Type: Hybrid – Chapter Two: The mission

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Chapter Two: The mission

Part One:

“Another one late as me? Nice; Hi there dude, what’s your name?”

Asked a carefree guy. He has long, brown blonde hair and blue eyes. His face is handsome and has a peerless smile. He has a mole under his right eye.

“André Glass. And you?” Asked André.

“I’m Colt. Christop Colt. Nice to metcha’.” Smiled the guy.

“Yeah; nice to meet you too. Oh! It seems the ceremony is going to start now.” Pointed André as the lights in the place were turned off.

He right now was in an auditorium inside a really prestigious Highschool in New York.

This day, after three weeks of being melded into the past, he started to attend said place.

Why? That’s because it was part of the plan to stop the war from happening.

(Really, I can’t believe this place is the start of everything…) Thought André as he listened to the school’s principal speech.
To begin with, the one named [Triania God] called to them the very next day after they had “fought” with themselves.

Then they listened to what they had to do from him.

It’s not that they couldn’t do it by themselves, but at least it would be easier with Triania’s information.

Serena, before recieving the call said to everyone that he had a hunch. A big hunch; that it was of utter importance to believe in him. That she had a feeling that was not a bad person, not even someone that was plotting something out of the frame.

And even Kristen knew, that Serena’s hunchs were 100% on the spot. It even could be called an ability.

So they decided to not only listen to him, but to obey him.

Due to past occurences, André was not able to trust someone from the bottom of his heart exceopt Serena, Aleister and Karen.

And because Serena said that she trusted in the god, he for the moment gave his approval.

This, he gave them their mission.

To keep an eye on [Aleister Crowley Academy].

It also had a middle school section so Kristen was able to enter too.


The god explained that [Aleister Crowley Academy] was the heart and brain of everything. The research of the [Faux], the born of the [Empire] and the start of the war.

Everything was born in the academy.

Jyacoba suggested that they could just blow up the place, but the god refuted that.

He said that doing that would only fasten the war.

So, to lead André’s group to the most suitable and desirable future, they needed to attend the school.

“Know your enemy as you know yourself.”

Muttered Aleister that time.

So, to begin with, they all memorized the whole map of the academy, investigated the teachers and the director. Also looked from afar for suspicious activities.

The teachers were all clean and about the principal they found nothing besides his beneficence work.

So they thought that either he was not included, or it was a facade. They didn’t found anything suspicious to the extent it was hard to believe that the academy was the center of everything; and so, they folloowed suit Triania’s instructions.
He would be issuing more orders from time to time according to what they found inside, but besides the big decisions, everything was left to André.

Then André ordered them to study and be accepted so they could be as near as possible to their enemy… And everyone was accepted.

Part Two.

Now going back to the beggining…

André and his new aqcuitance, Cristoph, left the auditorium after the speech ended.

“Say, which class are you?”Asked Cristoph.

“A-Class. And you?” Replied André. Only he and other person were in A-Class. The others stood in B-Class. All of them.

“Oh my partner! I’m A too!” Added Cristoph.

“André! André! Where are you?”

Suddenly a girl’s voice was heard from afar.

“Serena? Haa… She really did came late…” Said André as he called for her.

“Here you are bastard… And who are you?” Then she looked towads Cristoph.

“Hello! My name is Cristoph Colt,” He said with a elegant voice, like trying to appeal to Serena.

“Serena Bones. Anyways, are we going to the classroom now?” She asked.

“Yeah. It’s better if we hurry; also, he is our classmate.” Said André as he pointed Cristoph and started to walk.

Serena ignored the what he said and just followed suit.

After a while they arrived to the A-Class’ Classroom.

“You two are new here, right?”

Asked Cristoph as André and Serena chose their seats.

“Yeah… Is it pretty obvious?” Asked André.

“Nope. I know that beacuse I’m here since middle school, but if I were an outsider I’d thought you were from the academy since long ago. You didn’t ask for directions and walked pretty confident of yourselves” Said Cristoph.

“I just looked at the map in the entrance of the academy though.” Said André.

“I see. So, tell me. Is Serena your girlfriend?” Asked Cristoph.

(How this and that make such a coonection?) Thought André as he slightly blushed.

“Wha-What are you saying?! Wh-wh-who is the girl of this bastarrrd?!” Exclaimed Serena while flustered and had her face really red, which called the attention of the whole classroom.

“Eh? But I thougth we were going out…” Replied André with a dumbfounded expression.



(Wh-Why the heck did I said that?!) Shouted André in his mind.

While such bomb was dropped, certain white-haired god smiled mischevously as he thought that he had made a good deed that day.

“What did you just said?!” Exclaimed Serena with her blushing face.

Actually, it was one of the after-effects of the mind-suggestion the god made, but thet didn’t even thought abnout it.

“Well… I-I don’t know…. Let’s talk about this later…” Said André while blushing.

Then, as if being a life-saver, the teacher came in.

She was a well-proportioned woman that wore medium-thick frame glasses and had a green and a blue eye. Her hair was medium-lenght and black with some light-brown traces. A really attractive, mature woman.

“Well everyone; My name is Skyler Colt and am your Social Sciences teacher as well as your coordinator.” Said the teacher as she wrote her name in the whiteboard.

“I see many familiar faces here from middle school as well as some new ones.” She said as she faced the students.

“Well, I predicted this so I’ll have you change Class. Half of you will be sent to B-Class, and viceversa.” She added.

“Numbers 1,2,4,5,7,8,12,14,17,18,19,21,22,23,and 30 will move. That’s exactly half of you. Now, come here.” She explained as she started to walk out of the classroom.

“Wha-What?! That’s friggin unfair! Protested Serena as she noticed her number was 7 and picked up her things. Being it good or bad, André was num,ber 20, so he had to stay.

She reclutantly left while thinking of interrogating André when they went back to their apartment.

“Haaa… Sis’ is strict as ever…” Sighed Cristoph as he leaned his head in his right palm. He was number 15 so he had to stay.

“Is she your sister?” Asked André as Cristoph moved from behind André to the seat next to him that Serena was a while ago.

“Yup… She’s 7 years older and is considered a genius. She graduated from Harvard when she was 20 and then decided to teach here a year after.” Shared Cristoph as André thought of them being very different from each other.

(And now that I think abnout it… Have I seen her before?) Said André to himself as Miss. Skyler came back with 15 students from B-Class.

Unfortunately, anyone was from André’s group came in that group.

After that the presentations came.

When André passed to the front, he heard comments from the girls like: “Soo Handsome” or “How Cool!”, “I want him to eat me up!” and “He’s the reliable type.”

Honestly, he felt a little embarassed, but he could keep a nice poker face.

Somehow that excited more the girls in the class.

Before, when it was Cristoph’s turn, half of them liked him, and it seems that the ones that he knew beforehand said some light comments about him.

He seems to be a carefree ans slightly annoying guy who is more like a genius than anything else.

By the way, when André passed, it seemed that Miss. Skyler ate him up with her gaze and licked his lips.

Part Three.

That day they didn’t have classes, so at noon, thay all were dismissed.

“Hey man, wanna grab something?” Said Cristoph

“Yeah; why not?” Replied André and they both decided to go for a well known pizza place near the academy.

“André! I need to talk to you right now!” Shouted Serena from afar. She got out a little later so she was catching up just now.

“The place is just around the corner, so I’ll see you there. You can take her if you wanna.” Voiced Cristoph as he left so they could have their time alone.

“So… Wha-What you said in the classroom… I-I want to know what it meant.” Said Serena a little bashful.

“Eh?! Oh yeah… Well… That… I-I don’t know. I-I just said it by impulse… Is just that… Well… No…No. I need to voice this as it should be.” Said André as he steeled himself.

“Serena… You’ve been by my side all this time. I trust you more than no one and I would give my life for you. Now that we have confronted our past, things have settled in my heart and mind. I never noticed it before because everything, but now we have a second chance I want to express this thoroughly…. I… I like you Serena. Probably since the first time I saw you I did….. D-Do you want to be my girl?”

And letting out all the soup, André suddenly confessed to Serena.

“Wha-Wha-Wha-Wha…….. Watcha’sayin?!!! I-I-I Aint understand… Nay, I understad… Just dat…. Eh… Why? Am Am I Cryin??….. A-André….”

As Serena cried and André looked at her dumbfoundedly, she replied.

“I do. I do want to be your girl….” She said with her voice trembling, her face really red and fidgeted with her fingers.

From the bottom of her heart, she grinned of happiness.



4 thoughts on “Type: Hybrid – Chapter Two: The mission

  1. kmx72 says:

    Good chapter, XD with Troll Engel he día a good job. The chapter itself is amusing Aldo can you tell me what she cryed I have this ideas
    1)Because she also liked her and with her feelings being confessed
    2) Because of her unknown past and having something to do with that
    3) because of their bond
    The question is which would you think of first and which one did you did

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  2. Alek:

    I’ve been thinking about you and your question regarding the WEP. I know it can be daunting to post something for others to judge, although, that’s exactly what you done here.

    I like the way you handled the budding romance. Sounded very authentic to me.
    I’ve posted three blog sites that offer flash fiction prompts. Check them out, they’re great fun!

    Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

    Friday Fictioneers

    Mondays Finish the Story

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