She made three braids.

And it was surprisingly fast.

Then she took out two blue ribbons out of the [Item Box] and tied it to his ponytail and the other one in the loose part of his hair to give it style.

When she finished, Engel looked how he looked like and he quite liked it. He let out a faint smile.

“There wasn’t that much of a change, but there it is.” Said Lene as she put away the mirror and the comb.

“I really like it. Thanks Lene.” Said Engel with his warm and gentle half-smile. Lene for some reason skipped a beat. She slightly blushed too.

“I-It was nothing.” She said while avoiding looking into his eyes.

Meanwhile, Zerya looked from afar while having a weird feeling in her chest.

Teil Vier.

A minute later Zerya arrived as if nothing and they resumed their lecture.

But not much time passed when suddenly Izaak appeared with a little pushcart with some swords and spears and a tall, macho-man was behind him and looked like it was Izaak’s lifetime’s servant.

Also Isold appeared from the opposite side.

“King. Audience. Now.”

Said Isold, to what Izaak, Engel and Lene followed her back.

The blacksmith and Zerya went too.

After a while, they arrived to the room where they held their previous talk.

Also there was too the [Knight Leader], [Knight Instructor] and [Magic Instructor].

The one who was behind Izaak was the [Master Blacksmith] who instructed and supervised the other blacksmiths.

Needless to say, the [First Princess] and the King were there too.

“So, what are we gathered here for?” Asked the [Knight Leader]. It seemed that he and the king were longtime friends because of his tone.

“Well… I don’t know the details either, I only know that our guests, the [Heroes] have somethings to complain about the Knights, the Magicians and it seems that about the Blacksmiths too.” Said the King.

“What? Just because some outsiders complained about something puny like that is that we are here? Don’t make me laugh.” Said the [Knight Instructor].

His tone was not due to friendship, but for insolence.

He thinks he’s a genius.

“So, what are they complaining for? Our methods? What do they know?!” Exclaimed the [Knight Instructor]

“Well, first of all, I’d like for you to not to talk like we are not here. Then, I’d like to talk, in representation of all us, that…. Well… Haa…. I’ll be treated like the bad guy now but I’ve gotta say it. You people, are shit. Absolutely there’s no way that you are the “Elite” of this Kingdom.

First of all, the magic in your kingdom, if not in your world, is of low level. It takes all of your concentration to make something at the size of a fruit. Totally useless. After that, is the ability of your knights. Not only the way they are instructed is bad, is the very base of their strength and ability wrong. Then there is the equipment. Not only they are low-quality, in fact the raw materials are good. So that means that you lack technique, lack experience, lack…. everything.

Like this, it doesn’t matter how strong or wear the [Asterisk] are, you’ll be slaughtered. Seriously.”

Said Engel in his serious modo, in representation of everyone else.

Through [Wake Up Call] he listened to what everyone had to say and as the designated leader, he was the one with the duty to talk.

“WHAT?! You insolent outsider!! You have no right to talk like that, not even the right to be saying anything here! Outsid-”

“Shut up piece of crap! This friend of mine saw the way your knights practiced and how the recruits learn! You are totally shit! You probably call yourself a genius, but you’re nothing more than a useless nobody!”

Shouted Engel while pointing the [Knight Instructor].

The knight instructor went pale of rage and then when he was about to shout-

“Shut up “Genius”. Excluding the [Hero], you are in no position to talk in such a way in this room. I as a patient person and a person who values the opinion of a strong one telling you your flaws and that doesn’t want to kill you!” Shouted the [Knight Leader].

The [Knight Instructor] just fell silent and while clenching his teeth and fist, he swallowed his words.

“Anyways, you snowflake… You say we have flaws. How much are we lacking? How much you know about this?” Asked the [Knight Leader].

“Well, I can only talk in behalf of your magic, and magic knowledge and…. Well, I can’t tell anything pretty about it. I know about magic and let me say that… You’re thousands of years behind in EVERYTHIHNG.” Said Engel with a tone full of confidence.

“I see. Our [Hero]… At the end, what is the point of all us being here.” Asked the King.

“Yeah….. The objective of all this is… That we are going to teach you from scratch magic, swordsmanship and blacksmithing. We will be your [Mentors].”

Said Engel as all of the ones there were dumbfounded, while the [Five Gods of War] stood up with satisfactory smiles.


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