Type: Hybrid – Chapter One: Go back to zero

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Chapter One: Go back to zero

Part One:

*Pant, Pant, Pant*

“I-It’s… Incredible.”

Voiced André Glass.

He was in a private room inside an apartment building. He wore black athletic short pants and had bandages in his feet and hands.

Right now he was training.

Even though his stamina and strenght was compromised because his flesh and bone limbs, the control he regained was worth it.

He made shadow spar and made some light exercise.

It was to see the actual performance of his melded body, he tried this as soon as he arrived to his new place.

And to discover that, let’s go a little back.

André Glass decided to take a bath and check his own body just after talking with Serena.

While in the shower, he noticed it was entirely different from his past and future self.

His past self would be described as lame, unathletic, thin as a fishing rod, etc.

His future body has… had many quirks.

He had uncontable scars in both face and body. He had his left eye substituted by a mechanical prothesis.

His four limbs were substituted by mechanical ones and also his heart, a lung, a kidney, half of his liver and half of his ribs were substituted.

He had several metal plates in his skull and all his theet were glass-fiber and his brown-reddish hair is the result of his blood interfering in the process of hair growth because of several injuries in his head.

Moreover, in a unknown way, all of his bones were substituted by carbon polymer ones. Even his spine, thing that has intrigued everyone around him.

To end with, his vocal cords had been surgicaly repaired at least 20 times, together with his left ear.

And now, his eyes, ear and face were back to normal, in a sense.

His body now is well built and thin; His hair is ash black and the the only scar rmaining in his face was a vertical one in his left eye.

His left eye became green as it was and his theet were not substitutes. He regained his limbs and also most of the scars had dissapeared. He still had some ones that were influenced because of his mental state; and also his internal organs were alright.

It seems he is taller and his voice was stronger.

To end with, his bones seems to mantain the carbon polymer constitution.

(I need to test it afterwards…. Everything…) He said to himself as he went out of the shower.

To his surprise, no one was in his home so he just wandered there while trying to remember why he was all alone to such an hour. It was 7 am.

“But, I wonder if I have to go out of here before they come back… They would think I am something like a thief.” Said André as he looked what to wear.

“Not that they ever cared about me.” He said expecting no one to listen to him.

Then, while looking for his shoes under the bed, he saw somehting unexpected.

“Eh? What is this?” He said as he took out something; a black bag.

In there, there were cellphones, a change of clothes, a tablet, a laptop, smart glasses, a black choker and a yellow checked desert scarf.

There was also a paper with a message.

“Use it to your heart’s content? Haha, what a nice guy. Oh! There are instructions….”

Said André as he read the page while taking the choker and wore it.

Part Two.

Serena Bones, the one who came back with André was now going to the best city in the world, New York.

She was incredibly nervous, but not because of the flight, but because something else.

She was in a plane due to [Triania]’s instructions in a black bag she found next to her bed.

She lived with her gandma and grandpa in the countryside and they woke up pretty early due to their job in their corn farm.

That was a decisive move, because as André, she had changed too.

In the past, she was a spoiled, plump little girl with black hair. She had no stamina and ate everything in her way. Her theet had lots of caries and her heart was in constant danger due to her diet.

In the future, he athletic self had almost no place without muscles and he hair was silver. Also her heart had been totally repaired by experts, andd as André, her bones were substituted too.

Now, she was tall athelic girl with short silver hair and any problem in her body.

So, inmediately after taking a shower, she left a note in the fridge and left with the promise of calling back once she arrived to New York.

In the airport she took a plane that was in stop-off from Los Angeles.

By the way, Serena is from Kansas.

So, she afford a first class seat.

And then as she looked for the best spot to seat-


Someone called her out from behind. She didn’t know who in the world with such a manly and clean voice would call out to her.

She had nice ears, so she could identify someone with their voice; and she didn’t revognized that one.

So she turned around and-

There was a handsome guy. with ash-black hair, heterochromatic eyes, transparent-frame glasses and with an air of elegance.

She didn’t recognized the voice, but it was natural because that voice was one she didn’t hear in a lot of time.

It was stronger than she though, but looking at his face she somehow recognized the guy.

“André?” She said, not talking to him but confirming it.

“Yeah. It seems we both changed a little.” He said with a carefee smile.

She just nodded and then sat next to him.

They both just chatted as always and then André started to doze off.

She had chosen to sit next to the window, but she then repented.


Slightly snoring, André was sleeping and then his head fell in Serena’s shoulder.

(Wha-What?! What the hell is he doing??! Thi-This idiot!! Wake up! Wake Up!!!!) She shouted in her insides, but contrary to her thoughts, she didn’t move an inch to wake him up.

(I-It’s not like I want you to keep doing this or it’s not that I like it! Absolutely not!!!) She exclaimed in her mind while her pearl-white skin went red.

(Wha-What am I doing?! This is not about him but me! Why am I not moving?! Moreover, why am I gettting flustered about this?!!)

Like this, she kept her monologue until they arrived the JFK.

Then they both moved as [Triania] instructed them in the paper and arrived to a luxury apartment building.

In reception, they were told that their room was already prepared, or better said, the entire floor before the pent house was reserved for them.

They didn’t mind a went straight to their apartment.

The service girl told them that it was a double apartment so they would be living together.

Serena flustered in the inside while she exclaimed “Living with this bastard? Not that I mind that much but even so it’s still a little unpleasant.”

André most of the time ignored such statements, so he didn’t mind in a sense what she said. He knew it was the result of their battles together that he got to understand her to such a extent and to ignore her when she just spouted nonsense.

As they left the little they brought with them in their rooms, André started to think something he noticed when he left his house.

(Now that I notice, I, and as well Serena… Have been very quiet abour everything. This feeling of calmness what it is?)

He said to himelf.

What he mant, was that all he took everything too lightly, when it shouldn’t be like that.

He should be looking what to do right now to stop the war and everything. He should be in high-tension, but it wasn’t like that.

There was still some months until the very start of the war itself, so he should be rushing in the streets right now, but he was just enjoying the calmness of the peace.

André and Serena were in the living room, trying to find something interesting to watch in the smart-tv when the door opened and-


Shouted someone as that person jumped towards André. After tackling him the person started to rub their face in his chest while muttering “Captain, Captain, Captain’s smell.”

It was an ubelivable scene for both Serena and André.

So, to start with, André spoke first.

“Who-Who are you?” He asked.

Then the person, a girl, stood up suddenly.

“Hmph! For Captain to not to recognize me…. As I thought, being with the stupid Hellfire for the entire flight sure was hard.”

The girl was tall and slener. She had black hair in a ponytail and sky-blue eyes. She wasn’t a peerless-beauty as Serena, but was pretty enough to stop walking in the street to gaze at her face.

“Stupid Hellfire?! Who are you calling that?!” Shouted Serena as she then understood who the girl was; as well as André.

“Eh?! Jyacoba?!”

Voiced André with a dumbfounded voice.

“Haaa…. You’re annoying as always. Just shut up Jyacoba.” Said a girl’s voice coming from the door.

“You…. Zarah?”

Said Serena as she saw the girl from head to toes.

“Yeah; but I’m not the only one….” She replied as another bunch of people entered with her to the apartment.

“It’s…. Everyone.”


Everyone who was inside the Main Chamber was now in front of them.

Part Three.

“Jyacoba, can you please release me?” Asked André as it seemed that Jyacoba wouldn’t let him go.

Everyone was now sit in a conversation pit in the apartment.

“No! I won’t let the Captain go again!” She shouted as she embraced him further.

“I-I’m not a Captain now. You can call me just André.” He added as he gave up in the idea of her letting him go.

It was the same in the future.


Shouted Jyacoba in excitement to what André made a slight annoyement face.

“Haa… Anyways… Setting aside the tumor there…. Ca- André… I have a very important question.”

Said Zarah with her never-ending sharp tounge.

“What is it?” Added André.

“Well… I apologize for the words but… What are these motherfuckers doing here, eh? They’re our enemies! They activated the reactor and prevented us for de-activating, causing our “death”!!”

Shouted Zarah with almost to none emotion in her face.

She was of course angry, but by some psycho-clinical reason, she could not muster any expression.

Right now, maybe because of the changes in her body, she made a very little expression and raised her voice.

She had a bob cut and her wavy hair was now straight. Her steel-green eyes were still the same with their sharp gaze.

Her body was kept well proportioned and her face showed a cool beauty.

“Ah… You mean them.” Said André moving his sight towards the two in the corner.

They were Karen Uber and Aleister Götze.

You could say they looked the same, but younger.

Still, even younger, they both gave an aura of adulthood.

“Haa… You as always with a sharp tounge and a short temper.” Said Karen while sighing.

“Shut up!” Said Zarah.

“Anyways; Who do you believe gave us the maps of the base, the shifts of the guards and where they would be, and also the way to hack the cameras, It was her. If not for Karen, we would not have been able to reach the Main Chamber. She has been a spy for us at leats by 5 years to that point, and it seems she dragged Aleister too in the last minute…. I have known Karen the same time I’ve known Serena and I trust her.”

Aclared André to what Zara just kept quiet and Karen slightly blushed.

“What? Is that really true?” Asked Alanah, the overely proportioned girl.

The hourglass figure she always had was untouched, but now she wore thick-frame glasses and possibly, whole the scars that she had on her dissapeared. also her brown hair was now shoulder lenght.

“Yeah; Wait…. André, you didn’t tell them?!” Exclaimed Serena.

“Of course I did…. I did told Pietro and he should have told everyone.” He said while brushing off the responsability to Pietro.

He, as he accustomed, was calmily dozzing off in the middle of the meeting.

“Pietro, Pietro! Wake up.” Said Lauren, the “handsome” of the group.

They both actually didn’t look that different; only younger, as Aleister and Karen.

But this didn’t include Kristen, the rookie of the group.

Actually, in the future she had only worked with them for two weeks.

It didn’t include because…

“Say, Kristen…. Was okay for you to leave your house?” Asked Lauren with his “handsome” tone.

“Shaddup! I was appwointed in twis swo I decwided by myself to come here!” She exclaimed clumsily.

Kristen was at least 7 years younger than everyone in the group. And they al had the same age and came back to when they had 17 years old…. So-

She became a little girl of 10 years old.

“Pfft…. Hahahaha. So-Sorry.” Said Serena as she laughed because of the fact that the strong, brave and straightfordward girls she knew now was a little girl that lovely played with doll houses and with unicorns and belived in santa.

“PF-Don’t be like that Serena. It must be hard for you.”

Said André as he nearly laughed too.

“Well, at least we knoe there’s not too much difference… Like in certain pa-Bffasdfghkldsk”

As Lauren made an off-course comment, he was punched in the gut by Kristen.

By the way, Lauren is a total underground pervert.

And also to this point, Pietro was still dozzing off as always.

Looking at them, Karen could only laugh.

“André. Don’t you feel it?”

Suddenly, Aleister talked.

He is a crazy battle maniac that goes berserk in almost every fight, but in the day-by-day he is a little stoic and acts calm and cool.

“Eh? Ohh yeah… Everything is calm…. Everything is calm even though we shouldn’t be this calm” Replied André to what everyone just suddenlt got quiet.

As they started to think about this, then-


A classic phone tone rang in the room.

“Wha-What is that?!” Asked Serena while looking around. Pietro slowly woke up and André looked around too, then everyone looked towards the smart tv in the living room.

Everyone got out of the conversation pit and went towards the tv.

“Take it.” Said André as the tv let the call go on.

It was a videocall.

[Hello hello!! How you doing there?!]

Suddenly a young man appeared in the screen. He had heterochromatic green and yellow eyes and long white hair tied in a ponytail. He was really handsome.

Also the wolf-eared maid could be seen in the corner of the screen.

“[Triania God]?!” Asked André to confirm, because he didn’t see his face.

“Oh! It’s the guy we had stew with!” Shouted Jyacoba, to what Pietro, Zarah, Alanah, Lauren and Kristen nodded.

“We ate dessert with him!” Shouted Karen while Aleister just gave a glance.

[Yeah, yeah. Everyone ate something, except the leader there. Anyways, I call right now with my “godly powers” just to see how you doing. I bet you’ve been wondering why are you so calm.] Said the god.

“Yes. Right now we were wondering why.” Said André.

[Yup. It’s weird right? Accepting this fast that you were brought to the past, and also the fact that I modified your bodies and kept your memories and that even though you could do anything to stop the war now, you are just here doing nothing… Weird…. But that’s okay by now. All I did was to gave you some suggestions with my godly powers. You never noticed but I, in a certain way, drugged you. Think you’ve drank twenty pills of anti-depressives or whatever.

Right now, there’s nothing you can do so I was obliged to erase that uneasiness in you. I also helped you to accept faster everything that happened so you could quickly blend into society.

So I helped you.]

Explained the [Triania God].

Everyone just kept silent beacue he had reason, and had nothing to retort with.

“And… Is it permanent?” Asked Serena.

[If you wish, it is. So let’s say it isn’t. Tonight you may pass the hardest nights of all in terms of emotional conflict of everything you have saved up until now. It will be hard, but then tomorrow you’ll be better. You’ll be natually calm and ready to listen everything I need to tell you.]

Eplianed the god.

“I-I see.You only called because of that?” Asked André.

[Yeah. That’s it. So see you then!] Shouted the [Triania God] and hung up.

Part Four.

After that, everyone just idly chatted and then went to choose their rooms.

André used the private room and trained. Serena accompanied him too by several hours.

Actually, they passed out right there in the room.

It was midnight and as both were there in the floor, the effects of the powers from [Triania God] started to fade away.

Then they both started to have nightmares, as well as everyone else in their apartments.

In the case of André and Serena, they both started to sweat and groan.


Started to shout André as he started to remember his past.

It was necesary not only to go fordward, but also to accept yourself and to understand that this that is placed in the future, will be overwritten and thus will not happen.

Things done to you and things you did to others…. They are forgotten now. They must be forgotten…. That was the main objective of the [Triania God].

Everyone was suposed to understand that everything from now on will be different. That they need to create a new future, while destroying their past. It was utterly impossible to forgive everything or forget what is painful, but at least they need to understand their position.

And so, everyone needed to reminisce that night.

And this is what André passed through….


[You’re not my brother…. I don’t know you]
[I wish I hadn’t adopted you]
[I love you…. Please go out with me!]
[You little crap! Don’t Touch ME!!!]
[We’re the best pals!!!]
[I… I will aways be besides you!]
[I… I will never do such a thing….]
[Sorry but… It was necessary.]
[Se-Serena…. Sorry… I….. I…. I’m Sorry….]
[A-A monster! You are a monster!]
[A-André! You are okay?]
[Shut up bitch… Never come near me. Never touch me…. Don’t even dare to breath the same air as me.]
[I will never betray you!!]
[I don’t belive you.]
[I am trustworthy! I am real!]
[I apologize… Being a double agent is made of lies.]
[What happened to your neck?]
[I trust no one.]
[Do you trust me?]
[I only trust Serena]
[You have to leave?]
[The boss said it. I need to work solo; you need to work in team.]
[This is your new team, trust them as yourself.]
[Cap. André]
[André….. We will always be a pair.]

“GAAAAHHH!!!! AHHH HAAAA – Haa… Haaa…. Haaa…. Shit…. What…. What was that?!”

Shouted André as he heavily breathed.

“Haaa… I’d rather never have a night like that…” He said as he tried to stand up.

“Eh?” He voiced as he looked besides him.

Because when he tried to stand up, he noticed that his hand was being strongly gripped by someone.

*Snore…. Snore….*

It was Serena that passed out with him. She had gripped his hand strongly to resist the nightmares and memories she saw in her dream.

“I’ll wait a little more then…” Muttered André as he just sat until Serena woke up.


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