Magical Tournament Special Transmission: Character Index [Siete]

Hello then! Alek here!

(Hybrid will be released in a couple of hours)

Well people, there’s nothing special this time; just the names of the main, their tittles and the names of the new characters so you don’t lose track of them.

Also no [Status Window] again.

PS: The list has been shortened due to the current arc.If you’re looking for the most complete list, look for either [Tres] or the ones onwards.

Main Characters:

Engel Falsch: (16 years old, Male): Called the [God Of War Metatron], he participated in the [Civil War] against [Utgarda-Loki]. He slayed thousands of dragons and the infamous [7 Cursed Dragons]. After, he won in a 1 vs 1 fight against the [Archangel Camael] and became the legitimate possesor of the [Longinus Lanze]. He has also defeated the [God Of War Valkyrie Rossweisse], Isold Ähnlich. He has officialy become Yozora’s hunsband.

Level 260/200
Titles: Balance Breaker – Metatron – Heavenly Dragon Slayer – Emperor of Heaven and Earth – Ultimate Seraph – Archknight – Master of Devil and Divne – God Eater – Kerberos – Twilight Dragon – Master of the Longinus – Hero Of The Possibility Control – The Best Master, Husband and Father – The One Who Makes Girls Fall Hard – Plot Chaser – Yozora’s Husband – Number One in Yozora’s Heart – Number One in Krestin’s Heart – Plot Slayer – MILF Slayer – Sports Supreme Uselessness Level Over 90000

Lene Nachahmung (16 years old, Female): Called the [God Of War Empress Cleopatra]. Is one of the five ingestors of [Skyfall Tear]. She slayed the wholesome of [Undead Prisioner’s Army]. In the third stage she won against a [Maschine Leiter] and obtained the [Gáe Bulg Lanze].

Level: 240/240
Titles: Balance Breaker – Empress Cleopatra – Slayer of the Undead – Continental Beauty – Untouchable Empress – Master of Gáe Bulg – Heroine Of The Magic Eye – Food Dumbass – The Girl Barely in the Plot Side – Flat as the Serengethi

Krestin Spiegel (16 years old, Female): Named [God Of War Holy Blade Maiden]. She slayed the [Thousand Underworld Army]. There she recluted an peculiar [Automata]; She has a hard crush on Engel. In the third stage, she defeated a [Maschine Leiter] and obtained [Zeus’ Lightning Lanze]

Level: 250/200
Titles: Balance Breaker – Holy Blade Maiden -Thousands of Thousands Slayer – Supreme Heroine – Conqueror of The Underworld – Master of Zeus’ Lightning – Heroine Of The Goodwill – Plot Master – The One Who Was in The Flat Side – Engel’s Girlfriend – The Winner of the Second Place.

Izaak Ausgewogen (16 years, Male): Known as [God Of War Hephasteus]. Other ingestor of [Skyfall Tear]. Defeated a batallion of [Mad Titans]. Hates Engel because he won Krestin’s heart, who Izaak likes. In the third stage he obtained [Areadbhair Lanze]

Level: 239/200
Titles: Balance Breaker – Hephasteus The Second – Mad Titan’s Slayer – The One Loved by Blacksmiths – Master of Areadbhair – Hero Of The Dominion – Justice Idiot – The Guy Who Fears Reptiles – Loser in Love – Loli Slayer

Isold Ähnlich (16 years old, Female): Called [God Of War Valkyrie Rossweisse]. Presumably the first ingestor of [Skyfall Tear]. Not really smart but very powerful. She gave support to the [Light Einherjar Army] and almost anihilated the whole [Dark Einherjar Army] by herself. She defeated a [Maschine Leiter] and obtained the legendary [Gungnir Lanze], not to mention that the [Leiter] fell in love with her. Was defeated by Engel in a 1 vs 1 battle.

Level. 233/200
TItles: Balance Breaker – Valkyrie Rossweisse – The One Who Posseses The Aesir Blessing – Aesir’s Maiden – Full Metal Fist – Master of Gungnir – Heroine Of The Truth – Power Idiot – Hardhead Idiot Level Over 9000 – The Girl Who Can’t Divide

Lilya Lykanis (420 years old, Female): A former [Raubtier] and now a [Pixie] serving Engel as a maid. She has a crush on Engel, but even she hasn’t noticed it. She traveled to [Earth] with him.

Level: 200/200
TItles: Obsidian Pixie – Caring Mother – Engel’s Slave – The Last Schwarzenwolfën – Sniffing Maid – Yandere in Process

Side Characters:

Zerya Zackred: Is the [First Court Magician] of Akrylic Kingdom.

Royal Family Of Akrylic Kingdom:
[Fifty Second King of Akrylic Kingdom – Inkreetz Phon-Mallet]

[Fifty Second Queen of Akrylic Kingdom – Azalah Rizt-Mallet]

[First Princess of Akrylic Kingdom – Rain Phon-Rizt-Mallet]

[First Prince of Akrylic Kingdom – Alv Phon-Rizt-Mallet]

[Second Princess of Akrylic Kingdom – Keyl Phon-Rizt-Mallet]

Knight Instructor: A self-proclaiming genius that has a lot to learn. Was humilliantly defeated by Krestin whom he fell in love.

Knight Leader: A intimate friend of Akrylic Kingdom’s king.

Master Blacksmith: Amacho-man type guy who respects Izaak due to his skills.


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