Magical Tournament Volume Four Chapter Four: Fortschritt (Progress) – What comes after

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Chapter Four: Fortschritt (Progress) – What comes after

Teil Ein.

After a week of lectures, Lene and Engel completely gasped all the knowledge about [Scripture Magic]. Zerya asked the [Third Court Magician] who was an expert in said magic.

After that a certain, minuscule incident happened.

In the training grounds where the knight apprentices were practicing their skills, there was the self-proclaiming genius [Knight Instructor].

That day was the one when the [Heroes] were going to start their lectures.

But he was not pleased by that.

“Move. I need to give the lecture.” Said Krestin with a cold glance.

“I don’t want to. These are my apprentices and I will teach them.”

“Even if you teach them shit?” To what the knight instructor said, Kristin replied with harsh words.

“WHAT?! Shut up outsider! I am the genius of the century! I am unrivaled by anyone in this kingdom! I am none other tha-”

“Can you please shut up. I’ve got no time to be arguing with you. Move, piece of shit.” Said Krestin.

Is not that she could not pass, but it was the image he had. If she brushed him there, there would not be point in instructing the apprentice because the would not trust someone who didn’t respect the position of other, even if rained with harsh comments.

“Haaa…. What do I have to do for you to move?” Said Krestin.

“YOU WILL HAVE TO DEFEAT THIS GREAT ME OF COURSE!!” Exclaimed the knight instructor.

(So this is what he wanted….. It will backfire at the end though…) Thought Krestin as she accepted the duel.

then they both got inside the training grounds and took a worn out iron sword each.

“You’ll notice how of an incredible and awesome knight I am!!!” Shouted the knight instructor.

(Shut up… I’m getting annoyed by you…. I don’t know why I am so irritated now!!!) Though Krestin.

Probably it was that day of the month, but we will never know.

“The rules are simple! The one who faaaaalllsssss first loseeeeees!!!!!” Exclaimed the lame instructor as he charged towards Krestin.

(Hmm… He seems kinda good; an instinctive genius maybe…. But I will have no mercy…) She said to herself.

She could think all she wanted in that moment, because for her the instructor moved in slow-mo.


“Gaah!!” Groaned the lame instructor. He had been cut by Krestin’s sword.

He could not believe what had happened to him.

He did not even noticed when she moved; not at all.

It was like he was just stood still and the cut appeared by herself.

*Shiin! Shiiin! Shiiin!!*

Then suddenly Kristen disappeared before everyone’s eyes and then slashed the instructor in a mere moment.


Voiced the lame instructor.

He didn’t know what was going on.

He was being cut by a sword he could not see, predict or even feel.

There was no pain in the slash, only recoil pain.

He didn’t noticed he had a cut until he noticed the bloodstains.

In less than a minute, he had fallen to the floor unable to stand up.

“You lose.” Said Krestin in a cold voice as she then moved towards the apprentices.

She then wore her usual smile and caught everyone’s heart in the place.

Then after a moment she noticed that the knight instructor didn’t move an inch, so she went towards him.

“Hey, stand up. It’s not like I left you unable to walk.” She said.

“……” He was just there shedding tears.

He was unable to stand up not only because of the pain, but also because of his crushed pride.

Most of the reason was his crushed pride.

“Haa… This sure it’s troublesome…..” She said.

“You really look pitiful there you know. I would not believe that you were the same man that was boasting of his geniusness.” Added Krestin.

The lame instructor said nothing as he felt his heart being crushed again.

“Haa…. Stand up. If you stay here you will only suffer more, so stand up, cross the walls in your path and become stronger. It could have seemed my words are empty, but I also passed by the same. So, if you stand up here, you will be a new person; and you will show everyone you are a true genius. I don’t intend to ashame you more. Wake up lame instructor. Because what I really mean with what I said is that you have the potential to be the best in the century as you said. Not as you were, because you failed, but as the man who overcame this; a new man.”

Said Krestin with a slight annoyed voice.

(Haa…. Why am I so irritated? Come on! Stand now lame instructor!…… If not, I would not be able to see Engel later!!)

She screamed in her heart.

ladies and gentlemen, the real reason of her annoyance was the excessive amount time Engel had spent with Lene since they came to this world.

Then, the lame instructor stood up and just went away running.

Krestin didn’t mind that because her objective was to made him react and just started to give her lecture.

But what she didn’t know, was that Engel’s influence in heart-catching had infected her.

Because the lame instructor ran away because his shame and indescr feeling of having fallen in love with Krestin.

Teil Zwei.

The first day the lectures of the five gods went smoothly, and then in the night after the dinner, they had a meeting.

“So, why did you called us here?” Asked Izaak.

They all were in Engel’s room.

“Well, it’s because we haven’t discussed anything about our future.” Said Engel.

“Our future?” Asked Isold.

“Whether we will be able to leave this world or not.” Replied Lene.

“Ohh, that. I see… I had thought about that, but I didn’t get anywhere.” Voiced Krestin.

“Yeah… I just thought that either you or Lene would think a way out of this.” Added Izaak.

“I-I appreciate the feeling, but think about it youself too.” Said Lene.

“So, have you thought about something?” Asked Krestin.

“Yeah. If there’s a way in, there should be a way out. To begin with, we didn’t exactly used magic to be thrown away to the [Astral Canyon].” Said Engel.

(Astral Canyon?)

Izaak, Krestin and Isold had their doubts about the name, but they didn’t voiced them.

“Anyways, the thing is that I at least can’t take us to that place anytime.” Added Engel.

“But…” Replied Izaak.

“It’s complicated but…. I’ll explain it like this… That whole place is an apartment building. We used to be inside a certain room and then we were thrown out. Then, while in the hall you noticed that the apartments started to move in random way. So, now you don’t know where your apartment is, then we just entered the first door that was presented to us.” Explained Engel.

“Ohh… So it’s like we can go to the hall, but it’s meaningless if we don’t know where our apartment is.” Said Krestin while getting what Engel meant.

“Yeah, that’s it. So Engel, can you map it or analyze the trajectory with your eye?” Asked Lene.

“Well, there are mey things to take in count. The environment in that place, the irregularities in space-time and more.” He answered.

“Meaning?” Asked Krestin.

As Engel strongly considered his words, he replied-

“That it will take time. That’s all. I’ll se what can I do.” He replied with his usual gentle half-smile.

Lene knew what he didn’t said, so she just nodded to his words.

Krestin felt some kind of incongruence, but she brushed it off immediately.

“Anyways; let’s move to the next point.” Said Engel to change the topic as fast as possible.

“About the [Abilities] that were granted to us… Have you discovered something about it?” Said Lene as the co-leader.

“Yeah. I can see the past of things. Whenever I touch a sword already made by the blacksmiths, I can see all they did to forge it. Also if I touch a paint I can see the process it was made and so-on.” Explained Izaak.

“Is just as I thought, You have [Psychometry].” Said Lene.

“It can be useful to gasp every corner of an artifact or anything you have in your hands.” She added.

“Me too… I know what people feels.” Said Isold.

“How?” Asked Engel.

“Dunno. Just know it.” She replied.

“I see… Well, you can use it to see gasp the intentions of your opponent in battle. It’s [Cold Reading] if I’m not wrong.” Added Engel.

“I also… I know what people think. I can read minds. It has a limit in area and time of use, but in battle it should be pretty useful.” Said Krestin.

“That’s certainly impressive. It’s similar to Adrian and Engel’s [Phantom Read].” Said Lene.

“Yeah; not as strong thought.” Replied Krestin.

“Well, for me I can see the flow of mana. I’ve got [Angelic Eyes]. They are not fully developed so they don’t shine but sometimes they do change to a bright blue eyes.” Said Lene while a little excited.

“And at last… Well, it’s a little cheat though.” Said Engel as he casted his eyes away while being aware of his unbelievable growth.

“Lene… Can you cast a [Dark Bullet]?”

“Yeah, why?” She said as chantlessly created a [Dark Bullet]; a black sphere like made of shadows.

“Attack me.” Said Engel in his serious modo. They were sat in his bed. Lene just nodded and so both stood up and then…

“Take it.” She said as she threw the sphere towards Engel.

She threw it seriously, with any shred of hesitation. She didn’t get what he would do but even so she threw it.

That attack would have been enough to gauge 2 percent of his HP or even kill an average opponent.

Engel did not moved, just stood there and-

The sphere didn’t reach him.

It stopped midair and then started to move around Engel, and then it placed in top of his hand as he lifted it.

Lene could not understand her sight, as well as the others, but then she with her incredible intelligence understood it in a mere moment.

“I see… You control the magic. I assume you somehow can insert your power into the magic thrown at you… Or even the magic near you, am I right?” She replied.

“Yeah. That’s it. In a nutshell though.” Said Engel while smiling wryly.

The other three understood that it was quite the powerful skill, but didn’t gasp all the amusing process it took.

“And now the last point… The study of the [Scripture Magic].” Said Lene as she started to explain what they learnt… Or at least the most important.

“What we learnt is that we can [Enchant] anything. That means we can give magic, like to a chair. We [Print] a [Code] and then we can make the chair fly. That’s in simple words.” Explained Lene.

“Right now we are creating the code from A1 to Z12 each later containing 12 different codes. Each of those is for whatever magic can become handy.” Added Engel.


They understood it was great, but didn’t get it all.

Yeah… This things sort of happen too with the five gods of war.

Everyone is different after all.

After the three voiced their superficial yet late surprised expression, they finished the meeting. They all left.

Or not.

“Finally, we’re all alone…” Said Lene with a bewitching smile as she closed the room’s door.

Teil Drei.

“Mmm….. MMMHHH!!! N-No… Do-Don’t!”

“Sorry but… I need to keep going.”

“Noo… Aahhhh…. MMMM…. Tha-Tha… Ah! If you do it that rough… I-I….”

“But I’ve just started… I’ll do it faster now.”


“You’re moaning too much, So I covered your mouth.”


“Hey! Don’t bite!”

“Bu-But… Ahhhh!!!! Ah-AAHH!!! I-I!!! You’re just…. AHH!! No!-Ha!-Nooooo! If you do it like that really!!!… REALLY!!… I-I’LL GO MAADD!!!! AAHHH”

“We need to keep going all night thought!!!”

“AAAHHH NOOO!!! I-I WILL REALLY GO MAAAAADDDD!! Do-Do it slower please!! You are too rough! AHH AHH!!!”

“Sorry but I need to keep the pace, or maybe I should go faster?”



And then Lene’s screams lasted all night till dawn.

“Haaa…. You… You were so rough….” Said Lene as she started to dress again.

“Well, it had to be like that. There was no other way; and you know that.” Said Engel.

“Ye-Yeah… I know that but…. Well anyways… I felt this was the longest night I’ve ever had.” Replied Lene.

“Well… Does it still hurt?” Asked Engel.

“Of course! I said it countless times! You were too rough!!” She exclaimed.

“Yeah… Just don’t let Lilya, Krestin and the others know about this….” Said Engel while averting his gaze.

“Yeah-Yeah. I got it. I either want them to know about this.” Added Lene with a mischievous smile.

“Even so we have to do this with everyone at the end, right? It’s unfair if it’s only us.” She said.

“Yeah… If everything goes smoothly, we can include them.” He added.

“[Personen Customized Enchant Code Scripture Magic Circuit]…. Who could have thought of [Enchanting] human beings.

Said Lene as she slightly touched her back.

Engel spent all night carving Lene with [Scripture Magic] in her back. It was like a tattoo but with more pain.

Actually, Engel did some mind-suggestion with his [Sound] and [Electric Element] to convert the pain to pleasure…. And it really did work very well in her behalf.

So going back to the main issue;

He had created a special circuit with some specifications only for Lene.

He had made it look like the glyph of Mars. A big circle with two little circles orbiting counterclockwise.

It was hard to do, but if it was well done, it could be a great base of strength.

“I hope this succeeds so we can be prepared for anything… We never know what can happen in the future…” Said Engel while gazing to the roof of his room.

Lene then put her hand over his while she leaned in his shoulder.

“We will go back to our world. I’m sure of it”

She said that as both remained like that for a while.



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