Volume Four Chapter Three: Klasse (Class) – What they need

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Hello people!

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Teil Ein.

“Now that I notice, where’s Lilya?” Asked Lene to Engel.

They both were sat in a truly beautiful garden. It had wooden benches under some fruit trees.

And they were sitting in one of the benches. It was a couple of hours after the discussion they had with the king and the others.

At the end, everyone accepted their proposal.

Even the [Knight Instructor] reluctantly accepted.

And they also did discuss something else.

“Lilya? Haa… She stubbornly said that she was the only one who could serve me, so when the maids decided to make the breakfast, she went to supervise them, and she personally made mine.” Said Engel.

“And following the pattern…”

“Yeah; She is preparing the lunch.”

Replied Engel.

“So, how much do we have till the lunch?” Asked Lene.

“Like an hour. You think it’s enough time?” Said Engel.

“Probably. Want to go?” Added Lene.

“Let’s go.” Replied Engel.

then they both disappeared in thin air.

“As always! Your [Arcana] is so impressive!!!” Shouted Lene as she fell from the sky.

“I know!!!” Shouted Engel while falling too.

Then, Lene created a blue geometrical sphere made of [Barrier Magic] and then Engel applied [Gravity Element] magic within the sphere.

“Is this the place of the map?” Asked Lene.

“Probably. If your coordinates in X and Y were correct, then we are in the place.” Said Engel.

“What about Z?” Added Lene.

“My own choose… The best spot for the live feed.” Replied Engel.

They were floating in midair while gazing to the ground, and-

They had a vast sedimentary rock-desert in their view.

And in the middle of it, there was an enormous black stain. It had various shining colors but it was black overall.

The black stain was 25 or so km of [Asterisk] marching towards the Kingdom.

The reason the Kingdom was not rushing things was because they had enough time. Because there was a desert of the size of Australia between the last destroyed country.

Not only that; because of nature, the [Asterisk] would stop for several days after some weeks of travel. That gave them months before they arrived to the outskirts of the Kingdom.

“They sure are slow.” Said Lene while looking at them.

“Yeah. And there’s more. Remember that they said that the [Asterisk] took their form due to animals.” Engel replied.

“Yeah, I do.” Said Lene.

“Well…. Who said they were limited to land animals?” Said Engel as he quickly started to ascend.

“What?! You see them ! They are really flying!!” Shouted Lene as they both looked from above the great quantity of black, flying unidentified objects.

“Would we terminate them now? It can be fun you know. With only us we can do it.” Suggested Lene.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea. They are maintaining a slow pace after all. Who knows what will they do if we attack them. And also no one says that there can’t be born more of those in the [Dept Forest]. We can’t even hurt one without knowing how they are going to react.” Explained Engel.

“Damn… I just hope they do not have a shared consciousness or a constant information network.” Said Lene while pouting.

“That’s too much anime content in one sentence… But even so I hope you are not right, Lene.” Replied Engel.

“Neither do I.” Added Lene while they disappeared again from the place in the blink of an eye.

Teil Zwei.

“So that’s the situation… It seems quite the predicament.” Said Krestin.

“The problem seems to be the number, right?” Added Izaak.

“Yeah. It seems that the scouts they sent were in the right. They have like several months until they even get near here.” Replied Lene.

Right now, in a separate place from the royal family, they were having lunch.

“I know this will take long, but i think it’s necessary. It’s like that thing about the man learning to fish rather than being given the fish itself.” Said Engel while enjoying his meal.

“I get it.” Said Izaak.

“It really bothered me the quality of the weaponry here.” He added.

“Yeah… And talking about weaponry; Lene, remember the types of magic Zerya explained to us?” Said Engel.

“If I’m not wrong, it’s [Offense], [Scripture] and [Deus]….. Oh I know where you are going.” Realized Lene.

“Yep… I… No, we “want” to know more about this [Scripture Magic]; Right, everyone?” Said Engel with a mischievous smile.

After enjoying their delicious smiles and his otherworldly delicious lunch made by Lilya, they all headed towards the office where Zerya made her paperwork.

They all talked to her and she obviously accepted to teach Lene and Engel about [Scripture Magic].

Somehow she felt overjoyed but they didn’t get why.

They decided to let only those two to learn it because their level of intelligence, their talent in magic and also the way the can easily teach that knowledge to others.

“So now we are going to learn about [Scripture Magic]!” Said Zerya with high spirits.

“The basics… Well, first, I’ll show you a basic of [Scripture Magic].” Said Zerya as she took a red jewel.

Then her finger glowed in a faint white magic and then wrote a character in the surface.


After that the jewel slightly shone.


She shouted and then the jewel started to burn in flames.

“Wha?!” Said Lene as she watched the whole process.

She was surprised because she didn’t get what had happened. When she was in the desert she knew various artifact dealers and she saw how they repaired it and how they barely legally, created simple artifacts.

It was the same process, but with high pure and special materials that conducted magic.

And after seeing jewel after jewel in that place, she at a simple glance could differentiate a special jewel from a simple, low quality jewel…. And what Zerya held in her hand was not so different from a mere pebble in the road.

But even so… Engel was silent, analyzing the whole process with his [Damonsauge]

“I see… So it would be something like this…” He muttered and then from his item box he took out a little piece of black metal.

Then his hand started to glow and then the piece of black metal too.

“[Print].” He said then the black piece of metal stopped to glow.

“It would be better if you cover your ears!” Shouted Engel as he threw the piece very high.


He chanted.

Then an acute, high-pitched sound covered them all.

Even with their ears covered, they felt the intensity of the sound.

Even Izaak in the workshop could hear it.

“[Off]” He chanted and then the piece of black metal that surprisingly was floating mid-air fell towards him

He caught it and put it in his pocket.

“I think I got the gist of it.” He said while half-smiling.


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    • Nope~ Cus you must embed the magic in something. If for example u want to script on “air” something like “vacuum”, it will create a vacuum depending of the mana quant. you poured into that scripture. E.g 20 mp = 20 cm


      • ………… Why do I feel like I’ll never win?…. Ehm… you need special metal for it to work perfectly. Engel and co. actually were able to do it due to their massive amount of mana. lol I was supposed to explain it soon (within the current volume) so well, tis not the same.


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